Thursday, December 31, 2009

Its been a banner year

Sweet Jesus it's 2010 already?

Every year flyboy says the same thing, "this year will be a banner year for the flyboy familiy".

{He uses our real last name, it'd just be silly to refer to oursevlves as the flyboys when you all aren't listening. But then again if I used our real names here I wouldn't be very good at this anonymous stuff now would I?}

He started saying that back in 2005 when we were expecting dash-1, he said it in following years regarding money, more kiddos, promotions, moving, school starting, all that kinda stuff.

As 2008 was winding down we had a bit of a blow when I had a miscarriage, as 2009 started we didn't know that I was pregnant again, we weren't sure what would happen next but as I type this a year later, little dash-3 is sleeping peacefully in my arms.

We spent a lot of time apart, we might not have always been together when we would have liked, or needed to be, but as this year winds down we are. In a year when so many people have lost someone we are ending the year not just together but with one more.

In a year when so many are struggling financially, when jobs and homes have been lost, we might have had some water "mishaps" in the hallway but there is still a roof over our head.

This year has been filled with ups and downs. Some months held more downs then ups, more tears and frustrations then I would have liked but all in all, I look back at 2009 with smiles and I look ahead to 2010 with hope. And I wish the same for all of you.

But no matter what is to come, you were right flyboy, 2009 was a banner year for us.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

from day 1 to 31

When flyboy returned home from a trip right before he went on leave I asked him if he knew what his January schedule would be, when would he be home, when would he be gone, where to {I live thru him, at least when its somewhere nice}... you know that kinda normal stuff.

Normal for us anyhow.

When I asked I was surprised by the response, he said it looked like he'd be home for the entire month.

As dash-1 would say, "What, what, what WHAT!?" {It's very cute when he says it, his eyes get all big and he snaps his head around.}

So I started thinking, wow home all month, the last time that happened was.... and I thought and thought. And thought some more, in fact I'm still thinking, and for the life of me, I don't know when was the last time that he was home for one whole month in its entirety.

Certainly not 2009.

And while I will admit, I can't even remember what I wore yesterday, nothing in 2008 sticks out in my mind either. I know we spent January of 2003 together, that month sticks out in my mind. Oh and when he was med down for shoulder surgery for 2 or 3 months in 2004. Other then that I'd bet money that 2007, 2006, 2005 were much the same as this year.

Because pretty much every year is the same.

But that's ok because, again to quote dash-1 {that boy is wise beyond his years}, "this is how we roll.

Maybe this year will be different....doubtful because just a few days later flyboy remembered a couple trips, so our quest for an entire month together, from day 1 to 31 will have to wait.

Or maybe we could just paint one of his airplanes to look like the Partridge family bus and just travel around with him. We could even sing and dress alike. Although I think we'd all agree time apart would probably be more normal then that.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

a sigh of relief

The house is still standing.

There appears to be no uninvited guest in my underwear drawer, no rain on the inside of the house, all in all nothing out of place.

Except for the pounds of "stuff" we brought home with us. Now to just find a home for all the stuff.

Thank goodness the playroom didn't burn down.

Monday, December 28, 2009

floods, ants, mice and whats next

We are headed home tomorrow.

For just over a week have taken the family show on the road and hopefully (weather permitting) tomorrow night my arse will be comfortable snuggled on my sleep number.

Which if you care is 35. Delightful.

Anyways as excited as I am to return home, I mean you read the second sentence right? Eight days on the road with family, home is looking mighty fine. However, I'm worried.

Am I worried about being in the car for 8 hours with two loudmouths and a baby who does not so much *heart* his car seat? Am I worried about the occasionally uptight Marine who will be driving? Am I worried about fitting everything in the car? Am I worried about gas prices and finding rest stops?


No I am worried about what I will find when I return home.

Indulge me as I recap the past few things waiting when we have returned home from various trips.

