Sunday, November 16, 2008

I'm online dating

Or so it felt like. Today I had me a little date, my first blogger date. And since her husband and adorable baby girl was there it wasn't so much a date but it felt like it.

Especially when I gave her a call to figure out where to meet and I introduced myself by saying, "its so and so (I did use my real name) you know from online". I'm not going to lie, I was a bit nervous.

And why? I haven't a clue because folks let me tell you Ann from Under the Sea is hilarious! She is just so down to earth and funnnnny. And her little girl, the captain, (I am now honored to know her real name) is just precious. Though she was eyeing my fries. And bless her husband who sat there while we discussed labor and delivery at the table... while eating.

But really, its kinda weird meeting other bloggers.

You know about that person, you share their life and yours thru comments, stories, emails. You see their pictures, celebrate their happy moments, get a little tear at their sorrow. You know them. You just don't know them.

Or even know what they look like.

Thankfully my first real life bloggy date went well. If only we lived closer to each other at our actual duty stations. We could battle the mommy cliques together. We could take a mommy and me class and totally make the other moms jealous. But for now, I'll settle for and be grateful to get to follow their lives, especially this new chapter of parenthood thru their blog.


  1. We had a great time meeting you, too! In the car on the way to get the godparents' gifts, Greg said exactly what I felt--how nice it was to meet somebody who just "got it" without having to explain anything. He is in awe that you know about his hometown, and I'm in awe that you would totally be willing to move there.

  2. I know exactly what you mean. Melissa, Lidsay and I felt like we knew each other, but not entirely. We felt close, really close, but felt very privileged to know the more specific details about the other person's life. melissa and I are now at the same army post and our only regret is that we will only have a month here together. Maybe some blogger out there will move here soon. I'm so glad you got to meet one of your imaginary friends. it really is a fun experience. Maybe you'll get to meet more of us one day.

  3. I havent met anyone yet. Im jealous but Im glad it went well

  4. yay for meeting bloggy friends.

    it really is so trippy weird that we know these people that we don't actually know.

  5. I am so glad you had such a great time!

  6. How exciting! We can meet up and let the kids hang out in the cabinets and stick things up their noses. I'm sure they would be entertained for days.

  7. Glad you first blogger meet went well. We'll totally meet up when I get to your neck of the woods. Prolly sometime around June. I think that's when we move.


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