Monday, September 29, 2008

Love changes

Amanda from Lifelong Playdate left me a funny comment on my post asking what your romance was on a scale from 1-10.

"depends on the day for us. most days don't require a hose. but my heart gets all racy like when we remembers to take out the trash.

does that count?"

Funny how love changes over time.

When I was dating flyboy or first married I would have replied immediately no that doesn't count are you crazy. But now I am at a different place in life.

A better place if you ask me.

Romance doesn't have to be sweaty sex or underwear that he thinks is sexy but really dental floss would offer more coverage. It doesn't have to be a dozen roses for no reason, it doesn't have to be coming home from work and sweeping me off my feet and carrying me off to the bedroom.

The winters up here are beautiful, but for a girl from an area that considers two inches of snow a major storm they can seem brutal. Storms up here drop 8 inches as the norm. Every other week.

Thats a lot of digging out to do.

Flyboy leaves early for work, usually between 6-6:30. Before he leaves for work he scraps the walkway, the stairs, his car. He usually always digs out my car and scraps it as well.

One day he didn't get to it. There was a lot of snow so it took him a lot longer then he anticipated to get everything else done and his car out. No big deal, I told him I didn't have anywhere to be and I was a rather capable person. After all nine times out of ten he's away when it snows so I'm doing it anyways.

Well who do I see at lunch time, then my dear flyboy. Home to scrap my car and shovel it out.

That my friends made my heart race.

It also makes my heart race when he changes and disposes of a poopy diaper, kills large spiders for me, and loads my ipod.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Kamikaze squirrels

Yes thats right, kamikazes squirrels are living amongst us up here.

I dont know what has gotten into the furry little buggers. I dont know if the changing leaves and abundance of acorns is sending them into a frantic tizzy or if their pea size brains are just failing them as of late.

Who knows but this week has not been good for them.

Four. I have run over four in the last week.

And please believe me when I say I tried my darnedest every time not too. But damned if they aren't just running right at the car.

I hate running over things, I mean obviously not as much as the squirrel but still, it makes me sick to my stomach. Made worse when Dash-1 asks what the bump was. I told him it was an acorn.

I didn't elaborate that there was also a squirrel holding onto the acorn.

Should anymore meet there maker under my wheels I'm going to look into getting squirrels painted onto my drivers door, much like fighter pilots did in WW2. Then they will look and stand back as I drive down the road.

Oh and I'm going to need a stencil of a chipmunk too....

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Whats the romance like?

Be honest here. How would you rate the romance in your marriage?

1- being the butterflies are dead with no signs of being revived to a 10- so hot for each other the neighbors are turning their hose on you guys.

Friday, September 26, 2008

10 things that annoy me

I got stuck behind someone today who sat thru the entire green light (I hate honking I think its so rude although I did honk in this case but he still didn't get his act in gear fast enough). I sat there thinking about how much stunts like that annoy me and well it led to this post of randomness.

* Parents at the park who sit ideally by when their kids act like total deviants. I understand parents cant be everywhere all the time, trust me I get it. But if little Johnny is climbing up the slide while trying to crush the small 21 mth old going down said slide, perhaps you should put your cell phone and cigarette down and have a chit chat with him. Or crate him.

* People who have an entire cart filled with items in the express check out. Oh how I long for the day when the cashier tells them to take a hike. I think I pick that line just to see if it will happen. But seriously how difficult is it to get that 20 items doesn't mean an entire cart?

* When strangers figure out my husband is a Marine and start giving me their views on how awful the war is. Even if I agreed with them, which I don't in the least, come on folks, I'm not going there I don't even know you and its a very awkward conversation to have in front of my parrot of a three year old.

* When I ask my little ones what they would like for lunch. Then I make it. Then they tell me they want something else. You asked for grilled cheese, your getting grilled cheese. Deal.

* When the person in front of you going thru the door doesn't make any effort to hold it for you. I find this just a basic courtesy, especially if the person behind you has their hands full and/or is struggling with small kids trying to escape.

* That car in the parking lot that was parked to purposely take up two spaces so not to get dinged. If you feel this strongly about your car and want to park it way at the end of the lot more power too you, if you are that worried but yet still park close to the store it just makes me want to squeeze into the space next to you and let my kids repeatedly open the doors into your car.

