Monday, June 30, 2008

The perfect gift

I wrote a post a month or so about a friend of mine moving back to the area and how the combat boots in her family are moving around a bit. Her husband is retiring from the Army and her son is heading off to the freshman class at West Point today.

I wanted to get something to mark the change in her life from military wife to military mom. I looked around for something online and I came across a website, Designs by Sandra Kay with a whole assortment of bracelets. One in particular caught my eye, it was a military mom bracelet. Perfect.

Even better is that she will personalize your bracelet for you, be it with a name, special colors, or another specific charm (within reason of course). Apparently West Point colors (which I got below) are pretty popular so she even has a bracelet for you West Pointers out there. I emailed her to see if it were possible to have a military wife charm added and she was happy to oblige (it added to the cost a few dollars but very worth it). All told with shipping and the extra charm it was only 35 dollars. Good God I love me a bargain.

I received the bracelet today and its fabulous. I've seen some beaded bracelets that end up looking hokey or tacky. The beads are too big or the coloring is off or something but not the case with this one. It's gorgeous. Even flyboy, who balked when I said I wanted to order a red, white, and blue ones for myself, said that it wasn't what he thought it would look like and he actually likes it. Bitter betty can attest that this is a major victory.

I cant say enough good things about Sandra and her business. She is an RN by trade but due to her health she is started something that she could run from home. She runs an great business, she responded promptly and oh so courteously to all my emails and was a joy to work with. When I spaced out and had it sent to my old address she sent it out again to me, at no extra cost, priority mail without so much as a fuss. Now days customer service being what it is, when I find a really great company I'm going to go back and I'm going to spread the word.

And now I know what to get my mother in law for Christmas this year. Not in West Point colors of course!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Had to tell

Wow two post in one night, I'm on some kind of role. Actually I figured blog or work out and well, guess which one won out? I wanted to give Pot and Kettle and big ole shout out. I tried her black bean brownies and everyone in the house is going nuts over them. I had a very small piece and they were delicious.Thank you pot and kettle! The boys LOVED them and now I have another great snack to send to school when the time comes.

Its the first brownie Dash-1 has ever had and he's smitten. I practically had to put Dash-2 in the sink with the bowl and spatula because I couldn't break him free of them. Don't let the name keep you away. They are the best brownies I have ever had and I can only imagine how good they would be with some nuts or marshmallows in there.

And oh so simple to make, puree a can of black beans (do not drain prior) and then mix with a box of brownie mix, and just the mix, no need to add the oil or the egg. So they end up being healthier for you too and pack a TON of fiber.

For all you WW out there they were discussing these at a meeting I went too and they end up being 2 points for one brownie. Sadly thats not 2 points for the whole pan.... I ended up cutting up the brownies and wrapping them individually in saran wrap and tossed them in the freezer for the next chocolate craving.

They really are THAT good.


So they moved the cows to the next pen over to thwart off the escape artist. Well the Houdini's found their way out and all week have been exploring. Nothing too big, no one leering in my windows during breakfast, now they seem to be hanging out in the big field which we've kinda treated as our backyard. Pretty neat since now the kids and the cows have been playing together.

Or rather the cows just eat the grass and the boys explore, so long as the little ones don't make any funny moves at the calves the bull and the other cows don't have any problem with them.

Just so no one calls CPS I'm always with the kids and when I say big field I'm talking close to 100 acres and the kids are near the cows but hardly underfoot and the cows are very good with the kids, they even lick their faces. The cows to the kids, that is, never the other way around.
Dash-1 playing with a hole in the ground while the cows contently munch in the background. We do have toys for the kids but hey, they're content with holes in the ground.

Had you asked me back in the day if I thought I would be a marine wife or living on a farm with cows I would have laughed....

And you know people actually ask us why we don't live in housing? And miss out on all this!?

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Is the universe trying to tell me something?

So I joined a weight loss program (WW) and today marked one whole week of eating better and feeling better. I went this morning to get weighed in and thanks to my new found will power I am down 4.2 pounds! In one week! I stuck to my points and didn't even use one bonus point.

