Thursday, November 20, 2008

Military medicine rant

Yet again I'm forced to wonder why people want to turn medicine over to the government. Yes I get that ineptitude is better then nothing at all but really it is filled with some serious ineptitude.

However we do have a good prescription plan. Although what does it say when I would rather pay out of pocket co pays at Target then wait an hour behind WW1 retirees for free medicine. It says that free is not always better. That's what.

Anyways, what sparked this is that I had some blood work taken on Monday. Someone is (was) supposed to call me with my results, its absolutely nothing life threatening but still I would like to know for sure whats going on. I hadn't heard by Tuesday afternoon so I called them. It was crazy, fifteen minutes to figure out who had the results, who could give them to me, and who was my primary care. I would know who that was if he wasn't changed every three months. I have yet to ever meet a primary care Dr. of mine, I just see who they send me too.

So after all that I'm told the usual, no one can tell me anything. The doctor, or a nurse after a doctor has reviewed them, has to call. OK, now when exactly will that be? I'm told they have 72 hours to get back to you but last time with dash-2 it took five days. FIVE DAYS.

And is that 72 hours from when the labs were taken or from when I called? If its from when I called that's bs. I would have called as I was leaving the hospital.

Lord help us at the hands of Army medicine sometimes. I will say that they are under the stress of deployments right now, a wave of doctors just left. If that's the case, why wont they let dependents go off post? Especially those of us who aren't really stationed down there?

Do what they do for dentistry. Active duty goes to the army folks, all others find your own and deal with insurance.

A girl can dream right?

Oh and there is no chance they'll call today. The clinics are only open from 8-1300 on Thursday.


  1. I always say that Tricare is an example of why socialized medicine doesn't work!

  2. You know what you need, some Motrin. :)

    I once had an x-ray taken for possible arthritis. I never got a call about the results so I went by. I waited 45 minutes for a doctor to talk to me. When I asked the front desk, the assistant went to check and came back out with a copy of my chart. Nice.

    I just can't wait until the whole country gets to experience this! :)

  3. Well I am not to fimilar with the medical aspect of the military but I am in the medical field and I can tell you that there is always unorganization!! And if any blood work is sent out to an outside can take forever. However, I am always wondering why people just can't be a little bit more professional when you call to find out what's going on. EVEN IF THEY HAVE NO CLUE! Ahh just me ranting here, hope you get your results soon! Maybe no news is good news??? Still can make you crazy!!

  4. It's ok! I had an MRI done and no one ever reviewed it. I have a whole slew of health problems that I choose to ignore because dealing with TriCare usually results in tears.

    My last blood work took 10 days and I got the results via mail with a note that said "your estrogen is at a post menopausal level :) please call your pcm." Uh...I'm 23!?! Postmenopausal hormones are not on my happy list!!!

  5. Luckily this post is so tiny that when we got up here I was told I had to use Civilian Doctors- woohoo! Also I can fill my prescriptions anywhere I want so that makes things so much easier.

    I hope eventually things in the medicine department start looking better for you over there. It seems pretty crazy how long those results could take and that they don't know who has your stuff. That's just crazy!

  6. We are pleased with our Tricare for life and I use the VA when I can. Tricare is what let miss bee retire when I did, she is just 62 now, I will be 71 in December.
    The West Palm Beach cares for over 100,000 guys just like me, sometimes it takes time to get an appointment.

  7. eeeeeeeeeeeeeegh. I say, call the patient advocate. You don't have time for this crap. Here, we get a special patient ID# and then call the clinic 48 hours after they draw blood to get the results of this stuff (I've had to do it a billion times). Even if they had to send it somewhere, by now they should know.

    Call the patient advocate and ask them very nicely to make sure your clinic people DO THEIR JOB. Grr...

  8. Ah, I so miss the days when I could call and schedule an appointment months in advance. I'd pay a little more for a consistent doctor, too. If the government takes over healthcare, just wait until all these people advocating socialized medicine have to call an appointment line to get an appointment. I think we just may see a different tune from them afterward.

  9. Oh lord, I don't even want to start on this.. BUT...I never miss a chance to chide the military healthcare system.

    My roommate was waiting on blood test results for 10 days before he called a friend of a friend who had to call in a favor to get his chart to give him the results.

    I haven't had to deal with it personally (YET). And I know we should be thankful to have healthcare, but seriously, let's just be a teensy bit professional, no?

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