Sunday, October 31, 2010

Joys of Halloween

Our Halloween was ... long.... The kids were so excited they didn't go to bed until far to late last night and were up way to early.

Know what that translates too?

Lots of fighting, tantrums, drama, and breakdowns.... for everyone. 

To pass the time until trick or treating we went over to the mall for Mall-o-ween.  Good times. {That was sarcasm if you couldn't tell}

I must interject with a little sidenote here but if you are old enough to wear a skanky maid costume with your ass hanging out and 7 inch stilettos, then your *probably* too old to be trick or treating.  Same goes with the trick or treating at night, if your smoking while trick or treating....go home. 

And put down the smokes too.

But tonight made the whole day worth it.  Watching the two older boys run from house to house, excited to knock on the door and yell trick or treat was one of those little joys of parenting.

 But.  Even as cute as they are....

 And they are cute...

I'm still glad I have 365 days till next halloween.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Ever forget Halloween?

Well I just about out did myself today.

You remember the other day I wrote an honest mommy post about forgetting Show n tell?  Well today, today I was *this* close to a mommy snafu.

I pulled up to Dash-2's nursery school and all of a sudden what do I see?  A batman and a princess.


Who does that?  {Obviously the answer would be this mom this mom!}

Luckily we live 4 miles from the school so I tossed everyone back in the car, flew home, ran up to the attic to get the costume, dressed him in the parking lot and sent him in about 10 {or so} minutes late. 

Not a huge deal but I still feel like a moron of the highest degree.  I mean really, again I have to ask.... who the hell forgets to dress their kid for Halloween?

I can't wait to see what I forget for tomorrow, I made sure to do a head count when I returned home at the end of the day so I know I haven't left anyone anywhere.  Baby steps....

And I leave you with a picture of the cutest darn t-rex out there.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Juice is now on the shit list

It's Red Ribbon this week at dash1's school, this week is used to bring awareness to being drug free.  Dash1 came home on Monday and told me with great gusto that he is drug free. 

I should hope.... he's 5. 

But I'm guessing that, since he's in Kindergarten, they are also discussing making healthy choices.  Ok, this doesn't sound too bad. 


Until my 5 year old told me that soda is bad for you, as bad as a drug.  And that juice is also very unhealthy, just like chocolate milk.

What just a damn cotton pickin minute.

I get that soda isn't great for you, trust me, I got it, that stuff isn't going to cross my kids lips for years because well, it doesn't hold any nutritional benefit so why get em liking it?  Most days I have one so its not like I'm sucking down a 12 pack in a day, and I don't smoke, I don't drink alcholol.  Soda is my vice.  We all have one.

But I don't like my child being under the impression that soda is somehow on par with crack. 

And in that same vein of thought, what's really so bad about juice?  When we were kids we drank juice and chocolate milk and we all turned out just fine.

Well most of us.

But I don't think chocolate milk is to blame for the serial killers out there.

So I pressed the point, what's so bad about juice and chocolate milk?  He didn't know.  He just knew they were unhealthy. 

I'm guessing the hubbub is about the sugar content.  I get that.  But first off my kids drink only 100% juice {usually apple and white grape}, with the occasional exception made for watered down lemonade.  Second like I just mentioned, I still water down their juice.  Unless they are drinking a juice box, its watered down.  A lot.

And third, chocolate milk, dash2 likes chocolate or strawberry milk and if he's drinking either I'm just happy to see it!

Shoot I'd crush smarties and put it in milk if I thought dash1 would drink it.  I get that it has extra sugar in it, but in my mind the nutritional benefits of the vitamins and calcium far outweigh the added sugar from the chocolate.

And 100% juice does have anywhere from 1/2 to 1 serving of fruit in it. 

{Not that I have to count that as my kids fruits.  My kids eat so much damn fruit I buy in bulk at Sam's Club.  God help my food bill when they are older.}

Childhood obesity is way out of control, there are some kids in dash1s school who I'd be terrified to run into in a dark alley at night, but thankfully my kids don't have that problem.  Dash1 & 3 are long and lean, dash2 tends to take more after his father {read into that, the kid is a solid brick wall} but none of my kids are in a danger zone for being porkers.