And might I add that the WW ice cream cups are fantastic. Seriously since flyboy came home from a trip midweek and has downed quite a few.

But I'm driving home from my weigh in and for 15 minutes, turn by turn, I was stuck behind a Hostess Cupcake truck.

Then I stopped to get gas and what pulled up next to me? A Drakes Coffee Cake (remember those from Seinfeld) truck with a ten foot coffee cake on the side of it.

Pull out of the gas station and continue home eating my grapes only to pass the fried Twinkies sign.

Damn you world! Damn you!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

On the way home...

Driving home from Target I passed little roadside stand (you know the hot dog and sub type), they had an interesting sign up. I would have taken a picture but I was driving. The sign was for deep fried Twinkies and Oreos.

Yes folks you read that right. Deep fried Twinkies and Oreos. Deep fried.

Ummmm. Yeah........

I like me my fried foods but wow. Really? That just seems like a heart attack waiting to happen.

I wonder how many weight watchers points one of those suckers is.....

Monday, June 23, 2008

In the still of the night

The other night my dear dash-1 would not go to bed. Bedtime is sacred in our house and usually the little ones know that they will not win a battle of wills after 7:15 pm and really, there is no point in trying. Dash-2 went right off to sleep, curled up with his monkey and his favorite fish quilt from grandma in his new big boy bed. The other one... well the other one had other plans.

Dash-1 kept checking on the ground hogs out of his window, counted the number of birds on the telephone poll, watched an ant crawl across the window pane, went to the bathroom 5 times for no show pee, and requested a nighttime snack twice. By 9:30 I should have been torqued but for some reason it just didn't bother me.

I saw the humor in it. I found his excuses to get out of bed funny (just had to make sure flyboy turned the bath tub off correctly 2 1/2 hours prior), I saw the twinkle in his eye as he thought he might get one over on me and thought it was just amusing. Life is short, let the little one win one every now and again. So we checked the water. And then I strayed from my usual modus operandi.

We curled into the comfy chair (my beloved armchair glider) got a blanket and watched us some Top Chef in the dark. There we sat, slightly rocking, next to the open windows, getting a nice cool breeze, smelling the sweet farm smells of freshly bailed hay and had cuddle time. We looked at some stars, watched the clouds move across the moon and made icky faces at some of the weird concoctions they created on Top Chef (really who would eat some of that stuff).

This is in no way going to be an everyday thing. Bedtime is still sacred, very sacred in this house. But I also need to learn to slow down. Enjoy the moments that life puts before me instead of rushing to stay to some schedule. I find myself moving so quickly sometimes, trying to balance everything, to not crack under pressure and in doing so putting more pressure on my shoulders that inevitably I crack.

I am trying my best to Stop. Slow down. Enjoy the moments. Enjoy my children. And let them feel the love that I have for them.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

A perk to the military

I know that flyboy will be on his way home from work soon. I haven't talked to him today or yesterday for that matter, I haven't received a text message or an email, and no I don't have esp tendencies. How do I know you ask?

His plane just did a fly by over our house.

How cool is that? The boys get giddy watching daddy's airplane fly by and hell even I think its neat. Especially as the plane rolls a bit to "wave". Really I dare you civilians to top THAT one!

a deaf dog

That's what I should have gotten before I had children to get used to talking and no one listening.

It's a darn good thing they are adorable. Now if only they had a volume control...

Friday, June 20, 2008

Just like daddy

The cows moved the other day. Don't get all excited like the boys did, they moved to another enclosed field, maybe fifty yards from the last one. This one has move grass and stronger fences so maybe I wont wake up to three cows staring in my windows for a while. That would be nice.

You cant quite see them from the house like you could in the other field, a barn is blocking our view. When they were first moved the boys were in a panic. Dash-2 who doesn't really talk yet just mooed with a pained expression while Dash-1, well, he freaked. It was one of those freak outs that you cant even reason with them. So we put on our shoes and headed out to see them with our own eyes. Lucky me (it was like 8 am), lucky cows, I did at least throw a bra on.

