Thursday, December 11, 2008

a new twist on the pj post

Now that flyboy knows about my blogging I can bounce ideas off of him or when something odd or funny happens, not that stuff like that ever happens around here, its usually always followed with, "I'll have to blog about this".

I realized the other day that he must actually be reading thru some of this stuff. I brought up the subject of women wearing pj's at the PX and without even looking up from his dinner he said, "You've already posted on that" as if bored by me. Oh ye of little faith. I have new material.

In the past two weeks we've been down to hospital (read: doctor's office for all you non military folks) eight times. EIGHT TIMES. A two year checkup for dash-2, an ear infection for dash-1, an ER visit for me, a regular visit for me, and a bunch of blood work again for me, lucky me I know. Any who, when everyone is feeling fine we go over to the PX afterwards for some nuggets and some people watching.

Well last week it was just dash-1 and I and boy did we hit pay dirt.

We saw three women wearing they pj's. Separate incidents of course, not all three together, that wouldn't have really counted. And I'm not talking about sporty yoga wear or even sweats. I'm talking about big ol baggy crappy looking flannel pants and with night shirts to match.

Now here's the strange part, TWO of the three were with their husbands. Who were IN UNIFORM. WHAT?!

Yes, you read that right, all but one were with their husbands in cammies (Army folk call them BDU's right?). This was shocking to me, I was hoping that my face didn't show my confusion. But I have to admit in between french fries and opening ketchup packets for dash-1 (for his apples how disgusting is that?) I kept looking over at their table trying to see if I was just mistaking those flannel pj's for something else.

Since I saw those same pants for sale in the PX as pajama bottoms I'm going to say with all certainty that she was indeed in her jammies.

I'll be the first to say who knows what their story is, maybe something was going on, but really, pj's when your meeting the hubs for lunch at the PX.... where other people will be? When I was miscarrying and going down to the ER I still thru on jeans and fleece. A little effort folks, just a little effort.

And don't you know if flyboy was meeting me for lunch and I rolled in in my jammies he would turn right around and high tail it out. Especially on base. And I'm pretty sure I'd be getting a lecture or two later that night. And it wouldn't be the MP's taking away my PX or commissary privilege.

Could you imagine being with your husband at the PX and running into his CO while in your pj's. "Hello Sir, this is my wife"

"I'm sorry so and so but is she wearing pajamas?"

"Oh yes, flannel does suit her well doesn't it? She just loves to be comfortable. Just wait at the ball she might be wearing a night shirt."

I know I sound snarky and I don't mean to, well OK, kinda maybe a little, but really, I just don't get the whole tpj thing in public. Especially with the whole uniform accompaniment twist to it. Almost a week later and I am still confused about it. Shocked really.

But see... this was different then just a rant on pj's in public. I was building on my last post. So take that flyboy, I hadn't blogged about THIS yet.


  1. Haha, this post made me laugh. It drives me NUTS when people at my college wear sweatpants to class. It's gotten really bad lately since it's the end of the semester. I want to be like "those are not even clothes" you look like you just rolled out of bed. How does that give you any credibility in the classroom?

    I'm glad we share a pet peeve of people wearing pjs at inappropriate times.

  2. Gag! That is tacky. I hope she was atleast wearing "support"...

  3. hahahaha, I still remember interesting times at the BX and hospital. Although, I was at a Walmart recently in town. Usually I only see ladies and younger gals in jammy pants....HOWEVER, grandpa types wearing jammy pants are super SCARY!!! Wife beater type of t-shirt, jammy public. Yuck~ They may be comfy, but please get dressed before going out!!! (and I need to go out to the base on Monday for meds...making sure I have the right clothes on! I don't even own those jammy pants, thank goodness!)

  4. This made me laugh so much! The latest trend at my college is pairing Ugg boots with pj's or thin cotton shorts (like the type most people wear to bed). I do not get it at all. I really don't think that pajama shorts and uggs qualifies as winter wear. It's cold here, for Mississippi anyway :)

  5. Good Lord. That is just trashy. I said it. It's TRASHY.

    I couldn't breathe and was turning blue on Sunday and I still managed to find jeans and a t-shirt! I am guilty of wearing workout clothes to the store, but um...nothing made out of flannel or intended to be worn only in the confines of my home.