Shoot dash1 is the only one of us who is wearing slim style pants and he probably drinks the most juice.

And they are all healthy and active.  Sometimes far more active than I'd like.

I'm cool with labeling candy as unhealthy, sadly m & m's don't have much nutritional perks to add to my diet,  teach my kid about moderation, about healthy snacks and blatantly unhealthy ones, but can we keep somethings, like chocolate milk and juice out of it? 

Or here's a better idea..... I'll teach my kid about nutrition and you teach him how to read. 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Honest Mommy Moment -show n tell

I have a confession and its a big one.

Hold on folks.

Are we holding?  In fact you might need to sit down.

Here it is..... last week.... I forgot, I forgot show n tell for dash-1.

Totally, completely, went on about my day, didn't remember until I picked him up from school forgot.  Oh and I also forgot color day for dash-2.  It was black in case you were wondering and he was wearing white and orange.  Ooops.

And for those of you who have been around here for a bit know that show n tell is a big deal around here, bring in a car, I laugh at you, we here go full throttle. 

We play for show n tell keeps.

One year they did show n tell themes, for T- truck is the most obvious.

Oh please everyone will have a truck, however not everyone will have a genuine poster of the top 100 wanted Terrorist from daddy's war days now will they?  Or perhaps a Turtleneck? Or your little brother who's name starts with a T? Think outside the box kid.

So missing show n tell is a big parent fail.

But to my defense, this single parenting thing while daddy is away can have you running a bit frazzled.

After all there are three of them and last I checked, one of me, and it seems like every bit of the day my mind is preoccupied with making sure everything gets done, everyone gets where they are going, remembering who has therapy {pt or speech}, what special it is at school, return the fundraiser, make sure homeowrk gets in the bookbag, fill out the reading book, and on and on.

Oh and they demand to eat THREE times a day!

And I hear life only gets crazier.

God help me.

But yes, I, the mrs, self thought shoe in for mom of the year, forgot show n tell. Oh and color day.  See still forgetting it.

Promise me you don't think less of me?

Actually I can't wait to hear what you other moms have forgotten because no doubt there are gonna be some gems in the comments!

And in case your wondering, I'm now vowing to write every single, frigging thing down on the fridge calendar.  I thought show n tell wasn't quite calendar worthy.  I was wrong.

It's worthy.  Very worthy.  Now we have to wait another 2 weeks to wow the class.

I don't know if any of us can wait.

the not so obvious milestones

When the boys were babies I thought about the milestones... first tooth, sitting by themselves, first steps, first words... I never thought about the not so obvious ones.

I waited in anticipation for all the obvious things and recently I've noticed something, the not so obvious ones are sneaking up on me.  Things that are milestones but yet aren't in any of the books.

* One of the first non obvious ones was the slow and subtle switch from mommy {or mama} to mom. Now there is still the occasional mommy slipped in every now and again {there is a direct correlation with either being sick or hoping to get something} but dash1 is full on in the mom stage of life.

Actually he's in the moooooooooom stage. Quite a feat actually, the ability to turn a word like mom into a nine syllable word but he can do it.

* Making a joke that makes sense.

Leaving Target we were walking down the sidewalk to the car and dash-1 told me a knock knock joke. After he finished, the boys kept walking and I stood there, frozen in my tracks.

It was a joke.... that made sense.

Might not have been a Seinfeld caliber joke but start to finish the whole damn thing made sense.

* Being trusted to eat ice cream cones. In my car.

And they DID NOT MAKE A MESS! Definite non obvious milestone.

* Being embarassed of me.  In public.  And at home.

Ok, so I figured that one was coming but it still snuck up on me.

Someone told me once, in regards to kids, "The day day can drag on, but the months and years fly by" and that couldn't be more true.

There are days that I am just shuffeling thru hoping to make it to bed time, it seems like I've lived three days in the course of one day, but then I look at the boys and I almost don't recognize them.  They go from cuddly little babies to rough and tumble big boys overnight it seems.

All while telling poop jokes and eating ice cream cones in my car....and trying  to dodge my kisses in public.