Walking back from the cows we had an interesting conversation.

Dash-1 "They didn't run away?"

me "We just saw them, no they didn't run away. They are cows where would they go. If they hang out here they get food, water, and love. And they get to poop where ever they like. Its a sweet life."

Dash-1 is thinking about this. "just like daddy" he said.

So according to a three year old daddy has it pretty sweet around here. But in case your wondering I don't let him poop where ever he wants.

ps. the great cookie swap post is down below. If you haven't added anything yet (ahem I know there are some of you who have yet to add, bitter betty not to name any names) just add it up this weekend. There are some tasty looking recipes!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Great Cookie Swap

I am a creature of habit. Only in the past few years have I started to try new things and what do you know many of them I like. Never had spinach, love it, mushrooms, love them, turkey burgers, yup, love those too. I kid you not when I say that pretty much the only cookie I made and or ate was Chocolate Chip or a basic sugar cookie. Like I said, I'm a creature of habit. Baking to me was a brownie mix. With last years realization that dsah-1 was severly allergic to eggs and peanuts. I've had to throw out a lot of mixes and start baking from scratch. And really not just that, I've had to rethink this whole baking thing all together. Its great!

The boys enjoy cooking and baking with me and I love to share it with them. Granted their "help" isn't always very useful, more flour usually ends up on the floor then in the mixer but its a great time to spend with them. They take turns sitting on the counter "adding" in ingredients. And when we're done both boys sit nice and quiet licking spoons (a benefit to egg free cooking!) at their little snack table in the kitchen while I scoop out the dough on the sheets and clean up. I turn the light in the oven on so they can watch them puff up. And when its time to pull them out they practically dance in anticipation.

I've been trying to compile some yummy egg free recipes so that when Dash-1 goes to school he wont be the freak at the peanut free table who has to eat wheat germ cookies and the other kids wont want to eat any snacks I make for the classroom because they taste like cardboard. Not that I'm thinking much about it or anything yet! I found a great egg free chocolate chip cookie recipe that I'll have to share with you guys next time. Its really good, better then the egg version I used to make, now its all a couple of my friends make who CAN use eggs.

This time I however I wanted to share a yummy spice pumpkin cookie that is my husbands favorite cookie. The recipe does call for one egg but I make it without the egg and you cant tell a thing. They might be a tad "stickier" without the egg but really, they don't last very long before they are all gone and no one has complained yet! I honestly cant tell any difference between when I made it once with eggs (to send away) and all the times I've made it without. So its up to you if you include it or not. This cookie is delicious! Its almost like a spice cake cookie! Its a great cookie for coffee, its nice and cake like and despite my husband hating pumpkin pie he LOVES this cookie so if your thinking that you wont like it... you never know!

Pumpkin Cookies

2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
2 tsp ground cinnamon
1/2 tsp ground nutmeg
1/2 tsp ground cloves
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 cup butter
1 1/2 cups white sugar
1 cup canned pumpkin puree
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla extract

2 cups confectioners' sugar
3 tbsp milk
1 tbsp melted butter
1 tsp vanilla extract

Preheat the oven to 350. Mix sugar and butter until creamy. Add pumpkin, vanilla, and egg if your going to use it. You know the drill, mix well.

Add in the dry indgredients. Again mix well.

Spoon onto cookie sheets and flatten slightly. (I must confess I don'tto flatten them, they may not be as pretty but my audience seems not to prefer that. That and their sticky and I end up making a bigger mess)

Bake for about 15-20 minutes. Let cook and then drizzle the icing over them if you so desire.

I tend not to put the glaze on it. Its oh so yummy with it but really do my kids really need all the extra sugar that and they are a mess with glaze on their fingers. When I'm sending them overseas the glaze is a nightmare, it makes packaging them up a huge mess so what I do is send a tub of store bought cream cheese or vanilla icing. I've gotten some letters back from guys I've sent these too and they travel really well.