* Parents that let their kids run around in restaurants. A year or so ago we actually had a kid come up to our table and start touching things. We had to get a waitress over, no parents showed up. Yes I have kids but it doesn't mean that I want to hang out with yours.

* Emails about male enhancements. I get a lot of them. I don't know why. Thanks but I'm not interested.

* When I blow dry my hair and then it rains. Yes its a simple thing but its so damn annoying. All that effort and then frizz, lots of frizz.

* When I've been thinking about something to eat all day and then go to get it and the human garbage disposal that is my husband has inhaled it. (Though a pro to that is that food never goes bad when he's around. When he's away I have to throw away a lot more stuff.)

No doubt there are more, I don't think I'm a negative person its just that annoyances are just part of life. And well why not blog about them.

Whats your top annoyance? I hate to think I've left off a great life annoyance.

the eh and yah of life lately

the eh... its raining today. Hard and windy. All in all a general yucky day.

the yah! I'm off the hook for the park.
Mommy confession here, I don't so much enjoy the park. My kids love it so I take them and I get joy from watching their joy but really there are usually obnoxious kids, more obnoxious parents, and when your at the park five days a week it can get a little old. So the rain is an excuse to stay in, do some laundry, get the house straightened up and just cozy up in front of a movie or two.

the eh... I slammed my knee in the car door the other day and it hurts. A lot. And I have a nasty tri colored bruise.

the yah! An excuse to take it easy and no need to feel guilty about trying to squeeze in treadmill time. At least for a couple of days.

the eh.... dash-1 had a very rough day yesterday. He missed school again, went to the Dr's in the am and found out he needed a nebulizer for his breathing and then had to go to the dentist in the pm for an emergency root canal. Without sedation.

the yah! And this is a big yah, for the first time in four nights he slept. The whole night. No screaming fits, no tears, just sleep. In his bed. Thank God.

the eh... flyboy's not around and his absence was very missed yesterday.

the yah! well there really isn't a yah when your husband is gone but you do have to look at the positive side, so I can get away with eating frozen dinners, the laundry can sit around an extra day or two, now that dash-1 is back in his bed I get the bed back to myself, and no giant large puddles left after his morning shower that I always step in with my socks on.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A poop post

If you don't like poop don't read this. There I warned ya.

At the request of his gastro dr. dash-1 was ordered to do a poop study. I'm sure he said a more scientific name but lets call it what it is. He wants me to follow him around and dig in his poop.

Hey in the grand scheme of possible medical test this one is nothing. Although digging in poop is not high on my list lets be honest,
a. I'm a mom and really at this stage in my life poop is like a flight suit to my husband, just part of the package. and
b. He's had some nasty medical test and while digging in poop is disgusting it doesn't cause him any pain.

That is not to say this hasn't been without bumps. At all.

I took the orders to the lab on post (its a civilian specialist). What happened next was humorous to say the least.

They look it over, go to the back room to get someone else, he looks it over, scratches his head, goes to get someone else, she too looks puzzled. She grabs some big medical book and starts looking things up.

This folks, does not instilled great confidence.

Then the original guy starts getting out plastic little jars for me. A lot of them. Lining them up, one by one, some are in pairs, some are pink, some are blue, some have some weird chemical in them.

It was a little parade of poop holders.

Oh and we cant forget the jar that was for a frozen poopsicle. Flyboy suggested getting an entirely separate freezer for that specimen. I decided putting it in the jar, the biohazard bag, and then 15 additional freezer bags would suffice.

I left the lab with what seemed like a book of instructions and a giant bag of poop jars. It was as if Christmas came early for me.

I thought this would be fairly easy. Let him use his little potty training potty since the poop cant hit the water and in no time I would have everything taken care of and back at the lab.

HA. Looking back two weeks I laugh at my ignorance.

Dash-1 caught on pretty quick that I was hanging around waiting for him to poop. I tried not to make it obvious, but I didn't want to waste a poop so I might have occasionally lunged at him to intercept his butt and the big toilet filled with contaminating water.

The other day I asked him at the store if he needed to go potty. In a rather loud, pissed off tone he curtly replied to me "Leave my poop alone! Stop asking me about my butt."

Point taken.

He's starting to avoid the toilet and well thats just gonna backfire at some point. I even made him some fiber brownies to speed alone the last sample I need. Anything to get frozen poopsicle out of my freezer.

This test started out as an simple little poop retrieval. Its now become a pain in my ass.

Pardon the pun.

today I am...


