Thursday, July 29, 2010

KIDStrong Giveaway

My children have inherited a trait of mine, besides blue eyes and the desire to backtalk.... the need for constant hydration.

I drink more then a... well... whatever animal is known for drinking a lot. I'm too lazy to google to find out. But I'm betting there is one.

And now I have given birth to little versions of me.

I know as a mom I should say, "oh they don't drink juice I would never serve that, they only drink water", but guess what? They drink juice. In fact they drink a lot of juice and not as much water. So sue me. {its watered down juice does that help my case?}

KIDStrong Products emailed me to see if I would be interested in reviewing on of their kids drinks and I jumped on the chance. Who better to test it then my little {insert thirsty animal from above here}?

In the interest of full disclosure I should tell you that dash-1 wouldn't touch the stuff. Why you ask? Because he had never had it before. He's less of a picky eater and more of a familiar eater so honestly I didn't expect him to try it. It took him 4 months to try a new juice box, and I didn't think I had 4 mths to do this review.

Dash-2 was all over them. Especially the grape.

He loved that they looked like a real big kid drink I put in a straw for him and he sucked the grape down.

And I waited for a really good time to test it out, it was 103 degrees, actually it was a heat wave that had temps over 100 for four days in a row. Unheard of up here.

My kids were soaking wet after five minutes of play outside so I knew that he needed something a little extra then just water.

I checked out the info they sent me and after reading what they had to say I was interested in testing them out.
  • All-natural
  • No artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners
  • Preservative-free
  • Low in sugar
  • Low glycemic index complex carbohydrate blend
  • Optimal electrolyte profile
  • Power-packed with 22 vitamins, minerals, and nutrients
  • Scientifically formulated for kids’ hydration and energy

There are some that poo poo anything besides water for kids. I poo poo them. Giving my kids healthy alternatives is hardly akin to giving them a cold frosty soda. {Although I do love cold soda my kids are touching one for years}

These drinks would be perfect after sweating buckets at the park. And when I think about all the sugary drinks filled with food coloring that the little one's on dash-1 teeball team drank in the dugout my stomach turns.

They met my main criteria for drinks, no food coloring {nasty chemicals that can really affect behavior}, low in sugar {sugar shouldn't be an enemy, moderation is key}, and some good stuff!

Oh and it passed the taste test!

And lucky lucky someone! KIDStrong is giving someone, some lucky someone, 2 CASES! Perfect for the end of summer and sports in the fall!

To enter:
-leave a comment about who would be consuming these drinks {its ok to say you or to win them for someone else's kids}

for extra entries {and leave a comment PER entry!}
-tweet a link to this post
-blog about this giveaway

The giveaway will be open till Tuesday

I could tell you about.... but I wont

I had a great post. It was funny, though provoking, tugged at the heart strings. And now......nuttin.

I was writing it in my head the other day as I drove the six hours home and seeing as though you can't even talk on your cell phone in the car anymore, whipping out the laptop to blog is probably waaaaaaaaaaaaay against the law.

Although I'm always amazed at the number of people I see doing their makeup or reading the paper..... while driving.

So lets see.... I could write about how dash-3 amuses me with his bad ass dancing skills anytime he hears any sort of little tune.

I could write about dash-1's surgery, it went well he's healing next to me on the couch watching Scooby Doo. Oh and his belly button is now an innie and his stomach is now pushed back to where it should be.

I could write about how I woke up this morning to find dash-2 had his underpants on backwards. Again.

I could write about how I got a new fantastic cookbook from Divvies, an allergy free baking company and how the recipes are amazing AND egg, peanut, and milk free. And things that everyone would eat.

I could write about how summer seems to be flying by.

I could write about the inner debate I'm having with myself over what backpack to buy for dash-1.

I could write about how we still haven't figured out preschool or no preschool for dash-2.

I could write about a bunch I suppose.

But I'll have to wait till I'm in my car and it comes to me. My car or the shower, that's when post come to me. Shame that neither one is exactly the best for blogging.

When do your best blog post come to you?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Silver lining of yuckies

There have been moments this summer that I have felt like I was drowning. And I don't mean the pool, I've spent most of my water moments in the baby pool.

At various moments in the past month or two I've sat in still amazement and wondered why things keep coming at me. I'm not proud to admit that I've had my little why me moments.

First the oral surgery, then the singulair, the bladder infection which is leading to a bunch of test, horrific sleep patterns that may or may not be related to said bladder/kidney issues, and as this post is going up I'm sitting with dash-1 at Children's Hospital while he has stomach surgery.


Come on!

I just want a few weeks of peace and quiet. Or make that relative peace and quiet, I do have three boys, something is always breaking around here.

But then I remember, we are lucky. We are very lucky.

All in all we have our health, my babies aren't being treated for cancer or some other awful childhood disease.

We have our happiness, even on days with yelling there are smiles and laughter.

We have love.

We have each other, while I sit in many waiting rooms alone, today I don't have to, today I have my love by my side to lean on.

Sounds very cheesy and hokey but if military life has taught me nothing else it's taught me not to take the little things for granted.

And I think we can all appreciate that these things really aren't little things.

