Friday, November 21, 2008

the bee dilema

I should have never bought the kids the Bee Movie. We seem to be having a bee problem in or around our house. We don't know where they are coming from but there seem to be a lot popping up around the house. Luckily no one has been stung yet but one was just crawling up my sleeve.

I went to crush said bee and Dash-1 started to freak. Naturally I thought it was because there was a bee. No, no, it was because I was going to kill said bee.

"Bee's are nice mommy," dash-1 told me.

Yeah right up till they sting you.

"They don't sting, they make honey. And if he does sting we can replace his stinger with a toothpick."

(You have to have seen the movie to get that last part, one of the bee's stings a "bad" guy and he needs a prosthetic stinger. Its one of those toothpicks that holds olives in a martini or a sandwich.)

I assured him I wasn't going to do reconstructive surgery on a bee that in fact I was going to flush him down the toilet.

I'm going to have to think twice about letting them watch Bug's Life....


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