Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm on to you postman

When ever I get a coupon book, you know like the one from a certain warehouse store who's name would cause every perverts with access to google search to flock to the blog, it arrives in my mailbox already open.

This bothers me on several levels.

It has some handy little stickers on it that is to keep it closed, one on each end, two in total. EVERY month, both stickers are ripped.

Is the postman trying to check out the deals the warehouse store? Get your own membership if you want to see the deals they have going on mattress sets and giant popcorn machines. I understand the lust and lure of these stores. Really, if you gave flyboy a choice between going warehouse shopping or sex he'd really have to think about it. I suppose his ideal day would be sex in a warehouse store but this post is really getting off track here.

I get it, the post man is lured in by the sweet temptation of both a good deal and bulk. They might wear a kick ass uniform but they too are humans at the post office.

I'm just wondering, are they parked somewhere reading my Parenting and Redbook too? Or worse, could my coupon book be bathroom reading at the post office?

Yup folks, this has just been another earth shattering post from the mrs. Just doing my part to keep all of our minds crisp and focused.

Monday, March 30, 2009

oh I forgot to tell...

Oh oh oh oh! I completely forgot to pass this along, what with all the my three sons news and what not around here.

So quick recap for the newcomers (I mean there has to be one out there right?) I have a thing against people wearing pjs in public. A big thing. To see former rants you can click here or here. I told you I just don't get it.

I mean a quick run to take your kids to the school bus stop I can kinda see although now days with as comfy and sporty looking as running/yoga pants are why wouldn't anyone feel the need to walk out of the house in ratty pj bottoms when they will be seen by others. And especially on base, where you KNOW you will not only be seen by others who know you but potentially by others who either work FOR your husband or for whom your husband WORKS FOR.

Either way my friends, that would be awkward. And probably lead to an uncomfortable moment at the next work function.

So I was at the ob clinic last week waiting for my appointment and there was a couple who was returning for her six week post-partum visit. The husband... are you ready for this... was in pajama bottoms.

Yeah lets let that simmer for a bit.

The husband, who was in the Army since they called him Sgt. so and so and they had been talking about their house on post and well, we don't have people living down there. And his hair was long and he was wearing jammies. I'm pretty damn sure Marines would not go down to WP in jammies.

Anyways... here's my thing, yes you have a new baby, life gets hectic, but your going somewhere on post, GET DRESSED! I cant speak with full authority as to what would happen if a Marine went walking around in jammies, but they don't even like it if your not wearing a belt with your jeans so I'm gonna go out on a limb and say they wouldn't think it was cute.

Pajama pants folks. And not like the kind where you have to sit and stare and go back and forth in your head about it. It was obvious. And very odd.

Just when I think my lack of understanding on this issue can't get any deeper, this goes and happens.

Again, I'm not up to date on all my Army regs, but I would think that this is kinda a no-no. Perhaps you Army folk could enlighten me.

The Marine Corps civilian dress code is pretty thorough. You know, belts, tucked in shirts, no excessively baggy clothes, no half shirts (thank goodness why is anyone wearing those?) and no clothes that are designed to be jammies.

Oh and no roaming around town in your flight suit or cammies. I know that's different in the other forces but since its a rule for us I find it odd to see Army or AF folks in cammies shopping at W@lmart. Up here since we are at a teeny tiny base you sometimes see the occasionally slacking Marine, but never have I seen a Marine walking around in pjs.

Except on the way to the bathroom to brush his teeth at night. And in that case my friends, I dont mind at all.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Today just was...

We all have days like this. Days where you feel like you just keep "missing" your spouse, like you just can't seem to connect. Days like this especially suck when you are already apart.

Sure we've talked twice today but it seems like either one or both of us has just been off. Back in the dating days this would have caused me endless worry and fretting. My mind would have wondered and been thinking of all the possibilities of what could have been the cause.

Maybe he doesn't love me anymore. Maybe he's finally tired of me. ACK! Maybe this is it.

I don't think like that anymore. Yes, it is annoying. It's 11:17pm and I'm tired, it's far past my bedtime and I'm here thinking about how I wish our conversations had gone.

