Friday, February 29, 2008

Call me Mrs. Fix It

Flyboy amuses me. And annoys me, but after you've known someone for over a decade I think you'd be hard pressed not to annoy each other somewhat.

This morning I went downstairs and started our morning routine, Dash-2 in his high chair munching on a banana waiting for his toast while I unload the dishwasher. To my credit I only got it halfway unloaded before I realized I was putting away dirty dishes. And also to my credit I put the dirty ones back in the dishwasher rather then just leaving them in the cupboard. I know I hit the right buttons to run it, but I figured I'd try again. I heard it making a strange sound and no water was coming out. Then I thought I smelled something burning. I, being the smart stay at home mom I am, turned it off right away and poked at the turny thingy. It turned so that couldn't have been it. I filled it away on my to do list to look up the manual online since I didn't remember where I put it.

Other stuff came up, some problems with Dash-1 referral to Walter Reed that I spent most of the morning straightening out, then some nap issues with Dash-2 no doubt related to the lack of his pacifier, then the messy problem hit. I saw some toilet paper in the upstairs toilet so I just flushed it and walked away. Dash-1 uses the toilet like a trash can and puts his Kleenexes in them, I believe this lead to the problem. The problem being the three inches of water all over the bathroom and gushing out of the over flowing toilet. It was a mess, thank God it was clear clean water, but really, does anyone want toilet water all over their floor? And a good three inches at that.

I dealt with it. I put the boys in the playroom, shut the door, stopped the water, plunged the clog, cleaned up the water, bleached the floors and everything else that toilet water touched. It was under control. Wouldn't you know flyboy would call right as I'm admiring my now dry bathroom. I told him about the toilet and he actually said, "I'll deal with it when I get home." As if I just shut the door and figured a gushing toilet shouldn't be tended too RIGHT away. I told him I already did. And then my favorite, "well are you did you clean up the water on the floor?" No, the boys are swimming in it.

When I told him about the dishwasher he got quiet. I'm sure he was wondering if the house was still standing as well. He then had the nerve to ask if I had turned it off when I smelled the burnt smell and heard a weird sound. Really, am I a moron? Or course I did. I know that this isn't a lack of faith in me on his part, but rather that he feels crappy that he's not here to deal with this. Him telling me that he'll deal with it when he gets home, even though in some cases that's weeks, months away, kinda irks me. I'm an adult, I'm a smart cookie, I keep this house running while he's off God knows where doing God knows what. I can figure these things out on my own. But it also kinda makes me feel special. It makes me feel like no matter where he is, what he's doing, the kids and I are still his top priority. Some men send flowers, mine promises to fix the dishwasher from the other side of the country.

Oh a side note... I fixed the dishwasher.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

someone tell me...

The terrible threes can't last forever right?

If so, keep checking, there might be a cute, little blonde haired, blue eyed boy on ebay.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

God bless America!

Oh this is embarrassing and I cant believe that I am sharing it but at the same time it was just hilarious. Just to set up the story, a few weeks ago our very old disgusting dishwasher broke so we got a new one, very exciting. Flyboy was home so he installed it himself, he said it would take an hour, well the hour turned into all day and guess who was there to help and over hear one or two less then appropriate phrases? Yup, Dash-1. On with the story...

So Dash-1 was looking at a picture I have of the flag with the song God Bless America written on the stripes. He asked what it was and I told him that it was a song about our country. He asked me to sing it. I started humming and the boys started dancing, I opened my mouth to sing and got so far as God when Dash-1 decided to join in. With bright eyes and a darling smile he sang "God Dammit!". I stopped and just starred at him. He actually said to that "I like this song!".

I couldn't help but laugh. It really was a priceless moment. I explained that that was a bad word and if I heard it again he would be chomping on some soap, but it was pretty funny. I haven't talked to flyboy yet to tell him, he's gonna love this one....

**UPDATE** I talked wtih flyboy finally and told him the story. He laughed. A lot. Then he stopped laughing and said "No shit". Yeah not helping the problem buddy. I should also say to his defense I probably have a worse mouth then him, I just happen to KNOW that Dash-1 got this from him.

