Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Sometimes you have to pull up your big boy pants and face the world.

Today was one of those days.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Carrier - II

Of course I was watching last night. While I was watching I had a nagging questions that maybe some of you Navy wives (and gals) can help me with. And no disrespect with this but.... Can they really wear their hair that long!? Wow some of the guys on there have some wicked long hair.

Now keep in mind I'm married to a Marine so I guess wicked long is a relative thing.

Monday, April 28, 2008

too perfect

Digging thru the clearance stuff at Old Navy a few months back (its taken me that long to get a picture of it) I found this shirt. At first I noticed it because it was 3 bucks, then I noticed the airplane, then I noticed what it said... Flyboy.
I knew I HAD to get it.


Did anyone else catch Carrier on their local PBS last night? I loved it. Now while I might be a tad biased towards military programing it really was an interesting documentary. It's running from the 27th till May 1st and explores, in quite some detail I think, life aboard the USS Nimitz, a "super carrier".

First, I have a new found respect for the men and women on carriers (or any boat or submarine for that matter). My father in law flew with a Marine EA6-B Prowler squadron so he knows boat life all to well but Flyboy doesn't deploy with a carrier so I don't really know a whole heck of a lot about them. As a kid my parents took us on a tour of the battleship USS North Carolina. All I remember is that it smelled like band aids and the power went out, lots of fun.

Carrier is a great way to really see the ins and outs of a major air craft carrier and then men and women that make it run. Such a small space for the number of people on it. Constant noise, constant commotion, no privacy. How these people survive six months with sanity intact is amazing to me. I didn't think that the first episode sugar coated navy life, nor did it paint it in a disparaging light. There were those who felt like this wasn't really the life for them and those that loved it. I think they did an excellent job in showing the reasons for various people to join up, whether it be for money for college, to seek out a better life with more direction, to show a parent who's boss, and for many a need to serve ones county.

Carrier had some great lines and moments. When Navy pilots are discussing having to pay for their food one pilot made the recommendation to fly with the Air Force, they get their food free and you get to wear a scarf he said. I thought this was hilarious even more funny when flyboy pointed out that the Air Force does sometimes wear ascots with their flight suits. And the discussion on call signs was equally as funny. Another more poignant one was when the Nimitz was making its way past the USS Arizona memorial and they stood at attention on the edge of the ship as it passed by. I am a weenie, I teared up a bit.

Its on again tonight, two hour long episodes. Check your local PBS to find out what time.

Friday, April 25, 2008

I havent seen a crappy uniform yet

Flyboy had to wear Charlies to work today (for you non marine types that's a short sleeve khaki shirt with green pants). Something about it being a Friday or something I dont know, he's usually not around for them so its been since August since I last saw him in them. Let me tell you ladies, fantastic! Really I don't think I've seen a bad Marine Uniform yet. Granted he looks a little uptight in his Alpha's (that's their green pants, khaki shirt, green jacket) but still he looks so sharp in what ever you put him in.

There isn't much uniform rotation in this house. Typically he wears a flight suit, on a few occasions he wears his cammies but to see him in his Charlies is rare. And wonderful. I wanted to take a picture but I knew what the response would be. When I saw him all gussied up with his rack of ribbons I am reminded not only of how very proud I am of him for all he's done but just how freakin' expensive its going to be to get his ribbons mounted. Not to brag, all right I'm bragging, but its already hard to find ribbon mounts for as many ribbons as he needs, the cost I was quoted to do his medals was more then my car payment.

He's wanted to get it done for a while but it seems like he's always waiting for S-1 to process something thru. I looked into it for last ball and was shocked at the price, then he wasn't home for the ball anyways so it was a moot point. But he's hinting here and there and I would love to get the done for him. Most people have recommended the Marine Store down in Quantico Town. Does anyone else have any other recommendations? I'm not looking to go cheap and crappy on this but I am curious where other experienced wives may have gotten this done.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

I'm multitasking

I found a great military wife/life blog a little bit ago My Crazy Amazing Military Life. Its written primarily by navy wives but lets be honest so much of it is the same. The uniforms might look a little different, the means of travel tends to include water and lots of it, different terms for rank. But what we go thru when they are away, how we hold ourselves and our families together, the humor and the heartache. Marine green or navy blue its all the same.

