Wednesday, October 29, 2008

This country really is great

Flyboy was home this Saturday to catch a favorite around here, My Big Redneck Wedding. Wow this weeks episode was a dozy. It even topped the brother and sister one. We watched the show in stunned silence. Really. Not a word was uttered but we did keep doing the whole slow turn-shocked look thing. It was kinda eerie how that kept happening.

There isn't any way that I can sum it up but to say they were rednecks in the truest sense of the word. I mean there was a tractor pull with them in their finest at the end of the wedding but that's not what I was really thinking about.

You know what I took away from that show as the credits were rolling besides that I could have done with a little less, naked (they did have the black bar but really it was still too much) hot tub scenes? God bless America.

Really. God bless this country.

I mean think about it, only in a country like this does there vote count the same as mine.

Every last one of us is endowed with the right to go vote. We all get one say in how things should be, except of course if Acorn's gotten to you then who knows how many says you get.

But seriously, it doesn't matter how we get there, be it pickup or sporty coup. Doesn't matter what we wear, doesn't matter what we look like, smell like, speak like, whether you say y'all or yous guys. Doesn't matter our education level, our income, whether you partake in jello wrestling on your trailer parks front lawn, or if your wearing your dentures.

All that matters is that in that one moment, we are all equals.

Three days..

Three days of rain. Lots of rain, a little bit of snow and two trapped little ones.

If the sun does not come out today one of us might not make it thru the day.

hint.... it would probably be me.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Check me out!

Ann over at Under the Sea awarded me with a spectacular bit of bling. Hey we all love bling don't we?

Ann's blogs is one of the first I started following before I jumped into the blogging world. I loved her honesty. Life on her pages doesn't have to always be rosy and perfect, it is what it is and she puts it out there as it happens.

She's former navy herself, a navy wife, and recently became a new mommy. Which will no doubt be the greatest joy and the hardest job of her life. Seeing the humor and day by day attitude that she takes towards military life she is going to make an amazing mom. And will probably come out of it WAY saner then I.

And probably not at all curled up in the fetal position in the corner.

So the rules of this award are.... to display the award
link back to the person who gave it to you
and then pay it forward by nominating 7 blogs, linking to them, and letting them know they've got a little love.

My seven picks (in no particular order) are.....

Loquita's Blog is a great read written by a very witty and what I would figure to be a very feisty Marine girlfriend. I love to read her blog because it reminds me of my relationship with flyboy in the long pre marriage stage, all the ups and downs, the highs and lows. Its amazing insight into how difficult, but how very worth it, long distance relationships, especially with military folks, can be. I also read it because she too is very honest, she puts her feelings and frustrations out there and doesn't feel the need to sugar coat.

Army Blogger Wife I am in awe of you. She just started teaching elementary school, she has three young ones and her husband is in the middle of a 15 mth deployment. Wow. Every time I feel overwhelmed I think of her.... its safe to say I think about you several times a week ABW! I wish I lived closer to you so that I could offer my help, you are an inspiration. And might I add... she doesn't complain... not even with projectile vomit.

Heidi over at Learning to Live. This is a fantastic blog. It's raw and its real, it runs the gamete of emotions, from memories of her husband, an Army Officer killed in Iraq, to post about their adorable son, to her yard and the problems with grass in central Texas. I am amazed by her strength, by her grace, and I love the fact that she admitted to forgetting to feed her son dinner one night as I must admit... I have done that a couple of times myself. I love me an honest mom.

LaLa at What? Mermaids? her grandfather, Sarge Charlie, pointed me in her direction and her blog is now a must read for me. She just married her love, whom also happens to be a flyboy. So now there are two Mrs. Flyboys out there in cyberspace. Now she's well on her way to domestic bliss, becoming a happy homemaker (she made bread the other day and it actually rose.... I've been married six years and am just now figuring it out) and figuring out navy wife life.