I'm wishing we would have "flowed" better today, I wish we were together rather then playing hit and miss when we are already apart. But I know its just today.

Tomorrow will be different. We've been here before. His hours and schedule get to him, us not being together and existing separately got the better of us today. Today we were two people leading different lives. It's ok. We'll do better tomorrow.

But I also know, we'll have days like this again. It's a by product of our environment and no matter how hard we try, these days will sneak in. I'm not sure if its a case of no ones fault or both our faults. But either way, I get it now, I can stand back and see it for what it is. And as much as it still annoys me, it doesn't break me.

It was just one of those days. Delightful in other ways, but lacking in this one. But like I said, we'll do better tomorrow.

cleaning or something like that

I'm trying to clean. Well I shouldn't say clean so much as straighten up but every time I fold something or put something in its place one of my hurricanes comes thru and destroys it.

I used to hate cleaning when I was childless. Now I think back and realize how quickly I could get things done. And how nicely everything stayed. Why didn't I take advantage of that more!?

Of course life was a lot less interesting and lonely. I mean nobody ever kept me company in the bathroom.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

And now the rest may know

It looks like we are in store for another boy.

I know. Let it all sink in for a moment friends. I had too.

So not only do I live (at least sometimes) with a manly Marine and two very active little rough and tumble boys, a third will be making his presence in our house September first. (or so they say.)

The only feminine thing in this house is tampons. Well and me.

No pink for me, only varying shades of blue. And Marine green, we got tons of that around here. The thought of another boy is a tad daunting, do you know how much the fully grown boy around here eats? Thank goodness the Marine Corps takes him off my hands, how in the world will I feed three full grown hims?!

When flyboy finally called last night we had a very meaningful thirty second conversation. I gotta be honest, I was expecting a little more out of it but it was more of a here's what we are having gotta go call. A little anti climatic to be honest.

He called this afternoon and sounds more excited. Thrilled actually, he was rooting for a boy and we are the envy of some of his coworkers with our amazing run of boys. I asked if he said anything to anyone, so far he's kept this pregnancy pretty mum, apparently this was news worth reporting. To everyone.

All we really want is a healthy baby and a healthy pregnancy. Given the past it seems greedy to want much more.

But I am going to have a lot of say over the name....

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It's a ....

I got ya hooked don't I?

I had some issues earlier this week so I a last minute appointment today to just double check that it was all nothing. Everything looks good but they did an unexpected ultrasound and I found out what the sex is. (I mean they always give you the disclaimer that they could be pulling your leg but....)

My angst?

Flyboy is unreachable. And I don't know when his schedule is going to shake out and he'll come back into the land of the reach out and touch someone.

And he's the only one I want to tell right now. I cant help but think if he read it on here he'd be a tad insulted.

Damn you Marine Corps! Damn you!!!

But thanks for the medical coverage. The ultrasound rocked.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Who is it harder on?

The one who goes or the ones who stay behind?

And when I say the ones who stay behind I'm not so much talking about me. Well maybe a little. Being mom and dad,which may I point out having two little boys who are very much boys boys, I stink at. I am not dad, I do not wrestle as well as him, I do not rough house as well as him, and I'm pretty sure if i shot off a rocket I'd probably set a barn or my finger on fire.

And as dash-1 has pointed out I don't pee standing up.

I often picture flyboy away on a mini vacation. I know that this isn't the case but when your home cleaning up vomit or something equally as gross its hard not to let your mind wonder like that. The fact is is that he's hardly on a vacation. Sure he gets to eat meals without little fingers poking his food and doesn't wake up three times a night because some one's night light fell on their head or something equally as odd but he's working hard.

He's flying long days, doing as he likes to call it "the bag drag" from place to place, when he's not flying he's planning and preparing to fly, and well lets not skim over the fact that he is in constant close contact with idiots. That alone my friends can be draining.

And not to mention all that he misses out on at home.

He misses out on birthdays, school stuff, even just regular old weekends, he's not here for those. And that has to suck.