The site is hoping to get all the branches represented and I just started contributing a Marine Wife, in a sea of Navy wives. I know that no one is going to believe that that pun was totally unintended but it was. I hope you all will head over to check out what these very knowledgeable, witty ladies have to say. Especially now that I am one of them.

Shameless plug, shameless I tell ya. But it is a great site and there is plenty there that that we can all relate to.

Can you tell the difference between a boy and a girl groundhog?

So Dash-1 has a new obsession, my son is a groundhog aficionado. We rent a house that's on a farm and as the whole house being eaten thing proves we have wildlife running amok out here. (By the way no resolution on that, whatever it is is still running wild. I am relatively amused where as flyboy is considering it an attack on his man hood.)

Any who Dash-1 is obsessed with the five or six groundhogs we have living in our front and back yards. Yesterday I pointed one out to him, he ran over to the window looked briefly and then said "That's the mommy, the daddy lives over there," pointing to another little mound. I had to ask. I was just too curious how a three year old can tell the difference between a boy and a girl groundhog.

Very matter of fact he clued me in on the big tip off, "Oh a mommy groundhog isn't AS fat as the daddy."

Nice. The way he looked at me as he walked away left me wondering if he was trying to tell me something.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Spring has finally sprung! Our first tree to sprout some leaves!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

We all have one....

That person in the world who drives us nuts.

I'm not talking about people that we have never met who drive us crazy, like perhaps a certain Senator from NY or for that matter Illinois, running for president but someone in your life who it seems is only there to ruffle your feathers.


Mine has reemerged.

Our husbands went thru School together and were relatively good friends. We were all stationed up here together when we were first married and we kinda got "stuck" together.

At the time we were really the only young wives up here, our husbands were friends, and then they deployed together. At first it seemed logical to even me, she seemed OK. Then I got to know her.

Nuts doesn't begin to explain it.

Bitch seems to fit pretty well.

She is one of those people who "things" matter to her. Her engagement ring is 2.1 carats. How do I know this? Because she would tell me and anyone who ever looked in the general area of the thing.

My ring is a far cry from 2 carats but its no chip either. But according to her "I was lucky that my fingers were small so my ring would look bigger".

When they lived up here they lived in a luxury apartments, our BAH had yet to catch up with the cost of the area and their parents were putting money into their accounts to pay the rent every month.

We lived where we could afford. It was a tiny one bedroom with a very seventies kitchen, but it worked for us. Every time she saw it she had to make a comment the one I loved the most was "I'm sure it was a nice place back in the day".

We went out to dinner once, mind you I was a little heavier back then then I am now but she was always heavier then me, she actually said to me "I don't get it its not like you eat much."

Or when we happened to be down at Quantico and met my aunt for lunch she said, out loud, "Oh he's only a Colonel?". I thought my aunt was going to fall out of her seat. Not that my aunt would ever wear my uncles rank but come on... only a colonel? Not only is every rank earn in the Marine Corps, Colonel is high up there and way outside our pay grade.

I could go on and on.

Her husband got out and they moved to Texas right after he got back from the deployment. It sounds awful but I felt a relief when I no longer shared a state with her.

She would email, always with a pointed comment, here and there. We had our first boys around the same time, it started again though.

We registered at Target, Pottery Barn for them. ("That's nice, target is so much more accessible." What in the hell does that mean?)

She made it a point to send an email when they bought a shiny new car, a new house, when she started a business, when her husband got a new job making "tons of money".

I'm not at all unhappy with my life. I am proud of my husband for his accomplishments in the Marine Corps, he is very respected and is very very good at what he does. Heck I stay home with my kids so we aren't exactly hurting for money. We just aren't showy people, never have been never will be.

She on the other hand is a constant one upper and it drives me batty.

I get nuts whenever I so much as get an email from her. It drives poor flyboy insane. He doesn't handle nutty well and I hate that I get so worked up by her. Although surely bitter betty has to back me up that she is indeed a hard gal to handle, she's seen the emails and the photo updates too. Thankfully bitter betty is often the one who stops me from jumping after the latest run in with her.

So the point of this is that I get a random email from her the other day. They are coming into town for a visit. Ack!

What in the world do I do with this.

She wants to get together, I'm sure so she can rub my nose in something.