Monday, February 25, 2008

EZ Pass, DOD decals and prostates

Yesterday I headed over to the other side of the river (yes that actually how people refer to the other side around here) and I went to zip thru the EZ Pass lane to pay my toll. What do I get behind but a moron who is stuck in the lane without an EZ Pass.

This wouldn't be such a sore spot with me if a. the lanes weren't so CLEARLY labeled b. if there weren't gates that block you from just speeding thru and getting a ticket in the mail and c. if there were someone in the booth to help you out.

EZ Pass lanes up here don't have an attendant in the booth so if you go thru the lane and don't have a pass you hold it up for everyone. Someone has to walk thru the other lanes to come over to explain the system with you. But what I don't get is that if I were driving up to the toll booth and saw the EZ Pass ONLY sign and didn't know what it was I most certainly wouldn't get in the line for it. I would assume if I don't know what it is that I shouldn't get in that lane.

This bugs me so much because the same thing happens when I journey onto the bigger post where our commissary is. Its a small but rather popular post that gets a lot of nonmilitary visitors (i.e think parents), when you pull up to one of the gates it has two clearly marked lanes, one for DOD decal with DOD ID and one for all others.

It seems that every time I go on post I get behind someone in the lane who doesn't have either and therefore is holding up everyone else. I like to think that a little perk of my husband risking life and limb for our country is that I could at least drive to the grocery store without having to wait for someone in the wrong lane get directions to the most obscure building on post. Sounds rather bitchy doesn't it? Well maybe it is but again where is the common sense.

"Hey Joe, what do you think a DOD Decal and ID are?"

"I don't know Jane but what do you say we get in that lane and find out?"

THAT MAKES NO SENSE! Get in the lane for ALL OTHERS!!! If you don't know what they are then you PROBABLY don't have them!

I don't know what a prostate does. Do you know why I don't know.... because I don't have one.

Something about this season

Why is it that on other holidays I don't have the same draw to candy as I do this time of year? Shape a whopper like an egg and paint it pastel pink and I'm all over it, sucking down whole bags at a time. My true weak spot... cadbury eggs and brach's Bunny Basket Eggs.

Both are only available for a month and a half out of the year. Maybe that adds to their allure. I don't know what it is but I find myself finding excuses to go to Target to pick up a bag of these things. Please someone tell me I'm not alone in my weakness for Easter candy.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

parent guilt 101

Ever feel like you'd be a different parent if your spouse where around more? When Dash-1 was a baby I was feeding him some baby food in the food court of the mall and a perfectly lovely woman to stop by our table to coo at the boy. She saw I was feeding him *gasp* store bought baby food and decided to share with me that her daughter makes all of her own baby food for her granddaughter and its just so much healthier. I just stared at her with a deadpan look and said "I don't even shower everyday and I cant imagine making my own baby food.".

Now making your own baby food I'm sure is wonderful and I know there are many military wives out there who do it and take on a heck of a lot more then that. But at the time I was a new mom with a very fussy baby with nasty reflux and a lot of other stuff on my plate. Never emind a husband who was never. ever. home. I look back now with two and could just kick myself at how easy it was with just one but still, I'm drifting.

My boys are feisty ones. They are boys boys. They are perpetual motion machines from sun up to sun down. Dash-1 is shall we say, spirited and rather hard headed, of course he gets that from his father, not I. Dash-1 does not want to go around the tree but rather he wants to charge thru said tree. An admirable quality but it does make for some tug of wars. And Dash-2 is beginning to take notes so my time of him being the sweet lolly-gagger is probably running out.

There are some nights that after I get the kids in bed I am beat. Strike that and change it to every night. Perhaps I'd be a different parent if flyboy were around more. Surely having a spouse 4 months out of a year, at random intervals at that, has to play somewhat in this. Hats off to you moms doing it for 15 months at a time.

