Monday, October 20, 2008

equality or lack there of

I love my husband dearly. And everything I am saying here I have, and will continue, to say to his face. Now with that out of the way....

Flyboy being sick is a fairly rare event. But. When it happens its as if he has Ebola rather then a head cold or at worst a slight chest cold. I'm amazed that a simple cold can turn my tough Marine of a husband into a sniffling dying animal.

Really I've seen him break toes and fingers and keep on doing what he's doing. Apparently post nasal drip is his kryptonite.

I know colds suck. But you know what I have to say?

Suck it up buttercup.

Whatever this is started a few weeks ago with Dash-1. It started as a little cold and turned into a nasty chest infection in him. He was on a nebulizer to help with his breathing and still, three weeks later, despite getting the all clear from the doctors, has a nasty cough that makes parents look at me like he's a leper.

Luckily with Dash-2 despite the nasty cough, his lungs stayed clear, although his too is sticking around for a while. Stupidly I thought despite being coughed on, sneezed on, snotted on for weeks, was going to come thru this unharmed. Apparently I am not that lucky.

Flyboy got a cold or something while he was away and got to take two days off to just lay around and do nothing. Nothing folks. Just lay in peace and quiet. All day.

If it sounds as if I'm bitter well... I am. I get that he cant fly if he cant clear his sinuses, I don't want his ears to explode, really I'm not that vindictive. But it would be nice if while he was laying around feeling as if his eyes might pop out of his head that he had two little ones to continue caring for and jumping on him.

That my friends would be justice.

When mom gets sick there are no sick days. None. There is no break in the rhythm and routine of the house. Yes there maybe more cartoons and dinner might consist of cheese slices thrown about the playroom while mom lays passed out in the corner. Not that I've done that I'm just saying.....

Even when he's home and I'm sick bless his heart there is still work to be done. Kids to bath and medicine to hand out and try as he might, I always get sucked into doing it. He did wake up to get the kids on Sunday morning.... of course he brought them into bed with us to watch cartoons. Any other morning this would be great, I love me some snuggle time. But when I cant breathe and am hacking up green stuff I would prefer a little peace. Not singing cartoons or a three year old asking if he can see my snot.

So to all of you out there who buy that whole men and women are equal thing let me set you straight. We might be equals until sickness sets in. Then we seriously surge ahead.


  1. Oh, good grief do I sympathize. And I only have one to care for.

  2. it's not just when they are sick...
    Stretch is away and wanted to spend last night IM'ing with me. Okay, I love him and all but after an hour I was done. I still had dishes to do, the kitchen to clean up, and his mother was expecting me to call her back. Plus, I felt like crap. Meanwhile, he's sitting in a hotel room with maid service. Not that I'm bitter, mind you...

  3. makes me wish even more that we lived closer to my mom! she says (hypothetically) that she wants to have the (hypothetical) grandkids around as much as possible. when i'm sick sounds like a great time for her to (hypothetically) have them. but being on opposite ends of the country wouldn't help.

    good thing this is all hypothetical.

  4. I've always known I wasn't alone in this world! Just yesterday, my husband complained of an itchy throat and wanted me to look through the meds to see if we had anything for him. Ugh... get up and check for yourself, bud! For the past two weeks I've been toting around a coughing, miserable two year old on my fat 7 months pregnant hip, while I made the other kids' lunches and got them to school each morning before the base colors so I wouldn't have to stand at attention in the cold morning air. I truly respect the flag and all it represents, but my sick two year old in the cold morning air, would have only gotten worse through the national anthem AND the Japan national anthem that we also have to show respect for. Gosh darn, that husband of mine with his itchy throat. Suck on a lemon and throw those clothes in the dryer... do something!!

    I'm a mother of four with another on the way and I can handle them all being sick at the same time or even one after another, even while being sick myself, but I can't or don't want to handle my sick husband. Sounds terrible, but golly, his whining and boohooing is so unattractive, as the "man" of the house should never crumble to something as itty bitty as an itchy throat.


    Oh, you know what revenge is for me? When everyone in the house gets sick except me...generally it starts in one of the kids, who passes it to the other, and inevitably, dad gets it. But he gets it THE ABSOLUTE WORST of anyone, particularly stomach bugs. And guess what? When he's heavin', I'm leavin'. I pack up and go hibernate on the couch, with the tv loud enough to drown him out, because I can't deal with his illness. I can catch my kids' vomit in my hands, clean it up, and wash everything in sight, but don't let me hear him getting sick, because I'm gone. Poor dude...has to suffer through it. I'll get him a washcloth, a cup of water, some saltines or ginger ale, but that's it!

  6. Its so true. Mine does not fly but boy when he gets sick he just lays there and does nothing. When I get sick I feel like I end up doing alot more work. Not fair is it?

  7. Men are the worst at being sick! Sean acts like he's dying and wants to be waited on hand and foot.

    When I'm sick? He takes pictures of me looking sick and nasty.

  8. yup so nobody mentioned this no sick days for mama business when i signed up for this gig.

    pretty sure that should have been discussed.

  9. You know, weirdly enough, I can't even think of one day my hubby has had a sick day... Partly this is because he's pretty darn healthy, but mostly it's because he needs to be basically dying before the Corpsman will approve time off.

    I had to laugh at the cheese slice comment because it's not too far off from how I got through my nasty week earlier this month...

  10. Yup. Same here. Men are big babies when they're "sick". <---- I use the term loosely. At the beginning of my pregnancy I had bronchitis WITH my morning sickness and I kept right on going with my day. (Do we have a choice really?) But when J gets a sniffle it's as if his whole world stops :P

    And now at 8 months pregnant I love to hear him complain about how tired he is and have him ask me to rub his back when he gets home from work. Cuz, you know...His back reeeeally hurts from sitting at his desk all day. *barf*

    lol, men are all the same!

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