Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What month is it?

I had an epihany yesterday. It went somewhat along the lines of "holy shit its December!"

Really, as I drove dash-1 to school he was singing his October song. Something about a pumpkin, a harvest and fall. I was just thinking about trick or treating and apple picking. How did we get to December in a blink of an eye?

I am feeling incredibly behind. I usually send out my Christmas cards the first or second week of December. No way that is happening this year. I'll be lucky if they're out by the 24th.

I won a Christmas card giveaway which was 25 beautiful photo cards from doodlebugdezigns. Of course I haven't taken one family photo yet that would be usable. Take my word these cards are gorgeous, not just any old photo will do. And flyboy, dear sweet flyboy hates taking family photos. They all mope and whine together and he, he is there leader. I have yet to make them wear ridiculous matching reindeer antlers or something. But yet he silently protests and plots against me, leading the up rise that usually results in all of us reaching a breaking point and then, well, breaking.

Really is it so bad that I want to send out a nice sweet picture of my family ONCE a YEAR? I'm proud of my bunch, I just want to show them off. This year I'm thinking about tranquilizing them all. I betcha I can edit out the drool.

In other areas slowly the decorations are up. Our tree is up.
Two trees actually, a big huge real one in the family room and then this year we figured why not set up the little fake one that we had for our first few Christmases in the hallway. At night its beautiful and I think I'm becoming a convert to the whole white light thing.
I need to finish up the garland on the banister by adding the ribbons. That will be right after I figure out how to tie some kinda fancy bow. I probably have a better chance of getting a great family photo.

I'm also on a quest for cute mini poinsettias. How brave am I? With two active boys in the house I have a great idea to put poinsettias on every other stair right along the wall. Flyboy just gave me the look when I ran that one by him. But in my head it looks beautiful. So what the hell, I'll clean up dirt for the next month. It's no worse them poop.

And it would be a lovely background for a picture.


  1. Good luck! I did get the perfect Christmas picture in the form of all four of us at my hubbie's retirement ceremony! However, since the kids are now 21 and 22, I have years of Christmas pictures that the kids go "not again..." (their "favorite": matching red vests from Old Navy, with black turtlenecks underneath - even the black dog had a red bandana on) However, with the times that David was deployed or away somewhere during Christmastime, those pictures mean the world to me! Wink at Flyboy and tell him he can earn brownie points with you~ Happy photo shooting! Can't wait to see your pictures~

  2. i know - yesterday i was all it's dec to the hubby. and he was like yes since monday.

    totally came out of left field!!

    good luck with the mini poinsettias - it does sound totally worth the daily cleanup :)

  3. The months just fly by, it's like you dont have time to enjoy each one.
    Happy Holidays!

  4. Yeah....I'm behind on my Christmas cards. I'm guessing they won't be sent until we get back to Oklahoma. Oh well...I'm busy dang it!

    I'm jealous your tree is up....I wish I could decorate this year!

  5. Very pretty trees! How in the world do you make it so people can't enlarge your photos?

    I def. hear you on the how in the world is it Dec already part!

    Good luck with the family photo! We did ours the other night and I'm sure it's just as hard to keep 2 kids still like it was to even get non-blurry pictures of the dogs! I swear our dogs have ADD.

  6. Congrats on getting the decorations up :-)

  7. Everything looks great!

    This year flew by, I have felt so behind all year.

  8. Oh my gosh - it IS already December!! I can't believe it... and I haven't even BEGUN!!

  9. I thought of you this morning when I heard the OSH commercial - they are having a 2 for 1 sale on poinsettias. Get yourself down there and buy some!

    I hope you get a good picture :)


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