Saturday, November 8, 2008

its a big one

The big 3-0-0. To be exact.

Thankfully, not pounds but rather post. DAR did this for her recent 200th post and I thought, hmmm thats a nifty idea. I wonder if people have any questions for me, I mean cripes I already talk about feeling like I occasional fail as a mom, my frustrations from time to time with my husbands other wife, the Marine Corps, and frequent tails of my children's poop.

What more is there to learn? For the longest time I had to throw two of everything away (I only stopped because my husband makes fun of me and I'm talking ridicule not snickering) and that my son and I like to sing "there is a fungus amungus named bungus. Named what? Bungus, a what? a FUNGUS! Named bungus!" Honestly it started when we started innocently rhyming and now its just an adorable little ditty.

But I'm sure there is someone out there with a question or are you all afraid to know anymore?

Ask away folks, ask away.....


  1. OK, I'll ask one of my many questions:
    what is your favorite meal
    -to eat
    -to cook
    -your kids' fav

  2. Husband's other wife, lol, my wife said the same thing about me with the Navy :)

  3. Ok, here is my question...

    Will you post a video of yourself and Dash singing the fungus song?

    Thanks :)


  4. If you could be stationed anywhere, where would it be and why? When that blessed day finally comes that the military no longer owns you, where do you think you'll want to live?

    That second question is one I so cannot answer myself! Oliver and I talk about it all the time, but we can't think of one place we've lived that we'd like to go back and spend the rest of our lives there.

  5. What was life like for you guys before kids?

    How did you two meet?

  6. How did you meet your husband? How did he propose? Where are you originally from? How many places have you lived with the military so far? Where did you like to live the least/most? Where would you LIKE to move next? Do you sometimes wish you guys were civilians?

  7. Congrats on # 300!

    I changed my address to:
    If you have me on your link list you will have to update it to the new one. So sorry for any trouble this may be. Thanks so much for your understanding!

  8. Do you ever think about your boy's future wives? What kind of woman do you think Dash 1 and Dash 2 will marry?

    Why DID you have to throw away two of everything?

    Do you guys ever think about trying for a girl?

    If you had to change Fly boy's job in the Marine Corps what would you change it to? Would you?

  9. oh, and congrats on 300!! :)

  10. wow everyone has already asked such great questions!!

    but how about this...

    favorite day with kids?

    favorite day w/out kids?

  11. I don't have a question, but I wanted to say Howdy. I found your blog and I like your stuff. You are cracking me up! Thanks for the laughs.

  12. You have one week and ten thousand dollars. You can't save it. What are you going to do?

  13. I just wanted to pop in really quick and ask you to wish your hubby a Happy Birthday from one Marine to another :)


  14. Okay, I have a few more:

    When you are exhausted from wrangling the boys all day and Flyboy is off saving the world, what do you make for dinner? What would you make if it was JUST YOU and no kids?

    How much longer at your current duty station? Where to next? Do you guys get a choice? Where would you LIKE to go?

    Is there a Dash 3 in the future?

    What is your least favorite thing about houseguests?

    Are you going to continue staying home when the boys go to school or will you need something else to fill your time once you are done poop-hunting? :)


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