For anyone who doesn't like the hubbub mine appears to be shaping up nicely. Flyboy isn't here to remind Dash-1 or 2 that it is indeed my birthday so when I told Dash-1 this morning he just looked at me, said "No it isn't" and walked away. I am feeling the love in my house.

All in all I'm sure today will be a lovely day. So far the sky is a clear, brilliant blue, I'm sure we'll head to the park today at some point, maybe run a few errands. Nothing too exciting but at the same time, all good with me. Perhaps Dash-1 will poop so I can finally run his 10 jars of collected poop down to the hospital.

My God 28 is looking like an exciting age.

And I must give a fist pump to the Marine Corps, I don't know how you do it really, the last birthday I spent with flyboy in town I was turning 18. And in all truth after 10 years I'm honest to goodness not the least part bitter. I do wish he was here to absorb the larger amount of calories from birthday cake. I haven't figured out if I should even make one...

And a very big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dear soul mate penny (aka bitter betty). She is also turning 28 today. Rarely in life do you find a friend who really is the yin to your yang, who understands the things not said, who is there whenever, where ever. I hope you have a wonderful day. Just go to your happy place at work and zone everything else out. And chick-fil-a, have some for lunch and have a sandwich for me.

Oh and about the age thing. That woman was in her late 30's and "just assumed" I was around her age. Jesus. To be aged a decade is tough on a girl. I'm gonna hope that my "maturity" had something to do with it and not my lack of makeup that day!

Monday, September 22, 2008


The other day someone asked my age and when I told what it was she balked at it. I wont give it away if she thought I was older or younger. But it got me thinking about age and perception. And the fact that my birthday is just two days away is just ringing home my thoughts about age.

So I'm curious, to those of you who have read me over the past few months. How old do you think I am?

My apologies and further rambles

I have sucked as a blogger the last week or so. I'm sure no one is going thru withdrawal without my mindless rants and kiddie stories but if you are, my apologies. Flyboy is going away for a few weeks so we were spending some quality family time together. We went to the zoo, the park, a hike, delightful except for the countless temper tantrums from darling dash-2 that have recently started and last on average 45 minutes.

I thought Dash-1 had a temper.

Good lord. Flyboy and I both being heavily Irish should have come with warning stickers on our butts reminding us that if two Irish tempers procreate their offspring will have WICKED tempers.

Flyboy made a comment that he is still regretting. Some slip of the tongue about how my life as a stay at home mom is a cake walk. That I get to play with Lego's and eat cookies all day. I just laughed, on the inside and outside, and then when the next temper tantrum started I walked away.

I think he was drinking at the end of it. Flyboy not Dash-2.

I had an interesting experience at the commissary this weekend. We split the boys up to divide and conquer. I took Dash-2 to the er to get his ear double checked (I thought perhaps his cold had given him an ear infection as it has before and perhaps that was part of the tantrum problem. No luck, he was healthy and just a pain in the rear.)

So after the doctors we ran to the PX and Commissary. First I forgot it was a football game day. Cripes. I had to show my ID to everyone and anyone to get to the PX parking lot without paying for parking. I hadn't been there for a game yet this season and apparently its a football parking lot. I am not paying ten bucks to park at the commissary. Kiss my bumper.

Dash-2 and I do our usual, we go to the PX do a little light shopping, then get some lunch, then head over for the grocery banaza, all while keeping the car in one spot. This is important for later in the story.

I must also say that I only have two children but it is so delightful to get to spend time alone with just one. You see them in a different light, their personality just shines thru. And its only one to chase after.

Shopping with one was a breeze. We did our commissary thing, counting fruit, naming colors, mooing at the cow in the meat department. As we walked out to the car I noticed that people were tailgating.

In the commissary parking lot. How weird.

There was a group of 7 guys in their mid twenties right next to my car. I had to ask them to move over some so I could load up my car (which mind you takes some time, we have a 45 min drive so I organize the cold stuff in a freezer bag). I asked them jokingly if tailgating five spots from the commissary looses something. They laughed and said they might as well have gone to the local grocery store. True true.

They asked whether I was rooting for Army. Not so much, I explained my husband was Marine Corps so we weren't huge Army football fans (sorry Army readers, but its true). And well again lets be honest, it wasn't even really great football to watch. (Again readers, sorry but its true you have to admit it).