This isn't to say that I'm a lax mom, heck my 15 month old will put himself in time out he's so familiar with the spot. The speaking child knows to say "no thank you" " yes ma'am/ no ma'am" "God Bless You" after a sneeze, etc. Ironically my civy friends think that we run a "military" household. But I do definitely find myself picking and choosing my battles. Somethings just have to slide for pure survival sake. I must admit *sigh* I have given twizzlers before just to take a shower in the morning in peace and quiet. I will be honest and say I let the boys pick something out of the dollar bin at Target in hopes of a peaceful shopping experience for momma. And the McDonald's drive thru is a rather familiar place for us (though to my defense the boys get apple dippers and nuggets).

But one thing I will not do. I will not allow my children, nor will I allow myself or others, to use my husbands absence as an excuse for their behavior. I do see a spike in certain behaviors when flyboy has just left or has been gone for months on end. I make a little mental note of these and while I try to understand what he must be feeling, I will not allow him to think that certain behavior is justifiable. I tend to think that if I give them a built in excuse its going to bite me faster then I can say otherwise.

I often wonder what it would be like if we lived a "normal" life. There was no coming and going, long periods of separation and minimal contact. If daddy going to work didn't mean packing a suitcase and wearing combat boots. But alas this is our normal and we will do like the Marine Corps tells us, "adapt and overcome", we have to. As I sit here writing this when the kids are asleep for the night and I should be in bed I cant help but feel thankful the more I write. I'm tired, oh I'm tired, but at least we still have each other. At least we live within a reasonable distance from home to make visiting at least a possibility. At least the boys seem reasonably well adjusted.

Although I freely admit they are young and I still have plenty of time to screw them up.

Pacifier Rehab

Is there a 12 step program for pacifiers and their obvious addiction? If there where I'm not sure who would need it more... me or Dash-2. Dash-1 had a pacy and used it until 6 months when it just went away. I always said that I didn't want a child dependent on it. Yeah well... then can number two and there went hubs off around the world so you know what the pacy became a lifesaver. Dash-2 is so content with it. I didn't have the heart to take it away that and the few minutes of peace in the car it gave me were sanity savers.

Well no more. It's a huge bone of contention in our household. Flyboy hates it. Despises it. It's not even like Dash-2 walks around with it during the day, he can have it at nap time and in the car, but even still flyboy is always yanking it out saying "he does need this thing". So much so that now Dash-1 is saying it. sigh. So I'm taking the plunge starting today. It will be my gift to flyboy that when he returns his son will be pacy-less.

I tried putting him down for nap time without it. He screamed for twenty minutes so I compromised and gave him the pacy with the tip cut off so there isn't any suction. I heard that after a while they just give up and toss the thing aside. I'm hoping that works. I'm only 9 months overdue taking that stupid thing away. Its now or never folks, wish the boy and I luck!


bedtime was ugly, very ugly. Poor little boy had his nubby broken pacifier and still cried for 45 minutes. He was so upset that he couldn't calm down, so we rocked for a little while. The silver lining I suppose was that I got to hold my sleeping little one for a bit. This pacy thing may just take the remainder of my sanity.

Friday, February 22, 2008

calling for some snow

The news last night said four MAYBE six inches. Well we are already over a foot and we are supposed to get more tonight. I think this is going to be the last big bang of winter so I say bring it on. I did think it was funny when Dash-1 looked out the window today when there was already at least six inches on the ground and said "Mommy I think its snowing".

That folks is why you have children. So you never miss the obvious. That and you have unlimited hugs and kisses and someone to blame the juice stains on the carpet on.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Enough already

Can I just say I am so tired of hearing people keeps score in life? I mean we all do it to some extent. Even me, in my infinate wisdom, is sometimes guilty of thinking (and saying) "I do blah blah blah around here and you do what?" to flyboy. I am working so hard on not doing this. Its not fair to him, or to me, or to our little family. Nothing is positive is gained from it, just nastiness, bitterness, and resentment. None of these things are exactly pluses in a marriage now are they!?

I am a memeber of a couple online mommy boards. Yes its the 21 century you have to go online to meet other moms and set up playdates! I know I know you all are sitting out there laughing at me, but come on how else do you meet other moms in an area where you are the outsider.... at the bar? So anyways when I first found these boards I was so excited, I would meet new moms and get to get out with the boys and have some fun. Yeah. I over shot that one a bit.