And not to mention what the boys miss out on. They miss out on their dad. A lot it would seem these days. Last night, on a brief stop over at home before his next trip, dash-1 asked flyboy if he just stayed awake then morning wouldn't come and then daddy wouldn't have to go. Things like that may break my heart but I think they stab at flyboys.

And there is no let up. We haven't done the "traditional deployment" in a while. But what we do is constant. No break from year to year.

Just constant tdy over and over and over again. Be it a couple days, a couple weeks or a couple months at a time, every year is the same. Every year the same birthdays are missed, every year it seems we spend less of the year together as a family and more just getting thru the trip we are facing.

We could get orders to a new base at some point, but short of the weather nothing would change. This is the lifestyle that goes with the airplane. And flyboy goes with the airplane.

I used to think that I won the award for who suffered the most during his trips. I suffered the most toiling away on the home front. I'm realizing that I have it the easiest.

Just like I know the kids may miss their father, they know their daddy loves them. I hope flyboy realizes that sure we miss him and sure this lifestyle can be a rather large pain in the butt from time to time, but we know that he is doing it for us. It is never, not for one moment misunderstood or unappreciated.

Do I wish he had a 9 to 5 job from time to time? YES, but well, I like sleeping with a Marine.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Lineage or Lingerie

The boys and I were on our weekly trip to the commissary and we stopped for lunch at the PX. While we were munching away I noticed a sign that said "My Lineage We research your family for you". .

Makes sense.

I thought it said "My Lingerie We research your family for you". I couldn't figure it out. And I think that the people who were sitting near the sign wondered why I was starring at them so puzzled.

Little did they know its just cause I'm stupid.

Friday, March 20, 2009

budget tips anyone?

I have a theory, its flyboy's job to make the money and its my job to make sure it goes as far as it can. I am very lucky that I have a husband who doesn't see it as his money but rather OUR money. Never once have I felt like I don't have as much of a say or that I have to ask permission to spend money.

Having flyboy in the military I can't help but feel insulated from all the economic upheaval but at the same time we are snapped to attention. What little debt we do have, we want rid of. And preferably sooner rather then later.

We aren't frivolous spenders, we rarely eat out, our trip to Disney is our first vacation outside of visiting family in three years, but yet the money does seem to find somewhere to go every month.

So we are getting serious. The b word has come back into our vocabulary and I'll be honest I was mildly resistant at first. A budget is so much like a diet and who enjoys being on one of those? But its becoming more of a habit and thankfully I'm not on a diet at the same time so if I wanna eat a bologna and cheese three times a day and some brownies then I can.

I don't think I could pare down in both areas of life right now.

Meal planning or as I like to think of it being meal prepared, helps a lot. I don't so much like meal planning, what if I pick tacos for Thursday and then come that day I don't feel like them? What to do then? So I make sure that in one commissary trip, I have enough things for seven dinners and then figure it out as I go along thru out the week. That has cut down tremendously on the money spent picking up one thing here and one thing there during the week at full price grocery stores. (Sadly we don't live close enough to the commissary to just drop in for things)

On our latest trip to the warehouse store (I wont list the name, every sicko will end up at my site, let's just say it stands for an favorite Clinton oval office activity) flyboy picked up a slab of beef and cut up his own steaks. Just the other night we had a lovely steak dinner with baked potatoes, another veggie and all in all $1.35 for the two of us.

This buget thing is only working cause I love me a deal. And I like to win. And to me getting a great deal or finding some way to cut back is akin to winning.

I've also started operating in cash. It's far to easy to go to Target intending to get diapers and end up with five (or ten) other things. Yet with a certain amount of cash to get thru the week with I focus on what I need, really need. If we need to get bigger things then we just budget it in for the month, we aren't really withholding from ourselves, we are just trying to slow down and really focus on where the money is going and where it needs to be going.

So I'm posting all this for a reason. I'm hoping to score some more budget tips and get ahead a little more off the backs of you fine bloggy peeps. Hey, at least I'm honest here.

So what are they? What are your money saving tips? Do you have a great web site you use for coupons or deals or that's helped you get your money life under control? Any and all tips are welcome and much appreciated.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

delta bravo

All is well in the flyboy house and back to as normal as normal can be around here. You know with a cursing four year old dropping the delta bravo bomb and all.

