Wednesday, November 26, 2008

lollipops and movies

Today at lunch I asked Dash-1 what he was thankful for. I tried this last night and didn't get much of a response so I prefixed the question with a simple three year old explanation of what thankful means, things that make you feel happy.

His reply, "movies, lollipops, Dash-2 (he did of course use his real name), daddy and you. And stores and potties."

Alright, granted I did come behind movies and lollipops but I did come before stores and potties. Surely that means something!

I asked Dash-2, who has a limited vocabulary to say the least and his reply was even cuter. "woof woof, neigh, moo, duck duck, Ro-Ro (what he calls dash-1), dadda, and ou." (that would be me he was pointing at)

So it would appear that flyboy and I fall behind all the various animals around here but at least in his mind we come before lollipops. And the way that kid can down a dum dum thats saying something.

Flyboy and I were talking yesterday and he said something that is very true. Sometimes in life its easier for people to see the negative around them. Let's be honest, the negative sometimes stands out like big ole bold letters. The positive sometimes just blends into life and gets lost in the shuffle.

So here goes, here's some of the positives today.
-No line in the hospital lab when I went for my blood work. None, nada, nip. On average I wait 45 mins, none of that. And the boys were amazingly well behaved (of course the lack of waiting probably had a lot to do with that!)

- We had a lovely lunch at the PX today. Everyone stayed in their seats, ate their lunch, didn't shove any french fries up their nose. or ears.

- When I ordered my food I ordered a medium, however the young man behind the counter gave me a large cup and fries. I tried to correct him a couple time and he just smiled and said not to worry. This may seem like something very simple but let me explain, there is nothing like a good fountain coke except for a bigger fountain coke. As little as this might seem I couldn't help but feel like maybe I was catching a break. Or that I need a life! But anyways it put me in a good mood.

- Despite the day before thanksgiving, the commissary was fairly empty and no idiots were occupying the self checkout with more groceries then one should have there.

- Dash-2 is napping. Hallelujah on that one! And in an effort to make the most out of this quiet time I'm off to go get something, or maybe nothing, accomplished.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving folks. And find something, anything, to be thankful for.


  1. I love how children always see the positives in everything. I think when you start to feel negative, you should ask a child about the world, because they usually have such a glowing outlook. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Oh, fountain sodas are one of life's most wonderful treasures. Especially with that good ice, you know, like tiny little ice balls that are relatively soft, and give the soda almost a slushy consistency. Ah, I'm drooling.

    And potties!? Lol! That's fantastic! Indeed, where would we be without potties. That's a fun word, come to think of it.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, sweet friend!

  3. hooray for no lines at the lab and big sodas!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Its the little things that get us through. So true so true

  5. yay for lollipops and all the other little things in life that add up to lots and lots of smiles :)

    happy turkey day friend!

  6. awww that's so cute!!! i love reading about dash-1 and dash-2. i give matt reports from your blog on a regular basis. :) :)

  7. I was kind of awwing at Dash 1 & 2 for mentioning Mom and Dad in what they were thankful for, even if they named a few things first! LOL Too cute though...

    Thank you so much for your comment on my blog, and my biggest goal in my carreer is compassion. The world could use a little more of it!

    I love fountain "pop"!! And bless the young man who hooked you up.

    I hope you guys have a wonderful holiday with smiles EVERYWHERE!

  8. Glad you caught a little bit of a break - you deserve it :) I love me some fountain pop too - diet coke from McDonald's is the best!


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