Friday, February 26, 2010

and so it goes

We've lost power.

The storm of the century was baring down on us and I, in my infinite wisdom, scoffed at it.

The storm won. I lost. And I looked like a giant tool. I always mock the people who run out to the store the night before a storm. Well they were smarter then me.

We managed to get out so I'm sitting in the McD's parking lot borrowing their wifi. It will most likely be days before the lights are back on. Till then we are going Little House on the Prairie in the flyboy house.

Wish us luck.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

And down goes the comment thingy

Yeah I'm a quiter. My brother told me to stick out the new comment thingy for the full 30 days. I just don't like that I can't see people's emails when they leave me a comment. {that is if they have one linked up to their account, which every good commenter should!}

How else can I reply with my wit and charm?

I did do my brother a favor, or rather his fiancee {he sold you out Allison, tossed you under the bus that you thought it needed to be changed} I did change the comment format so that it will be at the end of the post. I hadn't realized it took you to another page.

And again remember, if you have problems with this comment set up, check your privacy set up, that's what was stopping me from leaving my wit and charm on many blogs.

And, on a completely unrelated note {but they always are around here} my mom has figured out a name for her store! Excited aren't you.... it was actually suggested in part by little dash-1. Now you're really curious. I'll fill you in on the details when I post who one the giveaway in a day or two.

Now leave a comment about how damn happy you are you wont have to hear about my comment thingy anymore. I know you are.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I am an idiot.

Well sometimes. I suppose that really shouldn't be a sweeping statement. But I was some problems with my browser and I couldn't figure it out and as a result I wasn't commenting very much because everytime I hit enter my comment disappeared.

Oh and I had a brief episode of vertigo and my five month old has gone three weeks without napping. That had something to do with it too.

But! Tonight my hero, flyboy, fixed my problem. And it took all of three minutes. If that.

Perhaps I should have said something to him about it sooner.

My reason for this post is that it may help you all with some of the problems some of yall have been having with my new comment thingy. I think. I'm still not a 100 percent figured out my comments. So hang in there. Although a fantastic positive... no comment spam. At. All.

But, if you are having problems make sure your browser isn't in private browsing, this wont allow you to log in from one page to the next, check your privacy settings.

I notice a lot of you are just typing your names, are you having problems logging in?

Like I said, I'm working out the kinks....

Wondering Weds. took a detour

So today is Wednesday.

I must admit I'm a little disappointed, I've gone thru the first part of the day thinking it was Thursday and well, now I'm back a day.... so it goes.

I had a good bunch of wonderings for today.

Why cant I see people's emails in my new comment setup {which might not last too much longer if I can't figure out the kinks}? Why does my husband get so much water on the ceiling during the shower?

Why is it that my kids can't hear me when I speak in a normal voice right. in. front. of them. when I ask them to do something but if I drop my voice to a barely audible whisper to talk about something I don't want them to hear they can hear me from down the block?

And those were just a few. But then.

Then last night while switching channels I stopped upon that show Little Miss Perfect {LMP form here on out} to see what freak shows they were featuring only to get totally sidetracked. And to have my wondering weds hijacked by what I saw.

Flyboy happened to be sitting next to me, though I will put up as a disclaimer on his manliness that he was using the laptop searching around for computer stuff not watching LMP.

However he heard something about how one of the girls mom is in the Army and she showed up at grandma's house in her cammies. Flyboy shook his head and wondered outloud why the Army would allow her to be on a show about trainwreck pageant moms.

{Because while not all pageant moms might be trainwrecks, most, if not all, of the ones featured on that show are. I think we can all agree on that one.}

Now to her defense the Army mom actually seemed kinda normal {its all relative though} it was more the grandma who was the traditional pageant mom. But still it got better.

So much better it prompted me to run from the room to yell for flyboy to hurry up and stop what he was doing to come and see this {there is no way my description would do, I wanted to see his reaction}

For her WOW wear the girl, who was probably seven maybe {yet whored up to look 20}, came out on stage...... I'll let the anticipation build....