Flyboy needed a hair cut and so we all piled in and headed over to the mall together. We drove down one of the parking rows and low and behold someone was getting out in a prime spot. The guy took forever. I don't know what he was doing in there, just enjoying the spring weather or what, but he was moving slow. And we just sat there. Waiting.

Now I should justify that by saying around here mall parking lots are one way and some idiot drove the wrong way so we were stuck. We had to wait.

Dash-1 is in the back seat saying over and over, "are you going to tell them to move the jazz daddy?" Or something that sounded very close to that. He must have said it ten times and then it clicked. Move your ass.

I whispered it to flyboy and he laughed and said, "no buddy daddy isnt going to say anything like that."

And then he dropped it. My darling dash-1 "Oh well tell the douchebag to move then."

I hope your reading this flyboy

I have issues. There its out there now. I, the mrs., have issues. Actually since you all read about my bizarre fear of my trunk opening a few post ago its probably safe to jump out there and say I have a lot of issues.

One of my worst issues is the ability to hold a grudge longer then a tightwad holds on to a nickel. Really, I'm still pissy with a friend from elementary school. When I get mad I just hold on to it and darn it for the life of me I ain't letting go.

I know this is not healthy. Trust me. I really do try to work on this, its actually my resolution every year. As you can see, its not going to well. But I am trying.

Last night flyboy and I got into a fight. Now we both have some serious Irish tempers (really e*armony probably wouldn't have matched us based on that alone) but we really don't fight that often. We both realize the way the other one is and that no good will come of it. Except last night. And of course, he's going on a trip tomorrow but neither one of us has come out of our corners. I tried a little this morning and in an email but it would appear that the stick is still up his butt.

Ok see that probably isn't going to help my cause. That was probably unnecessary and I should go back and delete it.

Ok so now on top of having issues, I'm not very bright either, cause I'm not going too.

Anyways, I thought that I would apologize to him, for setting me up and making me look like an ass to HIS PARENTS. Because even with a grudge I still love him more then anything else in this world.

So here goes. Pardon me. I'm being sidetracked by a four year old marching thru the room in his underwear swinging his pjs like a stripper singing My Country Tis Of Thee. I'm going to need a moment.

All right, so here goes again. Flyboy, I don't know what the heck that was all about last night. We both got nasty, we both got short, we both said things that didn't mean. (Or at least I hope you didn't mean those things).

I love you with all my heart and soul. You are an amazing father and an amazing husband. I lean on you in so many ways and you dont buckle under my weight. These days when so many people are barely staying above water you are able to provide us with a great life and give me the gift of getting to stay home to raise our children.

And I hate fighting with you. I hate staying pissy with you just because I'm a hard headed idiot and I hate when you just sulk away. I'm trying to reach out and I hope that when you come home from work today that we can just let go. If I don't get some indication that your not mad, I might just drag the kids to the squadron and make an ass of myself there to prove to you my love.

Think about it.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. P's day

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I'm not sure what we have planned for today. I must admit the mere thought of corn beef and cabbage is enough to send my queasy stomach over the edge. And the boys and I probably shouldn't partake in a contest to see who can chug the most Guinness. I suggested making green rice krispie treats and received some blank stares.

Dash-1 would like to paint some rocks green so it looks like we'll be hunting for rocks and then making our own green rock garden. Oh and we wont be making any soda bread today either.

And they will be doing it all in their adorable shirts. I should see if I can actually get them to stand near each other and look at the camera at the same time.... bribing maybe involved.

So to any and all, have a delightfully green St. Patricks Day!

If you're lucky enough to be Irish, you're lucky enough!

Monday, March 16, 2009

According to dash-1

"Daddy is like a boomerang. He goes away and then comes right back."

Never thought of it that way, my little one had quite the insightful moment.

Of course later in the day he also asked why one of the female cows had all those p@nises. I tried to explain the whole udder thing but we just seemed to go in circles.

So I think we are holding off on the gifted and talented program just yet but still.....