I hope everyone has fun with this, I'm curious to see what everyone is making and read whatever story they have to go with it. I hope someone finds something new to try and ends up just loving it, or at least having a good time trying. If this works out maybe we can try it again, maybe even branch out and cover more foods. Link your post back below so we can all stop by and visit. Thanks! Happy baking!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Cookie swap update

I wrote about doing a cookie blog thingy last week. Again the basic gist is to write up a post about a recipe you enjoy, cookies, fudge, pie, banana bread, anything and everything sweet and baked, maybe put a picture in if you have one, then post the link in the link box under the main post back here. I figured out the link box last night so I'll get my post up here in the next day or two. So start your baking!

Monday, June 16, 2008

To take or not to take

Social programs are there for a reason, I know this all to well. While in college I worked in a housing project running a summer program for kids (anyone seen the HBO series the Wire, its a charming neighborhood I hung out in) while I was there the poverty I saw was startling. Kids who wore the same filthy tattered shirt three out of five days, kids who sucked down the free lunch because it was a solid, square meal, babies who's diapers were sagging to the ground.

After college I worked in reasonably big city in a program that helped kids with development disabilities 0-3 years get the services necessary to boost them up to where they "could" be. I had a few mentally challenged kids, some kids who were just "late" walkers and talkers, more shaken baby syndromes then I could stomach, but ultimately 95 percent of our case load in the office was drug babies. And many had siblings in the program and no doubt would have future siblings in it as well. When I would do house visits to check on the kid and to make sure services were rolling along the parents would complain to me that their kids needed shoes or food. No child should be without those, every parent should be able to provide that for their child. My beef is that these people had BIG screen tv's, the dish, cartons of cigarettes, so on and so forth. Obviously the money was found for those things. I am jaded by this. I will admit to that. It was the same attitude that I saw while working at the summer program. The ambivalence, I'm not sure if that's the right word, was sickening, just sickening, several nice ass cars were parked at the curb and a hell of a lot of parents were sleeping till noon while my coworkers and I were sweating down wind of a dumpster and making minimum wage.

My point is that when I start to go on and on about people taking money from the state I have a little bit of a leg to stand on. For every one person who I saw who was using the money as it should be, who was using the money to help them while they bettered their situation, I saw 10 who were just sucking it all in and using it selfishly. It annoys me on so many levels. Not only are some people willing to screw their kids over for themselves, but they are sitting around milking the system while my tax dollars support them, and our government is too stupid to figure out a way to clamp it off. Why do we think we can figure out how to keep people out of our country and control our borders if we cant figure out how to make sure people who really need money are getting it and using it correctly?

What brought this long winded ramble up is that the other night flyboy said that someone at work was talking about how they were getting WIC, why people discuss their finances at work I don't know but whatever. Again WIC is there for a reason and many of us enlisted folk do qualify. Would I ever take it? If we really needed it I suppose but I'd cut out a lot of other expenses before I did so. I feel that that is my responsibility as a parent and a upstanding citizen. These people have two very nice cars (one is a ginormous truck the other a car) and a new Harley. I'm no mathematician but you shouldn't be getting any government aid if your ass can afford three vehicles and all new furniture when you moved into new housing a few months ago. I'm just saying. I dont want a kid to suffer and not get the stuff s/he needs but what I dont get is why people think that they can use a supplemental program without making some hard choices. You painted yourself in that corner. You made financial choices, good, bad, and ugly, now learn to live with them.

I'm so tired with people thinking that they are owed something. I am so tired of people not taking responsibility for themselves and their lives. Poor kids... they didn't ask for any of this.

Navy Wives Check this out!

I found something pretty darn nifty for you navy wives with little ones. If you have a loved one on an aircraft carrier or a sub then head over to My Crazy Military Life to check it out.

I wish they had one for planes that dont fit on carriers. sigh. Maybe someday!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

My men I love them so....

I am a terribly lucky girl. I have been blessed to have two wonderful men in my life.

