Monday, December 15, 2008

2009 BAH Rates

Just an FYI that the 2009 BAH rates are out. Take a look to see if yours went up or down. Remember if it goes down, your safe, you still maintain the rate you have.

If it goes up then come January 1 enjoy! Of course that extra money will probably be spent on home heating oil or the electric bill. But still, relish the slightly larger pay check.


  1. It went up! We get to pay even more for our moldy, lead painty, asbestosy post housing! (No, I'm not bitter...)

  2. Makes no difference to us since we live on post. But ironically it went down here a bit- we're paying less this year for our brand new 2000 square foot duplex than we did last year for our 1950s mold/lead/asbestos filled 900 square foot townhouse.

    Bwahaha! Serves 'em right. (the company that runs housing I mean. they aren't exactly the most helpful or ethical bunch of folks we've ever had the pleasure of dealing with :P)

  3. Show me the money uncle sam... Luckily in the past year, we got a nice lil bump from getting married, up in rank, and his yearly increase, all happened within 2 months of each other. I'm still learning all this stuff, so I don't know if we've went up. Plus we're going to be moving, I need to see if ours will be going down... :(

  4. I live in an apt. so we dont really have to pay directly

  5. Thanks for the heads up! we live on post but its privite housing so we keep the extra money and we got tech this Jan. so we get more! Isn't wonderful!
    Your cookies sound good I'll have to try them and add my on post on cookies.

  6. Unbelieveable! Ours went down in this area (not a lot but considering it's an area that actually receives a small amt of COLA, seriously, people?) Thank goodness our old rate is grandfathered in!

    It does make me wonder, like you, just who is getting the deals in the Corps?!

  7. Sigh, I don't want to know how much more the bloodsuckers in housing are getting, especially since Oliver's E6 pay should be hitting about the same time (yes, it realy has been over six months since he was frocked, sigh). I'd like to know how Vanessa is getting money back, though; you'd be the first person in base housing I've ever run into that sees any money from their BAH.

  8. Sweet! You just made my morning. Ours went up.

  9. Yes. It actually went down in CT.

    However, we'll be getting San Diego BAH, which went up, starting in, actually, now, so we'll get the difference between the two rates in our check. Sweet!

    Change of home ports are good for something.

    I agree with Mrs. SS on the ethicality and helpfulness of the housing folks. Although, it has gotten better since the company got taken over. THAT in itself says something. Heh.

  10. That is so funny!! I GOOGLED BAH rates and your Blog Came up as # 2 in the query. CRAZY!! NE Way back to my research!!


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