Sunday, January 31, 2010

What does airtran mean to you?

My parent's came into town tonight so that they are here to watch the two dash boys while flyboy and I are down at the hospital all day tomorrow with dash-3 and his nards.

{See below post for the full nard update in case you're wondering why I'm talking about nards}

So anyways, my mother and I are sitting on the couch just relaxing. {I should go pack some stuff up for tomorrow but that would require getting off the couch and well that's neither here nor there} She just recently upgraded her phone, for years she had the el cheapo free phone. But now... now big mama has arrived!

I thought I was cool with my crackberry but she's even cooler cause she has the new google droid thingy madoobers.

I'm sure you are all wondering why I'm wasting your time with this ramble. Trust me, its worth it for the punch line. Oh it's worth it.

She's showing off some trick my brother showed her {way to go brother, this was a great party trick} apparently you can tell the phone what page to google.

So she starts yelling at the phone "trying our best" nope... google keeps hearing only trying. So the old gal tries again. "TRYING OUR BEST!" Still just trying.

"Hmmm it worked with airtran." So then she tries again, cause around here we try our best

{I've always wanted to work that in but I never imagined it like this.}


And then google brings it up.


Yes my mother was proudly trying to show off her phones mad skills and instead all she did was show me that she can get the google page for p@nis.

She's amazing blog fodder. For this I love her.

And thank you all so much for all the prayers and well wishes, they are all very very much appreciated. You'll be the first to know how the nard surgery goes. Well ok maybe the second or third.

Friday, January 29, 2010

a little nip tuck

Someone in the flyboy house is having a little nard work done.

{And in case your wondering nard.... balls, nuts, testicles, need I go on?}

Alright so technically its not nard surgery, his balls are fine, its the extra stuff that likes to visit them from time to time that needs to be fixed. But I find it funny to say nard work. And sometimes you have to find the humor in things.

And how often am I going to have the occasion to say nard work?

But enough about the nards.

We took dash-3 down to see a pediatric surgeon and he does indeed have a hernia which needs to be fixed most ricky tick, {I'm just filled with funny sayings today aren't I?} lest those intestines that like to come down for a visit decide to stay and turn into a house guest that wont go home. Then we are in a heap of trouble.

He had his surgery clearance appointment this morning at our military clinic and the surgery was scheduled for Monday before we were even home.

When the surgeon said better sooner then later he wasn't kidding. And proof that I need to cut tric*re some slack.

The surgery itself is fairly simple and clear cut {nothing like a surgery pun}, we are lucky enough to be having it done at a fantastic, top notch children's hospital. Actually, top notch doesn't even do it justice. It's legendary around here. Dash-1 had a procedure done there a few years ago and everything about the experience was great.

{Well except that he had to have a procedure there.}

My parent's changed their getaway plans to come up to help out with the other dash boys. {My father is missing out on Savannah and all that good food to come freeze his arse off up where it was a mere 16 degrees today. He's a good man.} Thankfully Flyboy will be here for the surgery and then has to jet off the following day.

But I'm not going to lie, I'm a little nervous. He'll be exactly five months old, five months old and 14 lbs and he'll be going under general anesthesia, that's the part that makes me nervous. 5mths and 14 lbs is a little guy, little guys have a much smaller threshold for error.

But positive thoughts positive thoughts. And nard jokes. Those are always funny.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What I wonder about Weds

So in honor of it being Wednesday I thought, hmmm what funny thing could I blog about. I figured it's hump day but well, best not to go there, or I could think up a W word.

The w word won out. {This is a family blog after all.}

Without further ado....Things I WONDER about Wednesday. It has a nice ring to it doesn't it?

*I wonder sometimes {ha sometimes?!} about Tric@re.

I received the authorization for dash-3's consult with a surgeon {he's having some swelling in his nether regions that might be a hernia} Tric*are assigned him a general surgeon. When I called to explain that the dr's office told me that they don't see anyone under 16 tric*re seemed surprised that he was a baby.

Never mind the fact that I had to say his birthdate to them three times during the conversation to verify info and that his birthdate appears not once, but twice on the submitted form.

I wonder about them...

*I wonder about those smart cars. Damn those things are tiny. Not to mention for the size expensive {apparently around 20k}. Nothing slightly larger then a roller skate should cost that much.

And what's it matter if you use less gas if you have to make three trips to the grocery store to bring home your stuff?

* I don't get boys and their obsession with farting. Or for that matter grown men.

Why do they think it's funny? Or appropriate to do in public? I would die if I smelled like that in a store or work... not laugh.

Really don't get that one.

*I don't get mullets. I mean its versitle, I'll give you that, business in the front, party in the back. Smart I suppose, you're prepared for whatever comes your way.

I just wonder about them since we've moved well beyond 1989.

*I don't get uniform purses. Just don't get 'em. And trust me no matter how many list I do this one will always show up.

But I will always say, as with anything on this list, I'm not trying to change any minds, I'm just stating my own opinion. So if you want to drive around with a mullet, in your smart car, farting and laughing, while carrying your uniform purse... GO FORTH!

I just wonder about them. That's all.

And not to worry, I'm sure I'll have a whole new list by next Wednesday.

What do you wonder about? Either leave a comment or shoot do your own post and leave a link in the comments. {I'm too lazy to get a mr. linky}

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

ten thing tuesday {randomness from me!}

10 things I haven't blogged about {and probably for good reason}

1. I signed up dash-1 for Little League this week, when I mentioned his food allergy the old man who was registering us he had an "oh boy" look. I started to wonder if coaches would see the form and think "good Lord the last thing we need is one of those peanut kids on the team" are people going to see this as just a hassle for the next decade and a half of schooling and organized sports?

