Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hello to you

I came out of the blogging closet on Friday. Flyboy said something about starting a blog and well I let it out of the bag that I've been blogging for almost a year.

Yes thats right folks, my husband was unaware that I blog. Actually no one I know is aware that I blog.

I didn't know how this whole blogging thing would go when I started, I wanted a place where I could ramble, vent, moan, and figure things out, without anyone I knew reading them.

Even my husband.

You have to understand he's a very private guy. I remember meeting a guy at the Marine Corps ball who, when introduced to me, was shocked to hear that flyboy was married. Perhaps not so strange except we had been married for a while and this was someone that flyboy saw quite often around the squadron.

So I didn't know what his reaction would be to this online adventure. I wouldn't put anything on here about him that I wouldn't say to him, I wouldn't put stories or details that compromised him or embarrassed him. Just because I wanted to try something on my own doesn't mean that I don't respect my husband and my marriage.

But now he knows. Actually he's sitting in the glider with one of the dashes while I'm writing this. I love the times that the kids chose him over me! He was quite surprised when I told him and did run to the computer to check it out. I thought he might be upset and ask me to take it down but he is supportive. He even said he would do a guest post.

Which brings me to the point of this long winded ramble. In honor of my dear flyboy knowing about this I figured I'd see if you all had any questions for him. I'm sure you are all wondering how he manages day in to day out to be married to such an amazing and witty gal. Please ladies, come up with something, he said he would post now I want to hold him to it.

And dear, if your reading this at work, leave me a comment.


  1. Here's a question for Flyboy:

    If you had to make up blog names for yourself, the Mrs. and the dashes, what would you name each of you?

    I ask because I LOVE ya'll's blog names, but my husband thinks my names for us are lame, so I wondered what your opinion is!

    PS- my hubby's blog name is Einstein, but he thinks it should be Batman. Seriously.

  2. My question would be tell us a little about the Mrs. from your perspective. We know all about her from our perspective.

    What do you love best about her? What favorite qualities does she posses that you most admire about her?

    From our point of view we can see she is very candid, honest, straightforward and has a unique way of seeing things from a light, humorous and very satirical perspective that is why I think many of us "readers" can relate to her as mothers and Military Spouses.

    She seems to "hit the nail on the head" in a way that makes you laugh to yourself and then think, "Yeah, I can so relate to that!"

  3. What's the best part about coming home again? What are a couple of your favorite things you've received in a care package from home? I need new ideas for my own, ha!

  4. I just want to know his favorite thing about you, the Mrs!!!

    That's awesome that he is so supportive of you. I think you do a great job of protecting his privacy and not mentioning details or embarrassing moments. I think I reveal too much on my blog.

    Heyyyy there's a good question! Does Flyboy think I reveal too much on my blog? LOL. (That would require some in-depth reading. Maybe you could just answer that one)

    :) :)

    What name would Flyboy like if your new baby is a girl???

  5. HA! This is so funny! I just came out of the closet to my husabnd-as-of-next-year, a couple of weeks ago. I've been blogging for four years now which is longer than the time I've been with him. And none of my family know, and only one or two of my real-life friends.

    The only thing is, the more people in real life who know, the more you censor yourself when writing. Which is maybe not always a good thing?

  6. A few "real life" people know about my blog, my husband has known since the beginning. He likes to "know what I'm thinking"...whatever that means. :)

    Hmm..questions for flyboy. What does he think of all the poop stories? Hee hee!

  7. Hi, Flyboy!

    Husband knows I blog and didn't really care, but checks in from time to time. Yeah, I was one of those who started blogging with real names and by the time people read me, it was too late to turn back.

    I'm just curious if he will learn your blog address. Mine doesn't, I know when he's been there when I peek at the stats and he's googled about his red PSP.

  8. No ? here
    Just Hi from CA

    Hubby didn't know I blogged either for a while, he really isn't interested and all he tells me is to keep his picture off of there and not to chat to much about him. I love to blog, I check in on all these ladies from around the states who share things in common with me and that I wished I knew in real life because the military wives I've met in person around here aren't as interesting or funny! It helps pass the times when Hubby is away and keeps you from feeling lonely.
    I look forward to what flyboy has to say to all these ladies who read about your life.

  9. LOL, I have a question for Flyboy. If you could be stationed anywhere, where would you like to go? (I was actually going to ask what he thinks of the Navy, but I can guess as to the answer to that one...)

  10. I told my whole family about my blog. I just don't vent about them here. My son is a Marine. My question For Flyboy would be why did he join the Marines?

  11. Here's a question...ummm nope cant think of one. Will try later though. I told my hubby I was blogging so I could occasionaly threaten him that if he did not clear out the dishwasher or some such thing I would blog about it. You are much more mature than me.

  12. shut up?? he didn't know??

    everyday my hubby comes home and asks how the bloggy world was. i fill him in on everyone and then if something is crazy, funny or cute i make him go to the site!!

    uhm ok a question? will you go back and read everything your lovely wife has written?

  13. When I started blogging my husband was very skeptical, but now I think he really likes it. I catch him reading my blog on his own.

  14. I didn't tell my husband for a long time, but then I did and he was hooked. He reads it all the time and it has been a great way for him to see life from my perspective, especially while he is deployed. I wish I had started earlier last deployment so he could have heard more about the pregnancy, but hindsight is 20/20.

    A question for Flyboy.....hmmm.....let me think on that one!

  15. Oh man! Now I'm the only one who hasn't told their significant other their blog address so they can read. I've told LT about the fact that I blog, but I really don't want him reading. At least not right now. Maybe if we get married I'll change my mind.

    Questions for Flyboy:
    - Are you hoping the new baby will be a boy or a girl?
    - If you weren't a Marine, what career would you choose?
    - From your perspective, what's the most challenging part of the lack of work-life balance with a job in the military? (It drives me *insane*, but my LT (also a Marine) seems to handle it alot better... just looking for the guy perspective)

  16. How does Flyboy like the names you chose for him and the kids?

    How does he like doing a "disassociated" tour where he's not on an MC base, but having to deal with the "other" service?


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