Wednesday, November 19, 2008

motherhood malaise

I am having one of those days where I feel like I am raising wild animals then adorable, smart, little boys.

Actually make that a couple of days.

Motherhood is tough. I would love kids who don't talk back, listen the first time, are always polite and pleasant in public, are helpful around the house, I'm not asking for much here. Until I remember that I'm the mama. Its up to me to teach them that. Regrettably at 3 1/2 and (almost) 2 they are not naturally that way. If they were then I would be out of a job.

What stinks is that I sometimes feel like I'm always the bad guy, I'm always the stick in the mud who instead of getting to praise and play is barking orders and seeming nit picky. And every once in a while I feel like I might just snap from frustration. As if when my kids act a little nasty its a reflection of me as a mom. Because lets be honest we've all seem those kids in public and thought, "wow what do the parents do all day cause that kid is out of control".

I like to think mine aren't like that very often. Perhaps as the mom its difficult to be objective, every small thing feels big to me. I'm a tad of a perfectionist sometimes, perhaps I'm caring that over. I just don't want to raise brats. The world has enough brats.


  1. I am so there with you on this one. Thoughts like that run through my head constantly!! When you have kids who are extremely strong willed, and smart to boot!, it makes it really hard to not be contantly on the edge of frustration and amazement. I am slowly learning to pick my battles, and my kids are several years older than yours! I am pretty sure they aren't doing what they should be right now for instance, but they are mostly ready for school, so I am going to let them be for the moment.

    It also always seems to get worse on both ends when daddy has to go TDY and this week we are dealing with that! I hope your days get better!!

  2. vypergirl... you hit the nail on the head. The stronger willed they are the tougher it is. And mine are STRONG. But to their defense they get it from their father.

  3. Oh, I so hear you. My bf has two boys, your boyss' ages, they're exactly the same. I'm with them every day, and she says the SAME things you do. It has to be age related, also the fact that they're boys, they're relatively close in age, they feed off of each other, dad is gone a lot...

    The fact that you ALWAYS have to be the disciplinarian is exhausting, too, I'm sure. I know my time is coming. Ack!

    Always remember "This too will pass." Lol!

  4. Wow you sounds just like me.I'm right there with ya

  5. ahhhh, parenting, so much joy and then they become teenagers.....:)

  6. I hear you! Sometimes I'm jealous that Hubby gets to swoop in at the end of the day & be Mr. Fun. But when they're hurt or sick, who do they always want.

    I'm sure you are raising wonderful boys. All kids, no matter how perfect the parent, have bad days. Don't beat yourself up!


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