Suzie at Up the Hill Backwards is hilarious. Really. I always have a laugh that resembles a snort when I read her blog. Her take on motherhood and life in general is great. She is one of those bloggers who despite our differences, my secret crush on Dick Cheney (oops its out there now) and hers with Joe Biden (sorry Suzie, just picking someone from the left) I often daydream of us getting coffee, casually laughing, looking very picturesque while our kids are duct taped somewhere.

Its another Susie, this one at Be Strong and Courageous. Her blog is breathtaking. I don't really know how to explain it. Her son, Joshua was born with encephalocele and lived a blessed nine weeks and four days. Her blog is a testament to faith, to a mother's love, heartache, joy, and blessings. I can not imagine the pain of losing a child, but I can relate to the intense fire of a mama's love, and now as she is tackling potty training with her little girl, I can oh so relate to soggy underpants.

And how could I leave off The Roaming Southerner. She shares my love of chick-fil-a but yet we differ on the coke, diet coke thing. Its OK, I wont let that get in the way of our relationship. Really if I can look past the left right thing I can get past TRS's love of diet coke. Her blog is not one of a military wife nor a mommy blog but that's what I love about it. She is my portal to what life outside of french fries up a nostril and preschool nightmares is like. Her writing is witty, she was so kind when I was looking for some guidance on the whole weight loss, WW thing. She is funny, stylish, and getting thinner by the minute. Damn you TRS you have it all! And now even blog bling!

There are so many more sites I would give bling to but cripes this post is getting long. Now... go forth, read... comment.

but dont forget to comment here. I'm a sucker for them.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Is there anything worse...

then getting caught in the rain after blow drying your hair?

I mean besides, death, death of a loved one, financial ruin, horrible sickness, nasty car accident, explosive poo (really all you moms out there have to agree that that can get ugly real quick)....

Hmmm upon closer reflection there are worse things then the whole rain blow dry thing.

But it still sucks.

Its shaping up to be a baseball cap kinda day.

Friday, October 24, 2008

The fun side of govt healthcare

One and a half hours.

One tiny waiting room.

One screaming and crying three year old. One screaming and teething (2 year molars are a bitch apparently) 22 month old.

One vial of blood taken before they gave up and told us to come back next week.

One barely sane mommy.

Sounds like fun doesnt it?

Then as they lead us back to the room they told me that because of Dash-1's size and the amount of test that they need blood for they'll have to do it in two separate rounds. He screamed and fought so much they could only get one vial before the two guys looked like they might have a breakdown and told us to come back next week. So now we have to go back and repeat this THREE times.

I still cant get over the fact that we waited an hour and a half, that they lost the orders and had to go searching for them and well that I waited an hour and a half. Sorry but I have to keep going back to that.


Really? Cause I got it and its got a LOT of kinks in it.

Is it there?

I need to update my blog lists so I was hoping that yall could help. If your blog is not listed over to the side but you would like it to be there please let me know!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Yesterday the boys and I, along with a friend and her kids went down to a local yocal zoo. Its really less zoo and more of a paved walking trail in the woods. They have local animals that have been rescued there.

Its a lovely way to spend the day, even if Dash-2 wanted to see elephants (those aren't local around here so none to rescue) and Dash-1 wanted to see giraffes (again, none local so none to rescue) and even though it was in the thirties.

Oh side note on the snow, we didn't get any precipitation, so no snow. But I did get an explosive poop from someone special. Perhaps karma from talking smack about snow.

Anyways the point of this ramble and surely this happens to a lot of you. During the drive down and back, about an hour both ways with the three pee breaks for tinky winky, I was composing a great post in my head. The problem?

I cant remember it.

Not a lick of it. Not one word, not the idea, nuttin.

I got nuttin.

So instead you guys get this and hopefully in the course of the rest of my errands today it comes back to me. Although ten bucks says I forget it again.

Sigh.... I think motherhood is making me scattered.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008



That's right. Snow.

Now while I am aware that Target has its Christmas decorations and cards out last I checked it was still only mid-October. It is still October right? I haven't been in a Nyquil induced haze that's lasted a month or so?