They say that the most important role model for a girl is her father, whoever they are couldn't be more right. My father is an amazing man. He is the epitome of what a family man is. He works long hours and is terribly committed to his job, now and while we were growing up, but thinking back I cant remember many soccer games or tennis matches that he wasn't at. Even though lets be honest, JV girls soccer is not that exciting all the time. And while I was cursed with his pudgy face, I am grateful to have his sense of humor and hope that I have even a fraction of his smarts. He likes to think I do too, since he wrote the checks for college.

I'm sure my father thought when he walked me down the aisle five and half years ago that his time being my go to guy was done. Ah little did he know. I married a wonderful man, but those of you who have also married wonderful military men know that so very often they are not around. When I went into preterm labor while my husband was deployed it was my parents who stepped up to take me back home for bed rest. When I hit a deer and nearly totaled my car, flyboy was in the air so it was my father who I called in a panic. When my son needed to have some test done last summer, it was my father who sat next to me waiting for my little one to wake up from the surgery. There are even times when I know I can do it myself, I know I can handle it, but I know that my father feels like I need him there. How lucky I am to know that I can always turn to him. Good, bad, or ugly, a fathers job is never over. Happy father's day big guy.

The other amazingly wonderful guy is my dear sweet flyboy. Flyboy shocked me as a father. I didn't know what to expect with him. All during the pregnancy he kept saying that he wasn't going to go near the delivery room, he wouldn't change diapers, yada yada. Little did he know how his little darlings would make him crumble. He is a tough Marine but he's one hell of a daddy. I hear of guys that come home from work and need "me" time. Not so in this house. Half the time he doesn't even get his boots off before he's wrestling ankle bitters on the floor.

I have such great respect for him as not only a father but a provider. Being a Marine is part of who he is, but its hard on him to be away so much. To have missed out on so much of their little lives already, to feel the sting when he comes home from long trips to get a cold shoulder, or to have to hear crying when he leaves. While I stay home and deal with all the day to day stuff he's missing out. I am able to watch and enjoy my kids because he's willing to slay dragons for us. Metaphorically speaking of course. There are times when I know he wants to walk away from this lifestyle, the flying is great but it can be grueling, lets face it he works with some morons and the red tape just seems endless sometimes. I'm sure he thinks about just hanging up the flight suit and go get a suit and tie but yet he soldiers on. For us. I cant tell you how much I love him for that.

When we had dash-1 I remember how his face lit up when they first handed him to us. I remember one nurse leaning into me as we were leaving and said that she had never seen a father so proud. I know my boys will achieve great things in life, no doubt a huge part of that will be the father that they have, the lessons that he teaches and the love that he shows them. Thank you my dear for all the blessings that you bring to us, your one hell of a dad.

Friday, June 13, 2008

The great cookie swap... in its formative stage

I'm always on the look out for some new recipes. Lately I've been feeling like I'm in a cookie rut. The boys and I enjoy baking and well no one needs that many cookies sitting around so we joined Baker's Angels thru Soldiers Angels. Its a fantastic program that sends out boxes of homemade goodies to a unit monthly. Its a great excuse to bake up a storm and someone else gets the calories. Although a cookie here or there goes missing. We have a couple go to recipes for egg less cookies that we make together, but sometimes I'll whip up something special with eggs at night.

Everyone has THEIR go to recipe. My best friend bitter betty has an oreo cupcake that makes grown men cry. I'd love to know more of what people make, maybe how you found it, when you make it, any special memories anything like that. Oh and maybe even a pic of what it looks like. Everyone loves a picture of the finished product. So I'm hoping that maybe you guys will give it a whirl. I'm still trying to figure out how to have peeps link up thru here, I gotta have someone explain the inner workings of something like that to me. Bitter betty if your reading this expect a call sometime today (and by the way your participation is mandatory).

Start thinking about your pick and hopefully we can get rolling in the next few days. Come on! Who's on board?