{I did point out that since he's a mere five years old and can't drive or cross the streets by himself, there would always be a parent and/or responsible adult for him at a game and would manage his epi pens. }

2. I've hit the hibernation point of the winter. That point where, the holidays are over but winter is not. Its still ass cold to go out and do stuff making it hard to motivate to lose the pounds from the holiday. This is made worse by the last couple baby pounds.

Leftover baby pounds meet holiday weight gain. But don't bother getting to well acquainted. I've reached my limit and I'm thinking that its time to go back to WW, I really liked it the first time around, I found it easy to follow and it really was more of a lifestyle change rather then a diet.

Until I got pregnant. And now its time to lose those last ten pounds all over again.

3. Why does dash-3 wait until after I've changed his diaper to poo? Does he like a fresh slate to design in or what? Along the same lines, why is it that dash-2 can go all day accident free and despite being proactive and sitting on the potty to poop before bed, does he prefer to wait until 8:15 pm to poop.

4. High speed chases. I don't get them. Why do they get top billing on the news. I mean I can understand if they are happening in the local viewing area, but a high speed chase in Las Vegas, is that really news to the rest of the country.

No, no its not.

And whats the point of a high speed chase? Eventually you will run out of gas or road. You will be caught and that too will be on tv. And you will probably look like a tool.

5. The State of the Union is on Wednesday. I can't say I'm going to be on the edge of my seat watching but I'll probably have it on. You know what they could do to make it more interesting? Have VP Biden give it. Off the cuff.

That, my friends, would be prime time viewing.

6. My kids, despite having giant heads and looking kinda big are really not. Most babies wear up a size or two not so much in our house. Dash-3 is 4 1/2 months but he's wearing 3 month pants and 3-6 month sleepers. All the dash boys were this way.

Today I was trying to find something to put him in and I pulled out an outfit someone gave him, its 9 months but it looks like dash-2 could wear it. When I pulled it out I said "wow, 9 mths" and then dash-1 said it... the very thing flyboy and I have been saying since we had him almost five years ago.

"I'd hate to run into that 9 mth old in an alley."

I love it when they quote us. Well so long as it doesn't involve curse words.

7. Dash-1 turns five next month. He's going to have his first birthday party to celebrate!

Exciting huh?

Yeah, I'm freaking out over it. Who to invite, where to have it, what day {as you all can relate trying to figure out flyboy's schedule and what not is not always easy peasy}

We are having it at a kids play place {flyboy wanted to have it at a sledding, tubing park but there is a high requirement} options are limited for winter birthdays up here in the icy tundra. The invitations went out this weekend and now I'm just getting little things together.

And hoping that kids come. What if no one comes? I must say, a kids birthday party is more stressful then planning my wedding.

8. My google dashboard has a mind of its own. Blogs I follow aren't getting updated. I'll realize I haven't seen anything new from someone, go check out their page from my sidebar and realize that they have a week of new post.

Dashboard.... you're failing me.

9. So twitter.

{In case anyone didn't get the memo you can find me here!}

I'm a bit undecided on it. Or rather I'm still trying to figure it out. I've found some interesting stuff and very nice people on it. But I don't really update constantly thru out the day because, well, are there really people out there who care if I snagged my sock on my wood floors? So I'm trying to find the happy medium.

And a lunch table to sit at. {You know when you show up on the first day and it seem like everyone already has their lunch table figured out, that's kinda what twitter seems like.}

10. Hmmmm one more thing. Any thing. Ummmmm For once, I am speechless. I certainly haven't ever blogged about that before.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Lets play the opposite game

I saw a pair of shoes in the mall that I really liked. I've been looking for a nice pair of slip on brown shoes for a while and nothing seems to be just right.
{I'm kinda like goldilocks when it comes to shoes}
Truth be told I hate shoes, I'd much rather be wearing sandals but sandals up here in the winter are just nonsense.
So back to the shoes. So I found these. Can't you just picture me in those bad boys?
Oh wait that's not right. These would just be down right impractical to throw on to run errands and what not now wouldn't they?
These were the shoes that I really liked.
You're wondering how the two are linked aren't you?
Yeah so am I.
The store didn't have them in my size and I've searched all over the internet to find them and {sigh} I can't find them. They don't seem to be out there, but I noticed for some reason when I searched on am@zon for them the hooker shoes were recommended for me.
Ummmm, clearly I'm not getting the common theme here. Was am@zon playing the opposite game or something? Did they have some faith that I can be in stripper shape in no time? Or are that many people who are buying brown loafers also buying clear plastic stripper shoes?
I guess even strippers need a pair of practical shoes.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

wining and losing and why I'm siding with farve {not rooting but siding with}

I'm not really a follower of football. I mean when the Giants are playing I'll watch but I'm not really up to speed on a lot of what happens in the sport, so when I saw an article in the Sunday paper about a last minute touchdown being unsportsmanlike conduct I was intrigued.

And annoyed. But then again a lot of stuff annoys me.

I asked flyboy about it and googled it to get the whole story. Here's the very much abbreviated version, after the 2 minute warning, with the Vikings leading 27-3 over Dallas Bret "I keep retiring" Farve threw a touchdown pass.