I realized I might have offended them and asked if they were Army, they replied that they were just here for the game, no one was in or had been in.... or had any desire to be in. I just went back to my groceries.

Then a helicopter flies over, not low just flying over. One of the guys yells, "In coming!" and then then another said, "If we were in Iraq we'd all be dead now."

I just looked over at them. I know it wasn't a horrible statement but to me it just seemed inappropriate. Especially given where they were. And who was around them.

I wish I had said something to them, but I didn't. At that moment Dash-2 was sitting on the bread and trying to smoosh some chips. I didn't want to listen to their inane chitter chatter any longer.

Everyone has the right to say whatever they so desire. Flyboy reminded me of that when I told him the story. And he's right, its cliche but its why he wears the uniform.

But really, those morons were on a military base, in the commissary parking next to a military spouse and her kid. I'm thankful that Dash-1 wasn't with me. That kid picks up on everything and then repeats it at the worst time. I would have been explaining that statement for weeks.

If only people would think before they speak. Dammit I suppose that could occasionally apply to me.

Thank goodness we arent talking about me here.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


All in all I am fine. Thanks everyone for asking. Life is fairly status quo around here.

Dash-1 is ok with school, he wakes up every morning and tells me that he isn't going, only on Tuesdays and Thursdays he loses that battle and goes, drop off freak out and all. And his gastro dr. has ordered an extensive poop test so I've been following him around making sure he doesn't poop without me getting to dig around in it.

All y'all out there without kids are jealous aren't you?

Dash-2 is his usual adorable self only as of late is running on average 9 hours of sleep a night (fyi he should be getting 12) and doesn't seem to want to nap during the day. You wouldn't think a couple less hours would make a difference but it does. Oh it does.

After a week of getting up at 3 am and working a 16 hour day flyboy has once again joined the family and is staying awake past getting home and getting his boots off. Word around town is that the command might even give them friday off.

On the other hand there is silent stress in the house. An elephant in the room. We've known about it for a while but I haven't wanted to write about it because for op sec I don't know how and sometimes I feel like saying it out loud could ruin it.

There is "stuff" going on at work. There is potentially a huge change coming down the pike in flyboys flying community. It would be an awesome opportunity but like everything it comes with a high cost. TAD in excess and two back to back deployments. Oh yeah and even more people shooting at him then before. But that I can take. Its the back and forth, the waiting game, the not knowing.... that is killing me.

First word of this came last month and originally they wanted a couple of officers to start off the program. It turns out everyone was throwing around flyboys name despite him being mere enlisted swine (just so nobody gets their panties in a bunch we use that term affectionately around here, really we do, we just have sick sense of humor I suppose). So it went back and forth, having to wait and see if he could even do it, at the same time being told, that here's what may happen, plan for what may happen.

He was even sent home from work to discuss this all with me. They were serious about making sure I was on board with it and that the family understood what was involved. I don't think they understand that two family members only have decision making authority about what Popsicle flavor they want.

But oh the program still needs some high approval. But plan for what may happen. And we cant really give you guys a time line but theirs the chance that it may just start one week and take off from there.

Yesterday flyboy was called and asked for his coast preference for the eventual PCS that would come out of this. That's another drawback. He would be TAD in excess for a while so technically we would still be up here and not with the units he would deploy with. It could be up to 2 years before we were given orders out of here. Not to much of a biggie, I'm actually a bit excited at the prospect of leaving here and perhaps moving home for a bit. But its tough. How do you plan for that?

It's tougher now that Dash-1 is in school. Yes its only nursery and then preschool but still, he needs to be in something and folks those programs fill up fast. How do you look for something when you dont even know when your going?

Ultimately the kids and I could just stay up here, but he wont really be with this squadron anymore, the base offers nothing for us, we wont be PCS'ed back here, and with him gone it would be easier to be closer to family. It just doesn't really make sense to stay up here. But then again paying out of pocket to move and trying to time it all right feels like it doesn't make any sense either. Honestly, this place has never been that high on my list, I've never really felt at home here. I'm giddy at the thought of getting to move.

And it looks like its going to happen. His reputation has gotten him a spot now we just need everything to go thru without a hitch and with our sanity intact. Its just hard to make plans, to get your life in order, to make some decisions and then not know if your going to need them. To work yourself into that frame of mind and then to be told oh forget about it. It just starts to wear on you after a while.

And lets not even talk about if it doesn't happen. The level of disappointment flyboy will have will be crushing. I just hope it all works out.

