Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A new look

To quote my dear dash-1 I'm feeling "snazzy pazzy". Don't ask me where he got this little ditty but it seems to fit my new look. If you think your place needs a little help in the snazzy pazzy department check out Rachael over at Ladybird Blog Designs.

She was very helpful, didn't mind having to wait a day or two for return emails when everyone was sick, and didn't seem to bothered by my lack of ANY ideas. It was a perfect working relationship. All in all money very well spent.

Here was my thinking, I wanted a bit of a new look for the new years and well a blog makeover is a heck of a lot easier then a diet and much easier to find the time for this then a day of beauty. Of course now I do feel some pressure to beef up my posting.

I do take some comfort that a lot of you out there seem to be in a holiday slump. But rest assured that in no time my high quality poop post will make a resounding comeback.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas lessons

A few lessons learned this Christmas:

* A giant talking, moving, dinosaur that is bigger then your two year old will probably scare him. Scratch that, terrify him. It will terrify him.

* If you want the gift to be a surprise do not tell your wordy three year old.

* If you did make the mistake of telling your three year old, don't let him hand the present to the person its for. His idea of handing out the present, "Ohhh mommy, this one is yours, it's a necklace, do you like it?" (just so you understand the problem, I was still holding the wrapped box)

* A K-bar, a heavy duty knife carried by Marines into battle, will be needed to take a toddler toy out of the box.

* Toys that don't need the k-bar will have 72 twist ties holding them to the box. Apparently toddler shoplifting is quite an epidemic.

* After all the presents are opened, toys set up, dinner is cooked, dinner is eaten, dinner is cleaned up (well as much as it's) its only 5 pm. There's still 2 1/2 hours till little ones bedtime and everyone else is exhausted.

* If there seems to be some kinda nasty stomach bug going thru the house the week before Christmas, chances are good that who ever comes to visit will leave with it. Sorry bout that.

Monday, December 29, 2008

post holiday relief

A week without posting.

As much as I enjoy the holidays I am a bit relieved that they are over. December was just crazy, so much to get done, expectations tend to get out of control, and whatever stomach bug we seem to have had in the house didn't help.

But it would seem that life is back to whatever normal is around here. That would be flyboy on the road, dash-1 telling strangers about his intestines (perhaps the book about his body was a bad idea), and dash-2 is back to drinking bath water.

Ah.... life is good.

And admit it... I'm not the only one who is relieved the holidays are over.

Monday, December 22, 2008

snow peeves

Snow season is upon us. We haven't had to much snow to speak of before now but sweet nancy did mother nature make up for lost time. About nine maybe ten inches fell on Friday and then another four or five fell on Sunday.

And for all you snow lovers who live in sunny warm places, don't tell me how jealous you are of me. Yes, snow is lovely. To look at. Living with this much of it leaves a little less to be desired. I'm starting to think that snow bird retirees who head to Florida over the winter are on to something.

Anyways, all this snow is of course leaving me with some snow peeves.

The biggest peeve I have is with the ninnies who are driving around with close to a foot of snow on top of their cars. Not only is it obnoxious to have all your snow blow off onto my car but its dangerous when a giant sheet of frozen snow/ice hauls back at 55 mph towards my windshield.

I will make allowances if its a little old lady (or man) driving, although maybe a friendly neighbor could help them out. But really if its someone my age get your broom and knock that snow off you lazy poop head. Really if you want to drive, knock off your snow.

My other pet peeve deals with the giant snow piles left in parking lots. They suck, yes they do, they take up a ton of spaces and I realize mall parking spaces are at a premium.


It is not a parking space.

I don't care if you have wicked awesome four wheel drive and you could take your jeep on top of said snow pile. I'm not impressed by that. I mean I'm impressed with how well your car handles snow, especially living up here, and I might even be a bit jealous. But having a car parked half on a snow pile and half into on coming traffic hardly seems like a practical or good idea to me. I mean I'm just saying....

Whew. I think that's it. For now. Snow season can last until April up here. Something tells me I'll come up with a few more peeves before my sandals see the light of day again.

thank you dear

Yesterday was our anniversary. Six years married. There were no romantic candles, no dinner out alone, none of that stuff. Instead there was vomit to be cleaned up and snow to be shoveled.

Despite the day I did not get out of my sweat clothes, I didn't brush my hair, I didn't even put on a bra. I did however remember why I love you so much.

You took over munchkin duty, with some help, but still. You shoveled the snow, you got the kids in their snow gear, you braved the roads to go get me coca cola. You cleaned the kitchen, you mopped the floors, you folded the laundry.

Thank you my dear. I love you more now then the day I said "I do". Standing at the altar with you I hadn't really thought of all the ways I would need to lean on you over the years. You were there for me last month when we were dealt a blow and lost the pregnancy, you say the words I need to hear when motherhood overwhelms me, you hold my hands thru the amazing times and hold my shoulders thru the rough ones.

You really are my life, my love, my friend. I'll love you forever and always my dear.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dreidels, Christmas trees, and faith

I think I have some small idea what parents of Jewish preschoolers go thru come Christmas time and probably Easter time come to think of it.

Dash-1's nursery school devoted class to learning about Hanukkah earlier this week. They read stories, sang some songs and he came home with a little dreidel. And while I'm no expert, I'm guessing there are more words to the song then just "dreidel dreidel I made it out of clay, dreidel dreidel dreidel" over and over again.

His recent lessons in Hanukkah has opened up new doors for his little three year old mind. I think this is wonderful, really I do, but now I'm left fielding some questions from him that I didn't really see coming. Not yet anyways.

"Do we celebrate Hanukkah?" "Why aren't we Jewish?" "How come we don't have a Menorah?"

Our real favorite around here is when he spins to play with his dreidel and then asks us what it has landed on. Neither flyboy and I are up to speed on reading Hebrew.

That's all that's on the dreidel.

I hope someone doesn't read this post and think that I have a problem with my son learning new things. I don't, I think its great that he is learning about new things and soaking them up like a sponge, something as simple as a little exposure in a nursery school class can go a long way in raising more aware kids. That is certainly not lost on me.

As I was driving home from picking him up and finding myself repeatedly answering, "I don't know dear, I'll have to google that." I felt for those parents who are fielding questions about Christmas tree's and the baby Jesus and who feel like they are navigating murky waters.

Man, it's rough when your three year old is making you sweat. It's also a little scary that a three year old knows what google is. But I drift.

It's interesting though, in describing to Dash-1 why we don't celebrate other holidays and the reasons behind the ones we do, I'm feeling a bit closer to my own religion and faith. For the past few months I've felt more of a move to get back to religion. I'm not going to lie, having small (read: loud and active) kids, being solo on more weekends I'd care to be, and having a tough time finding a church up here to call home, I've been what some would call truant from sunday services. But I'm feeling now more then ever drawn back to my faith.

Now the whole PC thing is to say Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas. I realize that for some this time of year doesn't have religious significance and for others it has religious significance different then mine.

That's fine.

But for me this time of year is helping me to refocus, refocus to my beliefs and what I hold to be really meaning of Christmas. And for me there is no escaping where God and the Lord fit into all that.

I read a post a couple months back written by a hilariously funny blogger who was being quite serious and going thru something similar but yet on the opposite side with her young son and her own strong feelings for her religion. Of course her son wanted to know why they couldn't have a Christmas tree.

Suzie, my friend, you have my son over to play dreidel and your son can come over and check out our tree.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bye bye bug

There is no pink in my house. There are no dolls which means no frilly doll clothes, no doll shoes, no doll houses. Nothing girly at all. Well my tampons. But really do those count?

Instead there are lots of cars, lots of airplanes, legos, things that can be made into swords, lots of navy blue, lots of green, lots... of boy stuff. Occasionally I think of pink with a little pang of missing out but this morning I got some payment for dealing with all this blue boy stuff.

I walked into the bathroom and what did I find but Dash-1 picking up a bug with toilet paper and disposing of it for me. He was quite proud of himself. Granted I think he did use half a roll of tp but still its the thought that counts.

My heart went all pitter patter, perhaps my days as being the bug killer are over. Could it be?

Finally, my boys are starting to earn their keep.

Monday, December 15, 2008

2009 BAH Rates

Just an FYI that the 2009 BAH rates are out. Take a look to see if yours went up or down. Remember if it goes down, your safe, you still maintain the rate you have.

If it goes up then come January 1 enjoy! Of course that extra money will probably be spent on home heating oil or the electric bill. But still, relish the slightly larger pay check.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Cookie Exchange

I saw a post on Kerri at Latte Buddies about a Cookie Exchange that Tracy at the Journey is having just in time for the Christmas cookie season. And since I am just starting my Christmas cookie baking I figured I'd join in and hope to find some new goodies.