On a side note wouldn't that be kinda nice... sleep thru the calories that Halloween and Thanksgiving bring. And the inlaws! Ha I kid.

But really, snow tomorrow. And a high of a balmy 47 with an even balmier wind chill of 31.


Monday, October 20, 2008

equality or lack there of

I love my husband dearly. And everything I am saying here I have, and will continue, to say to his face. Now with that out of the way....

Flyboy being sick is a fairly rare event. But. When it happens its as if he has Ebola rather then a head cold or at worst a slight chest cold. I'm amazed that a simple cold can turn my tough Marine of a husband into a sniffling dying animal.

Really I've seen him break toes and fingers and keep on doing what he's doing. Apparently post nasal drip is his kryptonite.

I know colds suck. But you know what I have to say?

Suck it up buttercup.

Whatever this is started a few weeks ago with Dash-1. It started as a little cold and turned into a nasty chest infection in him. He was on a nebulizer to help with his breathing and still, three weeks later, despite getting the all clear from the doctors, has a nasty cough that makes parents look at me like he's a leper.

Luckily with Dash-2 despite the nasty cough, his lungs stayed clear, although his too is sticking around for a while. Stupidly I thought despite being coughed on, sneezed on, snotted on for weeks, was going to come thru this unharmed. Apparently I am not that lucky.

Flyboy got a cold or something while he was away and got to take two days off to just lay around and do nothing. Nothing folks. Just lay in peace and quiet. All day.

If it sounds as if I'm bitter well... I am. I get that he cant fly if he cant clear his sinuses, I don't want his ears to explode, really I'm not that vindictive. But it would be nice if while he was laying around feeling as if his eyes might pop out of his head that he had two little ones to continue caring for and jumping on him.

That my friends would be justice.

When mom gets sick there are no sick days. None. There is no break in the rhythm and routine of the house. Yes there maybe more cartoons and dinner might consist of cheese slices thrown about the playroom while mom lays passed out in the corner. Not that I've done that I'm just saying.....

Even when he's home and I'm sick bless his heart there is still work to be done. Kids to bath and medicine to hand out and try as he might, I always get sucked into doing it. He did wake up to get the kids on Sunday morning.... of course he brought them into bed with us to watch cartoons. Any other morning this would be great, I love me some snuggle time. But when I cant breathe and am hacking up green stuff I would prefer a little peace. Not singing cartoons or a three year old asking if he can see my snot.

So to all of you out there who buy that whole men and women are equal thing let me set you straight. We might be equals until sickness sets in. Then we seriously surge ahead.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Anyone still out there?

I am I am!

I have been very lackluster in going and commenting on other blogs the past week. I do apologize, I'm just tired. Rather I'm exhausted. Both boys are getting over chest colds and have passed them on to me, I'm worried that my eyes might pop out of my head at any moment.

But its not just that I'll be honest, I'm exhausted by everything right now. The unknown of military life, the last few days of this election crap, and quite frankly the biggest, motherhood.

Yes folks, I'm human, motherhood is just beating the snot out of me right now.

I've gone a bit unplugged this past week to focus on what needs to be at the center of my life. But I promise that I am composing a snarky ditty of a post in my head to show up in the next day or two.

As for now I'm off to do some baking, after all, everyone has already passed their germs on to me, why not pass them right back, and to just try to rest up. I wonder what crap is on tv right now?

All thought last time I checked we moms do not get sick days yet dads often lay around like wounded animals. Hmm... perhaps I shall post on that one.....

Anyways, everyone enjoy your weekends! And unplug for a bit!

Friday, October 17, 2008

A real Maverick

Flyboy came home with something yesterday quite excited. I wondered what his problem was.

And then I saw it.
The jacket. A leather bomber with the big fur collar.

I used to think bomber jackets were just a hollywood thing. Oh no folks. They are real. Very real. And my husband loves his.