The point of the article I read today in our local paper was how it was an unnecessary pass to score, how they should have run the ball and ran out the clock rather then scoring what wasn't a needed touchdown. That scoring was unsportsmanlike conduct.

Really? Cause I thought it was what everyone on that field was paid to do.

Well except the Dallas defense but clearly they were phoning it in that day. Well for that matter so was the Dallas offense.

Let me say it again.... Really?! This is just a small snapshot of what the hell is wrong with society right now and why our kids are growing up to be spoiled, self-righteous brats.

Bret Farve was signed for about 12 million this season and about 13 million for next season.

Tony Romo's contract with Dallas was something like 67 million for 6 years with 30 million guaranteed. AND about he's signed something like a 10 million dollar contract with Starter and lord knows what other money he has coming in that I'm not wasting my time googeling about.

So my point here,that's some serious money. Money that they are paid to go out and play decent, no I take that back for that amount, they are expected to play some damn near awesome football. The organization's expect points on the board and to make it to the playoffs. Not for the other team to be polite and just stop scoring.

What are we 5 here people?

I just signed dash-1 up for Little League this weekend. This is our first time with organized sports since flyboy and I played when we were in high school. We were told that there is no keeping score.

I'm ok with this, at this age (he's in a 5-7 league) it really is about getting down fundamentals and figuring out the rules.

Flyboy is not ok with this and has begun searching around on the internet for his own flipboard scoreboard. He's informed me he'll sit down in the outfield if he has to in order to keep score.

Like I said, I'm ok with it but damn it I want to start keeping score someone is actually pitching him the ball and the tee has been retired.

What's wrong with teaching our kids that there are winners and losers in life. Sometimes you work really hard and win, sometimes you don't work so hard and you lose, and perhaps the most important lesson is that sometimes you work really hard and you still lose.

Teaching our kids how to win like good sportsman is important but teaching them how to lose is just as important, if not more so. And I think we are failing our kids now days by adopting this "everyone is a winner" attitude.

Sometimes we race in the yard and sometimes dash-1 and dash-2 are seriously hauling ass so I let them win. But more often then not {and more often then not its flyboy racing them since well, I was pregnant for most of last year} flyboy will win. And he always tells them the same thing, "you don't win every time and next time you'll try harder".

Dash-1 doesn't always take it so well, but our job as parents is to teach him. Teach him how to win and lose with grace and sportsmanship.

{Hmmm this appears to be a reoccurring theme in parenthood. And an equally lacking theme in society now days.}

The answer isn't to take anything away from the winner. Unless of course he's playing tee ball with some 6 year old who looks like Mark McGuire and has clearly been doping, then I want a roid test.

Quite simply, you win some, you lose some. Some are close, some are blow outs. You can be crushed by a blow out but it's how you recover from the blow out that matters.

And trying to make professional athletes into bad guys because they did what they are paid {large large sums of money} to do is ridiculous.

Frankly for what they are paid they should be scoring a hell of a lot more.

Friday, January 22, 2010

knowing he's there

Here's the thing about spending so much time apart from your husband... you end up sleeping by yourself a lot.

{Or at least you SHOULD be!}

As long as we've been married its just the same ole here one day {or a week or two or three} and then gone the next {for a week or two or three or more}. So we never really have long periods of time where we are together.

A side effect of this, at least for me, is I'm really used to sleeping by myself.

We've never really been big cuddlers in bed, even when we had our widdy biddy double bed we would say our good nights and I love yous and then off to our respective sides.W hen we do cuddle there is always a point where one of us looks at the other and says something to the effect of "ok are we done" or "allright my arm is falling asleep".

{Very romantic here at house of flyboy and don't think I'm picking on my husband, he's probably more a night cuddler then I am. And really we aren't a cold loveless marriage. I swear.}

But of course, in an widdy biddy double bed we would still know that the other one was there.

A few months ago we finally did what we had been talking about and got us a big ole king bed.

It's delightful. I don't even know he's there. We have a sleep number so he has his side and his number and I have my side and my number, the difference being great enough that you can almost roll down the hill to my soft side.

But I've noticed something lately. I miss him.

I'm not saying I miss his elbow cracking me in the head like we did in the double bed days, but I find myself missing knowing that he's there. After all, so much of the time he's not.

So I've started something. Something I'm not even sure he knows that I do.

When I wake up in the middle of the night to feed the little one, I find myself climbing back into our warm comfy bed, snuggling down into the flannel sheets into my side of bed that quite literally is so soft it cocoons my body, and I slide one foot over and just put it up against him.

Now I don't do this to warm my feet {I'm usually wearing socks} I just do it to feel him. To know he's there. Occasionally I feel his feet slide over to my side, I wonder if he's doing it for the same reason.

I like sleeping by myself. I don't need the extra room to spread out or anything, but damn if I'm not just used to it.

But in the quiet of the night... I like reaching out and knowing he's there.

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Child's play

My kids are playing a game of illegal alien.

Yeah let that one wash over you for a second.

I have a lot of housework to get done today but yet here I am blogging about this. Waste of time? Perhaps but really a game of illegal alien, that's blog fodder that writes itself.

I was in the bathroom straightening my hair and I heard dash-1 yell "Your an alien, an illegal alien! Get back here!" to dash 2. There are moments in parenting when you find yourself asking, hmmm do I really want to know? this was one of those.

I tried to think about what they could possibly be playing, had they built some giant fence in our playroom? {proving that indeed a fence could be built} Had they heard me watching Border Wars {check it out on the National Geographic channel its fantastic} and now they were acting out scenes.