If you have kids what were, or are, your non-milestones milestones?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Clarification on My Opinion

Can I just tell you, not a week goes by that I don't get one or two comments on my post about uniform purses.

I have my comments set so that if a post is older than a week I have to moderate the comment, this way it doesn't get lost in the shuffle.  After all if someone takes the time to write out a comment I most certainly want to read it.  But whenever I log into my dashboard and I see a comment in need of moderation I just know its going to be from that post.

I had no idea when I wrote it that it would get the comments that it got.  Quite a few of you agreed with me and quite a few people would like to run me over with a giant truck that is selling said uniform purses.

Hey, to each their own.  And I'm pretty sure I've written about this before but I got, yet another comment, and when I went to reply to her comment I couldn't, there wasn't an email linked to it.  So if you're bored at my possibly repeating myself I apologize.

So anyways, Ysabel, this post is for you and everyone else who didn't seem to get what I was saying in my post.

I don't so much like uniform purses.  They just aren't my thing.

In that same vain I don't like those giant Sketcher shoes that are supposed to firm your ass or people who stand way to close to me while I'm paying in the check out line.  Those are examples of my opinion.

Just because I don't like or don't quite agree with something , like lets say, a uniform purse, doesn't mean I go ape shit wild when I see one in public.

Ysabel agrees that everyone has the right to their opinon but that if I hate the bags so much I should just look away.  Here's what I'm curious about.  What the heck do you think I do Ysabel?

Do I really come off that bitchy that you think I hurl myself across the commissary, 3 kids in tow, to rip the purse off some other wifes arm and beat her with it?

Of course I look away!

Actually, I don't really even have to look away because I don't really pay that much attention.  Trust me, I have enough going on while grocery shopping with 3 kids that I don't need to go seeking out women to critique on there purse choices.

I mean of course I think everyone should get a cute tote bag from big mama over at Blue Bird Crafting but hey, I'm kinda bias.

I wrote a post about it because I got an email about it, it was on my mind because it was in my inbox.

Newsflash: I don't give a poop what kinda purse you wear.

Shoot the other day I saw a lady with a tweedy bird purse and I didn't say anything.  And I'm pretty sure she wasn't wearing a bra either. And I didn't tackle her to the ground, or go over and preach the virtues of wearing a bra.

{Although I'm going to do that right here right now, ladies, a good bra is a must.  A very big must. Consider it a seat belt for your boobs, if you are moving it needs to be on.  Please?}

That post was just that, my opinion.  My little manifestation of what I was thinking when I read that email.  That's all.

No reason to get snippy.

And people, people, link up an email to your blogger profile so that when you leave a comment its possible to email you back.  I like emailing commentors back, just a line or two here or there, and I know I'm not alone.

But then again... that's just my opinion.

Oh and she was highly offended by my saying htat family memebers haven't earned the right to wear them.  We haven't.  My husband earned his title of United States Marine, with that came a uniform.  I certainly have earned my title of a Marine wife.

I have been mom and the dad, I have walked the floors with sick and crying kids alone, I have felt the pull of how to be in 3 places at 1 time because I'm the only parent around, I've had plans changed on a whim because work called and someone else needed him.

But I haven't earned the right to wear his uniforms like he has.

We have earned the title and the respect that we hold as military wives but it is, in my opinion, a different sort of right than that to wear the uniform.  Be it as a purse or not.

But that said Ysabel, that's my opinion and my husband's opinion and since they are his uniforms and it was his blood and sweat {Marines don't cry so there weren't any tears} that earned both the title and the uniforms, I personally wouldn't carry a purse.  But that's just my opinion and I certainly didn't mean to offend you.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dont forget!

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Walmart is a goldmine of rants

Before I start my rant I'll go ahead and toss up this disclaimer:  This post, this whole darn blog, is my opinion.  I certianly am not trying to offend and if I do, which I'm sure I will piss someone off, then I apologize. Not everyone is going to agree, I'm cool with that, some commentators might agree, some will no doubt disagree to the point that my eye starts to twitch, but any side you're on just be civil. 

So on with my rant. 

