Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I promise...

I didn't forget Veterans day yesterday. Hardly. I thought a lot about it I'm just always running a day or two behind lately. I thought a lot about the men and women, past and present who deserve a great deal of thanks. The veterans near and dear to me, my grandfathers, one here, one not here, my father in law who missed the same parts of my husbands life that flyboy is now missing of his boys, and my husband, one of the few (very) good men.

Thanks to those for whom a "business trip" meant taking the beaches of Normandy and Iwo Jima, or the jungles of Vietnam, the mountains of Afghanistan and the sands of Iraq.

Thanks to those who because of their service miss so much at home. Thanks to those who have missed births, first steps, first words, first birthday, first snow days. Thanks to those who year after years miss anniversary and holiday dinners, for whom being home on a three day weekend is not a given.

Thanks to those who are away more then they are home, for whom work is not really work but a way of life that far too often can interrupt "real" life and really, becomes your life.

Thanks to those for whom this is more then a job.

Thanks to those for whom without we and much of the rest of the world would not be free.

Thanks to those who serve and while its Veterans day, thanks to those families who by standing in the wings offering love, support, and stability, also serve.

And thanks to those who have served and never came home. Who are remembered in photographs, videos, and the hearts and memories of those who love them.

Somehow thank you doesn't seem like enough.


  1. you were able to put into words many of the things that I was thinking yesterday, and every day! I took the easy way out and just posted pictures, but I wanted to say so much more. I'm glad that so many people still take time to remember and give thanks. Tell your husband thank you for what he does!

  2. thanks, this is a very nice post. I thank you and fly boy for your service to this great country.

  3. I couldn't have said it better myself. Wonderful post. Fantastically written. Thank you.

  4. "Somehow thank you doesn't seem like enough"

    Well put, my friend! Beautiful post.


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