Monday, November 10, 2008

and my answers are......

Sorry, long weekend before the hubs goes globe trotting for a bit so rather then hang out on the computer we have been scrubbing floors and collecting firewood. Damn our life is wild.

You guys asked really interesting questions! I hope you enjoy the answers, I enjoyed answering them!

From DAR : When you are exhausted from wrangling the boys all day and Flyboy is off saving the world, what do you make for dinner? What would you make if it was JUST YOU and no kids? Dinner when flyboy isnt around is usually very kid friendly. Nuggets, hot dogs, grilled cheese, chicken, that sort of stuff. But always with a side of fruit and veggies. I try for healthy but simple, because well, like you said, I'm exhausted. And I tend to eat just a frozen Smart One after I put them to bed. Usually they eat at their little table in the kitchen while I'm in there cleaning up, so I'm with them and we are still together, but I can get some things done while they are distracted with food, and then I eat in peace and quiet later.

How much longer at your current duty station? Where to next? Do you guys get a choice? Where would you LIKE to go? There are very few bases, with his airplane and his crew position that we can go to. In fact I believe I could count them all on one hand. So we could be here a while, aka 8 more years, or we could be out of here for warmer places come the spring. I'm on pins and needles and hopeful to move down south to NC. I'd love to be at a big base, for my kids to be around other Marine kids who live a similar lifestyle, to have more support, and to just be in more familiar surroundings.

Is there a Dash 3 in the future? Some days I say yes, Some days I say no. Flyboy consistently says yes and when I like to mess with his head and say no way he actually gets pretty upset. Just right now we know that we value our sanity just a bit too much to do that to anyone in the house! With his schedule we would prefer to wait another year or two, not that his schedule will slow down, in fact the opposite may happen, but at least the two dashes will be older and have slightly more common sense. I hope.

What is your least favorite thing about houseguests? The clutter they leave around.

Are you going to continue staying home when the boys go to school or will you need something else to fill your time once you are done poop-hunting? :) Ah the days when poop hunting is over. That day will come? We'll since we'd like another in a year or two its going to be a little while, but once they are in school all day, I'd like to go back to work in a school. I loved working in special ed and you cant beat a school schedule! The only drawback is that as long as my dear is owned by the corps, with his crazy schedule a lot falls on me, I want to be able to go on class trips, volunteer in school, drive them to sports practice, spy on them, I mean be involved. . But at the same time, I would love to be back in the working world. I have a feeling that I wont have any idea till I'm at that stage.

Lisa asked a toughie, You have one week and ten thousand dollars. You can't save it. What are you going to do? Ummm can I invest it? Thats not technically saving it (especially now days!). I'd first and foremost do something incredible for my parents, something really big and something they would love, like a cruise and then an all out trip to WDW with us and the boys. (trust me they would love it more if the boys were there) And of course, donate a nice chunk to worthwhile charities.

Amanda asked how about this...favorite day with kids? I didn't know if you meant a particular day so that's what I went with. I have one for each, for dash-1 it was our family trip to the Air and Space Museum, but not the one on the Mall, the one in Dulles where the shuttle is. When he saw the shuttle, it was amazing. I've seen him run around the house pretending to be an astronaut and we've watched the stuff on discover and the NASA channel (yeah did you know they have a channel?) but when he saw it in person I saw him inspired. I saw him dreaming of really going to the moon. And as a mom it was breathtaking. It was a great day, both the boys were with their daddy and all three were in their element. And taking dash-2 to the aquarium was fantastic. He's a little water bug, he loves the water, he loves fish, sharks, whales. He was glued to every tank, his eyes lit up with every flicker of a fish fin, with every hop of the frogs, with every flip of the dolphins. He was in heaven.

favorite day w/out kids? Hmm I have had very few of those in the past few years. I am drawing a total blank coming up with one. I think I need to get out more. In fact I know I need to get out more.

KJ asked a good few, Do you ever think about your boy's future wives? What kind of woman do you think Dash 1 and Dash 2 will marry? Ohhh that's a good one. I hope they aren't trampy bar flies, but I like to think that I will have raised them better. I hope they marry nice, down to earth women who like to wear shirts that cover their belly buttons and encourage their husbands to call their mother frequently! All in all I hope they marry women that make them happy, bring out the best in them, that encourage them in all they do, will be amazing moms, and like me enough to share my grand babies with me.

Why DID you have to throw away two of everything? I was afraid things would get lonely. Oh who are we kidding I still do it sometimes. Sometimes I'll go to throw a straw away and I see the whole box sitting on the counter and it breaks my heart (ok so that's a bit much but still) to think of that one lonely straw sitting in the trash all by its lonesome. Yes, there is other trash in there but not a straw. I think I need help or perhaps like I said, I need to get out more.

Do you guys ever think about trying for a girl? I don't see myself having girls. If it happens I'll be thrilled but I think I'm destined to have boys and live as the only gal in a house of manly men. God help me.

If you had to change Fly boy's job in the Marine Corps what would you change it to? Would you? There are days I would love to change it and he's had the opportunity, which would have been great career ops but to him its not the same. And as someone who loves him with all my heart, I could never ask him not to fly. Its part of him and I love all of him.