This is a new recipe that I came across the other day. Not that my staple of egg free cookies aren't good but I wanted to find some new ideas, granted they have eggs so I have been making cookies after the boys go to bed but flyboy is pleased he has them all to himself. He loves these and he says their his new favorite cookie. It's simple and quick to make and they seem to disappear fast.

White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies
1/2 cup of butter
1/2 cup of brown sugar
1/2 cup of sugar
1 egg
1 tbl of brandy
(if you dont have brandy around you can use vanilla I've tried it with both and while its still yummy with vanilla the brandy gives it good flavor)
1 1/2 cup of flour
1/2 tsp baking soda
3/4 cup chocolate chips
1 cup dried cranberries

Beat the butter, sugar and brown sugar until smooth. Then add the brandy and egg, cream together and then slowly add in the flour and baking soda. When thoroughly mixed, add the chocolate chips and cranberries. Bake at 375 for 8-10 minutes.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

a new twist on the pj post

Now that flyboy knows about my blogging I can bounce ideas off of him or when something odd or funny happens, not that stuff like that ever happens around here, its usually always followed with, "I'll have to blog about this".

I realized the other day that he must actually be reading thru some of this stuff. I brought up the subject of women wearing pj's at the PX and without even looking up from his dinner he said, "You've already posted on that" as if bored by me. Oh ye of little faith. I have new material.

In the past two weeks we've been down to hospital (read: doctor's office for all you non military folks) eight times. EIGHT TIMES. A two year checkup for dash-2, an ear infection for dash-1, an ER visit for me, a regular visit for me, and a bunch of blood work again for me, lucky me I know. Any who, when everyone is feeling fine we go over to the PX afterwards for some nuggets and some people watching.

Well last week it was just dash-1 and I and boy did we hit pay dirt.

We saw three women wearing they pj's. Separate incidents of course, not all three together, that wouldn't have really counted. And I'm not talking about sporty yoga wear or even sweats. I'm talking about big ol baggy crappy looking flannel pants and with night shirts to match.

Now here's the strange part, TWO of the three were with their husbands. Who were IN UNIFORM. WHAT?!

Yes, you read that right, all but one were with their husbands in cammies (Army folk call them BDU's right?). This was shocking to me, I was hoping that my face didn't show my confusion. But I have to admit in between french fries and opening ketchup packets for dash-1 (for his apples how disgusting is that?) I kept looking over at their table trying to see if I was just mistaking those flannel pj's for something else.

Since I saw those same pants for sale in the PX as pajama bottoms I'm going to say with all certainty that she was indeed in her jammies.

I'll be the first to say who knows what their story is, maybe something was going on, but really, pj's when your meeting the hubs for lunch at the PX.... where other people will be? When I was miscarrying and going down to the ER I still thru on jeans and fleece. A little effort folks, just a little effort.

And don't you know if flyboy was meeting me for lunch and I rolled in in my jammies he would turn right around and high tail it out. Especially on base. And I'm pretty sure I'd be getting a lecture or two later that night. And it wouldn't be the MP's taking away my PX or commissary privilege.

Could you imagine being with your husband at the PX and running into his CO while in your pj's. "Hello Sir, this is my wife"

"I'm sorry so and so but is she wearing pajamas?"

"Oh yes, flannel does suit her well doesn't it? She just loves to be comfortable. Just wait at the ball she might be wearing a night shirt."

I know I sound snarky and I don't mean to, well OK, kinda maybe a little, but really, I just don't get the whole tpj thing in public. Especially with the whole uniform accompaniment twist to it. Almost a week later and I am still confused about it. Shocked really.

But see... this was different then just a rant on pj's in public. I was building on my last post. So take that flyboy, I hadn't blogged about THIS yet.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ideas anyone? Anyone at all?

I'm in need of some help, some guidance if you will. Most of my Christmas list is relatively taken care of, the exception, my friends two daughters.

I am realizing that no longer am I cool, although I'm doubtful that I ever was, but no longer do I have any insight on what would be something they would like, in fact, get me a pair of mom jeans I think I'm ready for them.

Her girls are great, as is she, they offer to help out with the boys when I'm frazzled, they entertained them on Thanksgiving so that flyboy and I could have adult conversation with their parents, they babysit at a moments notice, and they keep coming back!

I'm having a hard time coming up with something, I'm not sure what to go with, they are 12 and 14. Anyone have any ideas? Anything anyone? Or should I just go with the fail safe Target giftcard?

I'll pick me up some mom jeans while I'm there.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Attention folks find a card... NOW!

I'm sure many of you reading this who are somehow linked to the military have spent the holidays at some point separated. Really in our way of life its not an if its a when.

Right now the American Red Cross and Pitney Bowes have organized Holiday Mail for Heros. They goal is to get a MILLION cards to our service men and women. Please take a few dollars and a few minutes to brighten someones day and say thank you for all they do.

One thing to note is that they MUST be postmarked BY TOMORROW December 10th. (I know I know I'm late getting on the ball what can I say. But my cards will be going out tomorrow I promise)

As always there are a few guidelines to follow:
-All cards must be postmarked no later than Wednesday, December 10, 2008. Cards postmarked after this date will be returned to sender.
-If sending more than one card, please mail all cards together in one large shipping envelope. Cards sent in this manner do not need individual envelopes or postage.
-Please ensure that all cards are signed.
-Please use generic salutations such as “Dear Service Member.”
-Please do not include personal information, like email or home addresses.
-Please do not send letters.
-Please do not include inserts of any kind, including photos, glitter, confetti, gift cards or calling cards. Any items inserted into cards will be removed during the reviewing process.
-All cards received may be used in program publicity efforts, including appearing in broadcast, print or online mediums.

Mail cards to:
Holiday Mail for Heroes
PO Box 5456
Capitol Heights, MD 20791-5456

Sunday, December 7, 2008

A tip for going international

If you blog and your hoping to get international readers I have a great tip for you. Blog about Christmas rhymes. I don't even think you have to blog about it just put those words in somewhere.

I am fascinated by this, in the past few days I've noticed on site meter people from Estonia, Malta, Ireland, Germany, Sweden, Lithuania, Switzerland, Hungary, Poland, Indonesia, Italy, New Zealand, the UK and Bulgaria.

And they all found me by searching for Christmas Rhymes.

And apparently none commented... I don't know if I should be offended. Hmmm maybe I should actually compose a Christmas rhyme. Then these folks would have found what they were looking for.

Christmas time is almost here,
the time for Santa is growing near.

The tree is up and the stockings are hung
I hope when Santa comes he cleans up the reindeer dung.

Merry Christmas to you and yours,
I hope this New years is anything but a bore.

Remember all those you hold dear,
and now go spread some darn tootin' holiday cheer!

There thats all I can come up with right now. A poet I am not.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

happy birthday my dear dash-2

Today you turn two.

My baby is much closer to little boyhood then babyhood and that my dear can sometimes be hard to take. However, I am so thankful and so very grateful for the chance to watch you grow.

When you were born you were such a mellow baby. You cried, of course, you babbled, you smiled, but you also took in the world, content to sit quietly by yourself and just observe. You held onto that thru this last year as well. But then, then halfway thru this year you surprised me. You turned from my cute little observer to my stealth little sneak.

In the bat of an eye, you can slink into and out of a room, leaving a trail of mischief behind you.

Your brother is unaware of this tactic in life. He blows into a room and for a long time we thought he would be our trouble maker. We are fast learning that you might keep us more on our toes. You have drawn on the computer monitor, several times, you have traced your hand and scribbles on Grandpa's new flat screen tv, you disabled his computer system, and in some way that we are all still unsure of you managed to lock Grandma out of her Quicken. You love to climb and one of your great joys is to pull out the dining room chairs and sit on top of the table taking one, just one, bite out of every piece of fruit in the fruit bowl.

This year you have made me laugh, smile, cry in frustration, and wish that I could just hold you forever the size that you are. But its also been amazing to watch you not just take in the world but take it on.

No longer do you cling to my leg, in fact when your off and running you seldom look back. I am fairly certain that this will stay with you throughout your life. After all you have a good bit of your father in you.

You my dear, you bring your own zest to life. With your brilliant blue eyes and your blond feathery hair, you my love are one of my greatest joys and accomplishment's in this world. I am so thankful, so very grateful to have been blessed with the opportunity in life to be your mommy and I know that daddy feels the same way.

No matter how big you get, how smart you become, how powerful you might be, you will always be my little baby. And always daddy's little buddy.

