Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Three days..

Three days of rain. Lots of rain, a little bit of snow and two trapped little ones.

If the sun does not come out today one of us might not make it thru the day.

hint.... it would probably be me.


  1. Any nearby fast-food restaurants with an indoor playground nearby? Those are a life-saver in the winter and rainy weather.

    Hoping for some sun for you!!

  2. i agree...those playgrounds are a LIFESAVER. they can spend hours there!!! 'course u could always just put um in a closet.LOL(j/k) Have a great day ! ( and stay sane):)

  3. Oh no!!! I am praying for your sanity! My neighbor has three little ones (under the age of 6) and during the winter she tells me that she moves all of the furniture and gets one of those small bouncy houses and lets her kids go to town. She said she spent like $150 on it at the PX and it saved her life!

  4. Good luck I hope it stops soon.

  5. going outside right now to blow the sun your way...

    hope it works!

  6. one reson I love living here. No teribble cold weather.(CA) Sorry. I hope it lets up soon.

  7. Yes they cancelled my daughters field trip because of weather even though it wasn't actually raining. It has been soo windy and cold that it would have been miserable! The boy has still been having football practice and such though!

    I am so sorry you are stuck in. I remember my son once was literally bouncing off the furniture when it rained sevreal days in a row here!

  8. Oohh not good. I'm really hoping for some sunny weather for you!

    P.S. I think me as Maverick and one of the Dashes as Goose would be pretty cool!

  9. oh, i know it! i'm so bummed winter weather is on it's way!!


    but, snow is pretty too... it's the cold and ice that stink!


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