****Some answers and clarifications*** I realize as I re-read that I'm a tad confusing. To my defense this is still in the brain storm stages. I was hoping that people could do up a whole post on their blogs and then I'll get a linky thingy to put here so that we can all hop around to see what is cooking on peoples sites. And don't worry I know a weekend is coming up and its going to take a few days to get ingredients and what not together so I'm aiming for doing this sometime next week.

Any and all sweets allowed. Fudge, pies, cookies, cookie bars, cupcakes, any and all!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Oh lordy

My son is running around the front yard in elmo underpants. And that's all folks.

Since its been so hot lately the boys are sharing a room, they would have to anyways, and why not work to cool one room vice two. Dash-2 is napping the worlds longest nap, I forgot to get shorts before I put him down so Dash-1 wanted to go on the porch with my mom who is in town for a few days. Whats a mom to do? Sneak in and wake up a sleeping child who is oh so tired from all this heat? No. Let a boy be a boy and run around in elmo underpants. Its not like anyone can see him... anyone but the cows that is.

Wordless Wednesday

Its a big world for a little boy.

Monday, June 9, 2008


The heat must be frying my brain. That's my excuse.

Running out of the house to do errands I notice there is "stuff" all over my shirt. It could be some ground in cheese, maybe some wiped off pancake, who knows. I run to quickly toss on another shirt. This will come back to haunt me.

I wanted to be a nice wifey so I went by the base to dropped off a nice cold lunch for flyboy. The plan was to drop it in his car and go. What actually happened was that when I turned off my car to use his spare key on my keyring to get into his car I somehow locked the steering thingy and the car turny on thing. So instead of a cool calm cutesy message, after messing with it for five minutes with both boys sweating in the 98 degree heat (it was only 11am) in their car seats I call him panicking. "I can not get my car started, the key thingy wont turn, the steering wheel wont move, its hot, COME FIX IT!". It took him one turn. I must have loosened it for him. Luckily he found it amusing not frustrating. To my defense had it been cooler I would have sat out there for an hour messing with it.

Now lets move on. Quick trip to target turns into a 45 minute tour of the store because little pokey dash-2 wanted to walk. He was listening well and walking so nicely so no biggie, I mean he moves v. e. r. y. slow when there is so much to look at but oh well. Cut to the bathroom. Dash-1 of course needs to go. As I'm helping him wash his hands I glance in the mirror. Holy crap. In my hurry to get out of the house I just tossed on a clean white tee shirt because my black tank top was icky. No biggie... ummm... yeah.... you ladies will understand when I say I was not wearing a bra that should have been worn under a white tee. Oh the shame.

Smooth move exlax... smooth move.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Of all the reasons to vote for someone

I saw something on my "mommy board" the other day. I should say as a little disclaimer that I haven't really gone on it lately. Negativity has taken over, all they do is whine about their lives, kids, husbands, etc. and I figure why invite it into you life if you don't need too. I mean I'm all over a funny rant about poop but just outright negativity is unnecessary in my life right now. And since I live in a really blue state any actual discussions tend to leave me on the other side of the fence with my eyes rolling back in my head.

But I go on from time to time to see if there is anything fun to do with the kids or what not. Well I clicked a thread that had something to do with making the world better for our kids. I was curious. Ick. I shouldn't have clicked it. I was about how great it was that Obama was getting the democratic nod and how great it was that history was being made with a woman and a minority had run, how if Clinton was to be his VP and they got elected how the country would be changing for the better for our kids. Umm yeah.

Now there is a lot there that irritates me. First you could make some argument that this is the first time that a minority has received the nomination of a major party, but African Americans have run for President before. I mean Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have only run like 10 times each it seems! And lets not forget that Geraldine Ferraro was on the ticket to be Walter Mondale's VP. And didn't Elizabeth Dole have a rather respectable showing in the Republican Primaries not too long ago?

I get the point that the way is being paved for a more diverse field then just a couple of old white guys and I think that its a shame that more diverse candidates aren't out there. But what kept bothering me and believe me, I read the last line over and over probably 20 times, is how if they got elected the world would be a better place. Hey everyone thinks their candidate is the better guy, just like you think your kid is cuter, but it seems like me, and what bothers me is that people think they're the ticket because of their race and gender. In my mind voting for him so that you can say you voted for the first black president is as bad as NOT voting for someone because of their race or gender.