Happy birthday my dear.

Let's try to keep the destruction to a minimum and the cuteness to a maximum this year.

i love you forever and always.... your mommy

Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas rhymes

Is it ironic that I have a blog and put stuff out there but yet I flat refuse to send out a newsletter with my Christmas cards?

Since I posted my last post about realizing it was December and feeling a smidgen behind I've started getting Christmas cards. One had a very odd newsletter in it. It was written in some weird rhyming pattern or something. I felt like an idiot, I had to read it over three times before I just gave up trying to understand it.

I just don't get the whole newsletter thing. But yet I blog. Hmmm... wonder what that says about me.

Do you send out a newsletter?

And if so.... does it rhyme?

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What month is it?

I had an epihany yesterday. It went somewhat along the lines of "holy shit its December!"

Really, as I drove dash-1 to school he was singing his October song. Something about a pumpkin, a harvest and fall. I was just thinking about trick or treating and apple picking. How did we get to December in a blink of an eye?

I am feeling incredibly behind. I usually send out my Christmas cards the first or second week of December. No way that is happening this year. I'll be lucky if they're out by the 24th.

I won a Christmas card giveaway which was 25 beautiful photo cards from doodlebugdezigns. Of course I haven't taken one family photo yet that would be usable. Take my word these cards are gorgeous, not just any old photo will do. And flyboy, dear sweet flyboy hates taking family photos. They all mope and whine together and he, he is there leader. I have yet to make them wear ridiculous matching reindeer antlers or something. But yet he silently protests and plots against me, leading the up rise that usually results in all of us reaching a breaking point and then, well, breaking.

Really is it so bad that I want to send out a nice sweet picture of my family ONCE a YEAR? I'm proud of my bunch, I just want to show them off. This year I'm thinking about tranquilizing them all. I betcha I can edit out the drool.

In other areas slowly the decorations are up. Our tree is up.
Two trees actually, a big huge real one in the family room and then this year we figured why not set up the little fake one that we had for our first few Christmases in the hallway. At night its beautiful and I think I'm becoming a convert to the whole white light thing.
I need to finish up the garland on the banister by adding the ribbons. That will be right after I figure out how to tie some kinda fancy bow. I probably have a better chance of getting a great family photo.

I'm also on a quest for cute mini poinsettias. How brave am I? With two active boys in the house I have a great idea to put poinsettias on every other stair right along the wall. Flyboy just gave me the look when I ran that one by him. But in my head it looks beautiful. So what the hell, I'll clean up dirt for the next month. It's no worse them poop.

And it would be a lovely background for a picture.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Sometimes I don't know what to write about on here. Do I stray into my serious thoughts and feelings or just go with the light hearted, funny kid stories that are never, ever, in short supply around here?

Is the serious stuff just a downer? Or is the funny stuff just fluff?

I'm sure its of no real surprise to people if you've read a few post back that I'm a smidgen down lately. Not curled up in the fetal position rocking in a corner depressed but a little down. Life is going on, laundry is in the washer, the kids are fed and in a little bit we'll be off to karate, the Christmas tree is up and decorated. Life is back to where it was a couple weeks ago.

Except for a longing that I have. I cant really speak for flyboy and I wont too much here, that's not really my place. We've talked about it and I know he's upset.

But I think we are standing on opposite sides. Or not so much opposite sides, we are just coming at this from different places. He is standing on the practical side of the river and I'm waving to him from the emotional side right now. And its a friendly wave, not the one finger kind.

I think flyboy and I are actually more on the same page then he thinks. In the next few weeks we are hoping to learn more about his schedule for the next year and if there might be deployments. If something big is on the horizon, obviously its not the best time to try to get pregnant. If it looks like things are staying status quo then I say we go ahead and let things come as they might.

I hope he understands where I'm coming from. A few weeks ago I was feeling like I was at a good place. Motherhood comes with its own frustrations but I was happy being the mom of two. Then I thought I would be the mom of three, then back to two, and now I want to go back to three.

I didn't have any baby jealousy. You know when you see a cute little baby or a pregnant woman and think, "oh I'd just love to have a baby right now, so cute so cuddly, ah" and then drift off imagining all baby love. I didn't have that, I was very content with the stage of my kids life that I'm in.

And then I thought we were starting in on pregnancy and babyhood again and I was excited. Really excited.

And now there isn't a baby coming. At least not in the next nine months. And now I have a longing for a baby. When I see a baby or a pregnant mom to be I'm jealous, I'll admit it. I wasn't before and now I am.

I'm not looking to replace the baby lost with a new one, at least that's not my intent. I see it more as I was so nervous and apprehensive about having any more until I was faced with it. We sat down and looked at the sticking points and realized that they weren't the huge hurdles we had thought they were. I'm confident that we can take it on. So why not just get on with it? And really, when you factor in how many days a month one can actually get pregnant and then try to figure that out around a military schedule, it could take MONTHS.

Oh who knows.

You know what I'm really thinking about now is that of all the times for my husband to know about my blog. Lord I hope he's not at work reading this. I hope he doesn't mind our reproductive woes being out there.

See I should just stick with urinal cake stories and things my little one shoves up his nose.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

and this is why...

I don't mind taking dash-1 into the women's bathroom with me. Flyboy took him into the bathroom at S@m's Club (quite possibly my favorite store) and he grabbed a urinal cake.


with his hand. He thought it was a bar of soap. So he had the best of intentions.

Though in an attempt to find the positive in things I suppose I should be grateful that he didn't touch it with some other body part, say his tongue or something. But still, how disgusting.

Flyboy tried to stifle my reaction by telling me after he dropped the first statement, "hey your brainchild over there was holding a urinal cake," that he disinfected him to his best ability. Let me tell you there would not have been soap left in the bathroom had I "disinfected" him.

And he did tell me that it would be great fodder for the blog.

Oh and apparently it was a fresh cake and he was only grabbing the plastic part. As if that makes digging around in a urinal better.

Clearly my son is spending too much time in the ladies room.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Strange things...

I don't have much to say. So I just thought I would share a strange sighting I had today.

For some reason we have a lot of, ummm, well let's call them "adult" stores up here. You know the ones with the crazy neon signs and no attempt to be discreet? Yeah well for some reason we have quite a few, I'm not sure why but then again I don't really care to know that answer.

Anyways as I drove by, I saw someone my grandmothers age going in.


I mean hey, good on her for still being frisky. And who knows maybe she was getting a gift for someone at the nursing home or her grand kid or something.

But it was a little weird. And I just thought I would share. So know you all too can think about your grandparents going to an "adult" store.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

lollipops and movies

Today at lunch I asked Dash-1 what he was thankful for. I tried this last night and didn't get much of a response so I prefixed the question with a simple three year old explanation of what thankful means, things that make you feel happy.

His reply, "movies, lollipops, Dash-2 (he did of course use his real name), daddy and you. And stores and potties."

Alright, granted I did come behind movies and lollipops but I did come before stores and potties. Surely that means something!

I asked Dash-2, who has a limited vocabulary to say the least and his reply was even cuter. "woof woof, neigh, moo, duck duck, Ro-Ro (what he calls dash-1), dadda, and ou." (that would be me he was pointing at)

So it would appear that flyboy and I fall behind all the various animals around here but at least in his mind we come before lollipops. And the way that kid can down a dum dum thats saying something.

Flyboy and I were talking yesterday and he said something that is very true. Sometimes in life its easier for people to see the negative around them. Let's be honest, the negative sometimes stands out like big ole bold letters. The positive sometimes just blends into life and gets lost in the shuffle.

So here goes, here's some of the positives today.
-No line in the hospital lab when I went for my blood work. None, nada, nip. On average I wait 45 mins, none of that. And the boys were amazingly well behaved (of course the lack of waiting probably had a lot to do with that!)

- We had a lovely lunch at the PX today. Everyone stayed in their seats, ate their lunch, didn't shove any french fries up their nose. or ears.

- When I ordered my food I ordered a medium, however the young man behind the counter gave me a large cup and fries. I tried to correct him a couple time and he just smiled and said not to worry. This may seem like something very simple but let me explain, there is nothing like a good fountain coke except for a bigger fountain coke. As little as this might seem I couldn't help but feel like maybe I was catching a break. Or that I need a life! But anyways it put me in a good mood.

- Despite the day before thanksgiving, the commissary was fairly empty and no idiots were occupying the self checkout with more groceries then one should have there.

- Dash-2 is napping. Hallelujah on that one! And in an effort to make the most out of this quiet time I'm off to go get something, or maybe nothing, accomplished.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving folks. And find something, anything, to be thankful for.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I jinxed myself

There will be no dash-3. Last night I miscarried and flyboy and I are just trying to come to peace with it and what that means for us.