Sunday, March 15, 2009

ebay sucks

I am not meant for ebay. I should avoid it at all cost. Really is a bargain worth the stress?

I've finally broken free of the paranoia and admitted that we are indeed having a baby. Now that there is the little movements and flutters, its seems that I can give in to the reality that indeed a new little one is coming.

And that my pants don't fit. And my shirts are getting shorter.

This pregnancy is off season from the other two and I'm a little smaller this time around so all nine month pregnant winter clothes are of little use to me. I need some carpi's, not giant sweaters. I need short sleeve shirts that will fit my end of pregnancy belly not my very beginning belly when I got pregnant in the summer with the boys.

I searched around on ebay last night for some deals. And I found some. But so did other people.

The auctions ended on Pacific time and I'm asleep way before 1 am these days. So of course I lost out. DAMN YOU EBAY! And now I just checked and the other capris I'm bidding on are being noticed by others. And this is when I wonder if its just worth it to go to the store and avoid the hassle.

I stress over little things. I know I shouldn't but I do. But then again, saving money is saving money. But is three dollars worth an ulcer?

But I'm only wearing these pants for a couple months. But if takes a couple months to find a pair......

It's dilemmas like this that make flyboy jealous. Jealous that this is what I devote my worries and brain space too. He just doesn't understand, its not easy being me.

Friday, March 13, 2009

im working on my deep breathing

Ok, ok, I know there are a lot of you WP wives out there. Please, try to not to get to upset with me but I hate parent weekends.


There I said it.

I went to meet a friend to take our kids bowling today, by the way I should loan dash-1 out to a bowling league cause he kicked some arse, anywho to get to bowling I had to go on base. As I got closer I saw the sign for parents, DOH! Of course it was too late and I was already stuck behind three cars in the DOD lane who DID NOT have DOD decals. Or ID's from what I could tell with the giant debacle in front of me.

This is a pet peeve of mine. The lanes are marked, one for DOD decals AND ID's and the other is for regular cars. Please parents, get in the regular car lane. There is no shame in that lane, its ok, trust me, you'll probably get thru quicker then trying to go thru the DOD lane without a DOD decal.

I know their excited to see their babies. I'm a mom, I get excited to pick him up from nursery school, but I can't help it. I'm a black and white type of person. I like it when things just flow the way they are supposed to. Perhaps that's why I kinda like the military, and well, when the parents roll in it upsets my little utopia. Especially at the commissary or the gas station. Please don't get me started on cars or people without ID's getting gas cheaper on base.

And dash-2 was near melt down so I scrubbed my commissary trip and now I have to go back down there and face the full wrath of the parents this weekend.

deep breaths, mrs, deep breaths.....

And come on you Academy wives, admit it, it would drive you a little nuts too.

vacation planning fun

I'm sure word is out that Disney is running an amazing deal right now (thru 12/23/09) for active and retired military personnel and activated Reservist or National Guardsmen.
The deal for Disney World is incredible. The service member gets a five day pass FREE and they can purchase five additional 5 day tickets for a mere 99 bucks. (The park hopper option or water park option can be added for 25 bucks each)

The details for Disneyland are a little different but you can find them on the link above. I'm sure they are just as good.

Need I tell you all how expensive Disney tickets regularly are and what an great deal this is?

We were already leaning towards doing a Disney trip this year and this just cemented it for us. I've been trying to get some things together for the itinerary and the drive down. Yes, yes folks, we are driving.

We looked at flying but by the time you add four tickets up its insane. And not to mention that after flying in his own plane for the better part of his time in the Marine Corps, flyboy is not the best commercial flyer. Can we say backseat driver? And he gets way to annoyed by the other people. Although he'll tell you that its me who gets annoyed. But really me annoyed?

Anyways, the car it is. My parents are heading down with us, nothing like a trip with babysitters, I mean family to really have fun. We still have about a month and a half to go but I'm excited.

However, here's what I've already noticed:
-I, Mom, do all the planning. And the thinking. And the packing. And the stressing. I guess it evens out cause poor flyboy has to open his wallet and do all the paying. But still.