I was in walmart yesterday, the black hole of my sanity that it is, and I was stuck in line behind someone in line who was using WIC.  So many things about the transaction annoyed me, where to even start?  I'll go with the first thing I noticed that always annoys me, a cart filled with pricey name brand crap that people can live without. 

In fact I've never actually known of anyone who has perished without ice cream {name brand} and a 12 pack of soda {again name brand}.

Now before I get a slew of comments with this general argument "but she wasn't using WIC to buy those things, you're only allowed to buy certain foods, juices, or milk with WIC."   Yes, yes I know this, doing case work for a year out of college I am well acquainted with WIC.  

My counter arguement to that is always this if you can spend your money on that crap, that again, you don't really need, why can't you buy your own damn juice and cheese?

Shoot I stopped buying 12 packs of soda cause they just got too pricey.  {In fact the higher price of sodas upset me far more than rising gas prices.} Glad to see since my tax money is subsidizing you, you can still afford it.

But that's not even what bothered me the most.  Yes it gets better.  She was going on and on, while texting on her blackberry {cause those things just grow on trees} about how great WIC is and how she's used it for every kid she's had all three of them and she'll use it for the next one too. 

Awwww, isn't that great?  So glad the money from hard working American's is helping you pop out more kids.  

When flyboy and I talked {and still talk} about kids and cost and budgets and all that good stuff, never once did we think, "well shoot! we can pop out some more and all of you can help us pay for them!".

In my, small, right wing mind, I think that should you decide to have more kids, should you decide to bring new life into your family and into this world, that's it.  

You take on the responsibility.  

Not my husband, not my father, not my brother, not some hard working carpet layer in Iowa.  If you are counting on money from a goverment program then you shouldn't be having additional kids.

I take a lot of issue that so many military members even qualify for WIC.  We qualify on on paper because of  the wackadoodle way that they figure it out is perhaps why so many people abuse it.  

And to me, again my opinion, its just that, abuse.  If you've got a blackberry and you're buying ice cream and soda, its abuse. Just because you qualify for it, doesn't mean you need it.  Or even that you should use it!

You want more kids, great.  Kids are wonderful, sweet, loving little creatures.  Well, when they aren't slamming bedroom doors and telling you they hate you but still, lovable lil darlings, however, pay for your own loveable little darlings. 

I get that WIC isn't making anyone rich, but still, trimming the fat has to start somewhere.  Why not trim out the fat of the people who are using it when they don't really need it.  

I know some people are reading thinking that I'm some heartless wench who doesn't care about other people, hardly,  I'm just a black and white kinda gal.  

To me, to accept a food stamp program like WIC {because let's be honest folks, that's what it is, its vouchers for food from the government, not a "benefit" of our pay scale that we are entitled too like some people have argued to me} you should do everything in your power to provide for your family on your own first.

I don't want a hand out, if everything came crumbling down and we canceled our cable {which frankly I'm not sure I would care to survive after that}, cell phones, sold the car and were driving a beater, never eating out, truly living pay check to paycheck, well than we'd know it was there for us.  

But for now, its our family, our money, our responsibility.

Oh and just to put it out there, granted I keep his personal info on the down low, we are a family of 5, on one income, and flyboy's paygrade does not start with an O.

Yay or nay? Anyone want to put their opinion out there?

My plans

I got big plans today.  They include, but are not limited too, cleaning the playroom, laundry, the post office, PT for dash-3, and a wicked rant about people having more kids when they know and are counting on using WIC to help support said family.

See big plans?

I don't mean to rant but I went to Walmart yesterday and darn it if that store doesn't just bring it out of me. So stay tuned.... its about to get bumpy around here.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I have a confession.

I'm starting to get into the holiday spirit.  I know I know, its not even halloween yet I should be cursing even the slightest hint of Christmas, but I'm not.  S@m's Club has their Christmas trees up and I will admit, I was a little excited.

Though I was, and still am, confused about their gift packs of Christmas cookies.  Won't they be a little less than fresh by the time Christmas rolls around?

I'm starting to think about our Christmas card, where are we going to take the picture {the one that flyboy is less than thrilled with the thought of taking}, what are the boys going to wear, should they match or just coordinate?