I am lucky to have been blessed with two very adorable, healthy, lively (at time too lively!) little boys. I am incredibly lucky to have an amazing husband who took off of work to just sit with me and stroke my hair as I cried. I am so very blessed to have such a loving family.

But it still hurts. I'm still angry and upset and heartbroken.

It hadn't been a planned pregnancy but we were still excited. We looked at our boys and we knew how lucky we were to get to bring another life into this world. I'm sure some think I went public too soon, however I felt safe, I had to pregnancies under my belt and had told about those early.

But it obviously wasn't meant to be. At least not right now.

Who knows when we'll try again. Maybe it will happen in the next few months, maybe with his schedule it will be a year or so off. What this has done is shown me that as overwhelmed as I may feel from time to time that a third child felt right.

The best medicine seems to be just taking all the free hugs and kisses offered up around here. To snuggle with my little ones and realize just what a miracle and a blessing having children is. To find comfort in the arms of my husband and the smile of my kids.

And while I have finally found something that entitles me to lay around in bed and do nothing while he takes care of the kids for me. (side note, cause there must be humor in here. did you know there are non cartoons on tv during the middle of the day?!) I hope this never happens again, once was enough.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hello to you

I came out of the blogging closet on Friday. Flyboy said something about starting a blog and well I let it out of the bag that I've been blogging for almost a year.

Yes thats right folks, my husband was unaware that I blog. Actually no one I know is aware that I blog.

I didn't know how this whole blogging thing would go when I started, I wanted a place where I could ramble, vent, moan, and figure things out, without anyone I knew reading them.

Even my husband.

You have to understand he's a very private guy. I remember meeting a guy at the Marine Corps ball who, when introduced to me, was shocked to hear that flyboy was married. Perhaps not so strange except we had been married for a while and this was someone that flyboy saw quite often around the squadron.

So I didn't know what his reaction would be to this online adventure. I wouldn't put anything on here about him that I wouldn't say to him, I wouldn't put stories or details that compromised him or embarrassed him. Just because I wanted to try something on my own doesn't mean that I don't respect my husband and my marriage.

But now he knows. Actually he's sitting in the glider with one of the dashes while I'm writing this. I love the times that the kids chose him over me! He was quite surprised when I told him and did run to the computer to check it out. I thought he might be upset and ask me to take it down but he is supportive. He even said he would do a guest post.

Which brings me to the point of this long winded ramble. In honor of my dear flyboy knowing about this I figured I'd see if you all had any questions for him. I'm sure you are all wondering how he manages day in to day out to be married to such an amazing and witty gal. Please ladies, come up with something, he said he would post now I want to hold him to it.

And dear, if your reading this at work, leave me a comment.

Friday, November 21, 2008

and then there were three

I'm posting this on the early side but well I've never been good at keeping things to myself.

The other week I did my q and a and was asked this question. I cut and pasted it below so we can all laugh at the irony.

Is there a Dash 3 in the future? Some days I say yes, Some days I say no. Flyboy consistently says yes and when I like to mess with his head and say no way he actually gets pretty upset. Just right now we know that we value our sanity just a bit too much to do that to anyone in the house! With his schedule we would prefer to wait another year or two, not that his schedule will slow down, in fact the opposite may happen, but at least the two dashes will be older and have slightly more common sense. I hope.

Yeah well, apparently we will not be waiting till the dashes have more common sense. Dash-3 will be closing in on us around the mid-July time frame. The other two were planned, very planned, this one is a surprise we found out about only a few days ago.

But a good surprise.

I am a tad overwhelmed at the thought of three kids and only one set of hands much of the time. I worry that I'm not doing a good enough job with the two I have a now a third is being added to the mix. I know that there will be lots of sleepless nights, lots of dirty diapers, spit up, tears and frustration a plenty. But there will also be the wonderful warmth and cuddles of a new baby, a whole new set of firsts, and hey maybe some pink.

I also know that sometimes the best we can do in life is rise to the occasion and receive each blessing with an open heart and mind.

And really, in case anyone out there is wondering, yes we do know where babies come from and how they come to be.

the bee dilema

I should have never bought the kids the Bee Movie. We seem to be having a bee problem in or around our house. We don't know where they are coming from but there seem to be a lot popping up around the house. Luckily no one has been stung yet but one was just crawling up my sleeve.

I went to crush said bee and Dash-1 started to freak. Naturally I thought it was because there was a bee. No, no, it was because I was going to kill said bee.

"Bee's are nice mommy," dash-1 told me.

Yeah right up till they sting you.

"They don't sting, they make honey. And if he does sting we can replace his stinger with a toothpick."

(You have to have seen the movie to get that last part, one of the bee's stings a "bad" guy and he needs a prosthetic stinger. Its one of those toothpicks that holds olives in a martini or a sandwich.)

I assured him I wasn't going to do reconstructive surgery on a bee that in fact I was going to flush him down the toilet.

I'm going to have to think twice about letting them watch Bug's Life....

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Military medicine rant

Yet again I'm forced to wonder why people want to turn medicine over to the government. Yes I get that ineptitude is better then nothing at all but really it is filled with some serious ineptitude.

However we do have a good prescription plan. Although what does it say when I would rather pay out of pocket co pays at Target then wait an hour behind WW1 retirees for free medicine. It says that free is not always better. That's what.

Anyways, what sparked this is that I had some blood work taken on Monday. Someone is (was) supposed to call me with my results, its absolutely nothing life threatening but still I would like to know for sure whats going on. I hadn't heard by Tuesday afternoon so I called them. It was crazy, fifteen minutes to figure out who had the results, who could give them to me, and who was my primary care. I would know who that was if he wasn't changed every three months. I have yet to ever meet a primary care Dr. of mine, I just see who they send me too.

So after all that I'm told the usual, no one can tell me anything. The doctor, or a nurse after a doctor has reviewed them, has to call. OK, now when exactly will that be? I'm told they have 72 hours to get back to you but last time with dash-2 it took five days. FIVE DAYS.

And is that 72 hours from when the labs were taken or from when I called? If its from when I called that's bs. I would have called as I was leaving the hospital.

Lord help us at the hands of Army medicine sometimes. I will say that they are under the stress of deployments right now, a wave of doctors just left. If that's the case, why wont they let dependents go off post? Especially those of us who aren't really stationed down there?

Do what they do for dentistry. Active duty goes to the army folks, all others find your own and deal with insurance.

A girl can dream right?

Oh and there is no chance they'll call today. The clinics are only open from 8-1300 on Thursday.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wordless Weds. (at the last minute of course)

I didn't realize it was Weds when I posted my first post today. How does one forget the days of the week?

motherhood malaise

I am having one of those days where I feel like I am raising wild animals then adorable, smart, little boys.

Actually make that a couple of days.

Motherhood is tough. I would love kids who don't talk back, listen the first time, are always polite and pleasant in public, are helpful around the house, I'm not asking for much here. Until I remember that I'm the mama. Its up to me to teach them that. Regrettably at 3 1/2 and (almost) 2 they are not naturally that way. If they were then I would be out of a job.

What stinks is that I sometimes feel like I'm always the bad guy, I'm always the stick in the mud who instead of getting to praise and play is barking orders and seeming nit picky. And every once in a while I feel like I might just snap from frustration. As if when my kids act a little nasty its a reflection of me as a mom. Because lets be honest we've all seem those kids in public and thought, "wow what do the parents do all day cause that kid is out of control".

I like to think mine aren't like that very often. Perhaps as the mom its difficult to be objective, every small thing feels big to me. I'm a tad of a perfectionist sometimes, perhaps I'm caring that over. I just don't want to raise brats. The world has enough brats.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Are you paying attention?

I've been getting some emails lately about my blog. I wish they were from adoring fans (there has to be ONE out there right?) but alas they are from advertisers. I might be a bit honored if I wasn't well aware that they are just mass emails.

How do I know they are mass emails? Well I'm not certain but the fact that last week I got three from jewelry advertisers is my tip off. And I'm talking about fancy shmancy jewelry. Not the stuff that I would want to be wearing when I stick my hand in the toilet to pull out a matchbox airplane or my husband's toothbrush. Really you would have figured out to hide it by now given where its been.

I know that there are stylish, fashionable moms out there. I, however, am not one.

Nor will I morph into one anytime soon. Nor am I going to be spending even a couple hundred on jewelry for myself right now when there is karate, nursery school, clothes, medicine, and the other various childhood accoutrement's to pay for. Let alone college to save for.