First and foremost there are two other military moms on there, not that we are some elite class but we do lead a lifestyle that is a little different. Oh well I dont need other military moms. I'll settle for a few normal ones. And I did find a few nice friends up here and Dash-1 has several little girl friends (there is a boy shortage up here!). But I've noticed when I go on the "boards" to check in that lately its just filled with... well... whiners.

I suppose I'm whinning about this but really its amazing. Not to spill all the beans but a small example is a mom who said shes tired of her husband always complaining and filling their lives with negativity so shes going to keep a complaint log about how miserable he is to be around. Ummmm yeah thats going to really help. I'm so tired of hearing about how lazy your husband is and how when he gets home at the end of his day all he does is sit around, how you do it all, blah blah blah. I'm sure that is frustrating. I have a great husband who when he's home, he comes right in and sits with us while we do bathtime before he's even taken off his flight suit and boots. (Althought lets be honest he can keep that flightsuit on as long as he likes.... wink wink)

But also that being said, there are single moms on that board who really are doing it all. And please, your complaining that you had to give you kids a bath all by yourself because his dinner meeting ran late. Get a life. Let's see how you would do when Uncle Sam ploops your ass down in the middle of somewhere and you get to do it by yourself for weeks and months at a time. (hmmm... thats kinda keeping score now isnt it?)

I tried to point out on the boards once during a giant husband bash that perspective is an amazing thing. The perspective that things could always be worse.

I was so worried when Dash-1 had to have an endoscopy and be put under, until I got to the hospital and had to walk right past the childrens cancer wing. It didn't negate my worry but it did help me to be thankful that we had a small, very small plight, versus the long, uphill battle that sometimes ends in utter tradgey for others.

I tried to get them to see that while you're angry that all your husband wants is to sit around and demands his dinner that at least you had someone to eat with, someone to put the olive branch out to and cuddle with on the couch maybe. It was something and perhaps looking at the positive side might help the situation change or at least change your view of it. After all, negativity begets negativity so whats not to say that positivity cant beget positivity. (I'm not sure if thats a word, positivity, but I like it.)

Just in case your wondering, my whole try a positive approach went over like the Hindenburg. Actually that was probably a bigger success.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Just a reminder to you all, Parking Wars is on tonight at 10 est on A&E. I, for one, am quite giddy and have stockpiled laundry to fold while watching it. You know that the rest of you out there are looking forward to it as well after reading my last rant on it.

I am counting down the minutes till its on....... I would think that I needed a life if I weren't so content with the one I have.

Monday, February 18, 2008

No more road trips for a bit please?

We arrived home from yet another little journey just before dinner time tonight. Flyoby's aunt passed away and so we drove out to his parents place this weekend. Whats that saying about the best laid plans? We were going to leave friday at the start of the 96 but then flyboy's flying bumped those plans till Saturday so up we were at oh dark thirty for the 9 hour drive out to his parents.

Can I just say, the state of Pennsylvania is a BIG FREAKIN state!!?

The ironic part is that we live less then thirty minutes from PA. Yet it takes us nine hours to get to they're little part of it. (Think depressed coal mine country and I mean that in the best possible way). And since flyboy isn't actually from there, his father was a Marine as well so he's not really "from" anywhere, his parents moved back there a few years ago after retirement. We actually got lost and drove around in circles within 20 minutes of their house with Dash-1 yelling "I have to poop, let me POOOOOOOP!".

We were at his parents for 36 hours. It was great to see his parents and his sister, they had a fantastic time with the boys and the boys loved being the center of attention. It was nice to be there to support his father, althought there is as also a ton of family hoopla which neither flyboy nor I care to touch with a very long pole. But hey, I hear that comes with most families.

Anywho. After 18 and some hours in the car we are back. And hopefully not going anywhere anytime soon.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Where oh where has personal responsibility gone?

Happy Valentines day! I've already kinda blogged on valentines day and today was just one of those days so nothing terribly witty to report on. On a sad note, sigh, no whitman's sampler. Walmart was out, they had the gianourmous one but something told me I should excerise restraint, so I passed. So to you all I wish you a happy valentine's day before I go off on my tangent!

