Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Cookie Hop Anyone?

I'm headed to the commissary tomorrow, that means I spend the day thinking about all the things I want to cook so I can pick up the ingredients at the commissary for a fraction of the price as they are here in town.

In case your wondering, I usually don't write a list, I'm sure there's a good reason, I've hidden my writing utensils, dash-1's run off with them, I put my list together in the car while driving, something like that, there's always a reason right?

For whatever reason I don't write a list, then I end up at the commissary with my frazzled self and my entourage roaming up and down the shelves forgetting most of what I need only to find out I came home with 3 bottles of ketchup and we already had 4.  You get the idea.

But I'm going to try to do a little more for this visit since December is a very special month. 


And yes, the birth of Christ is a very important thing, no need for snarky comments about how I'm going to hell because I refered to it as the month of the cookie. 

{For those of you who are thinking "no that doesn't happen, people don't leave comments like that!"  Yes. Yes they do.  For months. Actually years.}

But back to the cookies. Christmas cookies are really really delicious.  Like wicked awesome sorta delicious.

{And in case you didn't know, I shared this with the ornament swap folks, calories consumed during this month do not count}

So the point, cause I'm pretty sure there is a point to this post {or maybe not why start having a point now!} why not do an online cookie hop?

While your whipping up your holiday goodies, take a picture, write up the recipe on your blog and then link up over here in my little corner of the web.  If folks seem interested I'll set up a linky and a start date {I'm thinking next week to start and then just leave it up for the month?} and we can all get fat and happy together.

What better way to find a new recipe {and not just cookies, any type of baked good, desert type of treat will work} and share a favorite?  After all aren't the holidays about sharing?

And getting fat and happy.

So who's in?

The secret of cows

It's really not such a secret.

{Are all cows cattle?  I was going to say the secret of cattle.  But I'm not sure if those cows are cattle.  I know the longhorn are cattle but these I'm not so sure, of course it could be a universal cow thing.  This I don't know}


I pulled in our driveaway yesterday, which is a little longer then your average run of the mill suburbia neighboorhood driveway, of course then again we don't live in a neighboorhood, I went down by the barns to turn around and did the usual "Hey look boyos the cows are out... wave to the cows"

It amuses me when dash-3 waves to the cows and then looks out hoping they wave back, so long as a tail switches he's not disappointed. 

About halfway down the field there was a cow "sleeping".  Or so it first looked.  I thought it was odd.

We got up to the house which is up a little higher so despite being further from the cow I could see it better, it was laying flat out on its side.  Now here's the thing, I've clearly been living on this farm too long because I could tell right away that something was off.

Since I've lived here, I've seen cows curl up, I've seen cows get their heads stuck in fences, I've seen cows "wrestle" {that would be the boyo term for *ahem* mating}, shoot, we had a cow in our front yard close to climbing on the porch within the first couple months of living here, but I had never seen a cow lay that still, on its side.

And that folks is how you can tell that a cow is dead.

Told you it was worth it.

And now I'm off to figure out the difference between cattle and cows.  If there is any. I shall report back.

Don't forget to enter the $50 Tiny Prints Christmas Card giveaway! It ends tomorrow so get your entries in now!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Ornament swap info and other stuff

Ornament swap emails have been sent, every. last. one.  Look in your inbox for your partner's info and get to gettin.

Again, if there are any problems, let me know! I'm always happy to send out an ornament and some cookies.  In fact, yet again, I got to the end and realized I didn't pair myself up with anyone. So if there is anyone who is just now reading this and didn't sign up....I'm in the market for someone.

And my super cool giveaway from the kickass folks at Tiny Prints is still going on and will end on Weds. Go over and enter for some beautiful Christmas cards.  Or holiday cards. Or New Years cards.  Frankly I don't care what you celebrate, just check them out.  {And if you don't win check out their site for wicked awesome coupon codes}

Regular posting to resume when my pinky uncramps from cutting and pasting all the ornament swap emails. 

Ohhh and sit tight I might just tell you how I've become enough of a farm girl that I can now tell if a cow is dead, not just sleeping, from a football field away.  That's what counts as talent around here.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Christmas Card GIVEAWAY!!!!

I love all giveaways, but this one I am super duper stoked about.  My children and my husband? Not so much, because again it involves the much anticipated by me, dreaded by them Christmas photo.

