Friday, July 31, 2009

12 years

Today is military payday. Altogether now.... WAHOOO!

This paycheck was a little extra padded, there was flyboy's uniform allowance and since the money they give us for his uniforms really is a drop in the bucket compared to what they actually cost to buy them and keep them up to standards I can't get to excited about that but.... there was also a tad extra in there for hitting 12 years.

Yes folks, my love has been a flyboy for 12 years. Well there was some schooling first, so maybe he's been an actual flyboy closer to 10 years. They don't just hand over the controls of an airplane to just anyone.

Or so flyboy tells me this, despite some of the idiots I've met at work functions.

I know this isn't as exciting as picking up a new rank or whatnot, but I wanted to take the chance to let my love know just how much I appreciate all he does for us. This isn't always his dream job, obviously there are days and months at a time that he thinks about just walking away, but he has stayed in for one overwhelming reason.

For us.

And our ability to procreate by just looking at each other.

But seriously, for over a decade now he's been pounding his body physically and mentally so that we can live comfortably, on one income since the kiddos came along might I add very impressive I think, so that we can keep the great health coverage that we have (though I might complain about it from time to time), and not to mention that he's liberated a country too.

He's a man of many talents. And I love him, and I'm very proud of him.

And he's damn near adorable in his flight suit too. Trust me, that helps to make up for the time he's away.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

rumble with -2

Dash-2 came up behind me yesterday, points his finger at me, utters "Your going down." Then proceeds to give me the stink eye while he walks away.

Another great parenting moment in which I didn't know quite how to stop myself from laughing.

sigh. And he's my sweet one lately. Man I'm screwed.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

And the winner is....


Congrats! I mean don't get too excited its only three bags. Although if you play your cards right I could toss in a four year old free of charge. Last time I was at the UPS store I *just* happened to notice that they have a box he would fit in.


And to keep things fair I actually drew a runner up if you will. Dash-1 picked one name and well, those of you with children out there can understand that sometimes you just have to keep the peace and let the other one get in on the action. Who would have known that picking a name was so exciting.

So Emilysuze you won a bag too!

Thanks to everyone who participated. I actually have another giveaway coming up in another week or two so stay posted. It's a wicked cool, very informative, very good book about getting your baby to sleep and even comes with a cd of soothing sounds to help. So mama's keep your eyes peeled.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Please excuse me....

I'm running behind. I need to put all the giveaway names in a hat (or a cool whip container not that I have an entire drawer full of those) and pull a name but the past few days have been crazy.

We were holding out hope that my beloved saturn VUE could be revived. ummmm. Yeah. No. We got the final word yesterday that it would cost WAYYYYYYY more then the car is worth to fix it.

So we bought a car. I must admit, it's a pretty sweet ride. Even if it is a mom mobile, a Taurus X (aka freestyle) if your wondering. I went from a horse and buggy to the space shuttle folks. It's going to take me days to figure out what all those buttons do. The kids are in separate seats so they aren't touching each other, it's power everything, sigh, my children aren't touching each other, did I mention that?

And we got a great deal even though we are now back to a car payment. But those three and a half weeks car payment free sure were nice.

Damn you saturn damn you! (And damn you GM for not honoring the lawsuit to replace AT YOUR cost the crappy transmissions that you put in the car but that is neither here nor there right now, don't think flyboy and I are going to forget about that.)

So that was ALLLLLLLLLLLLLl of yesterday, and today was the doctors and pre admissions for the baby, hard to believe we are in the home stretch.... a mere five weeks left. I'm tired, hot, uncomfortable and well, in constant need of a nap.

I have groceries to unload and a pantry to organize this afternoon, but I promise, I will have a name of the winner by tomorrow. If not I'll get my mom to churn out a crap ton of bags and mail everyone one.

