Wednesday, January 16, 2008

You never know where that toothbrush has been

I heard the tell tale splish splash today. I ran into the bathroom but I was too late, Dash-2 was elbow deep splashing both arms around in the toilet bowl. Although a side note just for this reason we probably have the cleanest toilet bowls around but still it freaks me out. I immediately disinfected him, while doing so I couldn't but be thankful he didn't have my toothbrush in his hands.

Flashback a little less then 2 years ago, I hear the splish splashing and walk into the bathroom to see Dash-1 playing in the toilet bowl. What makes this my favorite story is that he slowly turns around and I see that he has Flyboy's toothbrush in his hand, still in the toilet bowl. I was so shocked by this that I didn't move and didn't say anything, he just slowly reaches up and places the toothbrush back on the counter top (where up to that point we had been keeping them, we were still newbies). After I got Dash-1 cleaned up we promptly went to Target to get new toothbrushes and started storing them in the top shelf of the cabinet where they all reside today.

The scariest (or funniest depending on how you look at it) part was how he put it back right in its exact location, I just like to tell myself that that was the first time that he had done that.


  1. I'm laughing so hard picturing him carefully placing the fallen toothbrush in it's proper place. :D Glad you caught that and were able to replace the brushes before anyone used them. Surely it was the first time anyone played with the toothbrushes in the toilet... ;)

  2. That is too funny!

    I hope it was the first time....

  3. OMG OMG OMG. I'm soooo scared now... my younger has been caught a couple times now playing with the toilet water. ::urp:: I don't want to know what's gone on behind my back since the two times I've caught him well into his playtime were when I was engaged with cleaning or working... Aieeeee!

    I think you've given me nightmares. ;)

  4. That is too funny. My little brother flushed a brand-new toothbrush down the toilet once. I wonder what it is about them and toilets?

  5. Ha! I sure hope that was the first time he did it! (ewww!) Boys are great aren't they? I'm afraid to imagine the other things they've done without our knowledge. Yikes!

    Thanks for the ant tips. I'm going to try the baby powder. We've not yet had them in our dishwasher but our neighbor has- I'll let her know about the vinegar :)

  6. Classic...

    He will take over the world. I just know it.


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