And wouldn't you know flyboy is going to be away while they are in town, funny how that happens. I do believe when I called him flipping out over this he even sounded a little panicked and said he had something come up on the schedule.

I asked if he could take me too. No go apparently. I'd be willing to hold cargo on my lap or something.

I figure I have a week or two to come up with something. I either suck it up and meet her and have a mild sanity set back or I come up with some lie, the problem is that they will be in the local area. I am not above leaving the state to go visit family.

Monday, April 21, 2008

What comes from cows?

I was reading Dash-1 a bed time story last night and he was half awake half asleep. It was a Sesame Street story about foods, colors, and matching.

"Bubba what juice is orange?" He points to the OJ.

"Good job Bubba. Where does OJ come from?"

him. "an orange of course" (He looks at me like I'm a giant idiot as if to say they let you graduate from college and you don't know where OJ comes from are you a moron?!)

me. "Where does milk come from?"


"Bubba what comes from a cow?"

him. "Cow poop. And lots of it."

hmmm... cant argue with that logic. We'll review where milk comes from at a later date.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Can you feel it coming on?

Whats that you ask? Its a rant. And its a doozy of one.

So I clicked onto my little mommy site this morning while it was nice and quite in the house (which was really oh dark thirty cause the kids have been up at 6:00 lately). On my mommyboard there is a section for news stories and what not. Someone had posted the story of the Fort Hood sophmore who was suspended for two days after answering his fathers phone call during school. Mind you his father is in Iraq. Now you could debate whether or not he should have done that, from the various articles I've read on it, he didn't make a habit of doing such and his parents had worked out an arrangement with the school officials before his father had deployed. So someone posted a comment Since when does being part of a military family qualify one as special needs? I find it very hard to believe that the only time his father could call was during school hours.

Anyone elses eye starting to twitch. Seriously I thought my head might explode. Maybe I'm taking this too personally. I wish I could give you all the great back story about the chick that wrote this but I dont want to get into personal attacks. Lets just say she's probably siding with Berkley in the whole Berkley vs. USMC. Doh that one just snuck in.

But back to my point, I read another article about this kid and the mom said that the dad is usually able to call home about once a week and most calls are dropped because of such a crappy connection. Having been the one at home waiting for a phone call I think wow, one phone call a week, not bad. But I also know that that one phone call isn't enough. I'm sure many of you are like me and during deployments or long TDY where communication is infrequent to say the least your cell phone goes everywhere with you. Really, cut the kid some slack. He said himself that he was going thru a rough time and needed to talk to his dad. God bless his father for being able to get a hold of him when he got the message from his wife that his son needed him. And to think that our deployed military can just pick up a phone and call home whenever and chit chat like you can in your car running errands is just ridiculous.

I don't think that being a military family qualifies us as special needs. Hardly. In fact I think my kids might grow up more well adjusted then quite a few civilian kids I know around here. But I do think that being a military family brings with it, just like many other things in life, a unique set of challenges. We are presented with the deployment and the separation, we try to find ways and solutions to make it easier on everyone, especially the kids left behind. I know for me it is a personal struggle within myself in which I wonder if we are asking too much of our children. Are we putting them thru to much, asking them to risk to much? For what, so flyboy can defend the freedom of people who don't even appreciated it and acknowledge all that our families go thru? I think, I hope that my children, will take from this life lessons in responsibility, a love for this country, a deep respect for those that serve in uniform, and sense that their father did not miss bits and pieces of them growing up for any other reason then it was a sense of duty that he had.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Morning at the flyboy house

What I woke up too, my beautiful tulips from my very loving husband.
Dash-1 enjoying the fruits, or rather the cupcakes, of his labor.

The boys and I tried out a new egg free cupcake recipe. Very yummy, very yummy indeed. Unlike our past egg free attempts these actually resemble and taste like cupcakes.

I'm telling you this kid just eats his way thru the day. How he is not a chubba lub I don't know. He managed to pull his brother's fruit loops off the table and was sitting enjoying the peace.

Our little stray cat who is finally getting used to us. Dash-1 and I were just getting ready to put its food out when I noticed it on the porch. It's now his job to remember to put the food out everyday and wouldn't you know, he remembers more often then I do!

Really, my kids don't live in a zoo, but Dash-2 is our climber. Right after I snapped this pic I took him off the table I swear. But it was too cute to miss out on.