I know advertisers are simply doing their job. I just find it funny the ones that are drawn to me. Really do you read any of what I write? I write about mommy guilt, poop, and kids shoving things up their noses (last week it was a propeller from an toy airplane).

Now if there is a company out there who is advertising something specially designed to pull things out of the toilet so I can stop using my husband's bbq tongs contact me. I'd be more then happy to help you out.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

I'm online dating

Or so it felt like. Today I had me a little date, my first blogger date. And since her husband and adorable baby girl was there it wasn't so much a date but it felt like it.

Especially when I gave her a call to figure out where to meet and I introduced myself by saying, "its so and so (I did use my real name) you know from online". I'm not going to lie, I was a bit nervous.

And why? I haven't a clue because folks let me tell you Ann from Under the Sea is hilarious! She is just so down to earth and funnnnny. And her little girl, the captain, (I am now honored to know her real name) is just precious. Though she was eyeing my fries. And bless her husband who sat there while we discussed labor and delivery at the table... while eating.

But really, its kinda weird meeting other bloggers.

You know about that person, you share their life and yours thru comments, stories, emails. You see their pictures, celebrate their happy moments, get a little tear at their sorrow. You know them. You just don't know them.

Or even know what they look like.

Thankfully my first real life bloggy date went well. If only we lived closer to each other at our actual duty stations. We could battle the mommy cliques together. We could take a mommy and me class and totally make the other moms jealous. But for now, I'll settle for and be grateful to get to follow their lives, especially this new chapter of parenthood thru their blog.

Friday, November 14, 2008


I saw that someone in the 1114th Signal Battalion was checking me out. (I occasionally check out my site meter, so you all might as well leave a comment. I know you were here. )

They were looking up DOD decals and this post of mine came up. Thus leading them to me.

I can't help thinking that this was not what they were looking for.

And they didn't leave a comment so I'm guessing it wasn't that helpful for them. Or they don't find me funny.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Forget something?

I over heard a woman today talking to her friend about how she forgot to put on her bra. (I was in walmart, anyone surprised?)

Curiosity got the better of me so I casually turned around to "get" something and sneak a peek.


My friends I have no idea how with her boobs she forgot to put on a bra. Hey I will admit, I have forgotten to brush my teeth or even put on deodorant (I've started keeping some in my car) but a bra. NEVA!

Thank goodness she remembered to put on her pants.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

i told you so

Pardon my language folks but this weekend we had a bit of a shit show around here. And for once, I am not talking about poop.

So Dash-2 gets congested and hacky, I will admit he was pretty congested. Around eleven as I was going to bed he woke up fussy. Actually scratch that, he was screaming inconsolably. Flyboy happens to be home and comes upstairs when he hears all the commotion.

He keeps asking me whats wrong and what should we do. He is PACING back and forth, wringing his hands.

Flyboy starts saying over and over that we should take the little dash down to the hospital to the ER. Now for those of you that aren't used to military medicine, we aren't talking about a regular ER, our ER is essentially a walk in clinic. Really I wouldn't take my kids to a regular er for an ear ache but alas, in the military some things are different.

But still. My little one didn't feel well but at this point it was midnight and we live 45 mins away from the base where the hospital is. And mind you both of us are tired, its snowing a bit, and we have to drive over some big windy mountains. And I grew up in a house where unless you were bleeding, passed out, or laying in the street, you were not going to the doctors. My mom raised us tough.

However, when flyboy gets something in his mind he goes with it. As he starts back in on going down the little dash starts hacking and then vomits. Of course this sends flyboy over the moon. I dont think he's seen him vomit before and you would have thought that he had grown a third arm or something.

In case you wondered what happened next let me just say that all of us ended up traipsing down to the hospital.

The place was dead. Hmm. Perhaps a bad way to describe a hospital. Dash-2 was still screaming when we got there but hell I was close to screaming too so who can blame him.

And what do you know.... the little one is all clear. I could tell that flyboy felt like a boob. This was the first time he had been "duped", you know, they are sick right until you get into the doctor's room. Then they miraculously heal.

The doctor, who's accent was so thick you could barely understand him, was quite lonely and chatty. Apparently he doesn't get much business at 2 am. He starts in on how we need a humidifier for the boys room (been there done that but perhaps I'll dust it off) and then he starts squinting at me.

"You have dry skin. I see from here. " Then he looks at flyboy and says, "Oh your skin is nice and dewy."

Ummm... really, at 2 am I put on a bra for this? Flyboy, by the way, looked like the cat that ate the canary. And with that the doctor goes back on the subject of my skin and how dry it looks.

Well thank you, thank you very much.

Don't get me wrong, I was relieved my little dash-2 was healthy, helluva cranky at 2 am but healthy. But I must admit I did have a feeling about that. Call it motherly instinct. Call it being thru this time and time again, obviously alone since my husband was running around freaking like a new daddy.

Everyone got home in one peice, made it over the mountain safe and sound and was in bed by 3:30am. And we were lucky.....the boys slept in. Till 8:30.

I promise...

I didn't forget Veterans day yesterday. Hardly. I thought a lot about it I'm just always running a day or two behind lately. I thought a lot about the men and women, past and present who deserve a great deal of thanks. The veterans near and dear to me, my grandfathers, one here, one not here, my father in law who missed the same parts of my husbands life that flyboy is now missing of his boys, and my husband, one of the few (very) good men.

Thanks to those for whom a "business trip" meant taking the beaches of Normandy and Iwo Jima, or the jungles of Vietnam, the mountains of Afghanistan and the sands of Iraq.

Thanks to those who because of their service miss so much at home. Thanks to those who have missed births, first steps, first words, first birthday, first snow days. Thanks to those who year after years miss anniversary and holiday dinners, for whom being home on a three day weekend is not a given.

Thanks to those who are away more then they are home, for whom work is not really work but a way of life that far too often can interrupt "real" life and really, becomes your life.

Thanks to those for whom this is more then a job.

Thanks to those for whom without we and much of the rest of the world would not be free.

Thanks to those who serve and while its Veterans day, thanks to those families who by standing in the wings offering love, support, and stability, also serve.

And thanks to those who have served and never came home. Who are remembered in photographs, videos, and the hearts and memories of those who love them.

Somehow thank you doesn't seem like enough.

Monday, November 10, 2008

and my answers are......

Sorry, long weekend before the hubs goes globe trotting for a bit so rather then hang out on the computer we have been scrubbing floors and collecting firewood. Damn our life is wild.

You guys asked really interesting questions! I hope you enjoy the answers, I enjoyed answering them!

From DAR : When you are exhausted from wrangling the boys all day and Flyboy is off saving the world, what do you make for dinner? What would you make if it was JUST YOU and no kids? Dinner when flyboy isnt around is usually very kid friendly. Nuggets, hot dogs, grilled cheese, chicken, that sort of stuff. But always with a side of fruit and veggies. I try for healthy but simple, because well, like you said, I'm exhausted. And I tend to eat just a frozen Smart One after I put them to bed. Usually they eat at their little table in the kitchen while I'm in there cleaning up, so I'm with them and we are still together, but I can get some things done while they are distracted with food, and then I eat in peace and quiet later.

How much longer at your current duty station? Where to next? Do you guys get a choice? Where would you LIKE to go? There are very few bases, with his airplane and his crew position that we can go to. In fact I believe I could count them all on one hand. So we could be here a while, aka 8 more years, or we could be out of here for warmer places come the spring. I'm on pins and needles and hopeful to move down south to NC. I'd love to be at a big base, for my kids to be around other Marine kids who live a similar lifestyle, to have more support, and to just be in more familiar surroundings.

Is there a Dash 3 in the future? Some days I say yes, Some days I say no. Flyboy consistently says yes and when I like to mess with his head and say no way he actually gets pretty upset. Just right now we know that we value our sanity just a bit too much to do that to anyone in the house! With his schedule we would prefer to wait another year or two, not that his schedule will slow down, in fact the opposite may happen, but at least the two dashes will be older and have slightly more common sense. I hope.

What is your least favorite thing about houseguests? The clutter they leave around.

Are you going to continue staying home when the boys go to school or will you need something else to fill your time once you are done poop-hunting? :) Ah the days when poop hunting is over. That day will come? We'll since we'd like another in a year or two its going to be a little while, but once they are in school all day, I'd like to go back to work in a school. I loved working in special ed and you cant beat a school schedule! The only drawback is that as long as my dear is owned by the corps, with his crazy schedule a lot falls on me, I want to be able to go on class trips, volunteer in school, drive them to sports practice, spy on them, I mean be involved. . But at the same time, I would love to be back in the working world. I have a feeling that I wont have any idea till I'm at that stage.