{don't believe how much fun it is around here, check these out}

What does my Christmas photo have to do with a giveaway for you?  Ah-ha! It's only a $50 gift certificate for YOUR Christmas cards from THE BEST online card place ever.  And I do mean EVER

{Drumroll please.....}

Don't let the name fool you, there is nothing tiny about these cards, they are wonderfulness in an evnvelope.  And here's the thing, this isn't just some random review and giveaway, I am a Tiny Prints fiend, I start stalking their site in May looking at Christmas cards.  Contemplating if sending out July 4th and Halloween cards in between Christmas' would be a bit much. 

{Though, Tiny Prints if your listening, how awesome would a back to school line be?  Might I just say, parents of young kids starting school can be suckered into buying anything and are just so damn excited that the kiddos are out of the house and on the bus they really do want to send cards to anyone.  Not to mention when you live away from family it be cute to send pics to 'em in a cute card layout.}

I found Tiny Prints when I was looking for dash-3's baby announcements, I had hand made the other two but I was honest this time round and it just wasn't happening, of all the places I looked, and I looked for months, Tiny Prints were stylish and modern and priced AMAZING.  And might I add I got the cutest return address labels to match?

 I had planned on sending out a pic of all three boys and then right before we went to take the pictures, dash-2 got a HUGE black eye, and well, between that and being unable to keep their tongues in their mouths, fingers out of their noses, and whatever else I just gave up and went with a nice solo pic of the new boyo and the announcement below.
Oh and of course, those are just pics from the site, no way would my baby be sleeping that peacefully
I was nervous the first time I ordered cards online, would the quality be good enough, would they look all pixalated, would the card stock and envelopes be cheap.  The usual questions.  Not so, everything was top notch.  

So much so that I ordered again for Christmas that year.  

And when my sister in law was looking for wedding invites, not only did I mention Tiny Prints, but my mother was all over it.  Even big mama is on board with these guys.

And now its time for Christmas again.  {insert giddy excitement!}
I am loving the ornament card and what makes it even more gorgeous {besides the models family, my pic will include three boys fighting} is that this card was designed by Jennifer Garner for the Epidermolysis Bullosa Medical Research Foundation. Not only will this card spread your families cheer but it will help a fantastic cause.

Isn't that alone enough to make you check out Tiny Prints?
And look at the card above {again obviously not flyboy and I snuggline close} isn't that gorgeous?  Just goes to show you that their line is hardly all cute kid stuff
They have a ton of cards, holiday, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years, party invites, thank yous {not to mention moving cards, baby announcements, the whole wedding shebang.  Oh and lets not forget, not all the cards are photo cards, they have a fantastic line of modern and stylish cards that don't need your face splashed on them.  Simply put they have..... EVERYTHING.
To enter a $50 worth of Christmas cards:
-leave a comment! That's it.  Now if you feel chatty, feel free to say whether or not you do a picture card and if you do a picture card is it just the kiddos or is it all of you.

For extra entries: please leave a SEPARATE comment for each entry
-tweet about this giveaway! {please @mrs_flyboy so I can see it} - 2 entries {can tweet every day for 2 additional entries}
-follow tiny prints on twitter @tinyprints  - 2 entries
- post a link to the giveaway on facebook - 2 entries
-blog about the giveaway - 2 entries


The giveaway will be open until Weds December 1st at 6pm and I will draw it promptly and let the winner know so they can start designing.

Thanks to Tiny prints for sponsoring the giveaway and for my Christmas cards! {Take that and stuff it FCC compliance my butt}

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thankful thoughts

In dash 1's class they were asked what they were thankful for and the answers went home in the weekly newsletter.  I will admit I saw it and cringed for a second thinking about what my son might have said {dash 2 told me once he was thankful for his p*nis, you see why I might have been nervous}. 

I scanned down the page and there near the bottom was dash 1's response "I'm thankful for everything God gives us.  And daddy."  Whew.  Ok so I apparently didn't make the top of his list but its all cool, at least he pulled thru with a kick ass appropriate answer. 

But here's the thing, the kid is right.  As I sit down to right this post, he summed it all up nicely, I'm thankful for everything God has given us, even though its not the end of the year, it is drawing down and we've had another year of blessings.

I'm thankful for my husband, coming and going as he does, high strung as he is about cleaning, nit picky about things like not letting marbles get stuck in the seat of my car, he's my rock. 

I'm thankful for my kids, much as they drive me crazy, to see the world thru their eyes and watch them grow into little people with personalities {versus the house cat like being you bring home from the hospital} is something I try not to take for granted. 