It should be about who is the most qualified. Black, white, blue, green, man, woman, alien (no illegals please). Who has the experience, the knowledge, the courage of character to lead this nation where it needs to go. We have problems, oh do we have problems, big problems and people should be seriously looking at the candidates. Not just on their outward appearances. Its things like this that scare me about the future of our country.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

A little more about it....

Flyboy and I have a great relationship. We truly love and respect each other and thankfully we aren't shy about telling the other one when an idea is stupid. Like his idea to bike (as in one with pedals) to work. 13 miles one way. On a busy highway. Or when he went on a V8 kick and drank so much that he noticed when he sweat he smelled like tomatoes and celery.

Hence why he thought I might have been sabotaging his compost pile. When he first started it I kinda rolled my eyes... a bit... and figured he could just go with it and soon enough he would get bored and move on. Well now its progressed to where I put all our food scraps aside during the day. I hate to say it we are saving money on the amount of garbage we throw away (we have to pay per bag). But I do find it humorous that his compost pile is the neighborhood diner for the animals.

And I refused to throw cow poop on the pile the other day. That's his job and guess um what. When he's out of town its just not getting thrown on!

Friday, June 6, 2008

I live in a zoo

The two baby cows and another cow have escaped. I kid you not, if I knew where the batteries were to my camera I'd take a picture (darn you flyboy for re appropriating them!). As I sit here writing this I can see them in my side yard. Wait. Yup still there. Just made eye contact.

The boys who are upstairs having quiet time after waking at oh dark thirty because of a nasty thunderstorm were damn near giddy when they noticed it this afternoon. I'm just curious how many of you have had this conversation.

Dash-1 shrieking with joy "Their here to play with me!"

me "who? no ones coming I'm not even wearing a bra yet!" (to my defense the alarm guy is coming this afternoon so I was panicky he was here early)

Dash-1 "The cows are coming to play!"

Cant forget the much louder then normal MOO since the darn thing was in the front yard. Dash-2 is even in on the action standing at the screen door moooing right back. (He's got all his animal sounds down, gee I wonder why.)

me "Holy shit the cows are in our front yard. And its about to poop!"

Dash-1 clapping his hands giddy with excitement "Ooooh cow poop!"

Yes I cursed in the presence of my children. It slipped out but I think anyone would have done the same. The cows have come and go a bit during the day. Now they have moved on to the back of the house. I'm making sure they don't get to the road and I put a call in to our landlord but really.... some days I feel like I'm living in a zoo.

Oh and remember the mysterious animal eating our house? Yeah well we still don't know what it is, but its leaving the house alone and moved on to flyboy's make shift compost pile. I find it rather humorous, every night he dumps the food scraps from the day on his pile and stirs it up but whatever it is is still getting them. He actually accused me of trying to thwart his compost attempts. I'm just enjoying all this a bit too much I suppose. heeheeheee so sue me.


Yesterday we sat on the porch and ate Popsicles.

Yesterday we went on a hunt to find the cat. (I'm sorry cat, really its out of excitement that they squeal so loud, they don't want to hurt you, just love you)

Yesterday we laid on a blanket in the grass to see what the clouds looked like.

Yesterday we blew bubbles and then chased them as far as they could before they floated away.

Yesterday I heard "Mommy your beautiful", "Mommy I love you to the moon" and "Mommy your my best friend forever". Far more validation then I ever received in any job evaluation.

Yesterday I watched my children just be and was able to see a little bit of the world thru them.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


I'm playing around with some templates here and there when I get a second or two. If a great site that has some fantastic premade templates and trust me if I can figure out how to install one then anyone can. Check out her stuff at LeeLou.... but lets not all get the same one k?

Have fun!

A mish mosh

Why is it that the fantastic post come to me at 11:15 when I'm laying in bed? Seriously the past couple days stuff has come to me and I've thought, "hmm I should remember this and do a post on it". Only to find that I have no memory of what it was. There must be some link with motherhood and losing your memory.

