Monday, October 27, 2008

Check me out!

Ann over at Under the Sea awarded me with a spectacular bit of bling. Hey we all love bling don't we?

Ann's blogs is one of the first I started following before I jumped into the blogging world. I loved her honesty. Life on her pages doesn't have to always be rosy and perfect, it is what it is and she puts it out there as it happens.

She's former navy herself, a navy wife, and recently became a new mommy. Which will no doubt be the greatest joy and the hardest job of her life. Seeing the humor and day by day attitude that she takes towards military life she is going to make an amazing mom. And will probably come out of it WAY saner then I.

And probably not at all curled up in the fetal position in the corner.

So the rules of this award are.... to display the award
link back to the person who gave it to you
and then pay it forward by nominating 7 blogs, linking to them, and letting them know they've got a little love.

My seven picks (in no particular order) are.....

Loquita's Blog is a great read written by a very witty and what I would figure to be a very feisty Marine girlfriend. I love to read her blog because it reminds me of my relationship with flyboy in the long pre marriage stage, all the ups and downs, the highs and lows. Its amazing insight into how difficult, but how very worth it, long distance relationships, especially with military folks, can be. I also read it because she too is very honest, she puts her feelings and frustrations out there and doesn't feel the need to sugar coat.

Army Blogger Wife I am in awe of you. She just started teaching elementary school, she has three young ones and her husband is in the middle of a 15 mth deployment. Wow. Every time I feel overwhelmed I think of her.... its safe to say I think about you several times a week ABW! I wish I lived closer to you so that I could offer my help, you are an inspiration. And might I add... she doesn't complain... not even with projectile vomit.

Heidi over at Learning to Live. This is a fantastic blog. It's raw and its real, it runs the gamete of emotions, from memories of her husband, an Army Officer killed in Iraq, to post about their adorable son, to her yard and the problems with grass in central Texas. I am amazed by her strength, by her grace, and I love the fact that she admitted to forgetting to feed her son dinner one night as I must admit... I have done that a couple of times myself. I love me an honest mom.

LaLa at What? Mermaids? her grandfather, Sarge Charlie, pointed me in her direction and her blog is now a must read for me. She just married her love, whom also happens to be a flyboy. So now there are two Mrs. Flyboys out there in cyberspace. Now she's well on her way to domestic bliss, becoming a happy homemaker (she made bread the other day and it actually rose.... I've been married six years and am just now figuring it out) and figuring out navy wife life.

Suzie at Up the Hill Backwards is hilarious. Really. I always have a laugh that resembles a snort when I read her blog. Her take on motherhood and life in general is great. She is one of those bloggers who despite our differences, my secret crush on Dick Cheney (oops its out there now) and hers with Joe Biden (sorry Suzie, just picking someone from the left) I often daydream of us getting coffee, casually laughing, looking very picturesque while our kids are duct taped somewhere.

Its another Susie, this one at Be Strong and Courageous. Her blog is breathtaking. I don't really know how to explain it. Her son, Joshua was born with encephalocele and lived a blessed nine weeks and four days. Her blog is a testament to faith, to a mother's love, heartache, joy, and blessings. I can not imagine the pain of losing a child, but I can relate to the intense fire of a mama's love, and now as she is tackling potty training with her little girl, I can oh so relate to soggy underpants.

And how could I leave off The Roaming Southerner. She shares my love of chick-fil-a but yet we differ on the coke, diet coke thing. Its OK, I wont let that get in the way of our relationship. Really if I can look past the left right thing I can get past TRS's love of diet coke. Her blog is not one of a military wife nor a mommy blog but that's what I love about it. She is my portal to what life outside of french fries up a nostril and preschool nightmares is like. Her writing is witty, she was so kind when I was looking for some guidance on the whole weight loss, WW thing. She is funny, stylish, and getting thinner by the minute. Damn you TRS you have it all! And now even blog bling!

There are so many more sites I would give bling to but cripes this post is getting long. Now... go forth, read... comment.

but dont forget to comment here. I'm a sucker for them.


  1. congrats to you and all your winners!!

  2. Could you be any sillier or sweeter?!? I don't think so. Thanks for the love!

  3. Thanks so much. The coffee duct tape and Biden sounds great..ahhhhhhh

  4. Congrats!!! I love your blog too! I am actually addicted and read and check back several times a day!

    It looks like there are a few more that I need to start rteading too. Hmmmmmm....

  5. Yay for favorite blogs :)

    It's weird being absolutely clueless about what I would like to do eventually...I keep coming back to the funeral thing but who knows, I might hate it! Stress!

    I honestly figured the phobia of long words was a joke...why else would they make it such a long word? Someone was bored on that naming day.

    Have a great day and thanks for the comment.

  6. I'm very spoiled by having a computer scientist father, but I'm so very thankful!

  7. Totally feeling the love, greatly - thank you for the very nice writeup! I'm glad my crazy life is providing entertainment to the masses, and to you in particular. Even if you did have to go and heckle me about the Steelers losing on Sunday - we would've won if our damn long snapper's knee hadn't blown out!!! :)

  8. thanks for all the comments! you bet i will be back and reading... have a great day :)


  9. Heyyyy... I'm totally a Mrs. Flyboy now! Funky stuff, I tell ya. :) :) One day I'll be as cool as you!

  10. if it makes you feel better, I'm a Chik-fil-a and diet pepsi kinda in the south is gonna be hard - Coke is it down there....

  11. Awwwww.....thank you !!!! I'm sure if you lived closer we would be prying the kids out of cabinets and other odd things. At least deployments would fly by!


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