-People take disney vacations way to serious. I called to make some advance dinner/lunch reservations, and mind you just normal ones so we can eat at a regular time, nothing fancy and they were already tight. The lady told me that people call on the first day they can and have everything planned out. Good for them, I don't think I can get there yet. I'm trying, really.

-Vacations with my husband, much as I love him, are not always relaxing. Take this one for example, he would like to have three varying itineraries so he can figure out which works best. My mother thought that was funny. I wasn't laughing cause I know he's not joking. We are still married because he can say stuff like that and I just ignore it. And he ignores my ignoring it. But deep down inside he wants that itinerary. He might be serious but it ain't happening. If he wants an itinerary he can look at the guide book I bought.

-The kids are excited. I think. Who doesn't love Disney?! They'll have fun when they get there and see all the neat stuff. But so far the request have been to see an escalator and a horse.

-I am also realistic. We very well could drive all the way to Florida and have the highlight of the vacation be the key card entry to the hotel room. I'm cool with that.

Another thing about going to Disney. I'm always surprised when I talk to other military people and they haven't stayed at Shades of Green before. It's a really nice hotel and very much worth trying out. The prices are unbeatable (the best part is that there is no TAX so your just paying the nightly room fee, nothing hidden). The rooms are very large and clean and you can just take a short walk over to the Polynesian and hop on the monorail.

Althought this time we wont be staying at Shades of Green. It can be tough to figure out a time that works for around leave and free dates at the hotel. It's ok. Dont feel too bad for us. We'll be staying over at Old Key West one of the Disney Vacation Club resorts with our built in babysitters. Did I slip and call them that again?

Just think after the vacation is over you can see all the photos of escalators and horses. Aren't you just excited thinking about it?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

to egg or not to egg

I'm mildly irritated. Actually this thing that is irritating me isn't so much a new thing, but since I'm feeling nausea today and I was going thru some things and found dash-1's adorable St. Patty's day shirt, I'm irritated all over again. And now I'll share.

This year dash-1 started in the halls of academia. He goes to a nursery program tues/thurs for 2 1/2 hours in the morning. All in all he likes it. He does have a nemesis who he talks about often, but then again, we all need a nemesis, everyone needs their Dwight (from the office folks).

We specifically picked this school because it was peanut free. No peanut products are allowed in the school, said so in the handbook. It made me feel a little safer, I figured then I would only have to worry about the egg front and that if they had a peanut policy then the egg allergy wouldn't seem so much for them.

Yeah. Stupid assumption on my part. Apparently I'm the only parent who read the handbook and caught that whole "This school is a PEANUT FREE school" sentence.

Not only has he brought home peanut candy a couple times from a class party or some one's birthday in the class but now for St. Patricks day they are making Irish Soda Bread, with egg in it. So he'll be missing the day. I mean 14 three and four year olds, raw eggs, and my kid with anaphylaxis shock. Yeah, I don't think he'll be taking part in that one.

And I am irritated.

(By the way the problem with the peanut candy coming home is that you don't always know its there, I now always check his bookbag but the first couple times he would be sitting in the back seat digging thru a goody bag I didn't know existed. And with certain candies like Reese's PB cups, the peanut filling can leak out and get on other stuff and that is NOT a good thing)

The school, I thought, was aware of his severity of allergy. I took in paper after paper from his pediatrician, his allergist, an allergy action plan, his medicines, all of it. I thought anaphylaxis shock on every paper, the epi pens, and the whole should avoid any and all egg and peanut products spoke for itself.

Again, I think I assumed wrong.

I over heard one of the moms ask the teacher if her mom could come in on St. P's day and make Irish Soda bread with the kids. I asked the teachers, and this was WEEKS ago, and explained that if the recipe had egg in it, dash would not be able to be in the class that day, that we can not take the risk of a reaction. She didn't seem to get it.

In fact, I got the distinct impression that she thinks I'm making a huge deal out of this. She keeps saying, "we could keep him on the other side of the room". And shaking her head with that look in her eyes like I'm crazy.

Here's what I've tried to explain, it takes one kid to get one drop of yolk or white on his fingers and touch something that dash-1 will touch. Then if he rubs his face it could get really ugly, really quickly.