You know she's sweet enough she just might do that.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

My husband is an idiot but I still love him

I'm sitting here in the playroom checking out freezer meals and ingredients so I can make my commissary list and start some cooking this week, flyboy is the center of attention the same way a new toy on Christmas morning is. I am forgotten the way an old, over played toy is.

I'm ok with this. Very ok with it.

Well as I sit here behind the laptop the boys have calmed down and flyboy is going thru one of dash-1's favorite book about the human body and all that good science stuff, I overheard two disturbing things.

dash-1 "hmm, fat, what's fat?"

flyboy "that stuff in mommy's tummy."

No that would be your next son my dear. The fat is around back.

and then. dash-1 "what's a liver?"

flyboy "something you eat with faber beans and a nice Chianti."

You'll be shocked to know that I am usually the one who does story time around here. I think we can all agree that might be best.

Giveaway is still open here!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Questions from the kiddo

First and foremost, the giveaway is still open till Monday and is in the post below! Check it out!

So one of the joys of motherhood is getting random, off the wall comments or questions fired at you in rapid speed with the total expectation that you will a. answer them immediately and b. actually know and understand the answer you are expected to give.

Some examples that I've heard in the past month

-So if girls don't have p@nis how do they pee? And just to clarify, I understand how this one works, I could answer this with total authority, but well, my kiddo is four, I didn't want to get into a discussion of anatomy with him. Especially since he loves to then go forth and dazzle others with his knowledge.

-Hey mom smell my finger? Of course this is followed by.... Why does it smell like that? Gotta be honest, I didn't want to know what it smelled like or why.

-Do frogs have ears? I don't see ears so how do they hear? Ummm, I majored in political science, I took biology for the non science major and hardly ever went barely passed that. I went with the old "ask your father" answer.

-Why do you have to pay to drive on a road? Excellent question dear child. I would explain that it's for road improvement, but yet toll roads are often just as crappy as regular roads and really, what NJ is getting out of my pocket for the pleasure to drive on it's roads is just criminal. I relayed this on to the boy only to then get this question.

-How can a state be criminal? Do you want the long or short answer kiddo? I pleaded stupidity on this one, I knew where it could go.

and my personal favorite which I heard this morning

- How come the Little Einsteins parents let them go to space in a rocket? Yooooou (said accusingly) wont let me play outside by myself. This is an excellent point. I have brought this up to flyboy and we have actually had fairly heated discussions about this.

For those of you who aren't in the know, Little Einsteins is a Disney carton about five little kids who go on little adventures in their red rocket. It ties in classical music and art and all that good stuff. Flyboy thinks that its imaginative play, clearly not is my argument, since they have a whole episode about how rocket got to be and how they built a whole underground bunker for it. The Backyardigans (about five little creatures on Nick) is clearly about imagination, the whole point of the show is that they go on adventures IN their BACKYARD.

Not so with Little Einsteins.

My heart swelled with pride when dash-1 caught on to the load of bull he's being shoveled with this show then I asked him if he wanted breakfast to avoid a discussion on cartoon parenting.

Friday, July 24, 2009

It's a blue giveaway!

It's giveaway time!I've got boys on my mind and as you can tell the color blue.

And not the hunky cute kinda boys who bring you tropical drinks and rub lotion on you somewhere in the sun, I already have one of those. Well kinda, he doesn't bring me tropical drinks and we weren't in the sun, but he did fetch me some water last night and rub my back. And he is very hunky.

But no, no, with the upcoming arrival of our THIRD boy, I realize there is a lot to be done and I'm starting to get into baby mode. Baby boy mode specifically.

You would think I would have been there by now since really we are weeks away but I'm a little slow on the uptake.

So its time for a BLUE giveaway! A very nifty giveaway if I may say so.

Up for grabs are three very lovely, handmade (by mama of course, not me) bags. One is an adorable little coin purse, and the other two are perfect for carrying toiletries, medicine, or heck, whatever you want.