Yes. Let's all take a moment now.{insert elevator music here}

Now I am aware that there are costumes out there that look like uniforms. I'm not a total fuddy duddy, I'm not railing on those kinda costumes.

{I can see the 20 comments of people saying I have a set of cammies for my son do you have a problem with those?! NO!}

This girl came out in hacked up pair of dress blues {and the grandmother and mother both referred to them as Marine dress blues so they aren't just a freak look alike}. The "pants" were skin tight short shorts and the blouse. WOW.

I can honestly say I've never seen a blues blouse that showed ones middrift. And that much of it.

I'm not sure what was worse though, how small her shirt was, or the fact that she had on there, rank ensignia, medals, wings, oh yeah and a cover {hat} with the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor all glittered up.

I wonder what flyboy would do if the boys and I glittered up his cover and EGA for a craft project one day?

To answer my question, he would probably go ape shit nuts. Judging from his reaction to last nights show I'd have to go out on a limb and say not so well.

And with good reason. I mean where to start?! Letting your kid wear medals? Or thinking that its all good to take a dress uniform and tart it up? Or for that matter, slutting up your kid?

Honestly I don't even know. So I'm just leaving it at this. My wondering for today is... what the hell is wrong with some people?

What are you wondering about?

{total sidenote. I cant email back responses as easily anymore but now I can leave replies to comments almost as if its a message board. Kinda neat...}

Monday, February 22, 2010

I wanna

I hate when my kids say "I wanna"....

When it comes from their mouths its usually followed by some crap they've seen on tv or something equally useless. Not to mention when I hear "I wanna" I tend not to hear an ever important, please, tossed in there.

But you know what? I have a little "I wanna" of my own.

I wanna go to the beach. I wanna make like a bird and head south.

I wanna walk across the dry sand that feels like it might just burn thru the bottom of my feet. I wanna sit on my towel and absent mindedly scoop up sand over and over with my hands.

I wanna smell the salt air from the ocean breeze.

I wanna hear the giggles and squeals of my boys as they run from the waves, build sandcastles, and hunt for seashells.

I wanna stand in the wet sand while the waves crash at my feet.

I wanna walk across the beach and see all the different size footprints of our family.

I wanna escape the cold.

I wanna go to the beach. I really really wanna go to the beach.

oh, and, before I forget.... please.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Questions.... part 1

What goes together like peanut butter and jelly? Questions and answers!

{And questions and answers don't need an epi pen on stand by. Cant say that about PBJ's around here}

So without further ado.....

From Heather: Why did you start blogging?
I was reading other military blog and thought that it was a great way to sort out all the various stuff that ran thru my head. Being a stay at home mom with little kids and a husband away a lot I just wanted to make sure that I still knew how to string together a sentence.

What's kept you blogging?
I live for comments.

I'm kidding. Well I'm not but that's not why I blog, its just a happy side effect. {Want to keep me happy keep commenting!} I don't think that there is anyone out there who is just sitting on the edge of their seat waiting for me to hit the publish button so honestly, I do it still because I like it. I've gotten to really know some great people out there, I like to think that I make some of you laugh, I've kept a record of the zany things my kids have done, all in all... very worth it.

And did I mention the comments....

From Erin:
What is your favorite thing to do on a Saturday night?
I like the peace and quiet of my kids in bed. I'm a pretty simple girl. Flyboy is reading, I'm doing this.... we are exciting. Maybe later we'll clean up the kitchen. {I'm hoping to just avoid that till tomorrow.}

Do you ever think about having a Dash-4?
Sigh. This is a bit of a very heated debate around here. If you ask flyboy there is no debate, the plan was to have three, we have three. Three boys at that. BUT. {There is always a but} There is a part of me that feels like maybeeeeeee there is room for another dash around here.