Lisa asked a toughie, You have one week and ten thousand dollars. You can't save it. What are you going to do? Ummm can I invest it? Thats not technically saving it (especially now days!). I'd first and foremost do something incredible for my parents, something really big and something they would love, like a cruise and then an all out trip to WDW with us and the boys. (trust me they would love it more if the boys were there) And of course, donate a nice chunk to worthwhile charities.

Amanda asked how about this...favorite day with kids? I didn't know if you meant a particular day so that's what I went with. I have one for each, for dash-1 it was our family trip to the Air and Space Museum, but not the one on the Mall, the one in Dulles where the shuttle is. When he saw the shuttle, it was amazing. I've seen him run around the house pretending to be an astronaut and we've watched the stuff on discover and the NASA channel (yeah did you know they have a channel?) but when he saw it in person I saw him inspired. I saw him dreaming of really going to the moon. And as a mom it was breathtaking. It was a great day, both the boys were with their daddy and all three were in their element. And taking dash-2 to the aquarium was fantastic. He's a little water bug, he loves the water, he loves fish, sharks, whales. He was glued to every tank, his eyes lit up with every flicker of a fish fin, with every hop of the frogs, with every flip of the dolphins. He was in heaven.

favorite day w/out kids? Hmm I have had very few of those in the past few years. I am drawing a total blank coming up with one. I think I need to get out more. In fact I know I need to get out more.

KJ asked a good few, Do you ever think about your boy's future wives? What kind of woman do you think Dash 1 and Dash 2 will marry? Ohhh that's a good one. I hope they aren't trampy bar flies, but I like to think that I will have raised them better. I hope they marry nice, down to earth women who like to wear shirts that cover their belly buttons and encourage their husbands to call their mother frequently! All in all I hope they marry women that make them happy, bring out the best in them, that encourage them in all they do, will be amazing moms, and like me enough to share my grand babies with me.

Why DID you have to throw away two of everything? I was afraid things would get lonely. Oh who are we kidding I still do it sometimes. Sometimes I'll go to throw a straw away and I see the whole box sitting on the counter and it breaks my heart (ok so that's a bit much but still) to think of that one lonely straw sitting in the trash all by its lonesome. Yes, there is other trash in there but not a straw. I think I need help or perhaps like I said, I need to get out more.

Do you guys ever think about trying for a girl? I don't see myself having girls. If it happens I'll be thrilled but I think I'm destined to have boys and live as the only gal in a house of manly men. God help me.

If you had to change Fly boy's job in the Marine Corps what would you change it to? Would you? There are days I would love to change it and he's had the opportunity, which would have been great career ops but to him its not the same. And as someone who loves him with all my heart, I could never ask him not to fly. Its part of him and I love all of him.

Sara asked How did you meet your husband? AP English. He was a senior and I was a junior. I moved to the other side of the room with a friend of mine and sure enough he was sitting right behind me. He was quite rude to me for the better part of three months but apparently he was just enthralled with me, in fact the first words out of his mouth to me were and I quote, "Shut the f*** up and turn around" Really folks love at first sight.

How did he propose?
It was a comedy of errors. He had ordered my ring and it got lost in shipping, meanwhile he's about to deploy to Kosovo in days, he was home on leave before hand and was trying like made to get the ring tracked down and sent to his parents before he had to leave. Somewhere in the mix I got tipped off, ok I over heard him talking on the phone and FREAKED! With joy! So we got back to his parents after dinner one night and the ring was on the front steps in a box, we both sprinted to it he beat me to it, just barely. I was quite excited that I think I was jumping up and down and then he said and again I quote, "Oh hell, do you want to marry me?" and just tossed the envelope at me. It sounds crappy but honestly it was perfect for us, very very us. And then two days later... he left and was back three weeks before we got married.
Where are you originally from? the charming state of Murland. I'm aware that the state is actually spelled Maryland but the delightful Baltimore accent (where I went to college) makes it sound like murland. I'm from way, way down at the bottom of Maryland where we consider ourselves southerners.

How many places have you lived with the military so far?
this is a short one. Just here. Its like the never ending duty station. Seriously where are our orders!?! But he has lived in TX, NC, FL and here.

Where would you LIKE to move next?
Really I'm cool with anywhere that it doesn't snow. A whole lot anyways. I'd love to move down to NC.

Do you sometimes wish you guys were civilians? It would be great to get to see him more and have actual stability in our lives but at the same time the military is what we know. And in its own weird way it offers a certain amount of stability so all in all... I like being military. One day we'll be civilians and we'll figure it out when we have too!

Becca wanted to know, Will you post a video of yourself and Dash singing the fungus song? Yeah I'll have to pass on that one! But if we ever meet up we'll regal you with it in the food court!

TSR asked about my favorite topic, food, what is your favorite meal
-to eat-to cook-your kids' fav-Flyboy's? My kids are in a chicken nugget phase, 24/7 if they could. And I am lucky when it comes to my husband, he will eat what ever is in front of him. Really he would eat shoe leather if I put it on a plate. A favorite around here is ground turkey and spinach lasagna. Yummmmo. But I really love to cook a big holiday meal. Even if its just us I go all out, big turkey, stuffing, rice, gravy, mashed potatoes, squash casserole, rolls, spinach, and everything from scratch.

oh and DAR I almost forgot, What was life like for you guys before kids? Life? Before kids? What!? All I remember is that we traveled a lot lighter, it was a lot quieter, the house was cleaner, and rarely did I roll over a lego in bed. But really... it wasn't nearly as nice.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

its a big one

The big 3-0-0. To be exact.

Thankfully, not pounds but rather post. DAR did this for her recent 200th post and I thought, hmmm thats a nifty idea. I wonder if people have any questions for me, I mean cripes I already talk about feeling like I occasional fail as a mom, my frustrations from time to time with my husbands other wife, the Marine Corps, and frequent tails of my children's poop.

What more is there to learn? For the longest time I had to throw two of everything away (I only stopped because my husband makes fun of me and I'm talking ridicule not snickering) and that my son and I like to sing "there is a fungus amungus named bungus. Named what? Bungus, a what? a FUNGUS! Named bungus!" Honestly it started when we started innocently rhyming and now its just an adorable little ditty.

But I'm sure there is someone out there with a question or are you all afraid to know anymore?

Ask away folks, ask away.....

Thursday, November 6, 2008

What comes after dinner?

You know the best part about having corn for dinner with little ones? Apparently its great for blog fodder.

I heard this today from dash-1 as he yelled from the bathroom, "Hey mom I just pooped some corn!"

me yelling back. "Oh, well, that's bound to happen."

pause from him. "Don't worry I didn't eat it."

another pause. "Will you wipe my butt now? And check out that corn."

Thanks, I'll pass.

I mean I'm the mom so I will gladly wipe butts, those of you without kids or who haven't gotten to the potty training stage, this is the awkward in between stage. They can poop and pee on their own but the butt wiping often leads to more mess then anything else. So I'm still on the hook for that.

But I prefer not to check out poop. Especially after I got to stalk around collecting poop (read those adventures here) for the better part of two weeks. Thanks son, I'll take your word on it.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


We boated yesterday. Actually we voted but dash-1 cant really pronounce v so it sounded like boating. At one point on the phone my mother asked why he kept talking about going boating.

I think he was disappointed when we got to the polling place and it was filled with voting machines from the 50's and old people. Really the average age of the poll workers was 96. But good on them for giving of their time.

Although when my husband went into vote I don't think we really needed to hear "Oh I betcha I know who he's voting for!" While I have no problem broadcasting my vote my dear flyboy is much more skittish about drawing attention to himself. And by the by he was in civvies its just the darn haircut that gives him away.

As Sarge Charlie wisely pointed out yesterday in a comment, the country survived Carter. And I have to believe that if we survived that peanut for brains ninny we can survive anything.

I'm just wishing yesterday had been boating instead of voting, but at least this dreadful campaigning is over and the country can start to get over it. If that's possible.

All right. No more politics for a bit. I'm going back to poop stories and mysterious animals.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Today is the day

Today is the day. Election Day.

I'd be lying if I said I wasnt a ball of nerves. The plan is to watch the coverage tonight, I'm not sure if at some point I might have to turn the channel and watch something mindless on Bravo or something. Flyboy had a tendency to yell at the tv. Bravo might be needed to keep his blood pressure in normal ranges.

This is the first time that we are voting together. He's planning on coming home early and we are taking the kids up together to vote. For the last presidential election he was picking sand out of his teeth in the desert. This year he actually gets to pull the lever.