Like always in the military, and in life, its just wait and see. Its all that we can do.

Military life....

is hardly for the faint of heart.

You would have thought I would have caught on to that by now.

Monday, September 15, 2008

After one day of school...

What did we have on our hands? A budding genius you ask? If only.

We had.....

Sickness. Ickiness. Coughing. And an ear infection. Actually make that two.

You know the drill, one retrieves the germs and brings them back to the lair where the other then gets them. So one gets over it and the other is getting it. Hence why I haven't been around.

And of course this was all on the weekend that my parents came up for a short little visit. Great for me... kinda sucked for them!

Hopefully when dash-1 returns to school tomorrow he wont fetch anymore germs to bring home to us. I keep telling him to just color me a picture instead.

Friday, September 12, 2008


I have a few issues to take up with a couple of strangers from yesterday, things I noticed while I was driving home in the tiny village near my house. By tiny, think one traffic light. In the whole village. At all.

Up here we have a crazy idea that cars should stop for pedestrians in the cross walk, I stopped my car and did the little wave with a smile as they looked at me with scowls on their face like I was going to run up on the sidewalk and hit them. I go out walking in the village with my little ones and I hate when people don't stop for me so really I always stop for cross walkers.

My beef you ask? As the two girls are walking one of them stops. STOPS. In the middle of the crosswalk, with cars waiting on either side, to text someone. No one honked, I think the other driver and I were in awe of this. Then the teenager looks up and shoots us both a dirty look and continues to walk across the at a snails pace.

In this situation, couldn't I have just run them over? Wouldn't I have been justified?

The next was involving a dog, the local Catholic church, and a St. Francis statute. Now I don't have a dog so I'm not a hundred percent sure what the etiquette is but if the church has a statute of a saint in the front yard with ton of flowers around it I don't think your supposed to let your dog pee on it.

Even if it is the patron saint of animals. Something just seems a little off about that.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Remembering today

Now, we have inscribed a new memory alongside those others. It’s a memory of tragedy and shock, of loss and mourning. But not only of loss and mourning. It’s also a memory of bravery and self-sacrifice, and the love that lays down its life for a friend–even a friend whose name it never knew.“
- President George W. Bush, December 11, 2001

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Trend Alert

I'm a real trend setter. Shut up stop laughing bitter betty I am.

I got an email from a certain bra and pantie company, VS, and the subject line read "Trend Alert: Pants..." Obviously there was more but it got chopped off in my inbox.

For once folks I am on the cusp of a trend. I have been wearing pants for YEARS and now they are a trend.

Sweeeeet.... I'm a trend setter.

Feel free to hop on this trend bandwagon folks. If I get anymore important trend alerts I'll pass them on. After all as a trend setter that is my moral obligation.

Wordless Wednesday

The weight of the world

Monday, September 8, 2008

It's a three year old Tammy Faye!

I watched something very unsettling last night. It was about kiddie beauty pageants. It showed these little tikes painted up like hookers. It was strange. Very strange.

I'm well aware that to the people participating, and hell maybe some of y'all reading this, that this seems normal. Heck I'm sure to those folks its just like having your kid in the local soccer league.

You know except that your average four year old in the soccer league isn't wearing five pounds of makeup, false teeth and a hair piece. But really, tomato tomatoe.

Me personally, I think these moms are living vicariously thru their kids and its my firm belief that that never really works out well. Over and over these gushing moms go on and on about how little Tiffany just loves getting all dressed up and putting the makeup on. Then of course they cut to a scene of little Tiffany freaking out in the spray tan machine and throwing a tantrum because she doesn't want her hair done. This was usually followed by mom talking to Tiffany with those all useful threats that every mother uses. The difference is, I use those threats for worthwhile things like, oh I don't know going to the dentist or behaving in the grocery store.

Now speaking about worthwhile, there were lots of arguments made for pageants in there. Its been a long night so I cant remember then verbatim but the gist of the main ones where: it builds confidence, they are learning valuable lessons in behavior and how to function in society.

Are you serious?! I can see that going on stage at a young age could build confidence. But are those kids really learning confidence in who they are? Or what they are made up to be?

I mean I have a hard time buying any of those arguments when like I said earlier those kids have five pounds of make up piled on, fake teeth (because as one mother said when the kids lose their teeth, "well that's just ugly"), and hair pieces on because darn it, that three year old needs volume.

