Monday, December 22, 2008

thank you dear

Yesterday was our anniversary. Six years married. There were no romantic candles, no dinner out alone, none of that stuff. Instead there was vomit to be cleaned up and snow to be shoveled.

Despite the day I did not get out of my sweat clothes, I didn't brush my hair, I didn't even put on a bra. I did however remember why I love you so much.

You took over munchkin duty, with some help, but still. You shoveled the snow, you got the kids in their snow gear, you braved the roads to go get me coca cola. You cleaned the kitchen, you mopped the floors, you folded the laundry.

Thank you my dear. I love you more now then the day I said "I do". Standing at the altar with you I hadn't really thought of all the ways I would need to lean on you over the years. You were there for me last month when we were dealt a blow and lost the pregnancy, you say the words I need to hear when motherhood overwhelms me, you hold my hands thru the amazing times and hold my shoulders thru the rough ones.

You really are my life, my love, my friend. I'll love you forever and always my dear.


  1. Happy Anniversary.

    If Flyboy needs to relive any of the domestic portions of your anniversary, please send him to Chateau L. We're the 5th house on the left. I promise to feed him and have him home before February.

  2. OK, so this made me cry a little...

    Happy Anniversary!


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