Saturday, October 18, 2008


Anyone still out there?

I am I am!

I have been very lackluster in going and commenting on other blogs the past week. I do apologize, I'm just tired. Rather I'm exhausted. Both boys are getting over chest colds and have passed them on to me, I'm worried that my eyes might pop out of my head at any moment.

But its not just that I'll be honest, I'm exhausted by everything right now. The unknown of military life, the last few days of this election crap, and quite frankly the biggest, motherhood.

Yes folks, I'm human, motherhood is just beating the snot out of me right now.

I've gone a bit unplugged this past week to focus on what needs to be at the center of my life. But I promise that I am composing a snarky ditty of a post in my head to show up in the next day or two.

As for now I'm off to do some baking, after all, everyone has already passed their germs on to me, why not pass them right back, and to just try to rest up. I wonder what crap is on tv right now?

All thought last time I checked we moms do not get sick days yet dads often lay around like wounded animals. Hmm... perhaps I shall post on that one.....

Anyways, everyone enjoy your weekends! And unplug for a bit!


  1. Hope you are all feeling better soon!

  2. Hang in there! I hope you feel better... you're certainly right about the difference between mothers and fathers getting sick! have a good day:)

  3. feel better soon and I think it is completely fair to feel beat down by life (even including motherhood) can happen. Blog hugs

  4. Oh, PLEASE, PLEASE post about the way men behave when they are sick....would love to hear others' take on it!

    Get better, get rested

  5. If you figure out about those Mommy sick days, let me know. I need one :)

  6. Never feel guilty about leaving the Internet for a few days or a week or a month or a year. We get it. Real Life wins.

    And dooood, motherhood is beating the crap out of me, too. :-)


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