The thought of holiday baking, filling the kitchen with all the yummy warm smells of white chocolate cranberry cookies, toffee, and gingerbread and then packaging them up in festive little boxes makes me want to go down and start cooking.

And even though I'm still sweeping up pine needles from last year I can't wait to set up our Christmas tree.  However I was told by my loving husband that before Halloween would be a no no.

Ohhh and we have a new dining room set coming sometime mid November so I'm really excited about finally getting the dining room in shape.  Painted, decorated, and then decked out for Christmas.

As I type this I'm Penny from Heavens, which is my favorite song from the Elf soundtrack which is my favorite CD for Christmas decorating.

Know what else I'm excited for?

The 2nd annual Ornament Swap! {I'm thinking I need a button for this....}

Last year it was a lot of fun and I'm hoping this year we get even more people involved in the exchange and have even more fun.

Here's the run down
-Ornaments can be handmade or purchased {a $10 dollar limit}

That's it.  Really.  It's that simple.

Oh and last year some of us swapped cookies and other homemade {or store bought if you're not a baker I suppose} goodies. This wasn't required, if you aren't comfortable eating cookies from someone you don't know that's ok. However the cookies from my recipient were helluva good so I say take a leap of faith.

Last year I posted the Swap sign up around mid-November and I'll probably do the same again this year. Anyone interested? Come on.... admit it.... you all are starting to get in the holiday spirit just like me. 

It's ok.... I won't judge.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Questions of the day

I'm alive, I swear.  I just momentarily forgot where I put the computer.

Seriously lately there is just no time for posting.  This post alone has taken 8 hrs to toss together.  And that would be 8 hours for the first four sentences. 

I used to blog while the boys were playing nicely, now that dash-3 is mobile and in the "into everything" stage that peace is few and far between.  I used to blog during naptime but now on the rare occasion that dash3 naps at home, I spend that time trying to get as much stuff done {showering, household chores, hanging out with dash2} while he isn't underfoot.

I used to blog at night, especially when flyboy was away, I'd just sit up in my nice comfy bed and get lost in the inter web.  Now after doing the bedtime dance with everyone I'm pooped.  Even on the nights I pull out my laptop my brain is too fried to string together a post.

So my question of the day...... when do you blog?  Do you blog several post at once and then set them up on auto post?  Do post in the morning or night?  Do you ever feel like blogging is almost a chore?  Have you felt like blogging is kicking your ass lately?Ok so that was more like the questions of the day.

Answer one or answer them all!  I'm just curious if I'm the only one feeling like this lately.......

And just so you all know, my goal for this week is a post on 5 out of the 7 days, so don't abondon me bloggy peeps.  I swear I'm here, I'm just trying to find my groove.

I wonder if Stella would let me borrow hers?  She got it back right?

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Dash-1 told me something kinda funny yesterday.

That's usually the case.  He usually always has something that isn't meant to be funny but is.  And I meant to share it with flyboy but in an effort to cram in a bunch of errands before he went off yonder, we lost track in the hustle and bustle.As is also the case.

But part of that hustle and bustle was buying a new dining room set {right now we have a hand me down so this is BIG for us}, I'm very excited so I'll excuse the hustle and bustle.

Anyways on to dash-1.

me.  "How was school" 

After reporting on the weather on the playground, some kid trying to push him, what snack was {even though I pack his lunch} and what the letter of the day was {the first letter of dash-2's name so very exciting times for him} he passed on this little gem.

dash-1 "Someone's dad is going away for a couple of days, he'll be back on friday."

me. "oh you know all about that, who's dad?"

dash-1 "I dunno."  
{dash -1 isn't so much a name kinda guy.  Neither is flyboy, hence why the fact that everyone who works with him has their name plastered on their uniform comes in handy.}

me. "Ah, well, it's nice to know people's name but whatever.  What did you tell him about his dad going away? Your daddy goes away a lot and it's all good right?"

dash-1 "I told him to deal."

Ah well.  From the mouth of babes.

Some may see this as harsh but I see it as true to form. This is normal to our kids.  Dash-1 justified it by saying that he said his dad never goes away, so really, three days, to dash-1 can be done standing on one's head, chewing gum, repeating the alphabet backwards.