In a time when so many are giving so much, sons, daughters, wives, husbands, mothers, and fathers, all are giving the ultimate sacrifice, what's a little period of rain in the grand scheme of things?

Something tells me that they would give anything to have any of these life stresses back rather then the dark emptiness that they are facing.

So we face the yuckies. All in all, we are happy. And lucky. Damn lucky.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I'm cheating on my blog

I'm being featured today over at Live, Laugh, Love Our Airforce Life! Stop by and check it out, I promise it'll be worth your while.

Support My Troop

Ok I can't really promise that but still.... it could make ya laugh.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The most amazing mascara ever! and more on etsy

I have to share my new find with you all. I'd share it with flyboy when he returns but seeing as though its new mascara he's probably not going to give a rats ass. And that's putting it mildly.

Quite frankly y'all might not care either but this stuff is amazing. I must share. I am bound by some amazing makeup ethics to share. So share I will.

My marine wife bff on twitter shared this with me when I asked for any sensitive eye mascara recommendations.

My eyes are really sensitive. I'm usually good with mascara for about an hour or two before my eyes get red and I start to look like a red eyed freak. It's ugly folks. Real ugly.

I'm not a big makeup person but I do *puffy heart* mascara. So I went out the next day to find what she recommended..... click here {I'm on my mom's macbook and I can't find the saved image}

It's not quite a traditional mascara it calls itself liquid falsh eyelashes, I mean it goes on the same but it has a lighter feel on your lashes. They aren't all yucky and gunky, they are just smooth and long. Really long. And not an itch or tingle to my darling little peepers.

And in case your wondering I've worn it at the pool all week and no raccoon eyes.

Now it is a little pricey, 29 bucks for the set, but well, well, well worth it. Run don't walk to Sephora and pick some up {and did you know JC Penny's has Sephora in them?}.


Oh and more on etsy!

Check out what's new to Blue Bird Crafting! Isn't this airplane fabric adorable?

Saturday, July 24, 2010

pretty in pink

A diaper bag pack: one large zipper bag and two matching burp cloths in a fabulous pink print.

A fantastic gift for a mom or mom to be.

Add a pack of wipes, diaper cream, hand sanitizer {actually toss in two of those} and a pack of baggies to toss away stinky diapers. It comes packed nicely in a cellophane bag just waiting for someone to spit up on them!

Friday, July 23, 2010

in a kiddies face

The boyos and I went out to dinner the other day- you know because daddy's gone and mommy gets tired of cooking- as we sat at the table, I laid my new sunglasses down and dash-1 snatched them up and popped them right on his cute little face.

I looked up and saw it.

My grandmother.

I remember her wearing sunglasses that seemed so big to me {and yet now I have a pair... scary} I saw her smile in his smile, minus the missing front tooth and all those memories in my mind sitting in the back of my mind came right up to the front.

And all it took was a smile from my boy.

That's the amazing thing about kids.... in them lies the past, the present, and the future all rolled into one.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

the winners are.....



Briar Rose

I'm hoping to hear from you guys most ricky tick so I can get the bags in the mail either tomorrow or Saturday, next week is busy busy. So if you're a winner, please email me your info asap please!

I hope everyone is happy with the bags they got and puts them to good use. Should any of you be crushed that you didn't win, fret not, Blue Bird Crafting always has cute stuff in stock!

Last chance for the giveaway!

The giveaway ends tonight! Don't forget to enter here.... if you want, if not disregard.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


First I apologize for my long post. I try to keep em brief. I just cant. I'm shocked twitter hasn't kicked me off yet. But hang in there... there is a giveaway in here.

Bless my mother.

You know how we have those people we turn to when our husbands are away? Well mine is my mother. I'm surprised she isn't limping lately because I lean on her so damn much.

And before you think, "wow she leans on her mother doesn't she have any friends? " Well no but that's not the point.

I have three kids. Three boys that is, my mother is fooled by them because they are her grandchildren, she, unlike my friends, can not be scared off my my kids, thus the perfect one to turn to.

Plus the kids love her, shes wonderful, I can trust her with them for days on end, and well I'm pretty sure they wont due anything to her that she can sue us for. Or rather I'm pretty sure she wouldn't sue us.

Anyways, this summer she's been pretty busy with us. There's been a fair amount going on that I've needed her help with, dash-1's oral surgery was while flyboy was away, oh and he's having stomach surgery next week and she's going to come up and now we have more test for dash-3 for his kidney issues that she's already offered to help with if we need it.

And this week the boys and I are visiting and she's made it her goal to get me some peace. {She's thinking I might be nearing a breaking point, I can't imagine why?}

See what I mean by bless her? And bless the Marine Corps for stationing 6 {or so} hours away.

But because of all this running around with my kids and saving my sanity and all, she hasn't had as much time to sew. Hard to believe that one can't sew with my kids running around.

Dash-1 has an interest in magnetizing her needles to make a compass when he's not using them to run experiments popping balloons, Dash-2 has to be watched like a hawk after he actually disabled my fathers computer network, oh yeah pop works from home so that was quite a feat, and then dash-3 who likes to belly crawl all over and find anything and everything he shouldn't have.