And an fyi for those of you in the same boat as me, one or two diapers and a small pack of wipes fit in them and then you can stash them somewhere like the car or your purse and look trendy while also being prepared.

I might even put a surprise of two in there for the winner and don't worry, not a diaper.

Same rules as always, I'm a simple girl, and I seldom stray from what works.
-leave a comment for one entry
-post a link on your blog for a second entry
-twitter for yet a third entry

I'll leave the giveaway open until.....Monday July 27 6pm

Oh and Caitlin at Pretty You Maybe is having an awesome giveaway as well! Check it out!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Murphy f off

Sometimes I wonder why I ever leave town.

I was expecting to come home yesterday, unpack, unload some new baby gear mama got me, take some pics for a giveaway (yes that's all that's stopping free stuff for you guys is my lazy ass taking some pictures) and just enjoy being back in my space.

The day had other plans. Or Murphy, as in Murphy's f*@in law.

Hard to tell which is funnier at this point. And which says WELCOME HOME more?

The 60 some odd ants in my underwear drawer or the fact that my car died and it looks like we have to buy another one. Oh the funny part of that story is that this was our first month without a car payment.

*insert laughter like someone who's losing it here*

Although really, the ants were my WELCOME HOME! the car was flyboy's today. I think he might win in terms of who gets to have a nervous breakdown first.

So the underwear drawer. I'm sure people are wondering why ants would be in my underwear drawer. First as a disclaimer, we live in an old, old, farmhouse, with original floors complete with big ol' cracks and what not. Bugs apparently fall into the "character" category. And they were attracted to my underwear drawer because that's where I was hiding dash-2's potty treats, dum-dums.

Now I'm even more pissy about potty training. So far all it's gotten me are a buncha ants. And ever noticed that you think you get them all until you go back an couple hours later and there is one just sitting there taunting you?

Seriously, these f-in ants are screwing with my already delicate state of mind.

And the car. sigh.

We paid it off last month, we were going to squeeze in three kids across the back seat and make it worth to get the joy of living car payment free and now, well, that's looking like a pipe dream. It's not looking like a cheap repair and since we didn't know how well it would work with three kids we aren't sure it's worth tossing a quarter of what we paid for it into it.

Oh what fun. Fun fun fun.

I have a feeling flyboy is going to get home from work, because yes of course, he's been away working/flying for over two weeks straight and still has to work a few more days before he gets a day off, and expect an actual home cooked meal. All I want is to order a big greasy pizza, drink a nice cold beverage (caffeine free coca cola) and hope a tree will fall onto my car.

A big tree. Across the whole darn thing, taking out the transmission.

That might be cheaper.

Monday, July 20, 2009


Flyboy was home when the upheaval in Iran was going on. I must say, flyboy was in a tissy over it. I've never seen him that worked up. And rightly so, talk about the true expression of people trying to gain some freedom. I think it was the reminder of what we all take for granted.

Flyboy would go into a rant or two, pointing and fussing at the tv. And then he did it. He taught my darling 2 year old to raise his fist in the air and scream "Freeeeeeeeedom".

Although dash-2 is still pronouncing things a little off so it comes out more like "frweeeeeeedom!" But he does get his little heart into it and that has to count for something.

Speaking of Iran, we were also having a little problem with the hate word around about that time. The boys would start fighting and then one would say "I hate you". I decided to go the more normal route, we don't hate anyone, you may say you don't like but hate is an ugly word, again blah blah blah.

Flyboy took a different route. If your a Jimmy Carter fan I apologize I mean he's done great good for habitat for humanity but other then that the guy was well, a really bad president, but I'm not trying to start a debate I'm just sharing what my husband taught my 2 year old.

His tactic? I came back from the bathroom and he goes, "hey dash-2 we don't hate anyone do we?"

dash-2 "no"

flyboy "Hating people is not nice, we can say we don't like people, but hating is not nice."
and then it comes.... "who's the only person we are allowed to hate?"

dash-2 (without missing a beat might I add) "Jimmy Carter"

And then he throws in a "frweeeedom" Just for good measure.