This is Dash-1's new trick. He doesn't understand that your supposed to balance the spoon on your nose without the use of your hands, not just hold it there. Oh well, he's got plenty of time to figure it out!

Why eat the yogurt for lunch when you can squeeze it between your fingers?
The playroom after I put the boys down for the nap. Good lord those two can destroy a room like no other. That's the best part of this house, an actual designated playroom, so I can just shut the door and walk away from the mess (not the kids but the mess!)
That is a little snap shot of our morning. I missed the boat on wordless weds so I was going thru picture withdrawal. Now you lucky ducks get pic overload. Really, you all are quite lucky!

"ID Mommy ID Mommy!"

Yesterday we drove on base as we get near the guard gate a certain three year old starts getting a little hyper in the back seat. "ID Mommy, ID Mommy, do you have your ID Mommy?" I waved it at him over my shoulder and he said "whew, they wont let us see the airplanes without it".

I didn't have the heart to tell him that we were just dropping off gear for flyboy to exchange, we weren't going to see any airplanes, well maybe from the car, but not what he was hoping for. It was a quick trip, just dropped the stuff in his car and turned around and left. As I was leaving I thought about it. My three year old knows the routine now. He's going to grow up with this life, understanding it (as best you can) from the get go.

I married this life. Well I married a very wonderful man who brought this along with him. I remember when we were dating and it all seemed very strange. All the acronym's that had more letters then most words, all the various uniforms, the military regulations, all of it. It was so different then what I was used to and it didn't seem like it would ever be a comfortable existence. It was just a lot to take in.

But now, now I am an expert at reading an LES, now I can jump thru the hassles of renewing my ID or car tags while my husbands at war, now I am savvy enough to avoid, at all cost, the commissary on payday (that was a quick lesson, learned very early on). Tricare and I are close, we are "frienemies" if you will but still its a close relationship. Flyboy and I have whole dinner table conversations about work that sound as if we are talking in another language. doesn't everyone know what a WTI is or what NATOPS means?

Now I watch Army Wives like a true expert, well as much of an expert as a Marine wife can.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

How sweet

I got a lovely bunch of tulips today from Flyboy. When I called him at work to thank him and tell him that they were beautiful and my favorite flower (the first time in ten years together he's gotten me tulips!). I did inquire as to why he had flowers sent to the house since he was home now.

His reply was so touching, "I wasn't paying extra for Monday or Tuesday delivery. Did you know even when you order the cheapest flowers its still almost fifty bucks?".

I think I felt a little tear in the corner of my eye. I just love the way his mind works.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Is Karma peeing on me?

**a little warning. the below post is awfully whinny. but surely you'll find something to chuckle about.**

I like to think I do what I can to keep my karma nice and balanced. Just last month I ended up with a bunch of someone else's stuff in my bag at Target, when I got home and noticed I took the stuff back and turned it into customer service. I didn't pay for I don't want it. Someone left their groceries behind at the self checkout thing at the commissary I actually dragged both boys after them so they wouldn't get home missing a bag. Why then does it seem like Karma is shitting on us at the flyboy house?

Wouldn't you know why flyboy was off doing something somewhere the little darlings picked up, of all things, hand, foot, and mouth disease aka coxsackie virus. Its a lovely, highly contagious virus. First you get a low grade fever for a few days, then the fever spikes, then come the mouth sores and or tongue lesions, then the spots and blisters on your hands and feet. Some people get all the symptoms, some mix and match. Dash-2 was the first to get it, he had such a mild case that I didn't really think much of it. He had a mild fever, but he's getting some molars in figured that's what it was. Then when he got the rash I figured it was just a little reaction to something, after all my kids have amazingly sensitive skin. When Dash-1 spiked a 103.8 degree fever and his little mouth was covered in sores I thought something else might be going on. I took him down to the hospital and of course this was after hours so we went the ER route. Waste of time. Despite the negative strep test, his brother having an odd rash, and me actually saying "Oh Christ could this be HFM disease?". The dr blew me off and said it was probably something like strep and sent us home with amoxicillin.