Hmmmm... scary and no doubt this is going to reflect poorly on the parenting skills of flyboy and I.

Or worse.... could my kids have become bleeding heart liberals?!

{I kid I kid}

So I stuck my head in the door, sucked it up and asked. "Dash-1 did I hear you yell something about illegal aliens?"

He looks at me like he's in trouble. Crap. This is never good.


"Bubba" {my affectionate pet name for him since he was a baby} "You're not in trouble, I'm just curious, how does this game go"

"well, dash-2 is an alien from Mars and he didn't pay his taxes on his rocket ship so he's in trouble."

Ah well. Dodged that bullet.

Now if your curious about the taxes, that's thanks to flyboy. He has a game he likes to play with the boys, its called tax collector. He chases after the boys and tells them that they didn't pay their taxes on their boat or whatever and then tries to catch them as they run screaming, "Aunt Nancy can't take my money!".

Yes, yes, I was right, this would come back on the parenting skills of flyboy and I. Sweeeeet.

Like I said before, this is why we are saving for therapy AND college. Saving for college just doesn't seem like a safe enough bet.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lollipops and cow poop and a GIVEAWAY!

I never thought I would be that mom.

And by that mom I mean the mom that doesn't want her kid eating food coloring crap. {or rather a lot of it, I'm down with some here or there, its life people.} Here's why I find it amusing that I'm now that mom....

I'm pretty sure my kids have eaten cow poop.

Yup I'd put money on it. {And in case your wondering we live on a farm, not on base.}

My kids have probably, in their three years of living here, eaten cow poop but I try my darnedest to avoid food coloring. That may seem odd but hey, cow poop is all natural, that's more then I can say about food coloring.

Dash-1 has severe food allergies and like most kids with severe food allergies he's also a tad food sensitive. Give him too much food coloring and the kid runs around like a crazy man. I. Mean. Crazy.

Especially delightful when grocery shopping at the commissary on payday, while running the retiree gauntlet.

But I didn't want to be that mom. Now this "that mom" is the mom who makes her kid eat weird crunchy health food crap that makes all the other kids at snack time wrinkle their noses and dread the day that he brings in cupcakes for the class. No. No I did not want to be that mom.

{No offense if you are that mom, nothing personal, but my kids don't want to eat your cupcake and well, quite frankly neither do I.}

So what do I feed them?

Well they do eat stuff with food coloring I just have to take into account how much and what time of year it is {seasonal allergies can flare food sensitivities, see you all are learning something from this} but I have been trying lately to swap alternative foods in and yucky ones out.

So I wanted to share a good food find with you all, especially you ABW if your reading this, these are Organic lollipops by Yummy Earth. I know I know organic lollipops, my kids love the organic gummy bears too, I used to scoff at organic foods {"those pesticides will make them stronger!"} but these are worth it.

They have NO FOOD COLORING, they are GLUTEN FREE, made in PEANUT FREE and TREE NUT facilities, no corn syrups and are USDA certified organic.

Any they taste like candy. Real candy, not wheat germ.

Impressive no?

I was hoping I could send a sweet email to the yummy earth people and get a giveaway but, sigh, no go {but they did say thanks for the kind words} BUT my sweet mother sent up a box of yummies for the boys and guess what's in it for one lucky reader?

One of the dash brothers who will fit in the box! No I'm kidding.

I'd have to buy a bigger box and postage would be a bitch.

Anywho I'm giving away 2 bags of 15 lollipops! {30 total for you slow ones}

I know I know its not a sony reader or a dash brother but come on, those of you with kids, or if your a teacher, or shoot if you just like candy, will love these things. Really, my kids can't get enough of them.

So if you want some yummies
- leave a comment {for one entry}
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- twit it {for yet another}

The giveaway will be open for a week till Tuesday January 26!

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Are you a tweeter? Or a twit? Or is it a twitter? oh who knows

Anyone out there tweet? How exactly does it work? Do tweets go right to your phone or your email? Do you find them a good way to connect with others?

Every once in a while I toss around the idea of becoming a tweeter. Or course then I stop and think and realize that 140 characters of what's on my mind multiple times thru the day probably isn't going to be high on anyone's list of things to keep up to date on.

Eh, then again... how is that different then my blog!

So all in all... what's your opinion of twitter?

Oh and don't forget to sign-up for the Valentine Swap below!

{update} So I've taken the plunge, you can find me on twitter as mrs_flyboy I am well aware that no one needs to know the minute to minute details of my life but I've been curious to try it out and well.... I'm heading in. If I don't ever surface someone send in a search party.}

Friday, January 15, 2010

The Great Valentine's Day Swap

It's time for another swap!

This time, love is in the air and its time for Valentine's Day! If your interested leave a comment, make sure you either have an email linked to your blogger account or leave it in the comments. And you don't have to have a blog to take part, just an email.

Sign up will be open all week, until Saturday January 23.

The rules are pretty simple, there is a $10 limit and you should mail out your package by the second week of February so that they arrive round about Valentine's Day.

As for what to send, besides the $10 limit, it's really up to you.

Some ideas .....

-You can either send a favorite holiday candy of yours or maybe something your local area is known for.
{Don't worry I'm not sending anyone any apples. This holiday is NOT about fruit.}

-You can ask your swap partner about their personal preferences.
{I'm a fan of whitman's truffles if anyone is interested.} And please, don't forget to mention any food allergies!

-You can send homemade goodies, cookies, candies, brownies, need I go on here?