He is worried about taking a little dash in the voting booth with him. That they might vote for the wrong guy. I'm braver in this aspect, I say include the kids and show them just what voting is.

Because while it is a right, it is above all a privilege.

I've heard the voting lines are insane in many parts of the country today. How lucky we are. How lucky that long lines are our biggest complaint. Flyboy was in country for their elections. Now that he said is awe inspiring. People risking their lives, really risking life and limb to cast a vote.

I cant help but think of the people who wont be voting today. They wont be casting ballots because they risked their lives so that other people, in countries far away from ours can enjoy the same right and privilege. What more reason is there to exercise MY right and privilege.

It's a...


Wait wait wait wait. Is it a pretty buffalo or an ugly cow? Stop your both right!

By the way dont try that joke on the guy who raises beefalos. He probably wont find it funny. Oh who are we kidding, he didn't find it funny. Didn't even crack a smile.

So far that's the only hybrid animal we have around here. No half duck half sheep on the horizon anytime soon.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

What is it?

I wish I had photos of my little ones in their costumes. But sadly as of yet I do not. Dash-1 was an astronaut with a snazzy orange flight suit and Dash-2 was a dinosaur. Both costumes made by grandma not me. I have never pretended to have any sewing skills. I come up with the ideas she makes it happen. And she loves it.

Any who flyboy was responsible for getting the pictures while I got everything else together to leave for trick or treating. I asked in passing if he got any cute pictures and he laughed and said I would find the one of Dash-1 standing with his trick or treat bag over his head hilarious. Don't worry it was a cloth bag and why he found it funny I don't know.

so that's it.

That's the shot my husband got. This is why he cant be in charge of the Christmas photo.

I'm going to dress them up sometime this week and make them stand on the porch with the pumpkins.... who will know the difference.

I do have a picture for you all. We got a new animal around here and I'm curious to see if y'all can figure out what it is. Its a tough one. I should send something to the winner.... but what?

Anyone want a toddler?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

This country really is great

Flyboy was home this Saturday to catch a favorite around here, My Big Redneck Wedding. Wow this weeks episode was a dozy. It even topped the brother and sister one. We watched the show in stunned silence. Really. Not a word was uttered but we did keep doing the whole slow turn-shocked look thing. It was kinda eerie how that kept happening.

There isn't any way that I can sum it up but to say they were rednecks in the truest sense of the word. I mean there was a tractor pull with them in their finest at the end of the wedding but that's not what I was really thinking about.

You know what I took away from that show as the credits were rolling besides that I could have done with a little less, naked (they did have the black bar but really it was still too much) hot tub scenes? God bless America.

Really. God bless this country.

I mean think about it, only in a country like this does there vote count the same as mine.

Every last one of us is endowed with the right to go vote. We all get one say in how things should be, except of course if Acorn's gotten to you then who knows how many says you get.

But seriously, it doesn't matter how we get there, be it pickup or sporty coup. Doesn't matter what we wear, doesn't matter what we look like, smell like, speak like, whether you say y'all or yous guys. Doesn't matter our education level, our income, whether you partake in jello wrestling on your trailer parks front lawn, or if your wearing your dentures.

All that matters is that in that one moment, we are all equals.

Three days..

Three days of rain. Lots of rain, a little bit of snow and two trapped little ones.

If the sun does not come out today one of us might not make it thru the day.

hint.... it would probably be me.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Check me out!

Ann over at Under the Sea awarded me with a spectacular bit of bling. Hey we all love bling don't we?

Ann's blogs is one of the first I started following before I jumped into the blogging world. I loved her honesty. Life on her pages doesn't have to always be rosy and perfect, it is what it is and she puts it out there as it happens.

She's former navy herself, a navy wife, and recently became a new mommy. Which will no doubt be the greatest joy and the hardest job of her life. Seeing the humor and day by day attitude that she takes towards military life she is going to make an amazing mom. And will probably come out of it WAY saner then I.

And probably not at all curled up in the fetal position in the corner.

So the rules of this award are.... to display the award
link back to the person who gave it to you
and then pay it forward by nominating 7 blogs, linking to them, and letting them know they've got a little love.

My seven picks (in no particular order) are.....

Loquita's Blog is a great read written by a very witty and what I would figure to be a very feisty Marine girlfriend. I love to read her blog because it reminds me of my relationship with flyboy in the long pre marriage stage, all the ups and downs, the highs and lows. Its amazing insight into how difficult, but how very worth it, long distance relationships, especially with military folks, can be. I also read it because she too is very honest, she puts her feelings and frustrations out there and doesn't feel the need to sugar coat.

Army Blogger Wife I am in awe of you. She just started teaching elementary school, she has three young ones and her husband is in the middle of a 15 mth deployment. Wow. Every time I feel overwhelmed I think of her.... its safe to say I think about you several times a week ABW! I wish I lived closer to you so that I could offer my help, you are an inspiration. And might I add... she doesn't complain... not even with projectile vomit.

Heidi over at Learning to Live. This is a fantastic blog. It's raw and its real, it runs the gamete of emotions, from memories of her husband, an Army Officer killed in Iraq, to post about their adorable son, to her yard and the problems with grass in central Texas. I am amazed by her strength, by her grace, and I love the fact that she admitted to forgetting to feed her son dinner one night as I must admit... I have done that a couple of times myself. I love me an honest mom.

LaLa at What? Mermaids? her grandfather, Sarge Charlie, pointed me in her direction and her blog is now a must read for me. She just married her love, whom also happens to be a flyboy. So now there are two Mrs. Flyboys out there in cyberspace. Now she's well on her way to domestic bliss, becoming a happy homemaker (she made bread the other day and it actually rose.... I've been married six years and am just now figuring it out) and figuring out navy wife life.

Suzie at Up the Hill Backwards is hilarious. Really. I always have a laugh that resembles a snort when I read her blog. Her take on motherhood and life in general is great. She is one of those bloggers who despite our differences, my secret crush on Dick Cheney (oops its out there now) and hers with Joe Biden (sorry Suzie, just picking someone from the left) I often daydream of us getting coffee, casually laughing, looking very picturesque while our kids are duct taped somewhere.

Its another Susie, this one at Be Strong and Courageous. Her blog is breathtaking. I don't really know how to explain it. Her son, Joshua was born with encephalocele and lived a blessed nine weeks and four days. Her blog is a testament to faith, to a mother's love, heartache, joy, and blessings. I can not imagine the pain of losing a child, but I can relate to the intense fire of a mama's love, and now as she is tackling potty training with her little girl, I can oh so relate to soggy underpants.

And how could I leave off The Roaming Southerner. She shares my love of chick-fil-a but yet we differ on the coke, diet coke thing. Its OK, I wont let that get in the way of our relationship. Really if I can look past the left right thing I can get past TRS's love of diet coke. Her blog is not one of a military wife nor a mommy blog but that's what I love about it. She is my portal to what life outside of french fries up a nostril and preschool nightmares is like. Her writing is witty, she was so kind when I was looking for some guidance on the whole weight loss, WW thing. She is funny, stylish, and getting thinner by the minute. Damn you TRS you have it all! And now even blog bling!

There are so many more sites I would give bling to but cripes this post is getting long. Now... go forth, read... comment.

but dont forget to comment here. I'm a sucker for them.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Is there anything worse...

then getting caught in the rain after blow drying your hair?

I mean besides, death, death of a loved one, financial ruin, horrible sickness, nasty car accident, explosive poo (really all you moms out there have to agree that that can get ugly real quick)....

Hmmm upon closer reflection there are worse things then the whole rain blow dry thing.

But it still sucks.

Its shaping up to be a baseball cap kinda day.

Friday, October 24, 2008

The fun side of govt healthcare

One and a half hours.

One tiny waiting room.

One screaming and crying three year old. One screaming and teething (2 year molars are a bitch apparently) 22 month old.

One vial of blood taken before they gave up and told us to come back next week.

One barely sane mommy.

Sounds like fun doesnt it?

Then as they lead us back to the room they told me that because of Dash-1's size and the amount of test that they need blood for they'll have to do it in two separate rounds. He screamed and fought so much they could only get one vial before the two guys looked like they might have a breakdown and told us to come back next week. So now we have to go back and repeat this THREE times.

I still cant get over the fact that we waited an hour and a half, that they lost the orders and had to go searching for them and well that I waited an hour and a half. Sorry but I have to keep going back to that.


Really? Cause I got it and its got a LOT of kinks in it.

Is it there?