Military brats, if you want to call them that, are a tough breed.

Further illustrated this morning at the school bus when dash-1 asked about flyboy, I told him honestly that he was gone for a couple days and only coming home for one day before he went away again.  I hate the quick turn over trips, it's tough on the kids.  But dash-1 just shrugged it off and said "coming and then going, that's just what he does mom."

No drama, no attempt to guilt me, no nothing.  Just matter of fact.  Our little one is growing up and figuring things out.

And learning to just deal.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

you're all winners but only one can be THE winner

And the winner of the Bunco Betty giveaway is....................... BRIE!

Email me your info and I'll pass it along and then you can shop to your heart's content.

Many Many Many thanks to Bunco Betty for the kick ass giveaway!

And just to build excitement I have a giveaway coming up that will be perfect for anyone who loves Christmas cards and has a horribly inappropriate sense of humor like myself.  Can't wait to see it can you?

Saturday, October 9, 2010

still time....

 There is still time! 

 My kick ass Bunco Betty giveaway ends tomorrow! 

Click here to head on over and enter, don't forget you can tweet daily for an extra entry.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Is there an expiration date?

As in.... is there an expiration date on how long you will lovingly allow your children to live in your house. 

Now of course, I'm talking about adult kiddos, I'm pretty sure that dash-1, in all his infinite 5 1/2 year old wisdom, is not ready to leave the house and strike out on his own. 

But one day.  One day there will come a time. 

Now don't get me wrong.  I'll miss my kids when that time comes, the house will go from full of noise, constant hussle and bustle to a quieter, cleaner, version, where the food last longer.  I'll probably piddle paddle around the house at first trying to get used to it all and then I'll adjust. 

And throw a party.

No seriously, I love my kids.  They are my life. And due to living the nomadic military lifestyle where you grow where you are planted, we're up here doing it on our own, so I probably spend more time with the kids than the average mom. 


There comes a time where the momma bird wants her baby birds to fly.  And if those lil birds don't spread their wings on their own a mother bird will push them out of the nest.  And this momma bird will push.

Here's what I'm thinking.  Obviously you're more than welcome to live in my house, abiding by the rules, thru your schooling.  Cause again, I have to let you live here while your in middle school and high school, no matter how obnoxious you get. But while your in college, four years {give or take a semester} that is, no 7 year plan for an undergrad degree, I'll be quite happy with the boys living at home. 

But.... the boys will not be living here after college.

Or during any time that is used to "find one's self".  I will not be supporting "finding one self".  I did not find myself.  I got a job.  Therefore they will do the same.

College isn't for everyone, I get that, please I don't need the comments that I'm assuming everyone will go to college, I don't.  Should they choose not to go to college and they want to go right into a trade, that's great, I'll give you a couple months to get things together and then you better be making enough in that trade to support yourself.  And obviously, we'd most certainly support them if they went right into the military and we'd always welcome them home. 

For a visit.

Here's the thing, I want my kids to know, now actually, cause we had this discussion the other night, in a light hearted manner of course, that there is an expiration date on your life here with mom and dad.  The time will come with this part of your life will end and a new one SHOULD and WILL start. 

Now should they need a soft place to fall, we will always be here to catch them, but they must stand on their own.  And by soft place to fall I'm thinking big, like your house gets washed away in a flood or fire, not that you don't like your roommate or you want to live at home to save money to get a kick ass car.  That is not soft place necessary. 

When I was growing up my mother joked that she had a calendar in which she was marking down the days until we left the house, which were the same guidelines I have.  I'm pretty sure she didn't actually have a calendar, although knowing my mother I wouldn't put it past her.....

So the expectation was there, you will live here, you will grow up, you will get out.  You will live your own life outside the walls of this house.

And the message was received loud and clear. 

Now the economy sucks.  I get it.  It's hard to find a job, money is tight, got it.  Trust me.  GOT IT.

But at some point, those birdies have to fly.  And keeping them in the nest forever, all tucked away safe and sound isn't really doing anyone any favors. 