I'm thankful for my family, for my parents, the ones who pull my arse from the burning fire when I'm stuck in a spot I cant seem to get out of and need some coverage {aka babysitting}.  My sister, who might drive me nuts from time to time but spoils the boyos and for whom they always come first.  My brother and sister in law to be, who thanks to their wedding we will have an escape from the cold down to GA come March, and quite frankly I'm just thankful that he's marrying someone normal, honestly, he's marrying quite up.

I'm thankful that I reconnected with some cousins this year, someone to trade recipes with, {hopefully} see more when I come to town, and remember that not all extended family is crazy and avoiding me.

I'm thankful for my in laws, not only did they raise an amazing son, but they understood that making the drive out there this year just wasn't in the cards. And I'm thankful that my mother in law understands all the quirks of my husband and feels for me.  And that we can team up on him when she comes to town.

My other thanks:
-Getting 3 PBS channels and something like 10 cartoon channels.  My heart swells when I think of this.  Really.

-School. 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, had I known it was so glorious I would have tried enrolling him years ago for Kindergarten.

-Twitter and my blackberry.  {insert angels singing} I don't even know what to say.

-My bloggy and twitter peeps, I am thankful that you all read my words and leave those of your own. {feel free to leave more}

And in closing....

After having spent my fair share of holidays with my Marine somewhere else in the world, this day can not go by without being thankful and remembering all of the men and women in our military who are away from their families. 

Trudging thru the mountains, dealing with gritty sand in their teeth, flying long days and nights, spending hour after hour on a boat, where ever they are and whatever they are doing, the important thing is that you are where you are because of them.

And with them where they are, their families are at home, their holidays a little {who are we kidding, a lot} less bright, an empty place at the table and in their heart as they wait for their family to be whole again.

I am thankful for them.

Happy Thanksgiving!  Now go eat some turkey!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

the christmas card photo that never was

I did something that, going into it, I could have told you how it would have ended. What's that you ask....Christmas card photo time.

I'm thinking this year of just going with a picture of the boys.  One it will be easier and two I don't care to listen to flyboy bitch and moan about taking a picture and mailing it to people.  My thought is that if I don't make him be in the picture then he'll actually help, not hinder, the taking of it.

Last year he led the rebellion and things got ugly.

He's still away but for some reason I got it into my head to go march them outside and give it a whirl.

Note to self.... need an extra set of hands.

We tried some in the field, some on a fence, and some by the cows.

Note to self again..... when taking pictures with cows in the background, they WILL poop at some point. 

 Darn the sun!

 I might just put him on my Christmas cards.  He stood very nicely the whole time, except of course when he pooped.  That might be a bit much for the xmas cards.
The boyos wanted a pic of the poop since it was steaming and well, I'm happy to oblige on the little things in life.
 I had a whole plan of shots around the fence....

 You can see how well that seemed to work out for us.

So here... have a laugh or two , might as well share some joy, these are the *good* shots.

This also goes to answer the question that someone without kids might have.... how hard is it to get a group shot of kids in which they are all looking at you.... hard. 

Very, very hard indeed.

But with all that being said, I will be redoing my game plan and attacking this again in a day or two.  Just enough time to stain treat those white shirts from the grass stains they got wrestling each other.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

the car and the ornament swap

The car is fixed, apparently someone unleashed some marbles in the back seat {ahem **cough cough** dash-1} The dealer didn't charge us a red cent for the rental, the patch in my tire, unsticking the backseat {the marbles were free grandma got us those}. So I suppose it all worked out.

Annnnny day now my sanity shall return.

I need to get out the ornament swap partners however I'm hoping you guys can be a little patient with me, I need to install Office on our new computer.

{you know the one we've had since August, I can't believe you buy a damn computer and it doesn't even come with office, what the hell are you paying for?}

I'm hesitant to install it until Flyboy comes home next week because the way my luck is going this week I might just break the computer.  Or worse.... the whole world wide web. 

It could happen.

So I'll extend the sign ups for a couple more days and hopefully get the emails, with your partners questionnaire answers {hence the need for excel} and info.   It will be worth the wait, or I hope so anyways.

Enjoy the weekend!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

the rest of the day

I tried to have an upbeat mood change.  I tried to put the craptastic morning behind me. I tried not to be so damn frustrated and cranky today.