I don't understand why they couldn't ask this parent to do a different activity.

Paint a giant shamrock with glitter or something. Do something that all the kids can enjoy. I'm sorry if it seems like I get to dictate the fun because of my child, but I don't really think its fair that he's missing a day of school (and color day on top of that which is a BIG deal to a four year old, hence the cool new shirt I got him) because of an activity that some one's grandma wants to do.

In my mind the school should have said, I'm sorry we have a child in the class who is severely allergic to eggs and we can't have them in the class. It's hardly like I've been a pain in every one's ass this year. I bring in special cupcakes for dash, I bring in food he can eat for party's so that everyone else gets their normal food. Why couldn't they give on this?

Food allergies are so misunderstood. Its not that we think eating egg free stuff is fun, hardly. It's not that I think I should get to set the standard of the class. But I'm trying to make it so that my kid can take part in as much as possible. You know without worry about him dying and all.

By the way, honest opinions are welcome on this.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

And the winner is....

Katie at Happy Hour! Congratulations!

Thanks to everyone who entered and all the nice comments, I really gotta talk the old gal into opening up a store.... I mean really, she's got grandkids to send put thru college. And who knows how expensive its going to be when they make it there. Ouch. But I drift. I hope some of the folks who stopped by to check out the giveaway will be back to read up on my ramblings.

Oh and I have more giveaways planned for the future. (see I'm not afraid to bribe, in fact its a corner stone to my parenting)

Saturday, March 7, 2009


The winner will receive their choice of one of these lovely, corduroy bags that comes with a little zipper bag in the same fabric.
I wish that I could say that I made these bags, but well seeing as though I have ZERO sewing ability, anyone who knows me wouldn't believe me. I did however accompany my mother to the quilt store and picked out the fabric, so that has to count for something.

My mother made my boys adorable little bags to hold their books and toys in the car last year and I asked her if she could make one for me (preferably not in dinosaur or space fabric) but to tweak it a bit to be worn on my shoulder. She did a little of this and a little of that and came up with these bags.

I love them. They are wonderful. They hold everything, an extra diaper, a sippy cup, epipens, wallet, checkbook, keys, phone, bluetooth, wipes, you name it I can fit it in there and yet its not some huge bag to lug around. And the new corduroy bags are a very nice weight and feel to them. And they don't show stains, you know, snot, dirt, vomit. All the things a mom can get on her purse.

And now to pay homage to the woman who made them. My mother truly is talented. I can craft here or there but the stuff she does is in another realm. Now that she's retired and her kids are gone she fills her day with sewing and quilting (also catering to my father as he is the meal ticket and pining away for her grand boys but there are still hours in the day to fill after that is done). I keep trying to talk her into opening an etsy store but she's unsure that her things would sell, or rather that anyone would pay a decent price (fabric ladies, nice fabric, ain't cheap). I know that I would pay 35 bucks for one of these.

So please leave a nice comment for her, I suppose I'll have to tell her about my blog since I turned her into slave labor to churn out some bags that I could give away on here. Cripes, now I'll have to edit myself.

Same rules as last giveaway. All you have to do to be entered is leave a comment. If you link to this giveaway on your blog then you'll be entered twice (just leave me a message so I know you linked). I'll keep the giveaway open until Tuesday night 6pm. Good luck!

Friday, March 6, 2009


I happened to notice that the "green" tip on my calendar for this month is "stay grounded" and something about not flying but telecommuting. I'll pass this tip on to flyboy.

Ironic no?

Another handy household tip

I haven't shared a tip in forever it seems. Thankfully my kids haven't done anything that has made me get too resourceful. (of course now that I type those words.....)

Last night as we were getting the boys in jammies and ready for bed what do I notice on my beautiful new handmade quilt. Blood. And not just anywhere on the quilt, could it be on the red part or even the blue? No it was smack dab in the middle of the white part. Earlier in the day dash-2 had a bloody scrape in his ear. I have no idea how it happened. ( I know I know mom of the year over here!)