Yes, yes that's building life long confidence.

And really, teaching them to function in society. Oh come on. I'm sure the pageant director was referring to having a nice attitude, smiling, all that stuff. But really it seemed to me that the kids were learning that they should go out on stage, flirt, give a little Betty bop pose, wink and then shake their hips as they are leaving. I don't usually consider myself a feminist but really if that's what we want to teach our little girls to do well then, isn't civilization just heading down the toilet REAL fast. And with over done eye shadow.

One guy in the show said that its like "turning them into real life baby dolls". They are not baby dolls you moron. They are kids who shouldn't be strutting their stuff like hookers on 14th street.

I'm such a buzz kill aren't I?

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Anyone? Anyone at all?

Anyone else ever feel yanked around by old Uncle Sam?

It's like a friggin roller coaster sometimes.

Good thing they have such a kick ass compensation package. (insert sarcasm here)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

What do you get?

When you take one pan of black bean brownies, a little chair from the kitchen craft table to assist in reaching the before mentioned cooling brownies, and a little dash-2 who ate a lot of them?

And I mean a lot.

A diaper blowout.

A big one.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Whats up your nose?

I am having an issue with Dash-2 that I never had with Dash-1. An utter fascination with shoving things up his nose. Way up.

Yesterday on separate occasions I pulled out, a piece of corn, a part of a sponge, a piece of tissue, and at one point I caught him trying to put a Lego up his nose.

Jokes on him we have the REALLY big Lego's. Those aren't fitting up an elephant's nose.

I do pay attention to my kids. Really I do. But darned if those little ones aren't sneaky. Luckily I've been able to do all the retrievals myself. I'm going to feel like an ass if I have to take him to the doctors over this.

Maybe he's just training now for a career as an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor. Oh yeah he also likes to shove stuff in his ears too....

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Dash-1 has nursery school orientation tomorrow. Parents go with the kids for an hour and have a little run thru of their day. Tuesday he starts on his own.

I am a smidge on the nervous side. Kinda like Anna Nicole was a smidge on the slutty side.

How will my baby do? What should he wear? Blue brings out his eyes, but do I go casual with a tee shirt but then again he's so sharp in a polo shirt. And then... what do I wear? I know the focus is him but come on there will be other mothers there and lets face it. Mommydom is like high school.

I keep asking flyboy what he's going to wear. He keeps giving me that look. Somehow I don't think he cares what the other moms think of him.

He wont be around next week for the first official day so he really wants to go to the orientation. He offered to take Dash-1 but well, love him as I may, I cant let the two of them go alone. There are things I have to discuss with the teachers, medicine I need to go over with them, and well... I need to be there.

Not that he's not an amazing parent. But come on. I'm the mom, this is my domain.

Flyboy took Dash-1 to a doctors appointment once. We had a different doctor then the norm so he didn't really know much of his background info. I had asked flyboy before the visit to bring up the reflux and some other issues. When he got home I asked about it and he had that look of a kid who forgot his homework. Nothing important was discussed. I asked what they talked about.... apparently the doctor liked Dash-1's haircut and was very interested in flyboy's airplane.

So we are all three going. A dear friend is watching dash-2 so our full attention is on our new school boy. Crap back to that.

I hope my little one takes to school like a fish to water. I hope he just breezes into school with a wink and a nod to me. Ok maybe a hug and a kiss would be nice.

My boy is growing up. He'll look so cute with his little bookbag and his polo shirt. Or should we go for one of his button up shirts.....

All's quiet on the front.

I was all snuggled in my bed this morning, flyboy had begun the process at 4:40 of hitting the snooze, that irritates me. A lot. But then at 5:30 I heard something else that actually made me open both eyes. A very odd sound for that time of morning. I asked flyboy what it sounded like.

His reply, a mortar attack.

I think he was being funny, but seldom am I amused at 5:30.

One look out the window confirmed what I thought. Fireworks. AT 5:30 AM.

Today is the first day of school up here so perhaps a parent was just over excited but really... fireworks? I have memories of my mom getting us a new outfit, maybe making us a special breakfast, taking our pictures, but never, ever, ever did she set off fireworks.

Perhaps this parent was premature. Maybe my mom set them off when we had left the house.

Whatever it is its strange. I'm hoping this isn't a daily occurrence. The combo of the snooze and the fireworks might ruin any hope I have for peaceful morning bliss.