See little time to sew. Or focus as much on her etsy store, both in crafting and promoting it, I'm slacking in that department.

So I'm pimping her store.

Ohhhh and this week since I'm in town, I'll be prepping and mailing out any orders. That's exciting isnt it? To think, the mrs. touched your items. That alone should make you run out and by something. {Please note the sarcasm, I don't really think I'm that spectacular}

Please, head on over and check out her store, Blue Bird Crafting and look around. She has amazing service stars{service stars can be hung at anytime, not just during deployments}, quilted burp cloths {totally 100% handmade burp cloths, they are adorable}, and beautiful tote bags.

And mom had some goodies for a giveaway!

All together, who loves a giveaway! There will be THREE winners:

One lucky winner will win BOTH of these two cute handmade zipper bags. They are 7.5 inches wide by 5 inches tall.

Another lucky winner will win this large blue zipper bag, measuring about 8x10.

I carry one of these around that has a pack of wipes, 4 diapers, and a change of clothes for dash-3. These things can hold a ton!

And another lucky winner will win this large pink bag! It is also 8x10 and no doubt, can also fit a crap ton.

To enter, leave a comment letting me know which bag ya like best. That simple. I like simple things.

But if you want an extra entry... or two... or five {But you must leave a comment for EACH entry!}

-mention this giveaway on your blog
-tweet about bluebirdcrafting and this giveaway on twitter {@mrs_flyboy if I don't already follow you}
-and 5 entries for any purchases from the etsy store!

The giveaway will be open till Thursday 8pm!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

honest mommy moment

I'm going to share enough real post of parenting with you all, other wise known round these parts as an honest mommy moment.



I could just leave it there. That says more then you think it does.

When your pregnant you rub your belly and dream of what they will be like. When they are mere babes you pat their little backs, smoothing our the wrinkles in their onesies, bouncing them up and down on your shoulder whispering in their ears all the things they will do.

I'm guilty of this. Flyboy is guilty of this. Who isn't?

And if you say well I've never done it, I must toss down the bull shit flag, I think its human nature.

But. There is always a but in life. We have to accept them for who they are if they are just a little bit different then we thought they would be. Or should be.

I love my little dash-1. He's been through some rough times lately. And I will admit, its hard sometimes to remember to just accept him for who he is.

He's my first baby, the one that made me a mommy, the one that taught me how to love with the very whole of my being. Him and I have learned a lot together.

When he was learning to hold his head up and eat baby food I was learning to be a mom.

When he was learning to walk, I was still learning to be a mom.

With everyone of his first, be it the start of elementary school, learning to drive, his first date, I'll still be learning to be a mom.

And the most important part of parenting is learning how to love them for who they are.

Dash-1 is the one who test me. Dash-2 can be a little weird too, I mean he does like to wear his underwear backwards. But I will admit in the past several months there have been times when I looked at my firstborn and wondered if I could change him.

Why can't we mold our kids to be what we had thought they would be? What we think will make life easier for them?

I mean we are given these little beings and told that they are ours to mold and shape. Why can't we?


No really, just because. I don't have all the answers here. But I'll give you my theory.

My theory is that its our job to teach them, to mold and shape to be good decent people and thats where the molding and shaping ends. Obviously some parents tried their damnedest and failed or just phoned in and well, they keep the news people in business, but for the rest of us that's it.

We get to give them our DNA. They have my eyes, flyboy's head shape, my smile, his nose, his build, my humor, his smarts, we give them that kinda stuff. We teach them to say please and thank you, to hold open doors, to treat all as equals, to be kind and humble, to take loss with dignity and to win with grace. But in a way it ends there.

It's hard to realize that at some point you have to let them be. Quirks and all, they are at the end of the day, not an extension of myself or flyboy, but their own person. To be loved, respected, appreciated.

Wanna know who taught me this? My mom.

to do- updated again {maybe if I worked instead of updating I'd do more}

So I thought I would make up a list of things to do this weekend and then just plow thru it and feel the relief as I marked things off.



Let me tell you I spent all day yesterday doing something, just from looking at my list I'm not sure what the hell it was. But dammit I'll have you know I was doing something. And it was work.

So the list lives on. Here goes part 2.

To do:
-finish all laundry {including folding and putting it away} I am making progress.

-clean the kitchen counters DONE!

-wipe down the kitchen cabinets Can you believe I conquered this seemingly unattainable task? You have to understand something like wiping down all the cabinets is pretty random for me. And I go it done BEFORE the playdough wars broke out. It was ugly folks. Down right ugly.

-deal with the vue DONE!

-target run for diapers, fish feeder bar, and dishsoap DONE! And picked up some fab-u-lous sunglasses, cleaning supplies, and little green army men for the boyos. A very productive trip.

-post office to mail something {very very very late} to brie DONE! And add to that went by the library which is right down the street returned some books and picked up a couple of audio books for the car ride coming up.

-hair cuts for the boys before someone mistakes them for long haired hippie freaks. I have been informed this will not be happening. I'm debating wasting my time putting my foot down on this. In the long run who cares. So their fades grow out? What's it to me?