Last year my dear husband came home from a trip the night before I was going to come back home to find that a pipe behind the dishwasher has frozen and burst. Mess mess mess. But thankfully he found that one.

Coming home from a trip home in July was a two fold mess, one was the transmission on my car crapping out at the post office. Really it made it thru all the traffic and mountains to start its demise in the post office parking lot, the timing was great, I can at least look back and appreciate that.

And when I made it home and went to unpack guess what was waiting for me? A crap ton of ants in my underwear drawer They found dash-2's stash of potty treats, which have now been moved to a giant sealed glass jar in the playroom. Ants were everywhere. In my dresser, around my dresser, EVERYWHERE.

Then when I came home from a visit in September, I arrived home from my first solo roadtrip with three kiddos to find it raining. Inside my house. My center hallway to be exact.

It turns out a mouse had eaten thru a rubber water pipe.

{apparently they are designed for cold weather places since they expand to prevent bursting, yet not so useful in a 150+ year old farm house that has the occasional mouse or two}.

The damage was at least contained to the center hallways and so we didn't suffer much damage to our furniture or electronics but mess.

Oh the mess. The entire ceiling was ripped out, dried out, re-done, drywalled, plastered, it was an month long saga to get that sucker fixed up.

Our most recent experience happened after Thanksgiving I went to unpack my clothes and what did I find.... A MOUSE HAD BEEN IN MY UNDERWEAR DRAWER!

Really. Are. You. Serious. Cause the ants weren't enough?

Turns out flyboy had hidden some giant lollipops in there.

{You have to understand, we have small boys, moms underwear drawer is a great hiding place. Though we have now come to the explicit understanding that food is no longer welcome there.}

However, I will say at least flyboy was there for that one. I can deal with rain in my house, I would not be able to deal with sticking my hand in my drawers and finding a mouse. {Thankfully the mouse apparently just ate and ran}

So as we get everything together to go home tomorrow you can see why I am a bit nervous.

We've gotten smarter, we turned off the water when we left, we unplugged every appliance imaginable, but both of us are afraid of what we could find. I'm hoping that we don't turn into our driveway with just a pile of ash and my underpants sitting there.

I mean my underroos have survived flood and pestilences why shouldn't I assume they could survive a fire?

And that's about all that's left to happen to the flyboy house.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry christmas!

Merry Christmas!

I've been in somewhat of a blog hiatus leading up to the holidays, well not really somewhat, I clearly haven't been around. Nothing intentional, cookies to be made, cards to address, long drives to visit family and then visiting said family. We are off to the inlaws tomorrow and then in a few days will return back up north to the tundra.

From the mrs, flyboy, and the dash brothers, wishing you all peace and happiness today and throughout the New Years!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

I'm cold dammit

It was 17 balmy degrees this morning.

It's gotten just warm enough for icy rain. Delightful. All around the county roads are shut down since everything is now coated in a sheet of ice. Even the inches of snow that we had on the ground has gone from pretty to look at to deadly since it too is now covered in a slippery, crispy top layer of ice.

However watching dash-2 slip slidding across it this morning was rather entertaining. Must be nice to be so light weight you don't sink into it.

I think I'm going to start using aerosol hairspray again to speed up this so called global warming.

{I wonder if this snarky post will now come up in global warming searches and I'll get hateful comments for months like I still do with the uniform one. Bring it on you enviro nuts people. Bring. It. On.}

Forgive me I'm a bit bitter when I'm freezing my arse off.

I'm so over winter and it hasn't even started yet.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

And its back

I posted about dash-2's stuttering before Thanksgiving. Shortly after I posted it he stopped doing it. Just as suddenly as it started it was gone.

SWEEEEEET, I thought, see ignoring it would fix the problem.

And then just the other day it started back again. How strange to start and stop like that. And then I thought a little more, cause I like to do that, think that is.

It stopped the night that flyboy came home..... and started back up the day he left again.

Now this could be a coincidence. {And I could wake up tomorrow a size four} Could being the magic word.