  6. Bwahaha! Seriously, what are people thinking? I will never (shudder) forget the very large woman hanging out on the playground behind our house keeping an eye on a couple of kids she was babysitting. It was 1300 and she was wearing a set of pjs with shorts and not so opaque top, with no bra. I had to look away fast. Later, she ran to meet the school bus like that. People...

  7. Hmm. I have... no words.

    I do see more of this on base as well, as opposed to "in town." Why is that?

    The PX/Commissary are not extensions of your living room. Argh.

  8. That is just Nasty! EEWW! I would be afraid to see what their houses look like if they are so lazy that they cannot even get dressed to go out of the house!sheesh!!

  9. This made me giggle. :)

    Does Dash-1 use ketchup on his eggs too? That's my only weird ketchup use. :)

    I have worn PJ pants out exactly one time. I was driving up to my college before my sophomore year of school, and I woke up early and was going to drive straight there (~2 hr trip, no stops needed) and then change at my dorm room while moving stuff in. Wouldn't you know that I got a flat f'ing tire, and had to get out of the car and talk to a bunch of people before I got my ass back home where I could change. LESSON LEARNED. No more PJ pants for me, ever.

    In my defense, they were very cute, thicker fleece pants from Old Navy with snowflakes on them. Very cute. :-p

  10. hilarious...The Mr. moved in with me and is on recruiting duty so I haven't had the privilege to live on base. I don't feel that I'm missing anything though. I know that if I showed up at his office, which has exactly 3 employees, in flannel pj's he'd act like he didn't know me...

  11. Hahaha!

    I love that this was an extension to your first post about PJ's but also a take that to flyboy that you in fact did not post about it all.

    I must say I even put on jeans when we went to the hospital at 6am on Thanksgiving.

    It really surprises me that they were wearing them while meeting their husband in uniform. Kinda crazy.

    I'm going to have to keep my eyes out next time I'm in the PX for PJ wearers!

  12. That drives me nuts too! On a military base there are just higher standards than at Wal Mart. I even get irritated when people roll through base with their music loud. Oh and sagging PT gear. Ugh. I mean, you wouldn't go to your husband's office in pajamas, and isn't that what they are doing?

  13. Sean mocks me for putting on my makeup to go to the PX, but I don't care. I want to be seen as pulled together, not one of those women sporting their Pj's and unkempt hair on post.

    Call me high matentinance, but I don't care!

  14. PJ's are meant to be be worn to bed, not in public. Nothing drives me more mad. I see this sometimes in a bar when I am out with friends and it just plain amazes me!!

    And Joe would never let me out in public like that. Especially if it meant we would run into people that he works with!!!! I have to admit, his favorite thing is when I rock a hoodie, ponytail, and jeans. Jeans being the key word!

    BTW I thought I ate ketchup on crazy things =)

  15. Just when you thought the bar couldn't be set any lower....

    My husband's all for my self-expression, but I guarantee he would not be seen with me if I were wearing PJs in public. And frankly, I wouldn't want to be with someone who wouldn't be bothered by that.

  16. My husband and I are avid people watchers as well and this is a subject that comes up with us often. I just don't get it at all. But I am one of those 'weird' people who gets up and gets fully dressed every morning when so many of my friends ask "Why would you do that if you aren't going anywhere?"

    I think people are just lazy slobs sometimes.

  17. ugh. jammies are for BED!! LOL...and in the army they are called ACU's now. they did use to be called BDU's though..very good for being marine! LOL!!!!!

  18. Oh lord, I would be getting a lecture and a half....

    I swear it's kids these days! I mean honestly...if *R* showed up at my office in PJ pants, I would honestly pretend like I didn't know him...

    No respect these respect...

  19. This topic has already been covered, though I believe it is acceptable to revisit a previously covered topic in the blogging world.

    I'm glad we understand that if I happened upon my bride in her pj's, I would leave abrubtly and yes you would hear about it later.

    Fortunately for me, you have impeccable taste and maybe even a little touch of class.

    For everyone else, the Mrs. won't even let the dashes leave the house in sweatpants let alone pj's. Just one of the little reasons I keep her around.

  20. oh, god, Greg would just walk right past me like I was a complete stranger if I pulled that crap on him.

  21. the only time I wear sweat/flannels - at home, and I might take out the trash whilst wearing them - or on a LONG flight - because I want to be comfortable.

    flannel pants - inside wear. (unless you are under 5 years old - then all bets are off!)


  22. PJs in public make me crazy. Hospital, Walmart, aiport - they belong nowhere but at home. Ick.


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