Honestly I'm not as frazzled as I thought I would be. Maybe that will change, but I almost feel like I'm a better mom now then I was a couple years ago, I've hit a good stride. So maybe there will be more. {Flyboy is frowning}

From Ashley:
What is your least favorite thing about being a military spouse? What is your favorite thing about being a military wife?

Hmmm... favorite thing? I like sleeping with a Marine. And if I weren't a Marine wife then my husband would probably have a problem with that. So since I like sleeping with a Marine it really works out well.

In all seriousness there are lots of good things, as corny as it maybe there is a sense of service to my country. My husband might be the one actually willing to take up arms and risk his life, but I'm the one who is supporting him and keeping our family together. Not always a small task.

Other favs? The commissary ROCKS. And my husband looks wicked good in a flight suit. WICKED GOOD.

Least favorite part? Two, the first and foremost is not having flyboy around all the time. No need to even expand on that, its just that simple. And the fact that you don't always have a whole lot of control over your life. It can often feel like someone else is pulling the strings....sometimes for their own enjoyment!

From JG:
If you could do ANYTHING tomorrow, what would it be?
Sleep. Seriously.

What's your favorite color?
Blue. Navy blue, light blue, french blue, i love me some blue. Makes having three boys all the more better.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Corny but I always wanted to be a mom. I thought about being a lawyer or a politician or something razzle dazzle like that, but I always had it in my head that once I had kids, that's what I would do...raise 'em up!

{I clearly did not take into account that as a mom you don't get sick days or to close the bathroom door.}

From Trudy:I will second the question about how do you and Flyboy meet?

Flyboy's father was also a Marine, his last duty station was about 40 min south of where I grew up. They were due to go to Hawaii but instead, his dad retired and they ended up moving a bit north to the next town over. This was the summer of his freshman year in high school, we ended up in AP English together in his senior year {my junior year}.

It was not love at first sight. Or rather he didn't let on. I'm pretty sure he was smitten from day one, I was *hot* in high school. {Flyboy and my brother are probably laughing since both remember what I looked like}. Anywho... one thing led to another, we started dating in Dec, off he went in the summer, we dated for about another 2 yrs, and then the long distance thing took its toll.

We spent some time apart and then right after 9/11 I emailed him to make sure he was ok, we started emailing, met up for dinner one night, parted as friends but I think both of us realized something was still there.

We ended up meeting up one week at a halfway point, the city of brotherly love. I remember looking at him when we were walking around in the freezing cold and thinking, this is it we are just meant to be, this is who I want to grow old with.

We did the long distance thing for about six months, we were engaged at the end August, married in December and its been seven years and its even better then the day we said I do.

Proof that... A. distance cant kill a relationship. B. sometimes a little time off is a good idea and C. if its meant to be its meant to be.

From the New Girl on Post :If you were a spice which one would you be?
Oh easy peasy, Garlic. Is garlic considered a spice? I *heart* garlic. I put it in EVERYTHING.

What is your favorite thing to cook?
Hmmmm..... I just came up with a really good healthy chicken Parmesan in a mushroom red sauce, thats good and I'm dying to make it again. And my turkey burgers. Ground turkey, spinach, mushrooms, onions, {garlic} and feta. I'll have to post the recipe on that one, I shared it with Erin and apparently it was a hit in her house.

What is your idea of the perfect day?
Everyone sleeps in. And behaves. No one cries or goes into time out. No parental yelling. Lots of laughing, lots of smiles, sunshine, time outside. And then they ask for an early bedtime. Oh and flyboy is home.

I didn't want to make this post too long. Is there even still anyone reading? So part 2 will be out in another day or two.... and drumroll..... flyboy will be answering questions.

{He doesn't actually know this yet but trust me. He will.}

This is just a test

I just upgraded my comments to something new upon the recommendation of my brother.

I'm testing it out during the trial period and then I'll figure out whether it's worth it. Personally I hate when I go to leave a comment and its any more difficult then necessary, however my brother was saying that this program really is the best. Apparently you can share links easier and reply to other comments within the comments.

This could make a reusable menstrual product or uniform purse post even more interesting.