Now as I put two and two together in my head the first thing that ran thru my mind was, HOLY SHIT! We really did break him! {You'll remember that was my fear} Sweet jesus we broke him and he didn't come with a warranty.

At least I know that this is less a language thing since it comes and goes, not that it makes me feel any better about it. Flyboy says I shouldn't worry about it, but the mama in me feels bad. Something bothers my kiddo and I can't do much about it.

I've tried to talk to him some about daddy being away, how he has to come and go, but all I did was get that look. {the oh-look-her-mouth-is-moving look} Heart to heart talks with a three year old don't really go to far.

In fact over lunch all three of us talked about daddy being away and the suggestion by dash-1 was made that I could dress up like daddy and therefore they wouldn't miss him. I politely declined. I made the joke that I wouldn't be much like daddy and what kinda things does daddy do that mommy does.

I got the ones I was expecting, flies in airplanes, is a Marine, wears lots of green, wrestles with them, and then dash-1 proudly added "he pees standing up". Yes yes he does.

See this is where a heart to heart with my kids ends up. In the bathroom.

I think I'm just gonna let dash-2 stutter.

oh and before I forget, I'm looking for any suggestions or tips of someone who is also going thru something like this. Anyone else's kids have issues when a parent is away?


These were taken two years ago but they seemed fitting for today. Anyone who is familiar with where they were taken will probably realize that I jumbled up the order today to better fit who it is we are rooting for.

And as you'll notice no one wanted to stand in front of young but yet so already so smart. {I kid I kid}

Go NAVY beat ARMY!

Althought in the interest of full disclosure, if navy was playing the Giants we'd totally be rooting for big blue. And I'm not talking navy blue.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

square peg, round hole

Sometimes I feel like I'm trying to cram a square peg in a round hole and by that I mean trying to keep my kids from fighting.

Dash-1 and dash-2 are 22 months apart. This means a few things. In the long term it means that they will go strike it out in the big world in rather close succession, leaving some relative calm in the house.

In the short term (or rather this is the long term since it'll be the next decade and a half) it means that there is constant, and I mean constant, bickering and fighting.

"He touched me."

"He looked at me."

"He knocked over my legos."

"He stood in front of me."

"He's sitting on my stair."

And my favorite.... "He's breathing too loud."

That my friends is a small bit of what I listen to on a daily basis. I'm not really complaining, I'm pretty sure this is all in the fine print for being a mom of more then one child. Ok strike that, I am complaining because it drives me friggin crazy.

The one spot it seems that there is no longer fighting is in the car. {Thank you saturn for crapping out a transmission and forcing me to by a new car. } Now one sits in the middle and one sits in the back, and for the most part, outta sight outta mind.

Now this isn't to say that they don't love each other and play nicely {occasionally for five minutes}.

When dash-1 is at school dash-2 whimpers till we pick him up, when dash-1 checks out the advent calendar he wants to rush in and wake up dash-2 he's so excited, when we briefly tried splitting them up from their shared room both went bonkers.

Point is, they do love each other, problem is, they are siblings {much like the mommy fine print I'm pretty sure fighting with your sibling is in the contract somewhere}.

So my conundrum is this.... am I wasting my breath, energy, and sanity by constantly harping on the getting along crap?

I realize that as a parent my job is to teach them right and wrong, hitting your brother is wrong, however, not always getting along and liking him is normal. And you can't fix normal. So they aren't always going to get along right? My kids are demons cause they bicker right?

I get along with my brother and sister. Now.

I remember back in the day not so much, my sister and I were 17 mths apart and fought like cats and dogs. My brother is four years younger so he wasn't so much on my radar. But even now while we get along, we all still bicker and nit pick. I'm thinking this is just the way its meant to be. Shoot my father doesn't even like us all to be in the house at the same time.