Sara asked How did you meet your husband? AP English. He was a senior and I was a junior. I moved to the other side of the room with a friend of mine and sure enough he was sitting right behind me. He was quite rude to me for the better part of three months but apparently he was just enthralled with me, in fact the first words out of his mouth to me were and I quote, "Shut the f*** up and turn around" Really folks love at first sight.

How did he propose?
It was a comedy of errors. He had ordered my ring and it got lost in shipping, meanwhile he's about to deploy to Kosovo in days, he was home on leave before hand and was trying like made to get the ring tracked down and sent to his parents before he had to leave. Somewhere in the mix I got tipped off, ok I over heard him talking on the phone and FREAKED! With joy! So we got back to his parents after dinner one night and the ring was on the front steps in a box, we both sprinted to it he beat me to it, just barely. I was quite excited that I think I was jumping up and down and then he said and again I quote, "Oh hell, do you want to marry me?" and just tossed the envelope at me. It sounds crappy but honestly it was perfect for us, very very us. And then two days later... he left and was back three weeks before we got married.
Where are you originally from? the charming state of Murland. I'm aware that the state is actually spelled Maryland but the delightful Baltimore accent (where I went to college) makes it sound like murland. I'm from way, way down at the bottom of Maryland where we consider ourselves southerners.

How many places have you lived with the military so far?
this is a short one. Just here. Its like the never ending duty station. Seriously where are our orders!?! But he has lived in TX, NC, FL and here.

Where would you LIKE to move next?
Really I'm cool with anywhere that it doesn't snow. A whole lot anyways. I'd love to move down to NC.

Do you sometimes wish you guys were civilians? It would be great to get to see him more and have actual stability in our lives but at the same time the military is what we know. And in its own weird way it offers a certain amount of stability so all in all... I like being military. One day we'll be civilians and we'll figure it out when we have too!

Becca wanted to know, Will you post a video of yourself and Dash singing the fungus song? Yeah I'll have to pass on that one! But if we ever meet up we'll regal you with it in the food court!

TSR asked about my favorite topic, food, what is your favorite meal
-to eat-to cook-your kids' fav-Flyboy's? My kids are in a chicken nugget phase, 24/7 if they could. And I am lucky when it comes to my husband, he will eat what ever is in front of him. Really he would eat shoe leather if I put it on a plate. A favorite around here is ground turkey and spinach lasagna. Yummmmo. But I really love to cook a big holiday meal. Even if its just us I go all out, big turkey, stuffing, rice, gravy, mashed potatoes, squash casserole, rolls, spinach, and everything from scratch.

oh and DAR I almost forgot, What was life like for you guys before kids? Life? Before kids? What!? All I remember is that we traveled a lot lighter, it was a lot quieter, the house was cleaner, and rarely did I roll over a lego in bed. But really... it wasn't nearly as nice.


  1. Love the how I met my hubby one. "Shut the f*** up and it was love at first sight." --- HYSterical.

  2. Yessssssss!

    Singing in a food court. It will be like what I imagine being in a musical will be like.


    I also love the "Shut the F*** up line." Gosh, I think our husbands would get along so well.

  3. I love your last answer! Sometimes I miss life when it was just us, but it was definitely a whole lot more boring. And if we ever take the giant leap and get pregnant one last time, I suspect it will be a boy, so I can very much relate to your feelings on that subject.

  4. Loved your answers!

    By the way, living in Japan would be cool! Okinawa was our first choice. Mmmm, sunshine!

  5. Fun answers! And no, investing is not an option :)

  6. Your answers are great... even though I missed it.. everyone pretty much asked all the questions I wouldve answered

  7. thank you for your service and fly boy also

  8. Good answers to all the questions, thanks for sharing. I'm with jlc love how you two met.

  9. I'm soooo far behind on blog reading, but glad this was the first of the posts of yours I read.

    Seriously, if you ever make it to the state with four real seasons (read: NC) I'm going to invite myself to your place. I'll bring my girl and we'll have a hootin' fun time.

    You are a riot! Thanks for sharing.

  10. haha, LOVE all the answers! I would imagine you guys are a fun family :)

  11. I loved all of your answers, but how you two met and the way you got engaged were probably my favorites. It does seem to fit! :) Thanks for sharing!

  12. I completely agree with Kiki- you are hilarious! If you guys end up moving in the Spring- I'd love to meet up with you in the Hudson Valley beforehand! I think I'll be coming to you for advice when kids are thrown into the mix for us! You seem to handle things so well and have such a sense of humor about it- I love it!

  13. Yay! Thanks for the answers! And yes, you crack me up. I hope I can take on motherhood and military wife life with the gusto and sense of humor that you have. It never ceases to amaze me.

  14. OMG! I laughed so hard at the shut the f*** up line. Wow...

    What a pair you two must be!

  15. How fun! I loved reading about how you met and the proposal! Adorable!

  16. Doh - I missed the question asking!

    Love-love-love-love the proposal story! So cute.

    And also the "roll over legos in bed" thing. You are too funny. :)

  17. Oooooh....NC would be great! They do have apples there, and places you can mine for gemstones (betcha the elder Dash would like to "skim" for those!)...and you'd be CLOSER to me, since I'll be in SC come come, do!!!

    And what happens if Dash-3 is a Dashette? Will she STILL be Dash-3, or will you find a cute "girly" name for her. It's highly unlikely she's going to be girly, what with 2 bigger Dashes ahead of her....


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