-You can include a homemade valentine or go hallmark. Or shoot, just sign the box of chocolates!

Really folks, its just about having fun.

I'll send out an email to everyone afterwords letting them know who their partner is, their email, and run thru the rules again.

I hope you all sign up! And please, pass on the word on your own blogs, the more the merrier!


Thanks for all the comments on the epi pen situation.

Flyboy and I are great believers in consequences for one's actions, after all every action has a reaction right? However its hard sometimes to admit that what seems like it might be the right thing to do might not really do much for the problem. Or rather what seems fair might not really do anything to really address the problem.

I really have to give hats off to my husband with all this, I'm quite thankful that he was here for this he really took the lead and ran with it. The other day after work he met with the boy {who is sixteen for those of you who were curious} and talked with him for over an hour.

First to call a spade a spade, he's a scumbag for stealing my kid's epi pen, I haven't really changed my opinion on that one. But we have decided that getting the police involved probably wouldn't do much. Now if we could call the cops on his parents, we would, for they seem utterly clueless.

Case in point, his father said something to flyboy about "boys being boys" yeah I buy that logic when you are talking about rough housing or breaking a window with a football, not theft of drugs. So see what I mean about calling the cops on them?

His parent's cluelessness doesn't absolve him of his poor choices, but it does explain how and why this kid isn't getting more guidance, especially when it seems like that's what he needs.

I'm sure there are those out there who think that makes all the more reasons to have called the cops but after much thinking and MUCH discussion we both agreed that face time with the cops over this wasn't what he needed. He's already somewhat in the system and throwing him in there more so didn't seem to be the right call.

I'd like to think that flyboy was able to get thru with him some, maybe he needed to see that someone out there cared, someone out there wants him to get his act together.

In the end, it just didn't seem like the cops would be the right answer. Going for blood only gets you so far.

I'm frustrated with his parents. Parents aren't supposed to keep you from making every stupid mistake in the book but they should be smart enough to keep you from getting yourself into some situations. Case in point, if you've just been released from a six week hosiptal stay for od-ing then perhaps they shouldn't leave you alone for the weekend while they go to another state. I'm just saying.

So that's where we are with this. I hope he gets the help he needs. His parents are looking at a residential program for him and after dealing with them... well.... that would be my vote.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Sometimes things go down that make you wonder about where society is heading. Of course there is a sliding scale with things like genocide and the Holocaust on one end and much, much smaller things, like jacking someones epi pen, on the other end.

But still, even the small things make you wonder what the hell is up.

Sunday night we received a phone call from dash-1's preschool when your kids preschool teacher tells you that they have some disturbing news that they need to speak with you about you'd be amazed at the places your mind can take you.

His school is in the basement of a church, it would seem that the pastor's son has a teenie weenie drug problem on top of a teenie weenie problem stealing things. In some bizarre attempt for a high he stole dash-1's epi pens.

When I gave the school dash-1's medicine I wrote his name on the actual epi pen tubes, I'm very grateful I did this now, his mother found the tube in his room and put two and two together.

At first I was just relieved that it wasn't some of the other things that my mind wondered too. That was short lived relief. Now I'm pissed. Real pissed.

And as time goes on and we are seeing how this is being handled I'm getting more and more irritated.

We went into to school on Monday to meet with the boy and his parents only to meet with the mom. The dad stayed home with the boy {for obvious reasons they aren't leaving him home alone, which I understand} however I don't understand why the boy didn't come to face us. The mom said that he was very angry and pulled the covers over his head.

I don't so much get this, I can speak with all the certainty in the world that my mother would have dragged me there my my nose hair. {Had she allowed me to live that long}

My heart breaks for his parents. I can't imagine what it's like to watch your child spiral downwards. However I too have a child to be concerned about. A child that he placed at risk.

Dash-1 doesn't carry his epi pens because he thinks they are a great accessory, he carries them for a "what if" scenario.

We brought this up to the mom, that our main point of anger and what we really want him to understand {which we are both smart enough to understand that he clearly isn't at that point} is that his actions placed our child at an immediate risk. I'm pretty sure my eye started twitching when his mom tried to counter that point by saying that she thought other kids used epi pens in the room so in case of an emergency he could use theirs.

I don't want excuses. I don't want to be made to feel as though I'm over reacting. I don't want blood, I just want sincere understanding.

He went into a ziploc bag, saw little dash-1's school picture staring back at him from his allergy action plan that is clearly marked "SEVERE ANAPHLAXSIS REACTION" as he dug around and took his epi pens.

Our house was broken into last year {and in case your wondering, we live in a lovely charming area, no really} and compared to this that was nothing.

Please, come into my house, take my stuff, hey, take my car {I mean I'd rather it not get stolen but I'm making a point here} here's my wallet. But my baby's epi pen is different. Much different.

God forbid they hadn't discovered that it was missing and God forbid there had been an incident at school. What then? What excuse are you going to give me then?

I can buy new tv's, I can replace the contents of my wallet, I have only one dash-1.

It would appear that the school isn't going to take any legal action against the kid {who in case your wondering has had run ins with the law before and actually has a criminal case pending} and I get the very distinct impression that the parents would like to keep this on the down low.

Flyboy and I are torn. We want to do the right thing but the right thing isn't so clear cut.

We tend to be very follow the rules kinda people, perhaps it's the military in us, I tend to think its just both the way we were raised, but actions have consequences. However we also feel as though we are in an awkward position with some pressure on us to let the parents handle it. I can't help but think he maybe past that. But maybe he could get more help outside the system then from within it. What would having this on his record do to his life?

