Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Today is the day

Today is the day. Election Day.

I'd be lying if I said I wasnt a ball of nerves. The plan is to watch the coverage tonight, I'm not sure if at some point I might have to turn the channel and watch something mindless on Bravo or something. Flyboy had a tendency to yell at the tv. Bravo might be needed to keep his blood pressure in normal ranges.

This is the first time that we are voting together. He's planning on coming home early and we are taking the kids up together to vote. For the last presidential election he was picking sand out of his teeth in the desert. This year he actually gets to pull the lever.

He is worried about taking a little dash in the voting booth with him. That they might vote for the wrong guy. I'm braver in this aspect, I say include the kids and show them just what voting is.

Because while it is a right, it is above all a privilege.

I've heard the voting lines are insane in many parts of the country today. How lucky we are. How lucky that long lines are our biggest complaint. Flyboy was in country for their elections. Now that he said is awe inspiring. People risking their lives, really risking life and limb to cast a vote.

I cant help but think of the people who wont be voting today. They wont be casting ballots because they risked their lives so that other people, in countries far away from ours can enjoy the same right and privilege. What more reason is there to exercise MY right and privilege.


  1. I voted and stood in line for an hour and half with both kids. By the time I got into the booth B had to go potty. What a joy. Im glad I vote though.

  2. I voted absentee about six weeks ago, and while I filled out the ballot (which felt so strange, filling in bubbles with a pen in my living room!) I talked to my little boy about voting and how important it is and how Daddy is away so other people can vote too. I'll admit I got a little choked up...even though the Little Mister was only 15 months old at the time and I'm sure he had no idea what I was talking about. :)

  3. I literally feel ill waiting to hear the outcome of this election. It is driving me crazy and all I can do is pray that God takes care of us!

    I will be flipping back and forth between crap tv and election coverage, tonight too. Gotta maintain some sanity! :)

  4. So true. What luck to have been born in a country where long lines are the worst of our problems.

    I will be baking something to keep myself nice and calm. I just can't stand to watch that stuff, I get to upset!

  5. Fabul-O went with me and they didn't have booths this time, it was the little touch screen thingies with wings so no one can peak over. There's the paper record that records your choices, too. Every time I pushed my choice and the paper would print and roll up, Fabul-O said, "Mommy! You won!" When there was a screen that required multiple choices, and it beeped, beeped and rolled, rolled, she exclaimed, "Mommy, you're the best one here! You got them all!" Love.that.kid.

  6. I did a 5 hour endurance for early voting last sunday, I am now depressed but our country can survive, we survived Carter....

  7. what a beautiful post. So, so true. Tell your Hubby thank you from me and from all of the rest of us whose freedom he protects. I took Goosey to vote with me last week (there is a picture on my blog) and we've been talking a lot about the importance of what we're all doing. No matter WHO you're voting for, what a wonderful thing :)

  8. Applause for your post! I wish more people in this country understood what an honor it is to vote... and to understand what they are voting for! (I wish more people got that part!)

    My daughters and I just came back inside form waving signs since about 8 this morning. They know we live in a red state, but I have tried to impart in them the seriousness of being politically active. They love politics already, even at 10yrs old and I love that!

    We will be watching all night (I hope) and having some friends over too. Let's hope the television doesn't get broken in our house either.... it almost happened in 2000. (that silly Irish temper of mine.)

  9. Gunner voted absentee. Too bad his vote won't really count. I think it was the 2nd time he was in Iraq, that they secured the area and took their translator in to vote. He said it was the neatest thing to see all the people that did turn out.


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