Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas rhymes

Is it ironic that I have a blog and put stuff out there but yet I flat refuse to send out a newsletter with my Christmas cards?

Since I posted my last post about realizing it was December and feeling a smidgen behind I've started getting Christmas cards. One had a very odd newsletter in it. It was written in some weird rhyming pattern or something. I felt like an idiot, I had to read it over three times before I just gave up trying to understand it.

I just don't get the whole newsletter thing. But yet I blog. Hmmm... wonder what that says about me.

Do you send out a newsletter?

And if so.... does it rhyme?


  1. We tried taking a Christmas picture to send out in cards when hubby was home for Thanksgiving. It didn't go so well, our kid was suppose to be napping and she ended up looking stoned in most of them. However, I did get a picture of her crawling out from underneath the Christmas tree, good times at our house!

    I do not send out a newsletter. Most of my friends were in shock when I sent them a card last year. I think they are in denial about growing up and believe we are all going to run into each other at the bars over Christmas Break.

    That rhyming newsletter sounds a little weird. Does this person have kids, maybe they wrote it?

  2. My in laws send out like a 2 page newsletter. It always has a theme. Sometimes a song, sometimes a ridiculous rhyme, sometimes a parody of Doctor Seuss (yes, I am not kidding). I am horrified because this will be the first year I am included in this "masterpiece" and I am likely going to be mortified when I receive it.

    Then again, she may just "forget" to include me as she tends to :) That wouldn't be all that bad this year!

    I don't think a short note is bad. The voyeur in me likes to know what people are up to! But, the extremes are well...extreme.

  3. I don't even send our family Christmas cards any more because I send over 100 some for the family business (hand written).

    I never understood the newsletter either.

  4. We don't do newsletters and I have a feeling we won't. We just do the ole' picture cards. If anyone wants to know what's going on in our lives they can read the blog! haha.

  5. I love getting the picture cards, especially from my friend that have children. I look forward to it every year.

    I hate newsletters (sorry if that offends anyone who does them). I don't read them. And I won't send one out because if you don't know what's going on in my life, I am not wasting a stamp to tell you! LOL

    But I love Christmas card, I love sending them and even more so GETTING THEM =)

  6. If I did newsletters they would not rhyme. Are you kidding me? I don't have the time! Now I'm going to go eat a lime.

    Oh snap, and there's my rhyme.

  7. The only one I've sent was after we had been home with Olivia for almost a year and it was sent with her 2 yr. pictures in January vs. our Christmas card. I sort of felt obligated because we sent announcements to so many people and so many of them sent us loot and gifts that I would have felt odd not following up. I had grandiose plans to do it again last year. Ummmm. Didn't even get cards sent. I have 50 portrait cards of O's 3rd birthday if I have any takers.

    We have our family sitting scheduled for Dec. 14. I'll have address labels printed up so we can get them mailed out ASAP.

    I usually have a plan and I'm usually way behind in executing it. I like getting the updates, but feel odd about sending them. I have a hard enough time putting a coherent sentence together and I'm supposed to make it rhyme? Ain't happening.



  8. this is the first time i've sent christmas cards. i'm including pictures. but what would i say in a christmas newsletter?

    we got married. the dog had worms, but don't worry, she's fine now. my boss won the lottery in 2003. we're not pregnant. we're still in washington. we don't like our house. matt is still med down. i can make alfredo sauce from scratch now!

    yeah, i'll pass on the newsletter.

  9. We did picture cards this year but newsletters sorta creep me out. I usually write a short note in some of the cards but figure the picture can speak for itself :-)

  10. alright....I do a newsletter sometimes. After reading all of the other responses though, I'm second guessing my decision. I guess I enjoy reading what's going on with others (and I only send them to people whom I'm not in close contact with) and try not to be that braggy woman at all - just an me thinking now!

  11. I don't normally send one out...I usually make lovely cards by hand and enclose unique, well-thought out and shot photos of my kids. But this year, with a PCS looming on 20DEC, I uploaded pictures at Walgreens, made a card, and enclosed a newsletter. Now, if I can just remember to get them in the mail.

  12. We don't do a Christmas newsletter. I think they're hard to write - they either sound too boring or too braggy.

    But I'm always jealous of people that can write really good ones!

  13. I've always been against the Christmas newsletter because they kind of irritate me. They are nearly always sickeningly sweet. Just once I'd like to receive one that talks about the horrible mess of things in their lives!

    I'm also one to never send out a Christmas card, though. The only time I've done it was when we had a freak snowfall and I had this really cute pic of Wyatt (he was almost 2) on a snowball. And then last year, because I love messing with the video editor, I made a Christmas video that recapped our year with pictures, video, and a music soundtrack tying it all together. I am still not sure if I'll put one together this year, but we'll see. It was a lot of fun.

  14. Don't you worry. If my insane MIL does a newsletter this year, I will be scanning it onto my blog. Yall HAVE to see the wild crap she comes up with. My poor future children....

  15. cards only. Newsletters are too much work. But I do have another blog just for family and friends, that kind of acts like a newsletter. So I guess Im off the hook ;-)

    PS - I dont get any newsletters in my christmas cards.

  16. I sent out a letter in my cards once. It was right after my husband joined the Army and we had our first baby so it had updated addresses and phone numbers and stuff in it.

    While my grandmother appreciated it, I found out that some of my cousins were really making fun of me behind my back about how lame it was. So I haven't sent one since.


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