But then again this apparently wasn't his first tangle with epi pens, what if the next time it didn't have such a clean ending? What if he moves on to something harder or stupider? What if the dash boys hear about this years from now and wonder why we didn't hold the boy accountable, after all aren't we teaching them that actions have consequences?

And don't actions have consequences, I mean real consequences any more?

Oh and I'll send out the rest of the invites for the other blog in a day or two, as you can imagine the flyboy house has been hunkered down in back and forth debate and discussion.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

About the pictures....

I've been thinking a lot about my 2010 picture a day project. Mainly, whether or not to post my pics here or on another site which I can better control who's checking us out. I set up another blog, Trying Our Best {2010 in pictures} just for the occasion.

I'll still post my random pics here when they don't involve my children's pretty faces, so don't worry you'll still be kept up to date on the random candy bar finds and what not. This way I can post the picts that I really want, not the ones that I just feel show the least. Pictures of the kids, pics of where we are, posted with more peace of mind.

If you'd like to see the flyboy households 2010 year in picture and you didn't already get an email, please just email me and let me know and I'll send you the email link.

Oh and I'll post a sign up post about the Valentine's day swap in a few days so we can get started on that fun! Have a nice weekend everyone!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Valentine's day swap ideas

Anyone up for another swap?

Valentine's day is right around the corner and shoot, why not celebrate with another swap. Especially since most of us being military wives/girlfriends we don't always have our loves around for Valentines day. We can celebrate with each other!

That and getting mail that isn't bills is exciting.

I haven't thought it out much so I'm very welcoming of any feedback. So far what I'm thinking is much the same, a $10 limit. The part I'm curious about is whether people would want to swap candy and cookies or if exchanging food products with a "stranger" is bothersome. I know my partner and I for the ornament trade both included cookies with our ornaments and both of us are still alive so it worked out.

{And by the way I might rig the swap so I get her again she makes some AWESOME brown sugar cookies.}

So I could always have two separate swaps, one for candy/cookies/homemade type stuff and one for anything non food with a $10 limit.

Thoughts are welcome....

Jan 8 picture

Views like this almost make the cold bearable.


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Oh the sweet life according to Oprah

Damn the responsibilities of motherhood.

I had a post brewing in my head this afternoon and now after dinner, bath time, watching flyboy pelt the boys with a nerf gun, bedtime routine, nursing, you know the normal stuff, I got nothing..... just crickets chirping.

Now most mindless post I can just spit those out right quick, this one was actually a bit more involved it would have been a departure from my usual rambling about nothing an anything and was going to teeter on the edge of political talk.

WHAT?! {Or as dash-1 used to say "ooooh snap!"} I'm sure you all are thinking the mrs. might actually tackle something outside of potty training or baby stories!

{sidenote- I'd get him back to saying that, if only I didn't know that, as a mom, it's mildly irresponsible of me. Come on a blonde hair blue eyed four year old coming out with that is hilarious.}

Anyways, I was watching Oprah for a few minutes today while I was nursing the little one and it was on the happiest places in the world, I only caught some of Denmark and some of Dubai.

I usually avoid Oprah because I feel about her the way the left feels about Rush. She strikes me as one of those uber rich hollywood libs who likes to lecture but doesn't so much follow her own advice. Hey I don't fault her for having a crap ton of money, she's earned every darn penny {and yes yes I know she gives away money to charity and what not but then again so do right minded people like Rush and Glenn but that doesn't stop the left from hating them} I just dont want to hear her pimp her luxury sheets or lecture me on global warming.

So back to her show. I thought it was going to be interesting to see how the rest of the world lives. Despite my husband who has traveled everywhere, I've pretty much just been up and down the coastline and well, it ain't Dubai.

But of course, it had a slant. {Which hey, if you like that great, I listen to Rush and many say that's slanted, to each their own.} When she was discussing Denmark the love fest for government welfare started.

And never ended.

Oh how wonderful to live in a place like Denmark. Free education! Free health care! A year paid maternity leave! Parents leave their sleeping babies outside unattended its that safe!
I'm pretty sure that in some of the video clips I saw that the streets were paved with gumdrops.

Hey Oprah... I got some news for you. Granted I can't speak for everyone but as a member of the working class, I don't want the government to provide everything for me. And in case there are those out there who are going to say "ah but the government does provide everything for you". Why yes, yes they do. As a benefit for my husband being ready and willing to lay down his life for this country.

Blowhards included, which I think is quite nice of him.

She kept going on and on about how here Americans are all afraid of being without a paycheck or without a job, but in Denmark the govt will take care of you, they have no fear. Well, last I checked we do have a safety net of unemployment which can now be collected for almost 2 years. And while unemployment has its limitations and isn't the perfect substitute for a job, so is saving.

{And yes, I realize that some saftey net has to be there, there are those hardworking individuals who need help for a time being while they get on their feet. Trust me I'm not totally oblivious to this I have some experience as a social worker. Oh it was an eye opener. More on that later.}

Perhaps part of the solution should be more Americans being more self reliant and less wasteful. If you don't have your six month emergency fund set up {and that is six months of living expenses} then maybe you shouldn't have a giant ass tv hanging in your living room. Or perhaps as a society we shouldn't feel the need to drive the most loaded car, or live in a house that would fit a family twice the size of the one we have.

Why does the solution need to be more government involvement?