Yeah well the next day I woke up feeling horrible, in adults you get some wicked joint pain and fatigue. Sweet right? You bet. I have to say the kids were pretty good about mommy being a total wash out that day. I basically parented from the floor, except for meal times and when someone needed help peeing or a diaper change. That night my fever spiked, the next day my throat was covered in spots and two days later I'm now covered in spots. Dash-2 is totally healthy, Dash-1, well he's back to his energetic self its just his face that's a mess, and me well. I'm just covered in spots and mighty uncomfortable.

I am also very frustrated. I mean, I'm irked that I'm covered in spotty blisters, I suppose on the good side they aren't huge oozing blisters, just little tiny bumps that are quite sore. But I'm more upset that we are sick again. Especially Dash-1, he's a tough little boy, but when he gets sick, it really hits him. I was just getting the weight back on him and settled down from his last bout of whatever and now this. But I did learn that you shouldn't jokingly tell the nurse that you think you might be losing it. Its kinda like making a joke when your going thru airplane security about your carry on. They don't think its funny.

I don't get it though. We don't live in filth, hardly. I mean I cant speak for the entire Marine Corps but the one I live with is a NEAT FREAK. His idea of a fun evening is mopping the kitchen floor with super strength bleach (bitter betty is so jealous). I make sure the boys wash their hands, I try to discourage any licking of the carts in walmart, we don't fling poo or anything like that. So why is Karma coming after me?

Friday, April 11, 2008

Just had to try

Dash-1 is a tricky lil fellow. He's smart as a whip, I mean he has his moments, just the day before he walked face first into a closed door, but the kid is really bright. He gets that from his father, he gets his need for routine from me. Anyways it would seem that he has a new trick up his sleeve and he's trying to see how its going to go over.

Yesterday we went on a quick trip to Target. Now it would seem that we are always at Target and well, its cause we are. So shoot me. My mind is not quite the steel trap it used to be and I'm always running out for something. The boys love Target, perhaps its the hope of getting a new matchbox car (Flyboy loves matchbox cars so he feeds their addiction as well) or maybe a warm pretzel as we are leaving if everyone is good, but usually trips to Target are a breeze. Yesterday not so much. The second we got there Dash-1 went into a full breakdown, I made it no further into the store then the dollar bins when I turned the cart around and went back to the car. Poor bitter betty called me on my cell at this point only to hear the full on screaming of a three year old (and she doesn't want kids yet, I don't get it). I tried talking with him but when I saw where this was headed I did all I could, strapped him into his car seat, ignored him, and went on driving. Seemed better then the other option, strapping him to the roof rack. He finally calmed down, I knew he would, and we started discussing why we had to leave Target and what his other options could have been. He seemed to understand that he had not been a very nice boy. And then the words came out of his mouth.

"Mommy I miss daddy. I'm just so sad that he's not coming home tonight. My heart just hurts."

I looked back at him and he had his little head cocked to the side with his lip sticking out. I kinda took it in, the words that he had said made my heart hurt but no way Jose was he going down this path of reasoning with me. Well played little one but mommy wasn't born yesterday.

I told him that I missed daddy and Dash-2 missed daddy, that sometimes we get a little sad when he has to go flying but that isn't an excuse for acting like a deranged lunatic. Daddy will come and go, this is our life, and the boys need to learn that I will accept many things in life but that logic is not going to be a get out of jail free card.

Nice try little man. Maybe next time you'll get one over on me.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

A little of this a little of that

Ask and ye shall receive, well simple stuff anyways. Bitter betty asked to see some pics of the nibble marks. The first pic is a picture of our porch before it became a tasty appetizer for the wildlife. Its the column on the left that's the target of whatever.

No way this is the work of a feral kitten. Flyboy was talking to someone at the squadron about it the other day and he had a very similar problem. He couldn't catch it in the trap either, so he got a bigger trap. The first night he ended up with a bobcat. And a large one at that. Over the next couple days the damage continued, he ended up all said and done with three large bobcats. Fantastic. I got animal kingdom in my front yard. Flyboy said the boys are totally safe unless I let them run around unsupervised at 1 am. Then we might have a problem.