I need to update my blog lists so I was hoping that yall could help. If your blog is not listed over to the side but you would like it to be there please let me know!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Yesterday the boys and I, along with a friend and her kids went down to a local yocal zoo. Its really less zoo and more of a paved walking trail in the woods. They have local animals that have been rescued there.

Its a lovely way to spend the day, even if Dash-2 wanted to see elephants (those aren't local around here so none to rescue) and Dash-1 wanted to see giraffes (again, none local so none to rescue) and even though it was in the thirties.

Oh side note on the snow, we didn't get any precipitation, so no snow. But I did get an explosive poop from someone special. Perhaps karma from talking smack about snow.

Anyways the point of this ramble and surely this happens to a lot of you. During the drive down and back, about an hour both ways with the three pee breaks for tinky winky, I was composing a great post in my head. The problem?

I cant remember it.

Not a lick of it. Not one word, not the idea, nuttin.

I got nuttin.

So instead you guys get this and hopefully in the course of the rest of my errands today it comes back to me. Although ten bucks says I forget it again.

Sigh.... I think motherhood is making me scattered.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008



That's right. Snow.

Now while I am aware that Target has its Christmas decorations and cards out last I checked it was still only mid-October. It is still October right? I haven't been in a Nyquil induced haze that's lasted a month or so?

On a side note wouldn't that be kinda nice... sleep thru the calories that Halloween and Thanksgiving bring. And the inlaws! Ha I kid.

But really, snow tomorrow. And a high of a balmy 47 with an even balmier wind chill of 31.


Monday, October 20, 2008

equality or lack there of

I love my husband dearly. And everything I am saying here I have, and will continue, to say to his face. Now with that out of the way....

Flyboy being sick is a fairly rare event. But. When it happens its as if he has Ebola rather then a head cold or at worst a slight chest cold. I'm amazed that a simple cold can turn my tough Marine of a husband into a sniffling dying animal.

Really I've seen him break toes and fingers and keep on doing what he's doing. Apparently post nasal drip is his kryptonite.

I know colds suck. But you know what I have to say?

Suck it up buttercup.

Whatever this is started a few weeks ago with Dash-1. It started as a little cold and turned into a nasty chest infection in him. He was on a nebulizer to help with his breathing and still, three weeks later, despite getting the all clear from the doctors, has a nasty cough that makes parents look at me like he's a leper.

Luckily with Dash-2 despite the nasty cough, his lungs stayed clear, although his too is sticking around for a while. Stupidly I thought despite being coughed on, sneezed on, snotted on for weeks, was going to come thru this unharmed. Apparently I am not that lucky.

Flyboy got a cold or something while he was away and got to take two days off to just lay around and do nothing. Nothing folks. Just lay in peace and quiet. All day.

If it sounds as if I'm bitter well... I am. I get that he cant fly if he cant clear his sinuses, I don't want his ears to explode, really I'm not that vindictive. But it would be nice if while he was laying around feeling as if his eyes might pop out of his head that he had two little ones to continue caring for and jumping on him.

That my friends would be justice.

When mom gets sick there are no sick days. None. There is no break in the rhythm and routine of the house. Yes there maybe more cartoons and dinner might consist of cheese slices thrown about the playroom while mom lays passed out in the corner. Not that I've done that I'm just saying.....

Even when he's home and I'm sick bless his heart there is still work to be done. Kids to bath and medicine to hand out and try as he might, I always get sucked into doing it. He did wake up to get the kids on Sunday morning.... of course he brought them into bed with us to watch cartoons. Any other morning this would be great, I love me some snuggle time. But when I cant breathe and am hacking up green stuff I would prefer a little peace. Not singing cartoons or a three year old asking if he can see my snot.

So to all of you out there who buy that whole men and women are equal thing let me set you straight. We might be equals until sickness sets in. Then we seriously surge ahead.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Anyone still out there?

I am I am!

I have been very lackluster in going and commenting on other blogs the past week. I do apologize, I'm just tired. Rather I'm exhausted. Both boys are getting over chest colds and have passed them on to me, I'm worried that my eyes might pop out of my head at any moment.

But its not just that I'll be honest, I'm exhausted by everything right now. The unknown of military life, the last few days of this election crap, and quite frankly the biggest, motherhood.

Yes folks, I'm human, motherhood is just beating the snot out of me right now.

I've gone a bit unplugged this past week to focus on what needs to be at the center of my life. But I promise that I am composing a snarky ditty of a post in my head to show up in the next day or two.

As for now I'm off to do some baking, after all, everyone has already passed their germs on to me, why not pass them right back, and to just try to rest up. I wonder what crap is on tv right now?

All thought last time I checked we moms do not get sick days yet dads often lay around like wounded animals. Hmm... perhaps I shall post on that one.....

Anyways, everyone enjoy your weekends! And unplug for a bit!

Friday, October 17, 2008

A real Maverick

Flyboy came home with something yesterday quite excited. I wondered what his problem was.

And then I saw it.
The jacket. A leather bomber with the big fur collar.

I used to think bomber jackets were just a hollywood thing. Oh no folks. They are real. Very real. And my husband loves his.

He got his standard issue at Pensacola, do you have any idea what those suckers run if you just order one? Yikes. No Tom Cruise complex is worth that. Especially since he's gone a little nuts.

His first jacket had finally seen better days. It looked like it had been dragged behind his airplane so with much angst he turned it in to get a new one. I guess sometimes it can be touch and go whether they give you another leather one or just tell you to make do with the gortex one.

Which by the way I think is far sexier but alas my opinion doesn't count for much on these matters apparently.

It was hilarious last night though, he swaggered in the room with the jacket on, with his flight suit collar standing up and the zipper a bit further down. And then it hit me. The perfect Halloween costume.

My husband could be Maverick for Halloween.

And by Maverick I am referring to Tom Cruise's character in Top Gun not John McCain.

Really it would be fantastic and so easy to do. He already has the jacket, tons of white undershirts, the big aviator sunglasses (which again he thinks are great... me not so much), and I do believe that somewhere in the deep abyss of his wardrobe are faded jeans.

And I offered blasting Danger Zone on the Ipod with speakers as we go trick or treating.

He doesn't seem to be taking the bait on this. Such a great plan and it looks like its not going to happen. Sigh.

There is always next year to try. And the year after... and the year after that.


Lost: My sanity
Last seen: sometime around the start of the terrible three's mid summer
Distinguishable characteristics: Sad to say I can't even remember, but I do remember it being lovely.
REWARD: Big... very big

Monday, October 13, 2008


I must confess.....I dont get the whole pj's in public thing.

Not one little bit.

When I've had to take my kids to the hospital in the middle of the night (and trust me I've done this more then one would think) I've always thrown on a plain teeshirt, some sort of jacket or sweatshirt and typically jeans. Hey look, I had to throw a bra on I might as well toss on jeans.

But lately it seems like I've seen more and more folks in their jammies. And I'm not talking a pair of running pants or maybe nice sweatpants. I'm talking grown women running around in elmo pj pants. At 1 in the afternoon.

Side note... not nice sweatpants would be the ones that are super comfy to wear around the house, they tend to have holes, usually some stains of unknown origins, and all in all shreds of what they used to be yet more comfortable now then when you bought them. Nice sweatpants would be ones without any holes in the crotch, or elsewhere, not skin tight and more pants then sweatpants.

Back to the whole in public thing. I think this is odd. I'm not terribly uptight about clothes. I tend to sport plain stuff, give me a solid color plain teeshirt and jeans and I'm happy. But I just cant get why someone would walk out of the house in their jammies and not feel naked or just plain weird.

I also cant get women who's boobs are anything larger then a B cup and saggy not wearing a bra in public as long as I'm on this topic. But hey ever tried to tell a stranger she should be wearing a bra? Yeah I'm guessing it wouldn't go over well.

What I find more interesting is that its not just at W@lmart that I've been seeing this (lets all be honest, you never know what your going to see there), but in the last month I saw it in the playroom at McDonalds, the PX and then the same gal at the commissary, W@lmart, and the mall.

THE MALL people! Obviously she was not leaving the house for an emergency.

And the commissary. If my husband ever found out I went to the PX and commissary on post in my pjs he would drop me out of the back of his airplane. Seriously he irons his jeans, he would have no humor about this.

I know I'm going to sound kinda high and mighty but I think its a bit of proof about the eroding of our civilization. Yeah yeah I just linked pjs to the erosion of our society. But really folks, take a little pride in how you look. At least change out of your pjs and get dressed before you go out in public.

So am I alone in my confusion over this? Would you ever wear your jammies out? And again I'm not talking about running your kids to the drs or even running out when everyone is sick to get medicine or something like that, although please tell me you would at least throw a bra on.