-supervise the cleaning of the playroom Tried again. Still didn't go well. I've shut the door. With them in it.

-vacuum EVERYWHERE I spot vacuumed where dash-2 rubbed cheese that he didn't want into the carpet. I got the cheese out but I have yet to understand why he did that versus just throwing said cheese in the trash.

-change bedsheets

-clean the mess that is my bedroom Almost. There. Almost....

-clean the bathroomS {many thanks to my mud obsessed boys who have made my bathroom look like pigs have been using it for a rendezvous point} DONE! Both of them! Before noon!

-order wedding gift for flyboy's friends wedding....that was.... today {crap} Yeah when you wait till the day of the wedding the pickings on the registry list are slim. Very slim. But am really considering buying them the lovely {expensive} china gravy plate but not the lovely {expensive} gravy boat. Why? Cause I think it would be funny. Smartass and in poor taste? Maybe. But kinda funny.

Flyboy told me that indeed this is funny and its the thought that counts. To bad just sending the plate makes one think "I'm a douche!"

-touch base with my husband to double check that we are indeed still married What do you know! We are still married, however if touching base was playing phone tag in between flights and the boys fights then this one has been accomplished. I'm going to hope for more today. Still playing tag. More flying. More flight schedules to be written. Have I told you yet how much I hate his job?

-paybills {I'm thinking we are still married b/c the paycheck is still coming in} Well this was fun. And as much as I hate his job it pays the bills nicely so lets call it a love/hate relationship.

-pack for a visit to the folks! I'm at the point where I'm not even packing... I'm just showing up on their doorstep.

-feed the fish {for those of you who follow me on twitter I tweeted last night that I realized I *might* have forgotten to feed them for the past 5 nights} Would you believe I forgot to feed those little suckers again? I'm amazed they are still alive. They should be studied. DAMMIT! Still haven't fed them. I'm off to do that now. And scoop out the dead ones.

-on a related note feed the kids DONE! But apparently to be a decent parent you have to do this everyday so this one carries over. Do big pretzels count as substance?

-Better parenting I'd like to think this is a given but then again.... never assume.
Its a work in progress.

oh and one more to add to the list, remind people to check out Blue Bird Crafting over on Etsy for adorable quilted burp cloths, service stars, and bags! {sweet that one I can just check off now!}

Saturday, July 17, 2010

one of those nights

Tonight is one of those nights. Actually most of today was one of those days.

Now that the house is finally quiet, which didn't happen till far too late I'm just here sitting.

"Please please sleep boys, mama doesn't have anymore in her right now."

I am drained.

I hate days like this.

I hate yelling.

I hate feeling like the absolute worst mama ever.

I hate feeling like I have nothing left in me.

The quiet should be peaceful but now that the house is still I'm left with my thoughts and my regrets.

"I'm sorry boys. I wish we could have a do over."

I should be able to just deal with the nasty moods and the disobedience and smile and keep my calm mom exterior but I can't always do that. I wish I could. I wish I was always the Donna Reed kinda mom I see in the parenting magazines.

But days like this happen.

I know tomorrow is another day, I know I have the power to make it the kind of day I want it to be, but right now none of that matters, right now I just feel like a failure.

A big ol mom failure.

And I forgot to feed the fish. Again.

Friday, July 16, 2010

What I love

So I did a pet peeve post which probably left everyone thinking I was some cranky mccrankster {which may not always be that far off} and then I did my big singulair post, which is a must read, all be it a kinda scary must read.

Things need to lighten up around here. Wouldn't you agree?

Without further ado I present, the things I love, aka "the-things-if-I-had-to-go-without-my-head-would-probably-explode-and-I-would-be-divorced-and-in-jail-because-I-sold-my-kids-on-ebay" list.


First on the list and most obvious to anyone who knows me
Flyboy isn't a soda guy so he doesn't understand my strong {moderately unhealthy} obsession with this nectar of the Gods. It's just delightful. All fizzy and yummy. And none of that diet crap, which is why I'm cutting back to one a day. Quite a testiment in restraint I think.

I don't smoke, I don't drink, I like me my coca cola. That's my vice. When my kids stress me out or life tosses too much crap my way a nice cold coke {fountain preferably} helps to correct all that is wrong in the world.

Really we should all try it. Maybe that's what the middle east peace process is missing?

And don't try to slip a Pepsi in there. I can tell. And I will hunt you down.


Second which has to do very much with the first is Sonic Happy Hour Deeeeelightful fountain sodas. Just the right amount of ice and soda in a Styrofoam cup that doesn't sweat even when its 103 degrees.

{Yeah that's right Al Gore I said I like me my Styrofoam, you're a perv and I like Styrofoam guess which one of us is a yuckier human being? I'll give you a hint its not me.}

And half price. I'm getting a bargain and a soda. LOVE IT!


Third on the list flip flops. I have quite a selection of flip flops and I love them all. But these little industrial ones hold a special place, nice and simple and comfy enough to wear as you walk around disney world.

Yes folks, I did a week at disney world, pregnant, in the summer, in flip flops. These flip flops.If I could I would I would wear them year round, but sadly the foot of snow on the ground for five months makes that a bit impossible. So as a rule once the snow starts piling up till right about when the last snow piles melt I put the flip flops away. And then I get sad.