Now for the tangent. Have you all caught the show on A & E called Parking Wars? It would be absolutely hilarious.... if it weren't a snap shot of society. So this show, for those of you who haven't caught it, follows the Philadelphia Parking Authority as they dispense justice, aka ticketing, booting, and towing your car. I'm sure you can imagine the characters that this show is exhibiting.

Usually the first part of the show follows the ticket officer (I cant remember exactly what they are called and I'm not going to say meter maid!) let me tell you, I have nothing but respect for those folks. They are walking all over creation, doing their job. And let me tell you they put up with some serious disrespect. I'm not saying that when I got a parking ticket I was elated, hardly, but really, people are chasing these guys down the street yelling at them. One guys arguement was that the ticket officer should have walked up and down the street asking people if it was there car and should have walked another block or two before coming back to ticket to give the person more time to get back to their car. Really?! How about you set a timer on your cell phone (cause he had one that he was yapping on) to remind your big boy self to go take care of your OWN meter. Really is that too much for someone to handle?

Then the real entertainment starts when they go over to the towing or booting segment. Ah grab a nice cold beverage and settle in for the excitement. The claws are coming out. It amazes me the logic that people have when they go to get their car out of the impound lot. So far from what I've gathered the PPA isnt going to tow your car unless, A. you did something really stupid to really piss off the police during a traffic stop (you know getting mouthy while driving with no insurance) B. you owe a fair amount from multiple tickets C. you park your car where there is a no parking or in rush hour lanes sign . The PPA isn't out there hauling innocent peoples cars for the heck of it. "Hey Bob look at this woman's car, she's got her some baby seats in it. Get the tow truck and lets take it in for fun!" Just like the ticket officer's these guys are just out doing a job.

But I digress a bit. So most people go storming into the impound lot raising cane that they are being unfairly targeted and who do these people think they are. How do people live like that? Really they just look on with blank stares when they are informed that they had 300 dollars in unpaided tickets and had expired tags. One woman said and I quote "Yeah so, you shouldn't have taken my car.". Ummmm. Tickets aren't window decorations. You violated a law, buck up and pay up. I'm not even going to touch the woman that said she didn't have the money to pay her tickets, thats why she had so many, yet drove off the lot in a VERY expensive SUV. Nope not going to comment on that one.

It seems, in my very humbled opinion, that there is a growing lack of personal responsibility. I would also say that there is lack of respect for the laws of society but for the sake of todays rant I'll just lump that in with the personal responsiblity. I used to work in a city much like Philadelphia, I recieved a ticket or two for a meter that expired before I could get back. Was I perturbed... hell yeah. At myself. Its my responsiblity to make sure that there is enough time on the meter and should something happen to keep me from putting more quarters in the meter, well, so goes life. Suck it up folks, life goes on. Pay your ticket. Put quarters in your meter. Don't park where the sign clearly says DO NOT PARK. Oh and here's an earth shattering idea of the day, if you get a ticket, pay for your ticket. If you cant afford to pay your ticket, well then by golly stop racking up more. Or for the love of goodness, take the bus.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Three years ago yesterday I was lucky enough to become a mommy. We didn't have any idea what we were about to embark on. Parenthood has been more then we expected, more work, more stress, more gut wrenching, but much more importantly its been more joy, more smiles, more love, more kisses, more hugs, more of all the good stuff we could only imagine.

Dash-1 was a beautiful baby. He had wispy blonde hair, giant blue eyes, a huge perfectly round head, and delicate pale Irish skin. He was a definate keeper. He was also a "tester". He had colic and severe reflux and would cry for hours and hours his first year of life. He slept in hour long snippets and it wasnt until he was 13 months that he slept thru the night or really took a nap. But he was then like he is now, a people person. Take him around people and he would turn on the charm. Smile, coo, blow kisses.... anything for a smile back.

Three years ago.... where has the time gone? Now my baby isnt a baby.