He got his standard issue at Pensacola, do you have any idea what those suckers run if you just order one? Yikes. No Tom Cruise complex is worth that. Especially since he's gone a little nuts.

His first jacket had finally seen better days. It looked like it had been dragged behind his airplane so with much angst he turned it in to get a new one. I guess sometimes it can be touch and go whether they give you another leather one or just tell you to make do with the gortex one.

Which by the way I think is far sexier but alas my opinion doesn't count for much on these matters apparently.

It was hilarious last night though, he swaggered in the room with the jacket on, with his flight suit collar standing up and the zipper a bit further down. And then it hit me. The perfect Halloween costume.

My husband could be Maverick for Halloween.

And by Maverick I am referring to Tom Cruise's character in Top Gun not John McCain.

Really it would be fantastic and so easy to do. He already has the jacket, tons of white undershirts, the big aviator sunglasses (which again he thinks are great... me not so much), and I do believe that somewhere in the deep abyss of his wardrobe are faded jeans.

And I offered blasting Danger Zone on the Ipod with speakers as we go trick or treating.

He doesn't seem to be taking the bait on this. Such a great plan and it looks like its not going to happen. Sigh.

There is always next year to try. And the year after... and the year after that.


Lost: My sanity
Last seen: sometime around the start of the terrible three's mid summer
Distinguishable characteristics: Sad to say I can't even remember, but I do remember it being lovely.
REWARD: Big... very big

Monday, October 13, 2008


I must confess.....I dont get the whole pj's in public thing.

Not one little bit.

When I've had to take my kids to the hospital in the middle of the night (and trust me I've done this more then one would think) I've always thrown on a plain teeshirt, some sort of jacket or sweatshirt and typically jeans. Hey look, I had to throw a bra on I might as well toss on jeans.

But lately it seems like I've seen more and more folks in their jammies. And I'm not talking a pair of running pants or maybe nice sweatpants. I'm talking grown women running around in elmo pj pants. At 1 in the afternoon.

Side note... not nice sweatpants would be the ones that are super comfy to wear around the house, they tend to have holes, usually some stains of unknown origins, and all in all shreds of what they used to be yet more comfortable now then when you bought them. Nice sweatpants would be ones without any holes in the crotch, or elsewhere, not skin tight and more pants then sweatpants.

Back to the whole in public thing. I think this is odd. I'm not terribly uptight about clothes. I tend to sport plain stuff, give me a solid color plain teeshirt and jeans and I'm happy. But I just cant get why someone would walk out of the house in their jammies and not feel naked or just plain weird.

I also cant get women who's boobs are anything larger then a B cup and saggy not wearing a bra in public as long as I'm on this topic. But hey ever tried to tell a stranger she should be wearing a bra? Yeah I'm guessing it wouldn't go over well.

What I find more interesting is that its not just at W@lmart that I've been seeing this (lets all be honest, you never know what your going to see there), but in the last month I saw it in the playroom at McDonalds, the PX and then the same gal at the commissary, W@lmart, and the mall.

THE MALL people! Obviously she was not leaving the house for an emergency.

And the commissary. If my husband ever found out I went to the PX and commissary on post in my pjs he would drop me out of the back of his airplane. Seriously he irons his jeans, he would have no humor about this.

I know I'm going to sound kinda high and mighty but I think its a bit of proof about the eroding of our civilization. Yeah yeah I just linked pjs to the erosion of our society. But really folks, take a little pride in how you look. At least change out of your pjs and get dressed before you go out in public.

So am I alone in my confusion over this? Would you ever wear your jammies out? And again I'm not talking about running your kids to the drs or even running out when everyone is sick to get medicine or something like that, although please tell me you would at least throw a bra on.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

On a brighter note

After my last post I thought I would be a tinge more upbeat.

Fall is in full swing around here. Some of our trees are yellow, some orange, and a few are an amazing red. I'll have to post some pictures when I finally upload them. For those of you who are enjoying fall in areas where its still 80 degrees, I actually had to turn the heat on last week and drag out the fuzzy footed pjs.