So if you wouldn't mind, would you try out the comments and let me know what you think of them?

Yay, nay, easy to use, unnecessarily difficult.... all that good stuff.

By the by.... dont forget to enter the giveaway and help name my mom's etsy store! Lots of help is needed with ideas!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mama's taking the plunge! And a giveaway!!

Nope, not me, I'm not plunging anything.

{Well I plunged the toliet last week after dash-2 unrolled a crap ton of toilet paper for no apparent reason.}

My mother is finally setting up an esty store! I'm very excited for her and it's certainly about time.

She's made some really cute quilted stuff for me, a couple of purses/handbags, some beautiful service stars, and even more bags out the wazoo.

And all these kinda things will be in her store!


{There is always a but isnt there?}

She needs a name. Crafting, sewing, quilting, these things come second nature to my mother. Witty names? Not so much. So I turn to you all.

So help me help her come up with a name would you please?

And you could win a set of these puppies!{In case you can't tell they aren't really puppies, they are three bags.}

So to enter here go the rules....
for one entry, leave your suggestion for a cute or clever {or cute AND clever} store name
for TWO additional entries blog about this on your blog so that even more people will {hopefully} come by and leave suggestions
and finally
for another TWO entries tweet about this post {and now I can check up on you peeps cause remember I'm on twitter!}

and please, leave a seperate comment for each entry. Its so much easier.

This giveaway/contest will be open until Friday Feb 25! So get thinking people!

Really, please, my mom keeps asking me for ideas and I got nothing.

Rainbow the superhero stripper

Yesterday, I felt a little like a stripper.

{I've peaked your interest have I not?}

We were out running errands, the dash boys and I, when dash 1 and 2 decided to be superheros. Spiderman and batboy, respectively. We are working, very hard, on not running thru stores like deranged lunatics so to my surprise and relief they instead walked swiftly thru the store in search of people, or things like mini cucumbers to save.

Dash-1 then decided that I needed a superhero name, because, well, I am a superhero. My vote was for Wonder Woman. I kept humming the wonder woman theme song but for some reason they were not interested.

Some things are just lost on the youth of today.

Instead dash-1 thought my superhero name should be Rainbow.

Really? Rainbow? What am I a superhero stripper? Instead of a cape do I have pasties and a pole? Boy could you imagine what her theme song would be!

{And good lord, no offense to anyone out there named Rainbow, I don't need nasty comments about how sweet every person named Rainbow is. I get it. This is just my opinion.}

So there we were, walking thru S*m's Club, searching for individuals {or produce} in peril, Spiderman, Batboy, and me.... Rainbow.

And yes, in case you were wondering, we got quite a few stares from people. And a few snickers.

The things I do for my kids.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

happy birthday dash 1

My sweet boy, you're five now. You were, and still are, my first baby. But then again, you aren't so much a baby anymore.

I won't drone on and on about how special you are to me, how much I love you with every piece of my heart, how I never understood total and unconditional love until I had you placed in my arms, after all, you know all that.

Let me tell you how much I love you in a different way....

every time you roll your eyes at me. i love you

every time you sigh and say "oh mom". i love you

every time you stick your hand out and tell me "talk to the hand". i love you

every time I ask you to do something and you mutter under your breath about how you have to do everything. i love you

every time you don't hear me, but yet I know you do. i love you

i. love. you

I didn't know what to expect when you came into my life five years ago, its been an amazing ride, one that has so many more years {although fyi, at some point, despite what you like to say, you do have to move out}

Happy birthday my sweet boy. And remember, everything you do, i love you.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Wondering wednesday

It's Wednesday. Or at least I think it is. It is isn't it?

Sometimes when flyboy is away I just loose track of days of the week. Especially when there is no school and with a snow day today and then friday and monday off for President's weekend I'm all sorts of messed up.

So back to wondering Wednesdays {because it is wednesday right?}

This first one has a bit to do with one that I put up two weeks ago about the smart cars. I saw a guy at the commissary with a cart full of groceries and an itty bitty smart car to get them in.