They need to strike out on their own, live in an apartment with 4 obnoxious roomates, spend their money paying bills, and realizing sometimes you take the job you can get, not every first job is your dream job. 

My first job I did case work, in Baltimore, home visits where cockroaches ran across my feet.  Delightful, but it paid the bills and I was living on my own.  Well with a roomate in a crappy apartment where the AC would cut in and out on really hot days.  Yummy.

I know that I probably seem quite harsh, I blame it on my parents dammit, I was raised this way.  You live here for the first 2 decades then get the hell out. 

I'll help them when they are outside my house. My mom will randomly send my brother Omaha steaks {though he's marrying a vegetarian so I'm not sure if she still does this, maybe he's getting kumquats now, she'll get supplies and what not for my sister's classroom {she's a science teacher}, she'll pick up things here and there for the boys. She likes to do random nice things for us to make life a little brighter and we all appreciate it.

So I'm not going to cut my kids out of our lives, I'll help them out. 

I just don't want them living in my house. 

My friend and I were talking about this and she was surprised at my cut and dry attitude to this.  Again, I was raised this way and it worked for me.  I realize that come 15 years from now things could be different  and I could be singing a different tune.  You never know how life is going to turn out, but I can hope that I raise my kids to strike out on their own.

After all, that first crappy apartment is character building.

So I'm curious.... do you have the expiration date theory or do you think I'm a heartless fool?  

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

which should I stare at for the next year?

It's that time again.  Time in the flyboy house to do some eyeglasses shopping.

{insert dramatic groan here}

I wear prescription glasses, flyboy wears glasses, our children are destined to wear glasses. And for any of you out there saying "Oh you don't know that!" Yes.  Yes I do.  My mother wears them, my father, my sister, my brother.  We are just a glasses loving family.

So much so that we were on the ophthalmologist Christmas card list.  And we would get a fruit basket. 

Anyways, in case you don't wear glasses and you're thinking "Oh accessorizing is fun! And glasses shopping is accessorizing. Glasses shopping can be fun!" My past experiences failed to have any fun in them.  I find it hard to pick out a pair {I suck at making a choice and then I feel rushed in the store}, lugging along my 3 kids hardly adds to the fun, and lest we not forget the money.

But alas flyboy broke his glasses while he was on the road and if he doesn't get a replacement pair soon he's going to be wearing his nasty big ass aviator frames that are very a la Dwight Schrute.

You can see why I'm in a hurry to get him a new pair. But of course, this has come while we are trying to tighten the budget reigns. Why does that always seem to happen?

Last time I got glasses I went to a one hour place and it was a NIGHT-mare.  Giant. Horrible.  The short version, it took 45 mins to be seen, the glasses selection was eh, and it took 4 hours to get my glasses, only to be told that something was off on them and I had to come back the next day.  And then again the day after that. And the quoted price was not the final price. 

See? Nightmare.

So this time we in the flyboy house took our quest online.  Deeeelightful.  I walked on the treadmill, dash-3 was eating a bagel, dash-2 was watching Curious George in the next room and flyboy was perusing various glasses trends next to me.

Now, I knew you could get almost anything online, side note, did you know you can get alpacka meat online, little skeivey, I know but proof everything is out there, but I had never thought about glasses online! GENIUS

So far its proving to be super simple and wicked affordable. I can report back on how it all ended up because he hasn't actually made his selection yet.

That's where you all come in.  I'd like some opinions. Here are his options, I put them forth to you all my loyal and loving readers to make help ensure that my husband does not go around looking like a tool but rather the handsome Marine that he is.

I know they all seem the same but alas they aren't and I keep going back and forth between which ones I should endorse. 

And I'd like to throw these in the running because they'd go very well with his fightsuits.  Don't you think? 

And they are reasonably priced enough I'm so tempted to get a pair and then hide all his other glasses.  But that's be kinda mean, no?

Oh and there is a coupon! I love coupons don't you? If you are in the market for glasses, check out GlassesUSA and use the code CancerAwarness {10/31/10} for 15% or mommy10 for 10%.