{Side story}I knew this brother and sister in high school, flyboy I'm sure will immediately know who I am talking about, they were closer then sardines in a can. Seriously, it was just odd how well they got along. And now I know I'm going to get a bunch of "oh I got along with my siblings, its not weird" comments, this was not the case. The first time my mother saw them together she thought they were dating. Odd, very odd.

So back to this post, I'm curious, those of you out there with more then one kid, please, please share your bickering stories, any tips that you have found that worked, or just that yours do it too.

Or those of you who had siblings and you remember bickering, chime in, let me know that you all grew up to be relatively normal. It's amazing how once you take on the task of raising kids, you start to worry that the littlest thing might screw them up.

I'm pretty sure its just par for course, if not I'll just keep them seperated at all times, we have a screened in porch, they can take turns living out there. It's only 38 degrees today, its not like its freezing or anything.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I'm a moose

I'm noticing a trend both this year and last, if it weren't for dash-2, our Christmas photo could be taken in a mere few shots.

However.... it wouldn't be nearly as entertaining.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Today I climb Everest.

Or the Christmas equivalent of that around here. Today we are going to try to take our Christmas card picture. Actually there is no trying, flyboy leaves tomorrow so its now or never. It WILL be happening today, whether the boys {both the little ones and the big one who earns a paycheck} like it or not.

In fact I can say with certainty that they will not like it. They never do. Any of them.

And I don't care. Not one stinkin bit. I ask them to sit and smile once a year dammit.

Last year it took us somewhere around 58 shots to get a decent picture and we only stopped because the camera battery died. In every shot someone was squirming, or squinting, or blinking, or fussing, it was quite fun. When they were babies and couldn't escape it was much easier. And less stressful. Now its the thorn in our ass of the holiday season but yet, I have to do it. I just have to have a family picture on the Christmas card. Is that really asking so much?

Apparently it is, after last year flyboy swore up and down he wasn't going to take a picture again this year, or that we were going to go somewhere to get it taken, but alas, here we are, gearing up to take it ourselves.

As dash-2 would say.... dweewightful.

Oh and today, I packed up the newborn/0-3 clothes, for what might be the last time and brought out the 3-6 months clothes. How is it that my littlest love just turned three months old?!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Happy birthday dash 2!

Today my sweet boy, you turn three.

{Remember that, three, not five like you keep telling people.}

My sweet, you and I have a special connection. We are both middle kids, we both follow exceptionally loud, talkative siblings, and most of all, our personalities are identical. Although I don't growl at people, though I wish I could. You look so much like your father yet are so much like me.

I can't help but smile when I watch you, you know how to fly under the radar, how to quietly sit back and observe, and how to stir the pot. I see those wheels turning in your head just like my mother saw mine. Except you're far more stubborn. You are hands down our most stubborn child. I'm able to stare down your brother but you, you just put your hands on your hips, furrow your brow, and stare back.

Something tells me come the teenage years you will be quite the formidable opponent. Something to look forward too.

You are a delightful child. When you were a baby I had no idea just how delightful you would be. You were a mellow baby but now you're a funny little boy with a personality that radiates from you, you're quick to make me laugh and trust me my dear, that sense of humor will serve you well in life.

I love you my sweet.

I love your little voice, the way you pop into the kitchen and ask "what smells sooooo dewishis (delicious)?" all while rubbing your tummy. I love your sparkling blue eyes, the way you light up when we read stories, I love how you give me big hugs and tell me I'm your best girl, I love how you put your hands on your hips when your a superhero, I love how snugly you are in your jammies, I love how you tell knock knock jokes {knock knock? whos there? Dash-2? Dash-2 who? dash-2 is a knockin on your door!!! All while fist pumping, its hilarious.}

Simply put, I love you. All of you my dear.

Happy third birthday my sweet boy.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Should I save for college or therapy

This is an honest mommy post and perhaps some will think less of me for it but oh well here goes....yesterday, I was certain, was one of those days that my children will be recalling in therapy years from now.