On an unrelated note, since flyboy is gone I found myself doing a little bit of organizing, mainly in the office which he likes to refer to as his "man den". I came across some of his citations for his air medals, I thought you got the medal and the certificate, I didn't know that they give you something with a whole explanation as to why you received it. I suppose that makes sense, flyboy is just kinda the type of guy who just files it away. He doesn't say too much about what he did over there, of course he doesn't say much about anything. I asked once and his reply really was, "a little bit of this, a little bit of that.". Sometimes he gets really long winded and will see something on the military or history channel and tell me stuff but I'm getting the PG version.

What's the saying, ignorance is bliss? Holy crap ain't that the truth! I figured he did some dicey stuff during his combat tours, I'm not a moron, but I kinda wish I didn't know as much as I know now.

Really, sometimes ignorance IS bliss.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Update about the house being eaten

I can imagine that many of you are on the edge of your seats in anticipation as to what might be nibbling on our house. And the answer is..........

no clue.

After having the "safe trap" out on the porch for three days and having the bait stolen out of the trap three times as well, we are not one step closer in knowing what the animal is. Every morning Dash-1 runs downstairs to check what it might be, he's hoping for a groundhog, I think he is under the assumption its going to become our pet. Yeah, ummm no. Flyboy on the other hand is not handling this well. He is slowly growing more agitated as he becomes outsmarted by wildlife. Whatever this animal is should be smart and give up now before he really stirs the Marine up!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Manic Monday

Today's theme is in honor of Sarge Charlie's 1,000 post. Quite respectable dear Sarge, quite respectable indeed. Congratulations!

So lets see. A thousand. Hmm. While I've changed a lot of diapers in the past three years, I'm probably just shy of 1000. Lately I've been making a lot of grilled cheese sandwiches, but again, I'm probably not up to a 1000. I cant say I've been to the gym 1000 times, hell I don't think I can say I've worked out even close to that much. And perhaps in another year or two I'll be up to 1000 Sesame Streets viewed.

But I know for a fact that I have said over a 1000 'I love you's', that I have given a 1000 kisses, and that I have received a 1000 hugs. All heartfelt and all with no signs of stopping anytime soon.

Again, good job Sarge on hitting 1000 post. Your wit and wisdom are very much enjoyed.

***allright I am amending this, a couple folks have pointed out that I probably have changed 1000 + diapers and during nap time I did a little bit of math and even giving flyboy some credit for changing a few (and I mean a few) I have most definitely changed over 1000 diapers. Upon further reflection, I most definitely have not been to the gym 1000 times.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

really? it seems longer then that?

Our dinner table conversation went a little something like this last night.

Dash-1 started it with, "Daddy you've been home a lot, when is it time for the suitcase?".

I then looked at flyboy and said "It does seem like you've been around a lot lately."

Flyboy was quiet for a minute and then you could see the light go off in his head "You guys realize I've only been home for six days.".

Hmmm really? It seems longer then that.

That probably sounds awful, we don't mean for it to. Its great to have him around but you cant ignore the fact that he's absent more then he's present. He's flying later this week and I know for a fact that when he leaves he will be sorely missed. Both boys make it quite clear that daddy is more fun then mommy. Imagine that.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

you know you live in the middle of no where when...

something is eating the outside of your house. And its not termites.

We don't know what it is yet, so far the guesses make up a short list, either a raccoon or woodchuck. Our very lovely landlords who live a few houses up came and put out a safe trap to catch whatever it is and set it loose far far away. I'm taking bets on whether one of my kids or a squirrel gets stuck in it first.

This is another one of those times when I think to myself, I'm so glad we rent and this is someone elses minor headache! The real winner for that sentiment was last summer when it was 95 degrees, very humid, flyboy was away for a few months and our septic tank exploded. Thank God for our wonderful landlords, I call them with a problem and its fixed ASAP.

Any who, I know this post sucks, but hey, this is my life right now. Laugh if you must. I'll keep you updated with whatever the mystery animal might be. Ohhh we could start a contest going. Whoever guesses the right animal I'll send you a prize and no not the animal! Although that would be funny....

Thursday, April 3, 2008

The five things about me MeMe

A week or two ago I stumbled on a great blog, The Roaming Southerner. Written by a transplanted southerner about her life and various other observations. Very funny and very worth reading. Well what do you know she's tagged me for a MeMe. I am starting to feel so loved.

Each player answers the questions about themselves. At the end of the post, the player then tags five people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves a comment letting them know they've been tagged and to ask them to play along and to read your blog.

