Wednesday, November 12, 2008

i told you so

Pardon my language folks but this weekend we had a bit of a shit show around here. And for once, I am not talking about poop.

So Dash-2 gets congested and hacky, I will admit he was pretty congested. Around eleven as I was going to bed he woke up fussy. Actually scratch that, he was screaming inconsolably. Flyboy happens to be home and comes upstairs when he hears all the commotion.

He keeps asking me whats wrong and what should we do. He is PACING back and forth, wringing his hands.

Flyboy starts saying over and over that we should take the little dash down to the hospital to the ER. Now for those of you that aren't used to military medicine, we aren't talking about a regular ER, our ER is essentially a walk in clinic. Really I wouldn't take my kids to a regular er for an ear ache but alas, in the military some things are different.

But still. My little one didn't feel well but at this point it was midnight and we live 45 mins away from the base where the hospital is. And mind you both of us are tired, its snowing a bit, and we have to drive over some big windy mountains. And I grew up in a house where unless you were bleeding, passed out, or laying in the street, you were not going to the doctors. My mom raised us tough.

However, when flyboy gets something in his mind he goes with it. As he starts back in on going down the little dash starts hacking and then vomits. Of course this sends flyboy over the moon. I dont think he's seen him vomit before and you would have thought that he had grown a third arm or something.

In case you wondered what happened next let me just say that all of us ended up traipsing down to the hospital.

The place was dead. Hmm. Perhaps a bad way to describe a hospital. Dash-2 was still screaming when we got there but hell I was close to screaming too so who can blame him.

And what do you know.... the little one is all clear. I could tell that flyboy felt like a boob. This was the first time he had been "duped", you know, they are sick right until you get into the doctor's room. Then they miraculously heal.

The doctor, who's accent was so thick you could barely understand him, was quite lonely and chatty. Apparently he doesn't get much business at 2 am. He starts in on how we need a humidifier for the boys room (been there done that but perhaps I'll dust it off) and then he starts squinting at me.

"You have dry skin. I see from here. " Then he looks at flyboy and says, "Oh your skin is nice and dewy."

Ummm... really, at 2 am I put on a bra for this? Flyboy, by the way, looked like the cat that ate the canary. And with that the doctor goes back on the subject of my skin and how dry it looks.

Well thank you, thank you very much.

Don't get me wrong, I was relieved my little dash-2 was healthy, helluva cranky at 2 am but healthy. But I must admit I did have a feeling about that. Call it motherly instinct. Call it being thru this time and time again, obviously alone since my husband was running around freaking like a new daddy.

Everyone got home in one peice, made it over the mountain safe and sound and was in bed by 3:30am. And we were lucky.....the boys slept in. Till 8:30.


  1. I love when I don't even have to say I told you so. I've developed and perfected an "I told you so" look, that I can just shoot across the room whenever I want to get him, but not make a scene. I'm sure you have one too.

  2. Oh, and I hope you get hours and hours of glorious sleep tonight.

    And, what? Snow? Haven't seen any of that nonsense here in CT yet.

  3. wow, what a night.

    but i have to say that with the vomit, i would be freaking out too. maybe it's a mom thing that i'll acquire to be able to tolerate vomit? i hope so.

  4. Haha! Been there, done that. Although, luckily our hospital is only a fifteen minute drive away. Still, it is so frustrating to haul your supposedly sick kid in there only to have them look at you like you are a hypochondriac. And that skin comment? Wow, what a professional...Did give me a good laugh, however.

    Oh, and I'm working on the blog; I have about fifteen things going on this week, but I'll compose an email about it soon, hopefully!

  5. Holy crap, how did this happen: "I dont think he's seen him vomit before and you would have thought that he had grown a third arm or something."

    He really has been away a ton!

    Hopefully next time he will be more trusting of your mama instinct, and save you from weird ER doctors who want to talk about dry skin. WTF?

    Best line of the post: "Ummm... really, at 2 am I put on a bra for this?" hehehehehe

  6. hahah too funny! dads are PRICELESS!!!! He should know that once YOU think its time to go to the ER, that somethings wrong!!! still...what a good daddy for freakingout! lol. As for the dr and the skin comments...only in the military will they do cross exams like thats.hahahaha...i bet now your honna bring lotion everywhere.ha. (at least i would, i be soo freaking paranoid) LOL!LOVE the part where you said "and i put on a bar for this???" FREAKING MADE MY WAKE UP time easier!! lol. Thanks for the best wishes and prayers for my mom and I. It means a lot. Oh and Im glad that in the end your lil bugger is healthy!!!

  7. sometimes father knows best, just not always...:)

  8. I have to say it is kind of cute that flyboy was so worried! But I can imagine it wasn't so cute when you were driving in the middle of the night.

  9. I hope he's feeling better and that you've all been able to get some good sleep!

  10. "really, at 2 am I put on a bra for this?"

    can't stop laughing honey!!

  11. you and are I living parallel lives this week. Sick. Kids. Suck!

  12. ugh. but i think you were wise NOT to argue and just go to the doctor's because there would have been no end to it if you hadn't (see, I'm learning!)


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