He's a little boy. He likes to pick his nose and wipe it on me, he loves a good fart joke, he likes to put on "aftershave" so he smells like daddy. Sigh. Such a little man. My little man, my social butterfly. Sometimes when I peak in on him at night I see that newborn face, I see his chest rise and fall and I remember when, just for sleeps sake, I would hold him on the couch all night, his warm little breath on my neck. I enjoyed the baby days, but its so exciting to watch them grow up and develop into spirited little ones. Its been such a gift to get to watch Dash-1 grow and explore and develop.

Happy birthday my sweet! Your first three years have been breath takingly amazing, I cant wait to see what the next many have in store for you.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

A new leaf or two

I'm trying to do some good things around here. I wish I could say I was working on an end to famine and disease in the basement but I have decided to start smaller. I'm trying to eat a little better and save more money. Or rather I should say spend less money. This week I've done pretty well.

Flyboy is the money mind in the house, well kinda sorta. He comes up with where he wants the money to go (savings, college funds, IRA's...) and I find a way to make it happen. We both crunch the numbers. He looks at the big picture, and God bless him for it, and I manage the bills and run the household. Neither task is always easy on one income.

We knew from the get go that when we had kids I would stay home with them and I really couldn't imagine it any other way. Flyboy is gone so much and has a schedule that has neither rhyme nor reason that I wanted our kids to know that one parent was always here. It may not be for everyone, but it's what works for us. But we knew that on one income sacrifices and tough decisions would need to be made.

Anywho I'm drifting here.... so this week we tightened the belt even more to see if we could and to my surprise its worked out ok. This week I had a predetermined amount of cash and that was it, no using the debt card. I thought by the end of the week I was going to smother flyboy with a pillow out of hatered but I have come thru like a champ. I have almost half of it left! (I did tell him that I get to roll that over and I might make up a discretionary fun fund with it or something as an incentive).

Here is what this has taught me this week -
-to really shop smart at the commissary, I planned out meals so I could pick up all the ingredients and I really stuck by my list (we live 45 min away so I cant be running back and forth all week, nor do I want to keep picking up forgotten items at the regular store for WAY more)
- I dont have to go out and do something everyday. Sure it gets a little boring staring at the same white walls at home but we went out for walks, did some painting, cooked some, had a fun playdate, things that didnt cost $$
-When I am out in a store I really thought about my purchases. A bunch of little 1 or 2 dollar items can really add up. I found myself thinking that I didn't really need this I had something that I could use at home instead.

You would think that this wouldn't have been some great ephiany for me but I like to think that I knew about this it was just in the deep recess of my mind and I needed a practical reminder.

If you dont mind sharing... what are your money saving tips?

Friday, February 8, 2008

"I did it by myself mommy"

Dash-1 was so easy to potty train it isn't even funny. It's only been four weeks since we started and he's been accident free for three weeks. Two weeks ago he made the move to peeing standing up, he thinks its his super power and who am I to tell him other wise.

He has a wicked independent streak, and wants to go all by himself and pull his pants up on his own. So this morning I was in the kitchen and he comes walking in "I pulled my pants up. I did it all by myself mommy." And they did look pretty darn perfectly pulled up. I was quite impressed.

As he turned to leave I saw his adorable, tiny white butt hanging out the back of his pants. He seemed not to realize you have to make sure the BACK of your pants are pulled up too.

Life is just so complicated.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Valentine's Day plans

I dont invest a lot of wanting and wishing in valentines day. Why do I need one specific day to tell my love what he means to me and vice versa? I like the day from a craft standpoint, so many cute activities to do with the kiddies and then mail them out to unsuspecting grandparents and other close friends (watch out bitter betty ones coming your way!).

Last night flyboy and I were talking and he asked if I was depressed about spending the special day alone. I'm surprised he thought it would bother me. First I told him with the boys I am never alone, I mean I've already been asked to be a special little boys valentine. However, I think he still feels bad. He asked what my big plans would be. I was very honest. I told him I want to sit on the couch and eat an entire Whitman Sampler while watching crap tv. Now he thinks I'm trying to make him feel bad. But sadly thats actually what I want for v-day. My concession is that I wont eat the entire box. Just the top shelf. Or I could eat them while running on the treadmill....

So what are YOUR big plans for the day?

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Where oh where is spring?