Anyways, while I love me some oxyclean, I reached for what was closer, my very own poo be gone. Thats what we used to call it in the early days when dash-1 would have massive poops that would go everywhere BUT his diaper. All it is a spray bottle with one part detergant and two/three parts water. We use All Free and Clear because dyes bother my boys skin and its leaves no color marks on fabric.

I know there are a ton of products out there that take stains out. And a lot of them work. But they cost money. This one. NADA. Well I pay for the detergent but I'm paying for that anyways. Lets face it folks, in the military we are slightly insulated from the economic sludge right now but still, cost are adding up and money needs to go further.

So take it from me, really this works, its taken out poop, vomit, washable crayons, markers, paint, and now I add blood to the list. And I didn't even need to wash the quilt in the washer, spot treatment was all it needed and good as new.

So there you have it, handy hint and money saving tip.

Oh and I'll be having another giveaway! I'll be putting up the info in the next day or two so please be sure to check back. And this one is for everyone, it has nothing to do with kiddies.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My irrational fear

I have a fear that not many know about. This one is even new to flyboy I'm sure. I'm afraid of my trunk spontaneously opening while I'm driving.

As I was going to pick up dash-1 yesterday I saw it happen. Someones trunk popped open while they were driving. Yikes. It was at least a car with a self contained trunk, you know the car kind with the "edge" around it. I have a SUV, my trunk opens while I'm heading down the road and I gotta a ton of crap that's going to fly out.

I know what flyboy is thinking as he reads this, "dear if your that concerned, clear all the crap out of your trunk, so that if indeed your fear is realized your embarrassment will be limited."

And I've thought about that. Emphasis on thought about rather then acting on, but it is a plan to take into consideration.

But then again its not like I'm dragging around stuff I don't need. The little potty for times when you just cant make it to a big one and when public peeing just isn't appropriate, a spare change of clothes, a blanket for the winter, the little stroller, various other odds and ends. Nothing I care to see dragging behind me as I fly down the road at 55 mph.

I don't know where this fear came from. I've never had a close call. Well flyboy's hood did pop up while he was driving home from work when we were first married, cracking his windshield and taking out a mailbox that he swerved into. Luckily he was fine but perhaps that has something to do with it.

For now I'm managing my fear. I just make sure I really slam the trunk shut. I mean REALLY slam it. Especially when there are groceries in it. I haven't figured out what I'm supposed to do if all my groceries fall out of the back while I'm making it around the itty bitty two lane glorified goat trail over the mountain on the way home from the commissary. There is no where to pull over, do you just keep driving, do you try to pick them up and risk getting flattened? What's a girl to do?!

But I have stopped short of buying a wide array of bungee cords to wrap around my car. That might just be too much. Even for me. However I am keeping my options open.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I *heart* faces

How could I not *heart* faces with such adorable boys? And with this weeks theme being messy I figured I HAD to participate. Quite clearly I am a beginner.

And by that I mean a point and click kinda girl, although I have promised myself that this spring I am going to work to figure out what the various buttons and switches on my new camera actually do.

Luckily they have a category just for people just like me. Whew.

Last year we had a giant dirt pile down by the barn that was going to be used as fill. Dash-2 being a little younger was a bit more timid of it, he preferred to drive his trucks around the outskirts of it and as the days went by he worked up the courage to climb the big dirt mountain. Dash-1, however, was climbing and jumping, rolling and digging, the very second I took his shoes off.

Hours were spent at that pile, days widdled it down and spread it around, over time it wasn't as high but it was still fun. Finally it needed to go into the hole that was waiting for it. But for two glorious weeks the boys were besides themselves. Dash-1 is already asking if we'll get another one this summer. After all a sandbox is pretty weak after a giant mountain of dirt.

I had recently bought my new camera and sat down by the pile taking picture after picture. Some are a bit blurry, in some there are shadows or the lighting isn't just right, but in every last one of them, the excitement and joy of childhood shows thru. These are some of my very favorite pictures of the boys to date, pictures of them playing, being boys, having fun, and just enjoying the moment.

If you have a messy picture that you want to share, head over to I *heart* faces and link up!