Until Murphy took to the sky like a giant hawk and pooped on me from 100 feet up.  {Has that ever happened to you? It's actually happened to me and disgusting doesn't even BEGIN to describe it}

As I pull into the school to fetch dash1 and my low tire pressure light comes on.  I planned on getting air after I pick up the kiddo, let him play on the playground for a bit and head home. No biggie. 

Well, all the air seeped out while he played. I get to the car.

Tire - Flat.  Flatter than flat.

No biggie I have roadside assistance.  We were smart.  We paid for that.

Oh wait.

My spare?  Trapped under my stuck back seat.  So that my friends, renders my spare tire useless.  And my roadside assistance equally useless.  Kinda like my husband who is stepping onto an airplane to do night flying somewhere not here.

I called the dealer and got a smidge on the pissy side since I had brought my car over to them like they told me to earlier in the day only to have them tell me that, yes, indeed the seat is stuck.  And oh that low pressure light, no biggie, we'll check that tomorrow.  {I then put in air only to have it apparently all leak out}

The car place sent over a tech to help me change my tire.  I explained to them THREE times on the phone that the problem was less of the flat and more that the STUCK BACK SEAT WAS HOLDING MY SPARE HOSTAGE.

So when the tech showed up with a mere jack to change my tire my eye started twitching.

When he said, "Oh wow, that is stuck" in regards to my seat, my head ALMOST exploded. 

Don't you people talk to each other?!

So here I am with a rental car while they figure out what's up and why someone didn't look at it the first time I came into the dealer. 

And flyboy?  He's still flying.

the bad, the good, and baby poop

I spent the better part of the day so far pissed off and bitter.  It felt like Murphy, of the all-hell-breaks-loose-when-you-least-have-the-patience-for-it Murphy's, {I think they are from upstate} had his sights set on me.

I've been a busy bee this week.  I cleared out the dining room, have started painting, gotten most of the furniture in there, pulled the trigger on the boyos bunk beds, took apart the toddler beds, moved them up to the attic, lugged home 2 mattresses from Sam's, set them up, moved the furniture out of the dining room again to put down the new rug {would have made more sense to have the rug BEFORE hand wouldn't it?}, whew.

All this while flyboy is away. And the kids have colds.  And are whinny.  And seem to have 5 million other things going on this week.  And I should mention not sleeping thru the night, if its not dash3 up its dash2.

I'm tired.

I might not have done it all the way that flyboy would have, but none the less its getting done.

I've been quite proud of myself, until this morning.  When I snapped.  Like poltergist-head-spinning-backwards kinda snapped.

I went to fix my car from getting the mattresses, our 3rd row of seats had been folded completely flat. Where, 20 hours later it still remains.

I pulled the latch like the damn thing said for close to 45 minutes, my fingers are bruised and I pulled a muscle  I'm sure it was quite a sight.  And lets not forget me calling flyboy, where apparently it was considerably earlier in the morning, and screaming at him.  This by the way is why I don't live in housing, so when the enevitable meltdown occurs I'm not on full display to the public.

So the car is not budging.

I rode over to the dealer where they pulled the latch once and said "oh yeah, that's stuck" and to my defense I did not punch anyone in the face.  I'm curious as to why when I explained it in great detail over the phone they couldn't just take my word.  Now we get to go back tomorrow for more fun.

So I've been stewing most of the morning. It may not seem like much but I'm feeling a bit on the teetering on the edge of sanity right now. And then dash-2 said something very cute and I realized I needed to snap the hell out of it.

{In case you were wondering I handed him his santa hat and asked how his ice cream was and he said "santa-riffic".  Very cute.  But then again, I'm his mom, I'm biased.}

To remind myself, heres the bad, good, and stinky of life lately:

*Flyboy is away. Again. And probably getting home later.

Flyboy is not dead, he's just away.  He has a job, it pays the bills, allows me to stay home with our boyos, and comes with a uniform that he looks wicked handsome in.  All pluses.  Granted he might not be home when we thought he would be, but it's due to a funeral for a fallen Marine.  I am immensly grateful my Marine is coming home whenever he comes and that I am not the family of that fallen Marine who's suffering is imaginable right now.

 *My car seat is stuck and its pissing me off.

It's a car.  Granted it's an expensive {actually helluva expensive would be more fitting} item but it's a car.  And it's a car still covered under a warranty.  Pain in the ass? Yes.  The end of the world? No.