So {drumroll please} I'm wondering how the hell he's getting all those groceries home.

And from the look on his face so was he.

-I wonder about the guys on American Idol that miss the birth of their kids to audition. I get it that its a once in a lifetime oppurtunity to audition but so is the birth of your baby. And the odds are very much against you that you'll win or even make it to the top 12. So do you miss out on something so special?

{I was thinking about this last night, after all we military families miss out on an awful lot but is that really the same?} I'm really torn, is it just the same? Would you go ahead and audition? This one really has me wondering.

-I wonder about reusable menstraul cups.

Yup. You read that right.

A mommy board I'm on had a post singing the praises of them and a TON of the moms raved about them. {I'm starting to think I don't fit in there, I'm pretty sure that was the writing on the wall for my participation.}

In my book those go in the same category as cloth maxi pads. I'll recycle every last thing in my house, I'll wash out plastic bags and clean my foil to use again, but I must draw the line at anything menstrualy related being reusable.

The hole in the ozone could be RIGHT over my damn house it's never going to happen. EVER.

and one last one.

-I wonder about my husband sometimes. Oh I love him so. But I do wonder about him.

The other week dash-3 was trying so desperately to chew on his toes. Flyboy thinks that we should discourage that, after all he said "feet are filty". Yes, your feet. My feet. The other kids feet.

But our five month old? Hardly. His feet never touch anything! Those hands he's always sucking on are faaaaaaaaar more yucky if you think about it.

So there that wraps up my wonderings for this week. And again I'm going to toss out my disclaimer... these are just my opinions, if you love your smart car, your reusable menstrual cup and think babies eating their feet are disgusting, that's cool. I'm ok with that. I'm not here to change minds.

Monday, February 8, 2010

a fitting name

There are tough times as a parent, scraped knees, broken hearts, those just tug at a parents insides.

There are other times that are just as tough. Like when your kids do or say something that you know as the parent you shouldn't find funny but you do anyways.

Case in point today.

When I picked up dash-1 from school I saw the other kids coming out before him with little brown bears they had made when they did a bear unit. I heard the other kids telling their parents what they had named their bears, one little girl called her's goldilocks, most everyone had a normal name.

And then comes dash 1.


I asked him as we walked to the car what his bears name was....

Meet mr. poopy

Yes that's right. mr. poopy.

I did my parental thing and said "Well I don't know if that's an appropriate name, why don't we call him something else."

"Because mom, he looks like poo,. See he's brown and lumpy."

And in case your wondering he only has one voice and its an outside voice so all the parents heard us and a few turned around laughing.

Again I did the whole necessary, that's not appropriate, blah blah, but to be honest, the kid is on to something and I seem to be wrong. It does kinda look like poop and mr. poopy does seem pretty darn appropriate.

Just cause I'm a mom doesn't mean I've lost my sense of humor.

And its not like he named him mr. sh*thead or something. Now that would have been inappropriate.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

While I was up last night...

Here is a very honest mommy moment here....

I don't mind waking up at night to nurse the little one. At all. Really. Not lying.

I swear. {This is not to say that I don't enjoy sleeping for longer then 3 hours at a time, but I'm living this reality for now.}

And here is why. First off, at night, its quiet. I mean really quiet. No one is crawling or climbing on me while I nurse dash-3, no one is filling the bathroom sink with water , no one is beating on their younger brother because, mom is busy.There is none of that.

And I get to watch tv shows that aren't cartoons and don't have singing animals. I get to watch real, honest to goodness, adult crap tv. Now there is a downside, sometimes at 3 am its either 1 of the 18 paid infomercials on or something kinda off the wall like Jersey Shore.

Last night it was Toddlers and Tiaras.

That my friends is scarier then Jersey Shore.

I won't go into my whole tirad on kiddie pageants, I'm pretty sure I did that last year when I caught an episode, but I did see two things last night that caught my attention and made me seriously wonder about these folks.

