Thursday, October 23, 2008


Yesterday the boys and I, along with a friend and her kids went down to a local yocal zoo. Its really less zoo and more of a paved walking trail in the woods. They have local animals that have been rescued there.

Its a lovely way to spend the day, even if Dash-2 wanted to see elephants (those aren't local around here so none to rescue) and Dash-1 wanted to see giraffes (again, none local so none to rescue) and even though it was in the thirties.

Oh side note on the snow, we didn't get any precipitation, so no snow. But I did get an explosive poop from someone special. Perhaps karma from talking smack about snow.

Anyways the point of this ramble and surely this happens to a lot of you. During the drive down and back, about an hour both ways with the three pee breaks for tinky winky, I was composing a great post in my head. The problem?

I cant remember it.

Not a lick of it. Not one word, not the idea, nuttin.

I got nuttin.

So instead you guys get this and hopefully in the course of the rest of my errands today it comes back to me. Although ten bucks says I forget it again.

Sigh.... I think motherhood is making me scattered.


  1. happens to me every single day!! i swear this mommy brain is crazy!!

    but i must admit the bath crayons are helping with my to-do list.

    baby steps friend.

  2. Yeah, I have that happen all the time. I swear I have enough story ideas to post about 3 times a day, but obviously that doesn't happen because I can never remember my fantastic ideas.

  3. Isnt that the worst! I had a great one last night. In the morning it was gone...sigh

  4. That happens to me all the time too. I even had a good one about poo last night, but can't remember it today... maybe later, I smell some inspiration...

  5. Oh great, I am already scattered. I hate to see what motherhood does to me!!

  6. I always come up with things to write about and than completely forget! I hate that!

    As for the snow, we didn't get any either!

  7. Ah, happens to me all the time. I'm brilliant in my head...and then I sit down at my computer.

    Oh well.



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