Just the other day my mother and I were talking about something and I mentioned that I got it free when I bought something else, dash-2 doesn't even look up from his coloring book he just throws up his fist and yells "frweeeedom".

Oh and flyboy taught him something else, if you ask him what the Chinese and North Korean people need he'll answer "frweeeeeedom" to that too.

We really aren't bad parents. Just kinda bored from time to time. And you can't argue that people could use some freedom.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

A PSA for people with obnoxious kids

I was getting caught up on my reader list and Random Musings of My Life had a great little rant going on about idiots in restaurants. I'm really hoping she writes more about her run ins with idiots while working in food service because well, idiot stories amuse me.

Come on, be honest folks, doesn't a good idiot story humor you as well?

But RMoML's rant included something about screaming kids and I felt compelled to blog about something.

Attention world: Just because I have kids DOES NOT mean that I find your kids adorable.

I know that sounds harsh but really hear me out. I love my kids, I like kids in general, I get that they are not always perfect, I understand that they can be loud and act out (trust me, mom of two rowdy boys, I get it), BUT.... I do think that some people would be much better off to get the memo that not everyone in the world finds their kids as cute as they do.

You know the people I'm talking about, the people who are totally clueless as to how their kids are acting in public, these people don't have the occasional bout of kids not listening in public, they are repeat offenders to us all. You might have had run ins with these people, here's how you can tell if you have:

*Their kid is reaching into your cart at the grocery store (I've had this happen a number of times)

*Their kid is whacking you in the back of the head in a restaurant booth (this happened to flyboy last month)

*Their kid is following you around at the park asking you to put them on the swing or hold them up on the monkey bars (I'm sorry but really, I'm like 8mths pregnant why am I helping your kid while you are sitting on the bench smoking and talking on your cell phone?)

*Their kid is wondering around a restaurant (or where ever people are sitting and eating) coming up to your table, touching people's food, and generally being an annoyance while putting you in the awkward position of not knowing what the hell to say.

This is actually what reminded me of this rant (but I was sidetracked with my FIL coming into town and the star giveaway) this happened to the boys and I at the beginning of the month. We were having a snack at S@m's club, and some kid wondered back and forth to other people's tables and then actually sat down at our table.

I was perturbed for a few reasons. A. my kids were sitting SO nicely, I mean really, no one was poking anyone, fighting over who got what, it was seriously a fantastic little moment in time for us. and B. while I personally think that the child was old enough to get the concept of sit in your seat and leave other people alone, especially with reminders, what bothered me more was that the mom sat there watching it and did nothing.

Ummm... your kid wondered up to three different tables, bothered three sets of people and your just sitting there watching and smiling? Do you think we should all count are blessings that we got to spend a moment in time with your darling? Cause that was lost on me. All I know was that she was bothering me.

Clearly, clearly, this woman did not get the memo that the world does not find her kid adorable, or care to eat with her, just because she does.

I will admit, there are times that my darling children have ants in their pants and cant sit still, but should they ever wonder up to someones table they would be.... cripes, I don't know what I would even do, but you can beat your arse it wouldn't be pretty.

And I wouldn't be smiling.

So there, there you have it, my PSA. Not everyone finds your kids as cute as you do. Even my kids and we all know they are super duper adorable.
Harsh I know but I betcha deep down inside, y'all agree with me. You might even have an incident to add to the list, if you do please add, I hate to think I've left one out.

oooh and stay tuned... a cute giveaway is coming up in the next day or two! I've been putting my mother to work in her sweatshop while I've been down here! Don't worry I haven't chained her to her sewing machine and I'm giving her regular breaks to pee, however there are talks of unionizing that are worry some.

Friday, July 17, 2009

The military is hardly ruining my kids

I am alive. I'm not locked in a dungeon somewhere. I haven't given birth to dash-3. I'm not stranded on some desert island without wi-fi. I'm just lazy.