I'm feeling very out of my routine lately. In a good way but out of the routine none the less. Flyboy has been home for almost five weeks now. Five long, long weeks. Three weeks of that was leave he had to use up and the rest is just a quiet month without much flying at work. I think this is the longest chunk of time we have been together since we've been married. Its been nice, flyboy said that he is relieved that we apparently can live together so he's not so worried about when he retires, he's so romantic. But honestly I was kinda wondering the same thing. Its so odd to live so much of your married life apart, the constant comings and goings, you do start to wonder what it will be like when this chapter ends. But we are both relieved that we will at least make it five weeks before someone kills the other.

I'm also noticing that my blog is so blah. Not the writing, well lately but the layout. I think it needs a lift. Kinda like a nursing mom needs a boob job. Anyone know of anyone who does blog designs? I emailed one person and I'm hoping to hear back but if figure back up cant hurt. At least a bloggy lift is cheaper then a boob job. Not that I've priced those out or anything.....

Well this post is making me think I need to start keeping some paper or something next to my bed so I can write down these grand ideas I get during the night.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Almost wordless Wednesday

new little ones I dont have to clean up after

and the little one for whom I still do and always will

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Nothing to say

Nothing to say.

I was going to post about how crazy it is that New York state will throw the book at you for shooting someone who comes into your house to rob or harm you (note to self retire in a Castle Doctrine state) but eh. Then I was going to write about my children being my children but eh again. I could write about the Marine Corps yanking flyboy around on a choke chain but really that story just pisses me off. I'm feeling a little bummed about a friendship thing right now, I was going to write about that but I don't quite know how to get it out.

So this seems like this is it for now.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

A little less safe

It could have been worse. They could have trashed out place, they could have taken more things that couldn't have been replaced, they could have taken things that could have been replaced but would have been a pain, they could have destroyed family furniture that means something to me. Someone could have come in at night while my babies were sleeping. It could have been worse. But it still sucks.

Someone broke into our house.

My safe place no longer feels as safe as it did. My space, my space has been compromised by some punk kid looking for whatever he could take quickly and hide in his pockets.

Long story short, flyboy put the air conditioner in the window (I know window units, ugh) the day prior. He had yet to screw them in, he was going to get to that this weekend, you had to do a fair amount of prying for it to come loose and we live in a very safe area. One of the reasons we love it here is because its the type of place where you can leave all your windows open and your front door unlocked while your out. Or so we thought.

Anyways we noticed yesterday that the ac was messed up in the window, it just didn't look right. We also noticed a bizarre trail of change throughout the house. People with small kids (especially those who eat everything) can be zealots about change, we are no exception. Well the giant beer stein were flyboy dumps his when he gets home was empty, he thought I had done soemthing with it, I assumed he had.

When we noticed the ac we realized that something was amiss. We thought two things, either someone slipped in and just took some crap or someone slipped in to see if they could and what we had. Neither one left me particularly comfortable. I ran up to check my jewelry box and the little bastard had left almost everything in there thanks to my laziness and just jamming stuff in the bottom drawer I guess he couldnt get it unstuck quick enough. But he did get away with two older pieces that flyboys mother had given me from his grandmother. Nothing fancy or particularly pricey but family stuff none the less that I planned on getting cleaned up for a future daughter or something.

I am pissed because my little fortress of solitude no longer feels as safe as it did. Some creep came into my house and went thru my things. He walked around and saw pictures of a happy family and still decided to take whatever he wanted. And even had the nerve to help himself to a beverage from our fridge.

My mother insists we need an alarm. I'm thinking more along the lines of a Beretta Carbine. We are looking into carbines and our lovely landlords are having an alarm company come out sometime this week. Best of both worlds I suppose. They said to discuss with the guy what we wanted and he would outfit the house with whatever we needed. And while the cops said you cant shoot someone just for entering your house, my landlord said shoot when they hit the driveway.