Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas lessons

A few lessons learned this Christmas:

* A giant talking, moving, dinosaur that is bigger then your two year old will probably scare him. Scratch that, terrify him. It will terrify him.

* If you want the gift to be a surprise do not tell your wordy three year old.

* If you did make the mistake of telling your three year old, don't let him hand the present to the person its for. His idea of handing out the present, "Ohhh mommy, this one is yours, it's a necklace, do you like it?" (just so you understand the problem, I was still holding the wrapped box)

* A K-bar, a heavy duty knife carried by Marines into battle, will be needed to take a toddler toy out of the box.

* Toys that don't need the k-bar will have 72 twist ties holding them to the box. Apparently toddler shoplifting is quite an epidemic.

* After all the presents are opened, toys set up, dinner is cooked, dinner is eaten, dinner is cleaned up (well as much as it's) its only 5 pm. There's still 2 1/2 hours till little ones bedtime and everyone else is exhausted.

* If there seems to be some kinda nasty stomach bug going thru the house the week before Christmas, chances are good that who ever comes to visit will leave with it. Sorry bout that.


  1. Sounds like our Christmas... EVERYONE, even my poor little grandma ended up with the flu.

    And that dinosaur scared the crap out of Charlie at the store. He actually screamed.

  2. The twist ties! What is up with that? Fisher price is the absolute worst. It used to take me 45 minutes to open a box of little people when my boys were into those...

    As for the dinosaur- you can just send that up this way if the Dash's aren't enjoying it. Nathan wanted that thing so bad it was almost painful. Too bad I almost threw up when I saw how much it cost. So far the explanation that Santa couldn't fit it in his sleigh is working on that one...

  3. This year we told the girls that we weren't opening any of the toys (out of the packaging nightmare) until all the presents had been unwrapped. In years past we learned that if you stop to unpackage each one as they get them it takes all freakin' day to get thru the gifts!

    And yes, ahh, it's over...

  4. one couple we are friends with said that before they even wrap their presents for their kids, they assemble / disentangle from twisty ties all the toys and then put them back in the boxes, that way on christmas morning they are ready to be played with. we don't have kids, so i don't know if this works or not. :)

    sorry to hear about the stomach bug. blech.

  5. My mom and I sat around for a good hour prying little objects out of the display backing for a Barbie doll; know just what you mean about packaging!

    Also, just wanted to say "Hi!", as I'm new to your blog and all. :)

  6. It takes forever to open all those presents, drives me crazy too! Do they charge extra to tack all those toys down so well. I'd opt out of that!

    This post cracked me up!


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