*Everyone is whinny, has colds, and doesn't want to sleep without waking up every two hours.  This is impedding on my sleeping and is greatly contributing to my pissy mood.

I should lock them all in a closet and take a nap.  Wait we don't have any closets {yeah that's right, charming old houses don't always come with closets}.  And even if we did locking them in closets would be irresponsible.  Right?  Right.

This too will pass.  Colds last for a small amount of time relatively speaking.  It's just a cold, granted dash-1 has some asthma issues and the nebulizer is a permanent fixture these days, but its just a cold, not some debilitating life threatening disease.

And one day, my kids wont cry out for me any more at night, one day I'll be pacing the floors waiting to hear from them.  At least now I know where they are safe and sound.  If only they could just forget that I am such a good tucker-inner.

*I'm feeling fat and frustrated that is no time during the day to excersise.

Well I'm sure I could squeeze in five minutes here or there, but come on, I have 3 kids and for the time being no husband, it is what it is.  I shouldn't feel guilty about not running on the treadmill.  Can't walking laps around target pushing two kids in a cart count?

And the ice cream I plan on eating straight from the carton tonight after they go to bed, that's for my calcium.  Calcium is very important.

*Dash3 is back on his pooping/diarrhea kick.  Not that I don't love changing half a dozen explosive poops a day but come on kiddo.  I'm pretty sure despite scrubbing down after wards I still smell like baby poop. 

Darn if I can't come up with a plus side of this one.  At least he's pooping I suppose?  Yeah this one pretty much just stinks.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Christmas Shopping

Every year I vow to have my Christmas shopping done by August.  And every year come the end of November and I just laugh at myself.

Finish shopping? How about not even started.  Wait. I take that back. I have ordered the boyos sleeping bags.  I'm confident they won't be logging on here to see that. 

So for those of you who are in the same boat as moi, let me help you out some fab-u-lous gift ideas that can all be found at Blue Bird Crafting, which in case you aren't familiar, is right at your finger tips where you can shop in the comfort of your pjs, over at Etsy.

 I love these! A set of quilted burp cloths with a matching zipper bag in a modern, fresh print.  

And by the way the zipper bag can fit everything in it except for your actual child.  I swear.  I have one in my car that is holding, 3 diapers, a onesie, pack of wipes, tissues, diaper cream, hand cream, sanitizer, a grocery bag, hair clips, and a pack of gummies.  {Don't judge they keep the kiddos quiet}

A beautiful gift for a mommy to be!

A wall hanging for the patriotic crowd! It's bigger than you think and would fill the wall space in an entry or hallway nicely.  

 This little darlin is what started Blue Bird Crafting.  This is THE PERFECT GIFT for anyone with a connection to the military.  Can't figure out what to give your mother-in-law or your military wife bff? How about one of these.  

No mother could turn down a star that signifies her son or daughter's service to our country.  

And neither could any wife!

Lots of burp cloths listed and they are a fantastic gift for just $7 dollars, with shipping they are still under 10! 

 {9.50 to be exact}

Add a couple of little feeding and diaper bag items and tie a bow around these for a beautiful and VERY useful gift.

 Every little girl needs a bag to fill with her necessities and this one is just adorable. Perfect for a stuffed animal or two, some snacks, coloring books and markers. 

 Can anyone ever have enough bags to put things in? Makeup, medicine, electronics, items for your purse or diaper bag, snacks for the car, they are as useful as they are beautiful.

 I know everyone is heading over right now to snag up this adorable little boy, but alas, he is not for sale. {However we have parent teacher conferences next week, check back....} but the aprons are {2 for sale}.

They are sized just right for a little chef or kitchen helper and at 8 bucks, perfect for a budget.

Check us out! And good luck with the mall parking lot at Christmas, that thought alone should cause the Etsy servers to crash.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

You're all winners to me

Forgive me I'm running really behind here. 

Flyboy is away, furniture is being delivered this week, I'm attempting my first solo painting project, the boyos have packed schedules and on top of that we have colds and asthma raging in the house. SWEET!

But I have not forgotten the giveaway winners!

Well I did briefly but I'm getting to it now and better late than never right?

For the OMG Seriously? Christmas cards congrats to  - #10 Birdie 

When I went back to see who was #10 I had to laugh, her comment... "I love making my in-laws uncomfortable! These cards are perfect for that!! ;"  Yes Birdie, these will accomplish that. Enjoy.

and for the Scentsy congrats to - #28 ms-texas

Hope you both enjoy your winnings, email me your info asap {if I don't hear anything within 48 hours, I'll draw another name} so I can forward it on and get you your goodies!