For the boys, not for me. I prefer to hang around the house wearing my husband's PT sweatpants. He used to freak that they were technically a uniform item so I shouldn't be wearing them and then after a year of my passive aggressive wearing them anyways he did something very romantic.

He bought another pair for himself and stopped shooting me the evil eye every time I put them on. He just made me promise not to leave the house in them. I don't think he has anything to worry about, they are huge on me and Marine green. And sweatpants.

I just can't bring myself to leave the house in sweatpants. But thats another post and I promise you it is. I've noticed an epidemic of people wearing their pj's in public. This alarms me so lets all hold our thoughts on this and I'll revisit it.

Just like everything with kids, summer seemed to fly by. Now when the boys and I leave the house early in the morning to take Dash-1 to school there is frost on the ground and you can see the animal's breath as they run around in the fields.

Allright so the horses run, the cows, not so much. They just stand and chew. And stare.

This is my season. I love it. I love the colors, the crisp air, enjoying the sun without sweating. I love having to put on a jacket. A jacket a fantastic camouflage for a muffin top, not that I have one, I'm just saying...

And flyboy will be home shortly, thank goodness, if I have to hear "when will daddy be home?" one more time my ears might bleed. One person can only hear it so many times and I've learned 37 times a day is my threshold. However, if there is one skill that a three year old is master of its asking the same question over and over.

We have planned some fall family fun for when he returns, he's unaware but will be more then happy to come along for the ride. Pumpkin picking is very high on our list. And I am thrilled at having help carrying the pumpkins this year.

We are also hoping to get some hiking and foliage hunting, some apple picking (I have not forgotten Linda!), and.... back to school night later this week. Which I'm sure will be another whole post as well.

Enjoy fall everyone... I am.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Overpaid idiots

Well I promised a post with a little more substance and I shall deliver. Sorta.

And this one wont have a poop, squirrel, or nose picking story in it either. But it is a little snarky. So hang on to your hats.

I read a little blurb about an article written a couple months back in the NY Times about a perk that Representatives in Congress get.... free cars. Yeah cause they don't get paid enough to do... wait, what do they do?

The CBS affiliate in NY did a great peice on it here. Go to read it to get the rest of my rant.

Oh and its not really free cars, its free leases. And the registration, insurance, gas, and maintenance.

A rep. makes round about 165k a year. And lets be honest, thats for blowing a lot of hot air around. And we need to subsidize their cars? I'm good reembursing them for mileage for driving around their districts, not to run for re-election but to actually do some work. Something tells me that this exemption alone could save some serious change.

But is a $998 Lexus lease really necessary? (See I told you to go read the cbs article)

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that we can all agree that this guy needs to find a cheaper ride.

No wonder Washington is so stinkin out of touch with average, everyday normal people. We live day to day on a lot less then 165k. And might I add my husband is serving the American people, like these folks claim to be, granted in a different way but hey, he's willing to get shot at.

And we manage to pay for our own cars. Now I also am aware that some folks work for places that give them cars to drive, although given the economy I cant imagine that its happening to often anymore. And you certainly aren't getting a 1k Lexus.

You know what irritates me even more? Is not that these leaches are sucking off taxpayers but that we pay for a lot of work stuff out of pocket. Flyboy has a wireless internet card, he got it to be able to stay in contact easier when he's CONUS, but yet 90% of the time its used for work. Even when he's at work... figure that one out. And I just paid the bill for it.

And his cell phone that is essentially a tether to work (not for secure calls of course), it rings constantly. I think foreign embassies have the number. There have been times in when he's been in Guam and used his phone to straighten out work problems because no DSN lines were available. Is anyone aware of what a cell phone call cost from GUAM?!!!

And please don't get me started on the text messaging. And we are the last people in the world who don't have a text plan.


Because we don't text to each other, but work folks text him. And its not social, its all in airplane jargon.