{And I'm not even a feminist. These people must really get under NOW's skin.}

First, there was a pagaent director who said, "people think its all about the beauty but its not, its about the hair, the makeup, the dress, and the face, they have to have the whole package."

Oh well, excuse us on the outside for thinking its all about the superficial stuff. Our bad.

Around this house we are all for competition, seldom will my husband let my kids win a race or wrestling if they haven't "earned" it. {I do remind flyboy to sometimes cut them some slack since his legs are just a smidgen longer then theirs.} But these competitions just seem.... I don't know.... creepie.

What happened to putting emphasis on being a good person, not just a beautiful person? And is beauty really making a 5 year old look like a 25 year old, complete with fake eyelashes, fake teeth, fake hair and a fake tan? Again, creepie.

Then there was the mom who grabbed her 4 or 5 yr olds stomach and asked her daughter if she had a skinny belly or a fat belly, and then pinched her belly and tell her it was a chubby belly. Oh and she asked her what she had in there.

Good lord and we wonder why girls have eating disorders?! What is wrong with these people? Does this really seem normal to them?

Mommyhood is filled with differing styles, it's not really fair for us to judge one another. But in this case, I'm going to make an exception, so here's my other honest mommy moment, I started with one I figured I'd finish with one:

these pageant moms are whack.

Yeah that's right. Whack. I think I have to go old school to really find a term that fits.

oh dont forget to ask your questions in the post below!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

questions and the giveaway winner.

In honor of my 628 post I thought, what the heck, why not do a question and answer.

{oh ps. if your here for the bloghop feel free to read and ask a question but the bloghop post is here!}

Actually it had less to do with the 628th post and more to do with the fact that I'm having some blog block. And there are a lot of new followers so maybe some of you guys want to come out, say hi, and ask a question.

That and I just read the New Girl on Post's answers and was inspired to do this again.

So ask away. Ask about the military {I can't guarantee to know the answer}.

Ask about flyboy's fetishes {I kid, he doesn't have any, well besides watching me clean but trust me, that has to do strictly with cleaning and nothing else} or any questions your dying to know about my stud that I'm allowed to answer. Again, remember, I like being married.

Feel free to ask about whatever your wondering. Favorite food, favorite book, disciplining the dash boys, whatever.

Oh and I might even talk flyboy into answering a question or two. I had done that before and then we were sidetracked and derailed for a bit with the miscarriage and whatnot. But I've been dying to try it again.

So.... ask away!

oh and Julie the Army Wife you won the lollipops! You were lucky number 15! Please email me your info and I'll get them out to you right quick.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Blizzard Bloghop: Nice to meet you!

In honor of this never ending winter I figured what the heck, why not get snowed in today! And no, thankfully its not snowing, its a blog thing.

Actually its rather warm, high of 28 today, I might even get out the kiddie pool and sunbath in the front yard. But that's neither here nor there.

Instead its time for a little something that Household 6 Diva throw together, its a blog meet n greet Blizzard Bloghop. Everyone writes up a little intro and then you go off, in the comfort of your pjs or what have you and check out new blogs.

So for all you newcomers WELCOME!

I go by the mrs. around here. Yup, that's me, stay at home mom extraordinaire. Or something like that. I'm fast approaching my 30's and at least for now, could care less. I have three great kids, all boys, 5, 3, and 5 mths. Yup. All boys, known as the dash brothers {they go by dash-1, 2, 3, around here}

Our house is in constant, varying stages of chaos, but the blog fodder is endless. I mean really, post about elmo underpants being flushed down the toliet or words created by dash-1 just right themselves.

I've been married to my devilishly handsome flyboy of a husband for seven years. {he just happens to be a Marine who flies and around here he goes by flyboy, you can't say I'm not witty}. Not only is he quite a husband but he's a fantastic father and a heck of a shot with a nerf gun.