But right now its flip flop weather so I am staying positive.


Number four on the list would have to be the crazy stuff that comes out of my kids' mouths. Really its almost enough to make me forget when they call me a poophead or tell me that I'm the worst mom ever.

{Attn: all you other moms out there, give it up, I have it on good authority that I am in fact the worst mom ever, in case your curious why, I make them make their beds. Awful. Someone report me.}

Just the other day I caught dash-2 getting ready to sink his teeth into dash-1. He's fancy's himself a bit of a vampire apparently, but as I gave him that look and asked if he was about to bite someone he corrected me.

"I wasn't going to bite I was just putting my teeth on his arm."

Oh well in that case. In a matter of seconds my kiddos can make me laugh, even when I should be the adult and not give in but really. Sometimes its' just too hard.


Number five: comments.

I write for myself, yes yes I do, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't like comments.

I mean I can do without the nasty ones that ask me if I think I'm really going to change someone's opinion, I'm obviously simple minded {ha if only they knew} and a mean hearted shrew.

I don't get those comments often, in fact they are pretty rare {thanks uniform purse post}. Mostly I get really funny, nice comments out there. Either sharing a story of their own, commiserating with me, or just letting me know that they read the post.

Comments are nice. Comments with an email attached to them so I can reply to you guys are even better.

Number six is my dear, sweet, beloved

Yeah that's right. I would use quite a few of the same adjectives to describe my blackberry that I use to describe my babies.

I double, no triple, heart my blackberry. I get my emails right away {which means I get my blog comments right away}, I got my ubertwitter on there, flyboy and I can text away, the internet is where ever I need it. Oh and it's a phone too.

And it doesn't talk back. EVER.

Really I don't know what I would do without it. Now I email from where ever whenever there is a quiet moment. FabUlous.

There they are.... some of my happy things. See even this heartless shrew has things she loves. And I didn't even touch on my kids and flyboy because well, those are just obvious.

What do you love?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

the dark side of singulair

I am my kids mom.

I'm also the one who said "Sure, lets try it!" and put him on a medicine without questioning it, that turned out to lead him, to lead all of us, down a dark tunnel.

Over the past nine months I have thought that my kid was at times an awful kid. That flyboy and I were awful parents. There were times I hated being a mom.

And now I cry just thinking about it.

I've been known to blog about pregnant cows who have cankles {and I mean the farm animals}, elmo underpants being flushed down the loo, and my long lasting love affair with baking soda. But now I sit here, staring at my computer debating how much of this ugly story do I tell.

It's hard to ever admit that your child isn't perfect.

It's one thing to tell stories of the funny ways they disobey us, the time dash-2 stripped down naked in the hallway and stared down flyboy for a good solid 5 mins is a classic family tale, but to tell people, be they strangers or friends, that your five year old battled with rage and aggression is hard.

To tell the world that he told his prek teacher when he got angry one day that he wanted to kill himself, has to be the hardest thing yet I've written.

But I'm going to. I'm going to tell the whole ugly tale so that everyone knows, the more people know the more people will make the connection should it happen to them.

And I don't want it to happen to anyone else.

Dash-1 is my delightfuly inqusitive 5 yr old. He has bright blue eyes, a smile that reveals his missing front tooth, and blond hair that is almost always in a high and tight. He is brilliant, but then again I'm his mom, he is obsessed with space, he runs around the house at least 3 times a week in his astronaut suite ratteling off his knowledge of space and planets.

But he also has that pesky little thing called asthma. And reflux and allergies, both seasonal and food. Since birth he's been on something, and really, nothing's ever really caused any problems. The prevacid was a life saver and goodness knows the Allegra is oh so necessary.

He was diagnoised with Asthma in late 2008, it took quite a while to get it all under control. In case you've never really dealt with it, Asthma is a bitch. Really, its like the house guest who comes, stinks up your bathroom, eats all the good food, and then never wants to leave.

After a while we got it under control but he had this constant barking cough. It. Never. Went. Away. It sounded like a really bad croup cough. Once at walmart he got into a coughing attack and everyone in line moved away {as if they weren't already going to catch something in walmart}.

His pediatrician {new to us at the time, its the military when isn't your doctor new to you?} suggested Singulair. She said to keep an eye on any "hyper" behavior.

I was prepared to watch for him running around the room in circles, not for rage and paranoia.

Oh and in case you're wondering what the possible adverse side effects are take these in: agitation, aggressive behavior or hostility, anxiousness, depression, dream abnormalities, hallucinations, insomnia, irritability, restlessness, somnambulism, suicidal thinking and behavior (including suicide), and tremor

To say that I didn't know what I was getting into would be the understatement of the year.

It took the cough away. He was silent. He wasn't waking up at night in a fit of coughs. He didn't sound like a barking seal. People weren't giving us nasty looks for taking a sick kid out. He was quiet.

I thought it was perfect.

I'm not really even sure when the side effects started. I wish I could say "on this day such and such started". I certainly wouldn't have let it drag on for nine months if I could have pin point it now would I?