I know I'm a little early, especially up here to be wondering where spring is. But February always seems to do this to me. November and December are cold but they don't seem dreary because of the holidays and the rushing around in anticipation. January brings more cold but also a quiet relief after the holidays, February just seems blah. I'm very much a craft person and I really get into Valentine's day and then there is my sweet Dash-1's birthday and flyboy's birthday to think about but still it always seems that by this time in Feb.. I have hit my winter limit. March brings the hopefulness that spring is coming although up here we never really see it until mid-April or, dare I even think it, May. But yet I always have hope that this year the trees will bloom in March.

Winter is a perfectly charming season but really you can only look at dirty snow piles for so many months before you want to see some plant life. Our trip down to GA brought a little reprieve. I was shocked by what I saw... trees with leaves, bushes with flowers. Flowers! In January. I've obviously been up here to long that that that takes me by surprise.

Spring is such a hopeful, beautiful time of year. I find it hard to be in a cranky mood for those months. (Stop laughing bitter betty it is possible) Everything is fresh and renewed. We have a birds nest in one of our trees and the little chirping birdies appear, the canopy of trees frames our long driveway again, we can once again go for long walks and spend all day outside.

Soon I suppose, spring will be here. I can open up the windows get some fresh air in the house and maybe even air out my soul a little. I guess the seasons are a perfect metaphor for life. You need the dreary long dark days to better appreciate the light, breezy, hopeful ones.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Going to boat

Today is primary day which means that the boys and I are headed to the polls after lunch. Dash-1 thinks that we are headed out to pick out a BOAT rather then go VOTE. We go boating down at my folks house and he loves it. So he is very excited and no doubt will be let down when we get to the polls!

As I type Dash-1 is walking around saying "off to go boat, off to go boat". He just asked where his life jacket is.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Bowl 42

So I know some of you watched the game last night from the comments in my fat post (sigh lets call it what it is). FANTASTIC GAME huh?!?! Flyboy and I watched it with the little ones for the first quarter and then off to bed for them so we could actually watch the game. Dash-1 and 2 wore their jerseys all day and while shopping at BJ's Dash-1 at one point (totally unprovoked) stood up in the back of the cart and yelled "GO BIG BLUE!" this went over very well with other fans. Not so much with me. The applause from others only feeds his ego. Flyboy is thinking about framing Dash-1's little jersey and hanging it over his desk in the squadron for luck. I went to bed before flyboy but I think he was so giddy he might have slept with the little jersey.

I was worried with all the trash talk Plaxico Burress was talking, if the Giants lost it would have made it that much more painful. But looks like he was on to something. So there Mr. Brady. You scoffed at his 23-17 Giants prediction, how dare he predict that your team would only score 17 points. Turns out you didn't get that high!

And can you believe that the coach, Tom Coughlin was about to be fired at the beginning of the season? Then he took the team to the super bowl?! And might I point out that it was the lowest seeded wild card team in NFL history to make it and win the Big Game.

I'm so proud of my Giants. I mean it still irks me that these guys running around on the fields in tights have 7 and 8 figure deals to catch a ball while guys getting shot at and laying down their lives for the preservation of our freedom are making MUCH, MUCH piddlier sums. But that's another rant for another day. And trust me.... that rant is coming.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

the last few

Water weight or my clothes shrunk in the dryer. Thats the excuse I keep throwing around.

I ate a little too free on vacation and brought home a few pounds as a souvenoir. sigh. Now I have to lose them. Or just wear sweatpants everywhere but thats not going to cut it for long. Its not much just a couple pounds but I always think its the last few pounds which is the hardest to lose. It doesn't help that Dash-2 was weaned in December so there went my body burning a couple hundred extra calories without me having to do anything. Even though Dash-2 is over a year I feel like I'm just getting back to normal after having him. I lost every pound I gained while pregnant the first few months after having both boys. but now my body is easing back into unfamiliar territory. I was pregnant with Dash-1, nursed for a year, got pregnant with Dash-2 a month after weaning him, then nursed for another year. This is the first time in years I havent been pregnant or nursing. Its odd to get my body back. Mine its all mine for a little bit.

That being said I should probably stop eating for two.