And yet on a salary much less then 165k a year we suck this stuff up. Why? Well quite frankly because no one is willing to pay us back for it but also because we should be thankful that he has a job. That we can pay for this stuff, especially right now. But it does add up.

Tonight as I was scheduling payments for these bills and then reading about free cars, its enough to make a person seriously doubt who's interest politicians really have.

Actually I take that back... I didn't need this article to doubt it. I think millions of Americans find ways everyday to live within their means, to drive cars that they paid for and to fill them with gas that they paid for..... why cant Congress?

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thats a single mom?!?

I was watching the new season of Real Housewives the other night and this season they are following some real treasures down in Hotlanta.  Thats Atlanta for all you not in the know. 

As usual its filled with women who live in their own little reality.  Their makeup is way to much, their boobs are falling out of their shirts, priorities are a bit screwed, all in all it just makes for the kind of tv that makes my right eye twitch. 

But yet I watch it. 

So this one wife, she's an NBA wife and despite the fact that her husband plays for Cleveland they built their 15,000 sq foot dream house all the way down in Atlanta.  Hey to each their own.  
She said her husband travels about six days out of the week, so essentially she is a single mom. Many of us know what that is like. 

Well minus the 15,000 sq foot house. I'm just going out on a limb and guessing I don't have readers living in that.  

For a second I thought, six days out of the week, that's rough.  Then... in the next breath she goes on to say that she is in the process of hiring, are you ready? 

 An estate manager, an executive housekeeper, a cleaning staff, a chef, a gardening team, a nanny, AND a governess.  Oh and not to mention her hair and makeup artist who work in the salon built into her basement. 

That's just like being a single mom.  Don't you all feel like its your life to a T?

Good for them for making it to the point where they can afford that lifestyle (of course lets be honest given that my tax dollars are going for a bailout right now I'm skeptical of people living so high on the hog) but hey, they are living their dream.  I just find it funny when people say stupid things.  That's all.  It just made me giggle.  

I need to tell flyboy to work on his jumpshot apparently. 

Monday, October 6, 2008

What I have learned about motherhood....

It is not easy. At all.

There are days that you want to throw in the towel and run away.

It's not a job. It's a way of life. There are no vacation days, sick days or comp time. As long as there are hours in the day your on call.

Nine times out of ten when your in the shower, someone will need you. This is also true for when your in the bathroom.

Its hard, if not impossible to be able to meet every ones needs all the time, shoot for 99% but don't beat yourself up if its closer to 85%.

I'm hoping that having a spouse who is absent a fair share of the time makes this all more difficult and its not merely the fact that I'm coming up short. The past few days around here have been tough.

I have two little boys and when flyboy is gone I've had a hard time balancing being a mom and a dad. In all honesty I feel like I've had a hard time just being mom. Balancing two nonstop kids, neither one of whom naps, is wearing me down.

Someone is always up at night, nothing major most of the time, falling out of bed, needing a tissue, bad dream. But its something. Its hard when there is no one to lovingly push out of the bed to attend to them. It's just you. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week.

At the age mine are at, 3 1/2 and 22mths, its tough never feeling like you are giving one of the one on one attention they need. Dash-1 wants to play outside longer but dash-2 is crying to go inside. Dash-2 wants to be held on the bench and be told stories at the park but dash-1 wants to be pushed on the swing.

I know that they need to learn how to wait their turns but at this age, its a tough concept to grasp. And I'm left feeling like everyone needs more.

And to be honest some days there isn't anymore to give.

I always wonder if we are making our kids pay for our decision to stay in. I hope I get the balance worked out, I hope the next month or two waiting to hear something about what "may" be with flyboy and his project fly by and at least that stress, the stress of not knowing, will be out of the house.

The constant revolving door of coming and goings is tough, it wears the kids down like it wears me down, but it makes me really appreciate those of you who are doing 15mth tours at home right now. Hats off to you ladies!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

some good tv

This is going to be a total fluff post. Nothing of any great importance.