It was one of those days where nothing seemed right, we did a fun craft to make our advent calendar (yeah I'm five days late what's it to you?) however it took us one fight between dash -1 and -2, three time outs, and one "I hate you mom your the worst" to get it done. Delightful.

I tried to get them to paint some ornaments, no go, I tried to color with them, no go, so I let them be.

Then they would turn on each other.

Back to time out. And more tears. And of course a few more, "I hate you mom".

Oh and dash-1's new one "I want to find a new family". Which lucky for him that would be illegal cause yesterday I would have helped out his cause.

Ah and there was the report from dash-1's preschool teacher about an "incident" {heads up to all you new parents out there the when your kids preschool teacher says she wants to talk to you about an incident, run, its never good.}

And bedtime, which usually goes rather smooth, was a fiasco, with lots of tears and screaming from dash-2.

All in all everyone was just generally being a butthead. The little one excluded. He's at that wonderful do no wrong stage, he just smiles and coos. And doesn't call me a butthead, that goes a long way to help him be so damn adorable.

Days like that suck. Not only are they just utterly painful, they make me doubt my fitness as a parent. There is nothing worse, in the quiet of the night, when all the kids are finally asleep, then looking back and feeling like you failed, time and time again over the course of the day.

I realize that all of us experience this in some way or another, and I'd like to think if anyone is reading this and thinking this has never or will never happen to them that they are lying to themselves. {Or that karma will quickly and painfully bite them in the ass. }

Parenting is the most emotional investing and taxing thing that a person can take on. Hands down. Here you are with the responsibility of shaping and forming an individual to be a decent human being, it can get draining and overwhelming and it makes those kinda days all the more painful.

In an ideal world kids would always be well behaved, they would always say thank you, they would always look at you with love and respect..... in the real world. HA! Not always.

The truth is that sometimes that as you go down the road of trying to shape and mold and lead them to be good decent people you hit speed bumps. And more then likely that speed bump is them being a butthead to you. It doesn't make it acceptable, I can't tolerate their behavior but I do have to try to remind myself that its not always an indictment on my parenting.

{Especially when I talk with my friend who's oldest is two weeks older then dash-1, we'll call her dashette-1. Well her mom is just about at the same point I am... giving away dashette-1. There seems to be something about this stage that dash and dashette 1 are at. They are testing the waters and its driving us crazy. But it does help some that someone else is suffering too.}

The day wasn't all bad, it never is. There were still hugs and kisses, some laughter and fun, but sadly there was more ickiness then fun. But then again I suppose not everyday can be, as dash-2 puts it, dweewightful.

At least today is a new day and dammit, its going to be friggin dweewightful.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Show n tell anticipation

Dash-1 is excited about show n tell. Remember he gets to sit in the middle of the circle, THE MIDDLE and people HAVE to listen to him. But there is more too it.

There is always more to it isn't there?

He's hoping that the next show n tell will be for the letter H. He already knows what he's going to take in. His hamster ball.

I realize most of you are reading this thinking, wow this is a lame post, I don't see the usual humor and wittiness I have come to expect from the mrs. {or at least I like to tell myself that's what you all are thinking}. So let me clarify a few things.

He wants to take in his hamster ball.


We don't own a hamster.

Again because I could see where this would be a little confusing because who does this.... he owns a hamster ball and NOT a hamster. Are we all following how odd this is?

Although I am the one in charge and technically I did let him buy it. He used his gift card that grandma sent up in his halloween card. {side note when I was a kid my mom used to eat my candy when I was asleep, don't deny it mom we know, and now she's giving out cold hard gift cards?! Talk about a double standard}

So yeah, my kid has a hamster ball and no hamster, but the ball isn't empty. He needed it and I mean NEEDED it in the way a four year old needs anything, to store his bouncy ball collection.

Now he figures he has show n tell covered for B and for H, whichever comes first. What a thinker.

I wonder what his teachers think of us as parents.....