Oh and he too provides blog fodder. {I respect his desire not to have his picture on the blog, safety reasons and all, but the funny stories, oh those are fair game.}

I started this blog just over two years ago to just have an outlet to write and clear my head. I wasn't sure how it would turn out, how long I would stick with it, or if anyone would ever even read it. I didn't know if it would be a mommy blog or a military blog and it's tured into a random musing blog.

I've changed its look a couple times, my writing style has gotten better, but all in all the purpose has stayed the same, it's my spot where I laugh at the funny things our kids do, take a moment to think about how our love has changed and grown, and try to be really aware for all the things that I am immensely grateful for.

Some post are about sentimental stuff, some mindless, and quite a few have been known to cause milk to fly thru commenters nostrils or so they say.

That's about it. I'm not sure what this year will have in store for us or the old blog. One thing I'd really like to do is more cooking and baking post. I'm trying to make at least three new recipes a week {when flyboy is around} and I've had some great results.

But no doubt there will be a lot more dash brother stories. After all they really do write themselves. More swaps and more giveaways no doubt, cause those are always fun. More of me trying to figure out how to be a good mom and a good wife, because no one is perfect, in fact sometimes good enough is perfect.

All in all, just more of me me, trying to figure it out as I go along. Hope you'll come back!

And comment. I live for comments.

Oh and I'm rather new there and kinda quiet but you can now find me on twitter as mrs_flyboy

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What I wonder about Wednesday

Things I'm wondering about:

-Flyboy has two cans of shaving cream in the shower and a tube of fancy shmancy stuff that he uses everyday. Here's what I'm wondering about.... one can is empty. WHY NOT THROW THAT CAN AWAY?!

I'm pretty sure he leaves the cans in there for me to use but I'm not quite sure. Maybe he uses them on the weekend or something. I dunno.

I know I could throw it away but apparently we've reached a stalemate, if I'm remembering correctly that cans been in the shower since before dash-3 was born. I'm waiting for him to do it and well, I'm wondering what he's waiting for.

- Why do they check your cart and receipt at warehouse stores and not regular stores? Aren't you more likely to steal where things are normal size not jumbo size? To be honest if you can figure a way to smuggle out a 50 pound vat of mayo well then, hats off to you my friend, eat that mayo in good health.

I love those stores but I hate having getting searched upon leaving. It just makes me feel dirty. Especially if I've gone back for seconds on some awesome food sample.

That's it for this weeks edition. I'll have more next week, dash-3 has a wicked cold so there is quite a bit of puking and diarrhea so rather then blogging my time would be better spent doing laundry.

What are you wondering?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

the dash 3, vday swap, and giveaway update

Dash-3 came thru his surgery like a champ. Of course that would mean that a champ sleeps, drools, and sucks on his pacy in his mama's arms.

{Just chilling before surgery. The head cover was mine for when I took him back to the OR. He didn't have enough hair to warrant wearing anything. And even waiting for surgery, I love me a photo op.}

Everything went well, thank you guys again for all the prayers and good thoughts. Now he has two wicked cool scars on his abdomen to show off to the ladies in high school. After all, as his daddy has been telling him, chicks dig scars.

Given his size, I'm kinda surprised at how big the scars are, but he doesn't seem too bothered, well as long as he's being held and loved, and not in his car seat. He hates his car seat right now, in fact he screamed the entire hour and a half home after surgery. Delightful.

In another note or two I will do the giveaway drawing in the next day or two, I didn't expect to have my youngin in my arms quite this much or for these reasons when I planned it out and now I'm just running a little behind, a little out of the routine, and a little low on sleep. {Is it wrong to be jealous that flyboy is out of town and sleeping in peace and quiet right now?}

Also I have sent out emails to all the swap participants so hopefully if you wanted to participate then you got one. If not or if your having problems getting a hold of your partner, let me know.

Some of folks didn't have emails or anyway to get a hold of them, I left messages on a couple of blogs but well, I can only do so much. And {sigh} yet again I didn't partner myself up, so if I've left you out let me know I'll trade with you!

I think that's all.....