Here it goes... The five things about me MeMe

What I was doing ten years ago:

1. Watched my love graduate from boot camp down at Parris Island (well that was ten years ago earlier this fall but close)
2. Graduated from high school with some rather large hair
3. met my other half, my very best friend, my dear bitter betty
4. bitter betty and I actually got our scissors and alphabetizing duties taken away at the job we shared (more on that one)
5. learned the very high ups and very low downs of a long distance relationship

5 things on my to-do list today
1. try to get both boys to nap at the same time
2. to get some tulip bulbs for the boys and I to plant
3. laundry, laundry, laundry, and no doubt... more laundry
4. call my in laws
5. clean the kitchen, make a detailed shopping list, then hit the commissary

5 snacks I enjoy
1. a nice fountain coca cola
2. a cold can of coca cola if said fountain isn't available (I really don't snack much, I prefer to drink my calories in coca cola)
3. strawberries and low fat cool whip
4. McDonald's french fries
5. Pretzel from Sam's club (they are the tastiest of all the pretzels out there)

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire
1. set aside a nice chunk of change for the kids in the form of trust and enough for any schooling they would desire
2. provide for my parents in retirement, get my dad the house on the water that he wants and let him and my mom enjoy no doing much of anything, just fishing and playing with the grand kids
3. buy a house or two. Nothing overly fancy but with plenty of open space for the boys
4. travel, travel, travel with flyboy. He's been all over the world and I haven't. It'd be great to get to share new experiences with him.
5. let flyboy get some of the "big boy" toys he dreams of, an airplane, a four wheeler, a few Jeeps. He works so hard to provide for us its the least I could do for him.

5 bad habits
1. I leave kitchen cabinet doors open. I never noticed this but apparently it eats away at flyboy. Then one day I walked into the kitchen and EVERY cabinet door was open. It is obnoxious.
2. I bite my finger nails. a lot.
3. I have been known to curse. a lot.
4. I hold a grudge for a looooooong time.
5. Irish temper. Need I say anymore?

5 places I've lived
1. the 'dorf in MD for the early years (yes bitter betty, I spent my formative years in 'dorf. yikes)
2. LP in southern MD for the later part of the early years
3. Baltimore for college
4. Catonsville MD in a crappy but large apartment after college
5. up in the frigid Northeast where uncle sam has sent us for all too long (kinda sketchy I'm sorry)

5 jobs I've had
1. financial aide at the local community college (I meet bitter betty there, that was the only good that job had. We worked with a bunch of catty older women who treated us like morons. we weren't even allowed to alphabetize. sigh)
2. Suncoast at the mall (do you know how many people would come in and ask if we sold movies?)
3. Early Intervention Service Coordinator for little ones birth -3 in Baltimore City. Let me tell you that was eye opening at how some people treat their children like the gifts that they are and how some treat them worse then the garbage on the street.
4. Special Education with DODEA. Loved it, absolutely loved it.
5. Current job - Mom/Wife/ Domestic Goddess

All right now I have to tag five people and see if they will be so kind as to fill this out with their info and post it on their blog.

Bitter Betty at Winter of Discontent - She's way more witty so I'd love to see her comments on our shared work experience. She is a great friend and I'm hoping she'll do this for me.

Sarge Charlie - I hope this MeMe isn't too girly for you, but your such an interesting guy!

Kasey at Hurry Up and Wait - She was saying a little while back that she didn't have much to post about... well now you do!

JrzyArmyWife at View from the War (Home) Front - She's very funny and has her hands full with work and a little one while her hubby is away. I have a crap ton of respect for her. However I know she'll be a little busy for a little bit while she entertains an out of town guest.

Lindsay aka Corn at USO Girls- I know this doesn't really fit the USO/military theme of the blog but Corn is hiliarious, I mean come on with a nickname like corn aren't you curious to know more about her?

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Hubs is home

Thank God! It's so nice to have backup. We have had three days puke free so I'm really hoping that this is gone. I had little in and out on Monday and I'm still alive. Flyboy got home the night prior which was very much a welcome relief. I was able to lay around once we got back from the hospital and even some of Tuesday. As easy as in and out procedures are, having little ones who need to be carried around throws a monkey wrench in the recovery. Flyboy is on leave this week since he has so much leave to use up before next month so I might not be on much this week.