There the secret is out.

Earlier this week, Dash-1 had his allergy appointment at Walter Reed this week. It's a bit of a haul but his allergist there is fantastic and seriously, I'd travel to the other side of the country to see her. I'm not sure if dash-1 feels the same way but, well, I don't care. He's just along for the ride.

I must say, it looks shinier and cleaner then the last time I was there. Parking still sucks but those floors are way shinier then the floors at our MTF. And their bathrooms are so roomy.

Our MTF (military treatment facility for all you civies out there) bathrooms suck, they are so tight you have to fight to get a stroller in there. That makes no sense at a hospital where some people are in wheelchairs but hey whatever the military seldom asks for my opinion.

All in all the appointment was a relative breeze, no big hiccups, there was one close call with dash-1's mouth.

First you all must understand that he has NO concept of inside and outside voice. A wounded solider came rolling by in a motorized wheelchair with and dash-1 just stared with great big eyes and then said in total reverence and with great respect, "he's like lightening mcqueen mom" and of course, the soldier heard him.

And thankfully, thankfully he smiled.

I realized that they are growing up with this whole military thing as their "normal". They don't think it's odd to show their id to someone at a gate to go to the doctors, they don't think its strange to see guards with guns around a hospital or base, they think doctors wear cammies and not lab coats.

Really, dr's in lab coats confuse my children, we were reading a book about doctors and dash-1 pointed out that his doctor does not dress in white.

I also realized that my children must occasionally listen to me.

*insert gasps of shock here*

With the exception of the lightening mcqueen comment (but really folks, a motorized wheelchair is pretty wicked cool to a four year old) he didn't stare or make any comment rude comments about the wounded warriors we saw. Rather he asked me to explain to him again about how some people have to come here when they get hurt.

I told him that when some people have to go away they get hurt and they go there for help. Some need a little help, some need a lot. And my very perceptive child uttered a very true statement, "we are very lucky that daddy never needs help".

So true my little love.

And it's moments like this that I think for all the heartache that military life can bring about, it also allows for some amazing life lessons and moments of gratitude.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Freezing tips anyone?

I am turning to all you brilliant readers out there. I have decided this time around with dash-3 to pre-make and freeze some meals. It sounds like a fabulous idea, I'm having a hard time remembering why I didn't try it with the other two.

Not that the whole fend for yourself, eat a sandwich, have the pizza place on speed dial didn't work well for us but this time around I'd actually like to eat some real food. And I don't want to listen to my husband whine every night.

What I'm hoping someone can help me out with are some tried and true tips for freezing food so that I don't pull out what I think is lasagna and turns out to be a giant marinara ice crystal.

Like how do you freeze lasagna? Do I just make it and cover it with foil? Surely that isn't gonna taste so good.

Help folks. I need help.

Monday, July 13, 2009

ah the ages and stages

Dash-2 is going thru an adorable stage.

By that I mean he's just FREAKIN' A-DOR-ABLE ! He says the funniest little words, he has the cutest little expressions, and I could just hug him so tight I'm afraid his head will pop off.

I found myself thinking back to when dash-1 was this stage and I don't quite remember him being just so darn adorable all of a sudden. I mean part of that is that dash-1 was a bubbly charmer from day one, you must understand dash-2 is a bit more our "quiet child" (we have to use that term loosely around here) but I think there is more to it.

You wanna know what I think the real reason is?

When dash-1 was this age I didn't have a mouthy four year old back talking me as I do now.

Yup. Yup. That's it. That's the reason. When dash-1 was this age I didn't know how quickly they could turn. In fact I look back now and laugh at my stupidity. I thought they didn't turn on you until the teenage years.

*insert the crazy cackling laughter here*

I was so stupid then.


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Kids are going soft

So I've decided that I'm just not going to be hand crafting dash-3's baby announcement's. Eh, it is what it is.