Thanks to everyone who entered and don't forget to sign up for the ornament swap!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ornament Swap Sign Ups!

It's that time of year again! 

 Time for the 2nd Annual Trying Our Best Ornament Swap!

Halloween is over and not five minutes later Christmas decorations are unveiled in the stores.  This used to annoy me but since it was snowing up here yesterday I figure why not just embrace it? I shall be against Christmas decorations in August, even October, but anything after Halloween I'll welcome.

Hey, its a new me around here.

So since Thanksgiving is only 2 weeks away and then the holiday season is really into full speed I wanted to get the Ornament Swap out there before people get so busy that they don't want to join in.  Because the more the merrier!

It's a fun way to spread some Christmas cheer for not a whole lot of mola. And if your into holiday baking feel free to toss in some cookies in your box. Whoever gets me will be getting some kickass chocolate toffee and some cranberry white chocolate cookies (those have eggs but they are delish!) and perhaps a dash boy.  Last year SS sent me some AMAZING brown sugar cookies and I will admit, I didn't share any with anyone.

Info on the swap

*you can either MAKE or BUY an ornament, however there will be a $10 dollar limit. And if you find a cute one for less go for it. {I think the art of bargain hunting should make a comeback.}

*Ornaments should be mailed so that they are received round about December 15th.  If you and your partner work something else out, good to go, but the whole point is to have this ornament BEFORE the holidays.

*You can sign up for the swap until Saturday night {November 20} My goal is to get the names and emails out to you all before Thanksgiving.

Interested?  Sign-up HERE!
{If anyone has a problem with the sign up formjust let me know, its a google doc and its my first go with it.}
I hope that a good number of people want to participate, this was a lot of fun last year and I'm hoping its as much fun again this year!

And if goodness forbid your partner skips out on you let me know I'll mail you a big Christmas package complete with a dash brother.  I'm hoping by doing the sign ups thru a form I'll weed out the people who will go incommunicado.

Grab a button {courtesy of Caedeince, thank you so much!}!

{Psst. people have been saying they are having problems with the code and most are just cutting and pasting the image and linking it thru blogger.}

Please, spread the word on your blogs, twitter, facebook... shoot scream it from the roof top afterall, the more the merrier!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Don't forget....

Just a few updates... 2 giveaways right now... one for a scentsy plug in warmer and one for a set of wickedly funny and mildly crass Christmas cards.

Go forth. Enter. Try to win.

On another note... I should have the sign ups for the Ornament Swap up in the next couple of days.

I'm just working out the kinks right now. And by working out kinks I mean I'm sitting in my pjs cursing at my computer over grab my button code sharing while drinking copious amounts of cranberry ginger ale and shivering from a fever.  Good times here.

But it's going to be worth it! Hopefully lots of you will sign up for the swap and thanks to Caedeince there will be a cute button to share.

Provided I don't punch my monitor between now and then.

And that wouldnt be good.

So yeah.  That's where everything stands.

Scentsy warmer giveaway!

Apparently I live under a rock.

It would seem that everyone else knows about the joy that is Scentsy except for me.  Well no longer is that the case thanks to Cheilsea over at The Brownings, she's a Scentsy consultant and has so kindly offered to give away a plug in warmer for your choice!

I browsed thru her online catalog and was quite impressed, they have something for ANYONE and they would be an great gift, think teacher, who has to smell 21 smelly kids all day... or a mom friend, who lives in a world of explosive poos.... or a bus driver who makes sure your son isn't acting like a jerk off on the bus {I heart my bus driver can you tell!}.  There really is one for anyone.

And just so you know... if you buy $40 or more before Nov 15th  head over to her FB page enter to win a free full size holiday warmer, this contest is open until Nov 15!

To enter:
Leave a comment about which scent you would like to try, or if you've used Scentsy before, which scent you love.

For extra entries: (and leave a comment PER entry)

-"Like" Sweetly Scentsational on facebook - 3 entries
-Follow her blog - 2 entry
-Tweet about it! {don't forget to include a link to the giveaway and @mrs_flyboy so I get it}- 2 entries

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The wickedest Christmas cards around and a GIVEAWAY!

 Disclaimer: If you don't find curse words, especially the f-bomb funny, you should probably just hit the old X in the right hand corner right about now. However, if you have a wicked sense of humor, proceed and trust me, you'll appreciate it.

