Tuesday, October 21, 2008



That's right. Snow.

Now while I am aware that Target has its Christmas decorations and cards out last I checked it was still only mid-October. It is still October right? I haven't been in a Nyquil induced haze that's lasted a month or so?

On a side note wouldn't that be kinda nice... sleep thru the calories that Halloween and Thanksgiving bring. And the inlaws! Ha I kid.

But really, snow tomorrow. And a high of a balmy 47 with an even balmier wind chill of 31.



  1. Oh yay we aren't the only ones who are going to get it! Enjoy! haha.

  2. Enjoy!
    I'm here "enjoying" the 90 degrees it hit today. The beautiful fall colors consist of the leaves in my backyard that have been baked on the trees.
    I remember that when I was a child I needed to have a Halloween costume large enough to fit me and my snowsuit.

  3. Ah...memories of living in the northeast! I remember trick or treating in the snow as a kid...and I remember many a potato harvest in northern Maine...late september to mid-october...getting up to see snow on the ground....you do get used to it...eventually.

  4. Yikes, I can't believe they're predicting snow already!

    I remember last year, we went to Wal-Mart for halloween candy and one aisle had the candy, the next one had Thanksgiving decorations, and the following one was those Christmas village sets. It makes me so annoyed--I'd like to enjoy one holiday at a time!

  5. dude i totally caught part of the news tonight and he mentioned snow as well.

    i ignored him.

    stupid weather people.

  6. Oh i can't stand the snow- Ill be at West Point for two weeks over christmas and I am already anticipating the cold!!!!! I much more prefer El Paso desert weather... or better yet... hawaii!!!

  7. And here is where I say - I love living in SE Texas.

    Ok, so I miss the snow come Christmas and the hurricanes and such stink, I mean, c'mon... my chimney is still sitting in my backyard. But, one thing I really hated was snow in October. Every year it seems, we had to wear a winter coat to go trick or treating. Blah!

    It's only supposed to be 67 here tomorrow, I'll be thinking of you. :)

  8. I don't even want to think of snow. No Snow Please!
    My husband has laughed at me lately because I look crazy snuggled up each night after work it's been so cold. I hate the cold, in summer I wear a jacket because I'm always cold.

  9. Snow already?

    My friend was complaining to me about how cold it was going to be today. The complaint--"It's only going to be in the low 70's". Crazy. We've been in TX too long.

  10. I'm definitely not jealous! I hate cold weather! Can't believe it's already snowing there. We're just now getting cool days.

    I still don't believe it when I see the Christmas stuff out before it's even Halloween! Guess the big chains want to shove it down our throats as much and as soon as possible!


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