If he throws it back in my face in later years well, I'll pay for that therapy session. With dash-1 I was on bedrest and there was plenty of time, with dash-2 I had a great pregnancy and lots of energy when their was down time.

This time? Not only is downtime few and far between but when there is I'm pooped. So I shall be ordering them. But I still have high standards, so it's going to take some time to find THE ONE.

As I was perusing on a website I found play date cards. Really? What's up these days?

Kids are going soft or something. I just find this whole thing weird. I gotta say if the dash boys came home with one of these I'd really wonder about the kid who it came from.

Now as far as a line of play date cards that are more along the "sorry my kid pushed your kid down the slide face first", those I could get behind.

And probably order

Friday, July 10, 2009

An icky thing happened on the way to panera's

I was granted a reprieve from house arrest taking it easy today to go to lunch with my parents. My mother was out running errands with the boys so my father and I went up in his car to meet up with them.

As we were walking up to the door, two older gentleman beat us to the punch and held the door for me, very nice, good to see some people still remember their manners. I went in the door and the two men and my father kinda did the old shuffle stand off of who goes in next, my father told them to go on ahead he would get the door but the icky part....

One of the men told my father, "No no you go one, you get a beautiful lady like that you need to stay with her."

Oh sweet jesus they thought my father was not my father but my.....

I'm not even going to finish that thought. Ugh I can feel my chicken sandwich coming back up in my throat.

And trust me folks, neither my father and I misread that statement. I blame his baby face. And they were creepy older men.

Wow, I'm having a banner week, I have some nasty head cold, toss in some painful contractions a uti, and now someone thought my father and I were a couple.

I need a shower.

A very long one.

This about sums it up.

I was at the park two weeks ago with the boys. It was a playdate for dash-1 with a school buddy and something mildly awkward but yet oh so clearly representative of how I feel in the whole mommy clique thing happened.

I stood over near a bench talking with his friends mom (I'll call her mom1). Another mom from school (I'll call her mom2) showed up and came over to us.

Mom2 "The park is so busy today!" then she turns to me and says "Oh are you in the mom's club?"

I look at her in confusion. But then again this pretty much sums up motherhood and I.

me "Ummm, mom's club?"

Mom1 looking a little caught in the headlights as well "Oh well its nothing, just a group of moms who organize playdates and park meetups."

Mom2 "I just assumed since you were here with Mom1 you were in the group."

Again, look of confusion on my face and I look at mom1.

Mom1 "Oh I'm kinda the president."

and then mom2 has to again clarify, "So your not in the mom's club?".

No. No I am clearly not in the mom's club. sigh. Nor will I probably ever be.

And I should say, to mom1 and 2's defense, both are very lovely people, not obnoxious alpha moms or anything. I just thought the whole thing was funny give how I feel like mommyhood can often feel as cliquish as high school. Everyone searching for a group to belong too. Mom1 even said that despite being the president she doesn't often do much with the group, life with kids is busy enough.

Of course I couldn't help but feel that she was saying that to make me feel better.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

asking for help sucks

I know a lot of people, moms and non mom's alike, can relate to this. I really know that you military people can.... The dreaded asking and accepting help from others.

Really you wouldn't think it would be this tough but it is. Even from your mother.

Yesterday evening out of no where horrible back pain started in. It wasn't normal back pain, I knew something was up. I really knew something was up when the pain would intensify to the point where I didn't want to talk.

Yes folks, I was at a loss for words.

So off my mom and I went to the closest military base, an Air Force base about 30 min from my parents house. Up to labor and delivery I went and a full work up I got. Delightful folks. Just delightful.

Something was going on, just what who knows. There was some dilating but that could just be par for course, there certainly was pain but apparently that is open to interpretation. One nurse was lovely and one nurse totally blew me off, I gotta be honest folks, I've had 2 other kids, I've been down the preterm road before and I know my body.