I'm off to go laugh some more at the thought of flyboy in red glasses, I'll post a pic of him in his new specs, granted he'll have a paper bag on his face to keep up his anonymity, but the specs will be showing thru. 

And stay tuned.....maybe they'll be red. 

How lovely

How fabulous are these?!  Perfect for a little treat for someone special.

{or a lunchbox note which we all know I'm partial too}

If you just love these as much as I do and want a chance to win these, or something like these {actually $25 worth of something like these} then stop by my giveaway and enter!

And don't forget to check out Bunco Betty's over at Etsy.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Giveaway time! From a kick ass etsy store

This awesome giveaway comes to you thanks to a very lovely lady on Etsy over at Bunco Betty's  and my very own dash 1.  And just because I can't stand the excitement I'll tell you how great this giveaway is!  

Someone is getting a $25 spending spree!

And here's how it came to be.....
dash 1- "Mom I found my note today."

me. "Oh did you like it?"

dash 1- "Mom you wrote it on my paper towel."  

He let the word paper towel just linger.  And then I got the look.  The look that said, really mom? REALLY?

Yes son, really.  Come on! I pack you a lovely lunch.  I pick you up at school, I make sure you have everything you need, smock on art day, library book on library day {ok so I messed up on that one one week}, I make sure your wearing comfy clothes on pe days. COME ON!

I simply can't make you a cute little note everyday. I thought I could but I'm no super mom.  And yes right now that falls into super mom category.

So I goggled lunch notes and found nothing.  Well I did find templates to make my own but come on people, I wanted more than a cheat sheet, I wanted someone to take the test for me!

And then I found Bunco Betty's on Etsy.  {cue angels singing}


Her stuff is AH-MAZ-ING! I don't even know where to start.  She makes the most adorable paper crafts.  Quite frankly paper crafts doesn't do it justice, hop over and look for yourselves please.  

Gift tags, note cards, mini notes, party packages, everything is simply amazing. 

I ordered three packs of "gift tags" that I've been using as lunch box notes, the mummy, bats, and spider tags show here.

But there are so many to choose from it's tough! Christmas and Valentine's Day tags {and I'm hoping some St. Patricks Day ones will pop up} will be ordered to use in his lunchbox once Halloween is over.

Photos courtesy of Bunco Betty's
Here's a few things I want you guys to know. Price and quality.  For what you are paying, $3.50 for 6 tags it is a bargain to end all bargain.  I'm a bit of a paper snob, and these make me happy.  Nice, thick card stock with every detail accounted for.  

18 tags and not one oops on them.

Which is good because apparently they are the hit of the lunchroom and the kids are quite jealous according to dash-1.

The ribbons have proven to be quite useful too. I use it to tie his note to different things in his lunch, mainly I tie it around his banana or his bag o apples and hint that should they not get eaten the notes might take a hiatus.  Fruit eaten.

I loved these so much I emailed her the next day to see if she would be willing to do a giveaway. And if you can't tell I'm excited that she said yes!

Head over to her store and check her out please, and if you have a little one in school think about the gift tag idea.  They will love it! You might even get an extra hug or two.

If you don't have any kids or your kids are at the "too cool" stage, Christmas is slowly gaining steam on us and her Christmas selection is enough to make you wistle a yule tide tune.
So the giveaway.

You wanna win 25 dollars to BUY ANYTHING IN THE STORE?  Of course you do.

Here's what you need to do: 
first, leave a separate comment for EACH entry!
-for 1 entry leave a comment
additional entries
-for {1} entry visit the store and tell me what's something you'd like to get with your money
-for {1} entries  tweet about this giveaway { @mrs_flyboy} YOU CAN TWEET DAILY FOR MORE CHANCES! Remember to leave a comment everytime!
-for {2} entries put something up on your facebook page about the giveaway, with links to the giveaway and Bunco Betty's
-for {3} entries blog about this giveaway with a link to Bunco Betty's and back here to the actual giveaway

And that's that.  The giveaway is open until Sunday October 10! Good luck!

Many thanks to Bunco Betty's for kindly and graciously sponsoring this giveaway, all opinions here are mine and mine alone and I wasn't compensated in any way for this review, go suck on that Federal Trade Commission.