Why can't the solution start in our own home as a direct result of people saying, I want to be responsible for me? Isn't that what we are supposed to teach our kids... to take responsibility for their actions?

Speaking of responsibility, I'm off to potty train dash-2 because as of yet, the government hasn't come up with a plan or an agency for that.

{Any and all views and comments are welcome, even those who disagree, but they must be respectful, I don't need to hear how I'm wasting my time and not going to change anyone's mind. Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn. I have no grand delusions about my self importance or lack thereof.}

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Jan 6 pic and QUITE THE FIND!

My mom has a thing about English candy, more specifically their chocolate. Apparently there is some difference between English and American chocolate taste wise. Beats me. I think her and my sister are kinda weird on this. But then again I prefer coca cola to pespsi.

My point is... we all have preferences.

Anywho every holiday that involves candy {which in my house is quite a few} she always orders a crap ton of English candy for us.

I don't really get it to be honest. It cost her an arm and a leg and quite frankly I'm cool with a $2.39 bag of peppermint patties, but my brother and sister like it so I guess I'm along for the ride.


This baby came along.This is my picture for today. Yes I'm aware its a candy bar and the fact that I've not only put a picture up of it and now am devoting a whole post to it probably makes me a fat fat fatty fat as the wise Glenn Beck would say.

But. Its quite wonderful.

Its a candy bar version of a cadbury egg. Chocolate on the outside yummy cadbury creme on the center. Have you ever heard of such a thing and why don't we have them here?!

{Is this our punishment for the whole revolution thing back in the day? If so lets try to work things out jolly ol' brits, no reason to be bitter.}

So here's my Jan 6 pic of the day.... right before I ate it.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

so about the strip clubs

So about the strip clubs.

It seems like there are a lot of them around here. Probably not any more then anywhere else {although maybe the bible belt, they might have less, wait, scratch that its always the people you least expect} but for some reason I just seem to notice them more.

{side note - I really only remember one strip club around where I grew up. It was about 30 min north of my parents house but we would pass it on our way to the beltway as we would drive to my parents. It was called the Hang@r club.

I'm going to sound like an idiot here but I used to think hanger like clothes hanger.

Until about a year ago when I visited the giant Air Force base to go to the commissary while I was home and passed the strip club. Get it... hangar.... air base....

Yeah I really am that slow.}

Anywho. So strip clubs. I've noticed something.... damn those strippers drive some nice cars. Really nice cars.

Really really nice cars.

Clearly stripping pays. {Or at least around here.}

And that was pretty much all I had to say on that.

Not that I'm thinking about picking it up or anything, I'm pretty sure I've permanently misplaced my stripper body. {Not that I ever really had one.} And I don't think I'm coordinated enough to master the pole without looking like a floundering fish or some strange dying animal.

Flyboy was wondering where I was going with this whole stripper thing after reading my picture post. When I jokingly asked if he'd be cool with me stripping, the answer was no in case you were wondering, but not before he asked if that meant I would get a stripper body.

I told him that I was going to have to put that comment on here and that you all surely would take him to task for it. {so feel free, he's fair game after that one}

I've never been in a strip club and, while I realize you should never say never, I'm pretty sure I can't think of the reason for me to ever be in one. EVER. So I'll just be observing the cars from the outside as I drive by.

Oh and fyi, while I personally don't have any desire to have a stripping career I'm not taking some moral stance. Yet. Again, never say never.

Jan 5 pic

Dash-3 has his four month appointment today {yes I know four months already!?} He is healthy, wealthy, and wise.

{well he is only four months old so the wealthy and wise part haven't really kicked in yet}

He is 25 1/2 inches long {just over the 60 something percentile} and 13 lbs 6 oz {18th percentile} for weight. He is fitting his 3 month clothes well and while his 3-6mth stuff is still a little big, he's cute in it none the less. He's sleeping well at night, not quite straight thru but I'll take it.

I haven't a clue where the past four months have gone but I've enjoyed the ride none the less.

I'm liking this photo every day thing, I like taking a minute to make a note of whats happened, after all look how past just the four months have gone by. No doubt 2010 will fly by just as fast. And not to worry I have a real post in the works. Its about strip clubs. Your on the edge of your seats aren't ya?

Monday, January 4, 2010

a message for you sitemeter

Dear sitemeter,

I got your email update about my site.

Get off my back. '

I think I detected a little snarkiness in your little breakdown of the numbers. I'm pretty sure you were silently mocking me. I get enough of that around here, I don't need you jumping in.

So sue me I've been a little out of the blogging loop lately. Maybe you didn't read the post a little while back that my darling dash-2 broke my laptop and then the whole holiday rush and whatnot. I've been a little busy.

I'm hoping people haven't given up on me all together but hey life just takes over sometimes. I'm pretty sure that in the grand scheme life should come before blogging. And trust me its painful for me to have to say that.

I'm also not sure that you caught the update that thanks to a new netbook I will now be back to blogging in my pjs from the comfort of my bed at night when the kids are sleeping {because that's when the blogging magic happens around here}.

So sitemeter. Get off my back, hopefully in no time soon I'll be back to my stellar numbers. Are you laughing over there sitemeter?

Any who, sitemeter.... cut me some slack k?

yours fondly,

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Adios Xmas

Christmas is officially over.

Everything is back in its respective tubs, the tree has been dragged out to the woods {or where ever flyboy drags it too but I imagine its the woods}, and all the boxes are back up in the attic.

This is my least favorite part of the holiday, but I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that I'm in the majority on this. This is also the only time of the holiday season that I start to think that perhaps all you folks out there with fake trees have the right idea.