What was going on was not normal. They kept me there for a while and then sent me on my way and told me to "take it easy". I suppose the missed the part where I told them I had a four and a two year old at home.

What does take it easy mean? There are still diapers to be changed (and on that note, potty training to be started in on), boo boos to kiss, baths to give, kids to dress, STUFF TO DO! And I'm the mom.

As strange as this may sound, I'm lucky that flyboy is away right now and I'm down here at my parents. If I hadn't come down here for a visit, I'd surely be REALLY screwed at home solo, but I'm hate to impose on my parents. I hate that feeling of dumping my responsibilities off on them. My mother is even talking about not going to basket weaving tonight.

And lest we forget my children are hurricanes, they go and go and go until bedtime. And even then they are still going.

But then again, I'm tired. I still have this awful cold and I most certainly do not wish to go into labor at 32 weeks. But its such a balancing act, what to do what not to do, when to accept the help and when to just barrel thru.

I hate balancing acts.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

And the winner is.... (and why my mommy rocks)

Wife of a Sailor!

You can email your info to me at tryingourbest (at) and I'll start trying to figure out how the heck to mail this.

And in case your wondering, that adorable background is the basket that I used for the drawing, a basket that my mother just made. By hand.

Yes folks, she even makes baskets. Unreal isn't it?

And she made me blond brownies (think caramel instead of chocolate) from scratch for me because I arrived at my parents today looking like death warmed over.

My mother rocks. A lot.

Thanks to all who entered and to the new folks who wondered by I hope you'll be back. Hopefully I'll be back to my fully witty self in another day or two.

Currently, I'm just one big oozing germ. Really, my sinuses are draining out of my eyes, if I wake up this messy tomorrow I'm just staying in bed. And my mother is letting me use her Macbook while my father looks at something on my laptop. I'm pretty sure I have infected every surface of this thing.

There is nothing like a mothers love.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Giveaway! Fourth of July style

It's a fourth of July giveaway! Giveaways are so much fun so why not spend the summer having some fun?

And what better way to honor the freedom that we all hold near and dear then to honor those who fight for that freedom, hence this giveaway.

My very talented mother, who made the adorable purse I gave away this winter (and another adorable summer purse to be given away in the next month or so), made me a beautiful quilted version of the Service Star.

For those of you who aren't familiar the quick history is that service star banners started around WW1 and per a DoD order could be displayed by spouses, parents, children, step children, and siblings of members of the military serving in times of war.

But back to the star, its not quite the traditional star, but then again, I didn't want a traditional star. I wanted a more Americana version to hang in my home as a symbol of pride in my husbands service to our country.

I had been looking for a service star to hang up in our home but I hadn't found one I liked until I was flipping thru one of her quilting magazines one day and saw something that we tweaked to be perfect. (Look it was that or Brown bear brown bear to read in the bathroom.)

And the ol' gal delivered just that. It's beautiful and hangs proudly in our center hallway.

And I have a second one up for grabs today!

It's in a beautiful five pointed blue star, in a cream fabric with blue stitching, surrounded by the traditional red border in a very lovely 15 x21 inch frame. And don't worry, shipping is on me.

Flyboy is just thrilled to get this out of his man den office.

To enter just leave a comment (althought you can leave a comment if you just want to say how great it looks, I'm really working on my mother to open an esty store and I think I have her almost there).

For a second entry blog about this on your blog. I'd really like to get the word out there to as many military moms and military wives as possible.

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Thursday, July 2, 2009

In one pot or seperate accounts?

I saw a little blurb about this is Redbook and I'm curious where you all stand on this, separate bank accounts and to take it one step further, secret bank accounts from your spouse.

I'm just going to put it out there. I don't get it. We have one checking and one savings, in both our names. Ok, well we have other accounts too, cripes, some I don't even pretend to care about. His job is to make the money and one of my jobs is to make the money go as far as it can.

