Saturday, December 6, 2008

happy birthday my dear dash-2

Today you turn two.

My baby is much closer to little boyhood then babyhood and that my dear can sometimes be hard to take. However, I am so thankful and so very grateful for the chance to watch you grow.

When you were born you were such a mellow baby. You cried, of course, you babbled, you smiled, but you also took in the world, content to sit quietly by yourself and just observe. You held onto that thru this last year as well. But then, then halfway thru this year you surprised me. You turned from my cute little observer to my stealth little sneak.

In the bat of an eye, you can slink into and out of a room, leaving a trail of mischief behind you.

Your brother is unaware of this tactic in life. He blows into a room and for a long time we thought he would be our trouble maker. We are fast learning that you might keep us more on our toes. You have drawn on the computer monitor, several times, you have traced your hand and scribbles on Grandpa's new flat screen tv, you disabled his computer system, and in some way that we are all still unsure of you managed to lock Grandma out of her Quicken. You love to climb and one of your great joys is to pull out the dining room chairs and sit on top of the table taking one, just one, bite out of every piece of fruit in the fruit bowl.

This year you have made me laugh, smile, cry in frustration, and wish that I could just hold you forever the size that you are. But its also been amazing to watch you not just take in the world but take it on.

No longer do you cling to my leg, in fact when your off and running you seldom look back. I am fairly certain that this will stay with you throughout your life. After all you have a good bit of your father in you.

You my dear, you bring your own zest to life. With your brilliant blue eyes and your blond feathery hair, you my love are one of my greatest joys and accomplishment's in this world. I am so thankful, so very grateful to have been blessed with the opportunity in life to be your mommy and I know that daddy feels the same way.

No matter how big you get, how smart you become, how powerful you might be, you will always be my little baby. And always daddy's little buddy.

Happy birthday my dear.

Let's try to keep the destruction to a minimum and the cuteness to a maximum this year.

i love you forever and always.... your mommy


  1. Ack, that totally made me cry!

    Happy birthday Dash-2! You cutie patootie!

  2. So sweet! I'm sure he'll have a great day today :-)

  3. what a doll he is - love that smile :) and what a sweet post to him on his birthday! Savor it mama!

  4. Happy Birthday Dash-2!!!! Be nice to your mama, she loves you :)

  5. I got the chills reading this sweet post! I hope you will share this with him when he is 25!

    I hope Dash-2 has a wonderful birthday and my goodness he is adorable!

  6. what a cute kid, oh no, not the TT's

  7. This is so sweet! It made me laugh. The part about Dash 2 eating one bite out of each piece of fruit was so funny!

  8. What a sweet post :)

    Yay Dash-2!

  9. Aw, I love this post! What a cutie your little guy is. And, I just realized our boys share a birthday.

  10. Happy Belated Birthday Dash-2!!

    And what a sweet post for him to read one day!

  11. he is WAY TOO CUTE. i love how you love him.

  12. awww :)

    love it friend!

    and the picture - beyond cute!!

    happy, happy birthday sweet boy :)

  13. Happy Birthday Dash-2!

    May your life be full of adventure, love and happiness. And go easy on your mom and dad!


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