But I can't. We thought it was a stage, maybe this is the terrible five's! Maybe its the school, it never seemed like a great fit. Maybe this is just him. Maybe we've done this to him someway, we've been too hard or not hard enough.

As if parenting isn't hard enough toxic side effects can be a real doozy.

Over time we were noticing some things, he was starting to cry. About everything. Asking him to do something and you would end up with a whiny litany of how he had to do everything. Never mind that all we asked of him was to show up at dinner, not back talk, and get the pee IN the toilet and not the toilet seat. And really, even the later we were flexible on.

If we forced an issue, as in "take in your own bookbag" or if he had to be corrected for something, what we could expect was a 30 minute breakdown. I'm not proud but we had been known to say to him "Dash-1 you cry more than your two younger brothers put together.".

Like I said, I'm not proud of that, but we were at our wits end.

And then there was the rage. And the aggression. And the headaches. And the pins and needles in his arms and legs. And his sleeplessness. And his blaming us for everything. And some odd ocd behavior. And self-loathing talk.

Oh and the whole I wanna kill myself in prek.

That was fun.

These certainly weren't the whole of him, he was still a bright eyed little boy underneath it all it was just starting to be more and more about breakdowns, crying, yelling, hitting, fighting and less of the old him. He was losing his spark. His spark was being replaced with rage and aggression. If you corrected him his eyes would become slits, his fist would ball up, his whole body would go tense.

We were starting to catch on to something. Hey it only took us nine months, he is our oldest, we'll have this parenting thing down for sure by the time dash-3 is 5.

My days were spent walking on eggshells. I was tired of the up and downs of our days. The good times were great but the downs were so down. There were days I didn't know how I could go on. If this is what parenting was I wasn't sure I was cut out for it. And how awful that I felt like that.

I remembered somewhere hearing something or reading something about the nasty side effects of Singulair can have on kids. Thanks to google I got my search on and was shocked. Reading about other parent's experiences on it was like reading something I had written about my own son.

In that moment I decided this wasn't going on one moment longer. I took him off the meds before I even heard back from the doctor.

When the doctor did call back she asked what side effects I was seeing, there was the obvious rage and aggression, who could miss all the crying, but there was also self-loathing talk when he was corrected, "I'm the worst, I hate myself".

Oh and the paranoia, that was fun, if he tripped over a rock, he would flip out because surely, surely, flyboy or I, or clueless dash-2, we put that rock there to get him, we did it.

Some others:
-He complained of headaches and pins and needles in his arms and legs.

-He couldn't fall asleep. Forget going to be well at 7:30, he would be up till 9 or 10 and then up for the day at 6:30 or 7. Ever see a 5 yr old with anger issues who doesn't get a lot of sleep?

-He seemed to need to have total control over things, he wasn't able to go with the flow or adjust midstream at all.

-He became even pickier about food, what he would eat before he started picking them apart eating them in a weird precise manner, he had collections of everything stashed under his bed, random things that he just had to have, everything had to be kept.

It's been two weeks. Two weeks to the day since Singulair was taken out of his pill box {yes he has a pill box} and the old dash-1 is back.

His spark is back. His eyes are clear again, rather then dark and angry. Now he helps me bring in the groceries rather then yell about how I make him do everything. Time out is a rarity rather then his place in the house. Best of all, I know that this is the real him.

I'm all for being honest on my blog. Life isn't always sunshine and roses, but I also think that somethings needn't be put out for all to see. I debated when I wrote this, but ultimately I wanted as many moms and at some point to be moms or just people who may know someone on Singulair to be aware of these potential side effects.

From talking to pharmacist, doctors, and reading the FDA sites, they say reactions like this are rare, but I wonder how rare it really is. It seems like there are a lot of parents out there with stories JUST LIKE this one. The more awareness out there the more people who will connect the dots.

If you think that your child is having problems with Singular this is a great site, and it is very important to contact the FDA and file a MedWatch report so that they are aware of the side effects click here.

I wish I had been told more by the doctor. I wish this pill came with informed consent, I wish its dangers were spelled out very clearly. The school year would have been different, our home life would have been different, the past nine months would have most certainly been different. But it didn't come with any of that.

All the bottle said was chew before swallowing. At least they were concerned with his choking, never mind his depression.

If your kids aren't on Singulair this post can still apply to you, its taught me a very valuable lesson. I am the one responsible for what my child takes. I read those little papers they give you but it takes being more vigilant then that. More questions need to be asked of the doctors and pharmacist, more reading needs to be done. Take an active role!

If anyone has any questions about Singulair and it's side effects please feel free to email me at tryingourbest {at}

the morst expensive dollar

Dash-1 is very excited that the tooth fairy came last night and left him 4 quarters.

He is unaware that that is one of the most expensive dollars I've ever spent. EVAHHHH!

To get that 1 dollar from the tooth fairy {aka mom and dad} mommy and daddy had to spend:

-2 THOUSAND dollars for the dentist and the anesthesiologist
-7.99 for the shirt that was someone bled on in recovery
-10 dollars on some flying airplane toy thingy as his reward for being so good
-8 dollars on get well balloons

So to get that one stinkin dollar we had to spend $2025.99.