But all in all, what's his is mine and whats mine is his.

Course, jokes on him, I don't bring a whole heck of a lot to the financial side of this relationship.

I am a SAHM, my paycheck mainly comes in the form of sloppy hugs and kisses, the occasional hand picked dandelion, or an "I love you mom". All of these I will take over a conventional paycheck. And none of this makes me nervous about my financial well being.

We really do firmly agree in this house that his money is not my money but OUR money. I don't stash money away so that if God forbid he left me I would have money of my own, I don't fear that he's going to "cut me off", I don't worry that I'm not an equal partner.

Even when I was working it all went into one pot. None of this, he pays the rent, I pay the household bills, that's too confusing to me. In it all went. And when I stopped working I didn't feel like I had to hoard some stash for safety.

Flyboy and I look at it this way, if we trust each other implicitly with our hearts and souls, if I trust him to provide for our family and likewise he trust me to raise his children (and given some of my post, really that's a full time job) then why would we need to keep our accounts separate?

Hey I trust you with our kids but I'd like to keep our money separate. That wasn't a message that we wanted to send to each other in our marriage.

I get that to each their own, I get that there are situations (ie abuse) where it is smart for women to have money set aside, I get that for some couples separate bank accounts work very well.

I don't make it a habit to poll my friends to ask them about their financial set ups, so who knows maybe I'm in the minority with my thinking. I've been told before that sometimes I can be a bit old school. I know that anything can happen, that even the best marriages go sour, I have faith in not just in my marriage but in my husband.

That and if he ever thinks he's getting out of this setup alive, I'll take the poor bastard to the cleaners.

So anyone care to give their 2 cents? Not that we have to open a joint account or anything.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

There's been a coup - Honest Mommy Moment

There has been a coup in our house. I was the target, dash-1 was the renegade militia, and sadly, as embarrassed as I am to type this, it was successful. Until now. I am taking back control.

Somewhere along the line I started going soft with him. Not because I'm lazy per say, or because I desperately wanted him to always like me. But because well, quite frankly, when you spend every minute of every day with your children, especially when your husband is gone for weeks on end leaving you solo good guy/bad guy, you can get worn down.

It starts off innocent enough, I found myself saying no and then immediately reversing when he would start in with the whining. That is equal to getting on a major news network and releasing troop movement to the enemy. It gives them an in.

And when they know they are getting an in, they know they are getting to you, and gaining strength. I'm not saying that they go back to the playroom and organize a strategy, but they might as well.

Side note, flyboy once compared raising kids to guerrilla warfare. Those might have been his most accurate words EVER concerning parenting.

I'm tired of it though, I'm tired of not getting the same respect that flyboy gets. He speaks and they listen. I speak and they cock their head and stare at me. Or they just raise an eyebrow as if to say, "And your authority might be.....". It's not all the time, but its enough of the time that I'm tired of it.

I'm tired of not being taken as the voice of authority around here. I do not take orders from a four year old.

It's been painful to accept and admit that I played a part in this, and holy crap, is it painful to put a stop too. This is one of those situations I look at and wonder if I've let this happen, what kinda mom and I. And I came to the realization, a human one. Who makes some mistakes and who, like her kids, is learning along the way.

I want my kids to always like me, I hate to hear the "I hate you!" "Your so mean!" (yes, you new moms out there, that does come out of their mouths much sooner then you think!) But as a mom, it is my job to lay down the law, to instill guidelines, rules, limits, to teach them to respect others and themselves. And most importantly, not to raise brats.

Nothing is gained if my kids grow up to be smart brats.

So I'm going back to basics. I'm sticking to my guns. NO MEANS NO.

I started typing this during a fit he was throwing in his room (he wanted a lollipop), 50 minutes later, he has finished and I was able to have some type of discussion with him.

And it's only 10:43 in the morning, something tells me that this will not be our only battle of the day. And something else tells me that it's going to be a long day.