But then again... its not like I'm penning great post everyday on the great classics or something.

So tonight two great shows started back up. And one of them is even a show that flyboy LOVES to watch with me. Seriously when he sees that its on he will turn it to the channel thinking he's getting one over on me.

The first was My Big Redneck Wedding and flyboy's favorite, Making of a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader. Classics I tell ya.

MBRW is just. WOW. This week's show had a brother and sister marrying. If it makes you feel any better she had been adopted by his parents when she was 16 or something but still. It was a trip. "Mama bear" as their mom was called actually went on to demonstrate a home made condom made out of a ziploc bag on a banana.

See I told ya. Wow.

I love me some rednecks, I'm from where they roam free. And I cant wait to see the charmers that they get for the rest of the season.

Its going to be hard to top the guy who peed his proposal in the streets in last season. But I'm sure they can.

And MDCC is just fantastic. I just like stuff like this, watching people make it thru. And when flyboy is here we nit pick about the girls. Sadly its just not quite the same without him. But still worth watching.

One other note, I went to my sitemeter today for the first time in forever.

I got a comment from someone on a really old post about wedding ATM's. And by the way anonymous I was referring to a regular old ATM that the couple wanted to drag out into the middle of the floor in the reception hall. Just a tad tacky. At least cash or a check in the card wont be sitting in the middle of the floor like an eye sore. And the bride said that this way if people dont give enough she can make them go back for more.

So I went to sitemeter to see how they had stumbled upon an old post. And surprisingly there are a lot of yall clicking on my little old site. I'm always curious who is looking around so I'm hoping some of you will delurk.


Just do it for me on a lonely solo weekend. Ha ha. My son is not the only one who can use flyboy's absence for pity.

And I promise a post with more substance the next time.


Friday, October 3, 2008

it was all like hey

My unfortunate habit of using the word like a bit too frequently in my speech is starting to rub off on my kids. Or at least the one who is speaking. But sometimes I still think the trying to speak one throws one in there its just not clear.

Anyways I was sitting on my bed folding laundry this evening and was letting the boys run around for a few minutes in just underwear and a diaper.

One in only one of each but thats probably obvious.

I had a strange conversation.

dash-1 "Mom I need some help"

dash-1 "My p@nis keeps falling out of my underpants and is all like 'hey whats going on out there'."

I do believe I just stared at him for a moment while I processed this.

I'm not exactly sure how one gets their underwear as tangled up as a three year old can. But darn if they are flexible and boy did he have it twisted up.

No wonder his p@nis was all like hey!

I helped him straighten up and sent him on his way. I also asked that he keep conversations with his p@nis to a minimum. At least in public.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bipartisanly pissed


The state of politics in America is enough to make me vomit right now.

Here's what we need... term limits, I don't care what party you are you shouldn't be staying in for 6 terms. Its ridiculous the second they get in office they are already campaigning for re-election.

Stay for your term. Get something accomplished or at least try. Then leave. Preferably quietly.

This doesn't have much to do with the debates tonight but its been bothering me lately. Given what's been going lately with the whole 700 billion dollar bailout that now has so much pork added to it its oinking.

The folks who are supposedly responsible for "Fixing" this are not so much interested in really helping the country but interested in keeping their jobs.

And like I said both sides are guilty. I'm bipartisanly pissed right now.

Ugh again. I'm just ending this little rant here to keep my blood pressure down.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Searching for something

I finally figured out how to check to see what searches bring people to me, unintentionally I'm sure.

I hope.

A few of the top ten...

Frat boys, Tickle frat and frat house- Lordy it was one post about my kids messing up my house like a frat house. One post and it brings on three different variations. And I'm sure when people click on my site and see what my frat boys look like they probably aren't what they were looking for.

douche- I used this to refer to someone, not the act of, well, the act of you know.

annoyed - well this does describe me a fair amount of the time.

and my favorite....

how to get things out of kids noses- sigh.

This my friends is my life.

Wordless Wednesday

Apples anyone?