And the worst part? The damn tooth fairy gets credit for the one dollar.

Monday, July 12, 2010

So about nursery school

Where I grew up the birthday cutoff for school was the first day of school, here its December 1st. Seems a bit arbitrary to me, even crazier is how they do school districts here. At home it was an entire country comprised a school district, here its done by the town/village so we could stay in our county and move 10 min away, to an entirely different school district where the birthday cutoff is September.

Makes no sense. But that doesn't so much have to do with my issue at hand more just that I think its really weird. Right up there with Smart cars and mullets.

Anyways, the cut off is December 1st. Dash-2 misses it by FIVE days. That's right. FIVE.

I've heard that with boys sometimes being the oldest in the class versus being the youngest isn't such a bad thing, what with the whole boys-mature-later thing, but five days is a bit of a kick in the teeth. Especially with such a bright kiddo.

The in thing to do is to send your kid to a nursery school program which is for three year olds, typically a 2 day program for 2 and 1/2 hrs. Should Dash-2 go he'd go Tues/Thurs from 9-11:30.

Then the next year is pre-k , which up here is not provided by the school district. So the year after this year, Dash-2 will go to pre-k which is either a 3 day or 5 day program again from 9-11:30.

There is a great debate going on in the flyboy household. To send or not to send?

I'm not opposed to sending my kids to school. They get great skills from interacting with the other kids and learning to be away from mom. Plus the whole educational aspect of it.

Or so I thought.

Then I spent $1200 bucks on nursery school and 1400 bucks on prek only to be scratching my head wondering what the hell my kid learned.

Well he did learn the words to the dreidel song. Which, given that we are Episcopal isn't too useful. But I'm sure he'll file that away for later in life.

Seriously though, we don't know what the hell they taught him and what are they going to teach Dash-2?

I'll admit I think dash-1 needed some work on social skills and interaction, but not so much dash-2. He's one of those kids who can sum up a situation and adapt to it, ie the kid is a people pleaser.

{You might find this hard to believe but he gets that from his mother}

We recently got dash-1's progress report and things back from his school year, it was interesting, virtually identical to that at the begining of the year. He went in knowing all his letters and knowing about half the sounds, his handwriting, it could have been copied it was so identical.

Now I know that as parents we bear responsibility for working with our kids at home. I hardly figured his preschool would teach him everything he needed to know.

Frankly, most of it was learned at home and seeing as though they said he was one of the brightest kids there I do tend to attribute more of his academic stuff to us not them. I am just curious, what did he learn there?

Most of the time was spent in "free play". Free play is not what I was paying for. Free play is important and necessary, but not as much as they were getting.

Teach my kid something. And not the dreidel song, I want a song about counting and letters dammit. He's going into Kindergarten next year not having any real "group instruction time" and I'm not pleased about that. They did circle time as a class but rather then ever work with the class as a whole they would simply pull them during free time to color their letters or whatever.

Small instruction time is useful but so is group time.

We were told by the school that they since he was so far ahead they would be working on sight words and word recognition with him. That never seemed to happened. I'm not sure why.

But they giant six act nursery rhyme play that took two months to prepare for did.

I do know he didn't really like going there. For some reason it wasn't so much a fit with him.

Or with us.

The other parents sing the praises of the two teachers and flyboy and I have always felt very eh about them. Nice enough but I'm not sure what all the hubbub is about from the other parents.

They were plenty nice but something didn't quite seem to click with us and them.

So now here we are, Dash-2 is supposed to be starting the three year old program this September and we are wondering.... why bother? He's already counting to 15, shoot he can do some simple addition and subtraction, he recognized a fair number of letters, he can spell and recognize his name, his handwriting needs work but, we are working on it.

I am hardly an advocate for homeschooling.

Quite frankly the thought of my kids being home with me when they could be spending all day in a classroom is enough to reduce me to tears. Despite having some classroom experience I'm the first to say I'm not equipped to teach my kids. That's what schools are for.

But I'm confident I can figure out nursery school.

Surely my college education can not be out done by a three year old.

We are thinking that perhaps we should put the tuition money in his college fund and I can just get some books {do they make homeschooling programs for nursery school?} to work with him at home.

Maybe our expectations where too high? We've been told we have that problem sometimes.....

To those of you out there, would you or did you send your kids to a three year program? Should we just go with our gut and keep him home another year?

Friday, July 9, 2010


Dash-3 is sick. Again.

Wednesday night him and I were up walking the floors. From 1 am to 5:30 he screamed, he kicked, he cried, he writhed in pain. He finally crashed at 5:30 and I was up at 6:45 with the phone in my hand to call for an appointment. To say I'm running on little sleep would be an understatement.

Yesterday was spent at the hospital, xrays were taken, blood was drawn, pee was collected { and let me tell you he was catheterized, it took three times, and judging fromt he screaming and thrashing he didn't seem to enjoy it}.

So far it looks like a urinary tract infection. They wanted to see him back today and we found out that he also has a throat infection. But at least he seems some what on the mend. Fantastic.

Except that the medicine gives him explosive diarrhea.