Few things excite me more than Christmas cards.  Seriously. 

In fact, if my husband and the delivery box with my Christmas cards were both on the front porch: the hubs home from a trip and the cards, fresh from UPS truck, I'm not sure which ones I would run to first.  Actually, lets be honest flyboy, we both know.

But you'd get a great big hug and a big ol smooch as soon as I opened up the cards.

That's my excitement level. 

I send out nice photo cards of us and usually a funny little pic of the kids under the tree {last year dash-2 was making moose antlers, the year prior dash1 was strangling dash2 with his hug}.  Every year getting a nice family shot is harder and harder, it be so much easier just to get a shot of the boyos. 

The box comes I sit on the couch addressing my cards, bitching to flyboy that I'm not sending any to any family members who don't send ones back, he then blankly stares at me, because he's still scared from having to take the family picture with the auto button.  When he finally comes to he askes why we go thru this every year.

Because it's Christmas dammit! The birth of our Savior.  Get with the program.

{That and if I don't send a card of us with our adorable blond hair blue eyed kids my frienemy will think I've ballooned to 300lbs, because, well, shes that kinda bitch.}

 But search no more... I've found the perfect cards..... over at OMGSeriously at Etsy.  {Cause we all know Etsy rocks.}

There's a whole set of them.... and some of them are simply wicked.  And well, coming from me that's a good thing.

I know some people despise curse words.  Me, not so much.  I love me a good f-bomb.  Time and place obviously, but I'm sorry, this card just made me laugh so damn hard I almost wet myself.

And please don't leave me any comments about how some curse words take away from the true meaning of Christmas.  Its satire people. It's funny.  And the true meaning of Christmas is shown in the fact that I get thru the damn holidays without killing a single member of my family.

But back to the cards...Put this in a box of cookies and send it to the ol frienemy.  Flyboy's going to have to hide these cards or ones getting sent.

Put it in a little Christmas card with a witty message, some cookies, an ornament, there ya go, a Christmas care package that says I love ya with a bite.

My kinda package.

Oh and you should know besides my love of cursing I'm also a paper snob and these cards were top quality.  A very nice weight to them and the envelopes which is important when wishing someone a Merry Motherfucking Christmas.

And you can win a pack! giving is the Christmas spirit isnt it? How nice is that of Tiffany Ard, the talented lady who makes em? She also has the cutest line art and nursery decor for the nerdy baby, I wish I had known about this when dash1 was itty bitty.

Oh and no cursing there.

Here's what you have to do to win a pack:
- Leave a comment letting me know who this card would be perfect for.

For extra entries, 
-"like" them on facebook  - 2 entries
-follow them on twitter @OMG_Seriously - 1 entry
-tweet about this giveaway {@mrs_flyboy so I know you sent it} 1 entry {you can tweet daily for entries!}
-blog about it with a link back here to the giveaway - 4 entries

This giveaway will run until Nov 12 at 8pm! Good luck!

Many thanks to OMGSeriously over at Etsy for the pack of cards she sent for me to review, check out her stuff people and support an Etsy artisan!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Philosophical cuddles

"You know what my love?"


"You look just like your daddy.  I don't miss him as much when I have you around, I look at your face and I see your daddy and that's quite nice."

"I look like daddy?!"

"Oh yes my dear, your just as handsome, just as cute, its just like looking at him." 

and then I lean in closer

"But my love, you have my personality, but you look JUST like daddy."

"Mama, that must be why all the little girls stare at me."

Yes dash-2, that's why all the girls are staring at you cause you're so darn cute.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Know what today is?

Don't forget to go VOTE today!

I, personally, vote for several reasons.

1. I am extremely lucky to live in a country where, we might elect idiots from time to time, but those idiots assume their offices in a peaceful transfer of power.  It only seems right to vote to show other countries that it can be done and that it is appreciated.

2. Right now, whether people realize it everyday or not, we are a country at war.  We are a country that got it's start on the backs of those willing to put their everyday lives on hold and ultimately lay down those lives, if need be, so that we would have freedom.  One of those essential freedoms, the vote.  The least I can do while someone is trekking thru Afghanistan while dodging bullets is drag my butt down the street to vote.

3. I firmly believe that if you don't vote, you don't get to complain.  And if I don't get to complain, well, my life wouldn't be complete. 

So all in all, get off your duff and go VOTE.