Usually we leave the tree up and the house decorated just a little bit longer but for some reason that eludes us our tree went on a liquid strike and was bone dry and well, the thought of our tree either going up in flames or falling over while decorated didn't sound so appealing.

Great blog fodder but not appealing. In the least.

We've already had one tree fall over, completely decorated, in the middle of the night. In case you were wondering its a mess. We haven't had a tree catch on fire yet but again, I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that that makes a helluva mess.

Tomorrow marks the real start to 2010, flyboy goes back to work after holiday leave and dash-1 starts back to school. {Is it wrong that I'm smiling. A lot. }

Sigh. I think I've had my fill of holidays until next year. Anyone else feel that way?

Friday, January 1, 2010

lets play a game

Here's to a new year!

I could write a whole post about resolutions and what not but when your main resolution is to lose weight and work on being an all together better person there isn't much room for too much humor. Word on the street is that fat rolls aren't funny.


So why not take a different take on the year. Lets play a game of "In 2010 should there be more, less or eh what do I care of -----".

Blogging- MORE! I love writing and I love reading them. I love how the people who I peeked in on and observed from the other end of a computer are now friends.

Oh and in a very happy note, my wonderful parents got me a fantastic little netbook so I am back to blogging after hours in my jammies. Well with the kiddos allow. Netbook or no netbook they still rule the roost.

Birthdays together as a family- MORE! The last birthday of mine that flyboy was present for was when I turned 18 {on my last birthday I turned 29}, he's only been here for one of dash-1's birthdays {it was his first and he'll be five this year}, he's about fifty fifty on his, and he's 2 for 3 with dash 2.

This year I would like him here for every one's birthday. Or at least the boys. All three of them.

Skinny jeans- LESS! I would love it if this trend would just end now. RIGHT. NOW. Any luck?

{You never know I was starting to think that my mere suggestion had some magical powers since all the nasty purse comments keep telling me that I seem to think my opinion can change things. I don't. Move on people. sorry that was a side note.}

Back to the skinny jeans I kinda get it for women and hats off to you gals who can pull it off but I personally just see far to many people who cant. At all. And is that really a style that young girls or guys should even be going for?

{side note... I wonder if I'm going to get a bunch of pro skinny jean hate mail now....}

Mid drift shirts- LESS! Now I know someone out there is reading this and thinking "wow she doesn't like skinny jeans or mid drift shirts I betcha she's jealous" Hardly. Those people who can pull both off work darn hard for it and probably eat a diet similar to a rabbits, again hats off to you people. My problem is the people who don't and wear both loud and proud.

{Check out people of walmart to see many prime examples of what I'm talking about}

I don't want to see my own belly jiggle, I certainly don't want to see anyone elses. Finally after decades cant we just let this trend rest?

hilarious websites- MORE! whether it be people of walmart, awkward family photos, failblog, I can't get enough of these sites. HILARIOUS. {I don't even know which one is the funniest, they are all just compilations of great trainwrecks.}

Mr. Yuck stickers- MORE! You know those green stickers from when we were kids with the really sour face on them. We went around the kitchen sticking them on some things tonight and it was delightful.

I'm pretty sure I'm a little odd for enjoying that but it was liberating to be sticking a sticker on something that wasn't paper. It was like rule breaking with a cause. I'm going to go ape shit Mr. Yuck sticker crazy with the boys on the rest of the house tomorrow. And on the next family visit to my parents I'm going to do their house. It's a rush.

If any of you out there haven't tried this with your kids get, don't walk, run to get some Mr. Yuck stickers and give it a whirl. DELIGHTFUL.

Crocs - these would have to go under the why should I care category. I get it some people hate them, actually I know some who have moved on from and graduated to loathing, while I'm not a huge fan of them I don't so much care.

Although I do find them a little weird when I see guys at the PX wearing them. I guess I find it strange that in some closet somewhere are a pair of combat boots and crocs sharing closet space.

Un1form purses- why should I care. Yeah that's right, big momma is tossing this one on the list. I feel like I'm living on the dangerous side bring this topic up again but really, I could do all of 2010 without seeing one of these. {I betcha you thought I was going to say LESS, ha, I fooled you all. And I'm showing personal growth, see I'm working on my resolution.}

But again I'm just going to say, this is my piddly humble opinion, if you feel about un1form purses the way I do about Mr. Yuck {in case you didn't get the gist I *heart* Mr. Yuck} then by all means, embrace them and wear them proudly.

Text messaging- MORE MORE! I'm on the texting bandwagon and I love it. Much like Mr. Yuck I *heart* my blackberry. I'm so into it I've even thought about twittering. But well then I realize that a. no one would care what I have to say and b. well.... a sums it up.

Global warming hoopla- LESS! Look we recycle all of our glass, plastics, cans, cardboard, I mean really we take bags of recycling, more of it then actual trash. Oh and we have a compost pile.
So, my point, I would love for the hollywood and/or political fatcats who live in houses 15 times the size of mine and fly private jets and drive with an entourage of 1o SUV's to get off my back about me wanting to have a high wattage light bulbs {and not those pricey weird shaped ones, I like me the high power old fashion bad ones} in my house.

Kisses and hugs- MORE! From my husband and my kiddos that is, more hugs and kisses from strangers would just be weird.

I know there is more, perhaps this game will pop back up at some point. For now these will have to do, but what's your top more, less, or why do I care for 2010? Do share do share!