He's on his third outfit of the day and I heard him exploding while I was typing the line above. Even my littlest has a good sense of timing.

Flyboy leaves on Monday for a bit and Tuesday dash-1 has oral surgery and is being put under General Anesthesia. He's unaware of all of this. I'm guessing that I'll be walking the floors with dash-1 Tuesday night.

Oh and dash-1's face is no longer swollen. Only he just either stepped on a bee or was something took a bite of his foot because now that is swelling.

I wanna vacation. I need a vacation.

And dash-2? His underwear is still on backwards.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Rank sticker... nay or yah?

You know what I've been seeing a lot of lately? Rank stickers on cars.

I'm undecided on these things.

I get the point of the full bird or the General's stars since there are reserved spots for those ranks on post {or base} and well.... your a General. But in most other cases I have to admit I lean towards not getting the point of them.

Part of me says, hey good on ya, be proud to be a Lance Corporal, the other part of me says, hey who cares. And I don't mean that in an insulting way, I mean that in the your rank is your rank.

And for that matter, seeing as how I treat everyone with respect on base, as I do anywhere, does it really matter to me if you're a Captain? Congratulations on working hard {although lets all admit that attaining rank, sadly, does not always correspond with actually doing your job or being an all around stellar person but rather your number in the deli line but that's a side note}

Do you really need it on your car?

I think sometimes it matters also where it is on the car. On the back of your car right by your Marine Corps emblem sticker seems less obnoxious then putting it right by your sticker to get on base. Does the civilian gate guard really care if you're a Corporal or a Gunny? {For the other branches those would be E4 and E7 respectively}

Especially since with the exception of the nice full bird or star stickers the other ones just aren't meant to be placed up near the base stickers so they seem awkward and out of place.

Not to sound jaded or pissy or anything, I'm just puzzled by the rank on the car thing. You worked to earn it, but, again I find myself wondering why is it there?

When flyboy was promoted this last time I got him a rank sticker as a joke. If looks could kill I wouldn't be here penning this post.

Flyboy tends to be a work is work, I am who I am, rank is my rank and lets leave it at that kinda guy. He doesn't see the need to advertise being a Marine {although I keep trying to explain that the high and tight is a bit of a giveaway} let alone plaster his rank on his car.

What are your thoughts? Is your husband's {or yours for that matter} rank on the car?

And as I sit here ready to hit publish I wonder if I should just scrap this post. Is this going to turn into some uniform purse post that lives on forever? I'm going with my gut and hitting publish.....

New bags

New bags added at

and lots of adorable burp cloths, service stars, and zipper bags.....

Monday, July 5, 2010

Happenings in the flyboy house

School ended just over a week ago and in true flyboy household fashion the first week of summer has been quite peaceful.

-The bees have been removed from the basement wall, apparently a giant hive and about 5k bees. Yeah you read that right, FIVE THOUSAND BEES. Good times folks, good times.

-There is a mega post coming about this sooner because I think more awareness of this issue needs to be out there but after dealing with dash-1's behavior issues for the past nine months or so I finally put two and two together that the cause was a very adverse side effect of the Singulair he was taking for asthma.

This week we took him off of it and there have been some withdrawal and some fun times but all in all he's doing much better.

Like I said a mega post about this is coming, no medicine should cause rage and depression in a five year old without some serious informed consent from the parent. That's all I'm sayin.

- Speaking of dash-1 as if his plate wasn't full enough, he seems to have either poison ivy or some weird insect bite because half of his face is swollen.

And I mean exactly half, a line straight down the middle of his face is separating him from normal and quasi freak.

This also begs a very good parenting question.... why do weird things like this always happen over holiday weekend when the doctors office is closed?

-Dash-3 gave me a couple nights of sleeping and now he's back to waking up every 2 hours and staying up for an hour. And he thinks that 6am is a great time to start the day.

This doubly sucks because now that dash-1 has that nasty medicine out of his system he's actually sleeping in.

I'm really noticing the difference of what sleep or lack there of, can do to a person.

I should go check into Gitmo for a stay, I hear they can't keep a person awake for too long at a time. Might be a nice vacation.

-Dash-2 only likes to wear his underwear backwards. Flyboy said he's getting in touch with his European side. Its weird. Very weird. I've turned it around once this morning, flyboy has turned it around once this morning and yet, he's turned it around both times.


- My fat ass has joined weight watchers again. I just can't lose those last 10 pounds that I want to lose. But now I'm thinking about going big and trying to lose 30lbs. We'll see how it goes.

In the interest of full disclosure I'm putting my specs out there, I started on Weds {why I started a diet and then life blows up and stresses me out I'll never know}

ht- 5'7" {this isn't going to change from what I'm told}
wgt at the start- 165
size at the start- comfortable loose 12/uncomfortable tight 10

wgt today when I "weighted in" {I'm doing this online}- 164

down a pound!

And lots of healthy recipes to come. I love to cook so now the task is to find healthier recipes. And if anyone out there is also on WW and you have great low point snacks please share!

So that's where we've been. Enjoying a peaceful flyboy July 4th! Hope everyone else is enjoying the holiday weekend!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it. ~Thomas Paine