Sunday, August 31, 2008

The gas crisis knows no bounds

I was scrolling down the page at Fox News checking out the day's stories and something caught my attention.

Feel this man's pain.

His suffering is simply palpable. I shed a tear while reading that article. Actually I shed a few tears.

What was I thinking, not taking into account how these high gas prices are affecting everyone?

How selfish I had been thinking only of myself as gas hit $4.42 a month and a half ago or as I did some calculations and realized we could possibly spend $5,500 to heat our house with oil this winter. We are all having to make cuts here and there, we are all suffering....oh bite me.

You have to fly commercial. Just like I'm lucky to have a home to have to worry about heating, please cry me a river about having to park your private jet and realize that compared to oh just about everyone else in the country your angst is nothing.

Dear goodness I hope he did that all in jest.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Two degrees of seperation from a dictator

Flyboy had to wear his charlies to work today so despite approaching a 96 (a four day weekend for you civies) he couldn't stretch his haircut any longer. There isn't an on base barber and with the no cammies/flightsuit rule out in town its kinda a pain to get them as frequently as he needs them.

And no, I don't know how to cut hair for those who aren't familiar a high and tight leaves little room for me to screw up.

And expensive. $20 bucks a pop once a week. He's a high maintenance sorta guy and Uncle Sam likes it that way.

Flyboy has been going to the same guy for a while. One of the reasons he likes him is that he does a wicked tight fade and he doesn't talk to him. My love isn't one for small talk, even from me.

So he was waiting to get his hair cut last night and his barber was talking to some chick who cuts hair there and for all purposes sounded like she was not the sharpest tool in the shed. She could not get over the fact that this guy never had to get a license to start cutting hair. The guy tried to explain in broken English that he had never been to school. At all.


He told her that he was forced into his countries army and cut hair, in fact he often cut the President's hair, and several times he told her, I have never been to school. Ever.

She couldn't get past that he didn't have to take a test on some dummy.

Then she asked why he left.

"Millions of people were killed. It was messy, very ugly." Then he said what sounded like Po-Po was evil.

At this point, flyboy had put two and two together and realized where this guy was from. He asked quite profoundly, "Holy Shit. Your Cambodian? You survived the Khmer Rouge?" The barber looked kinda surprised he knew what he was talking about. No wonder if he spends most of his time with morons like that girl he must think we are a country of idiots.

And then she said again had a profound question. "But you didn't have to take a test? They just let you cut over there?"

ARE YOU SERIOUS?! You moron this guy just said that he cut Pol Pots hair, survived bloody genocide, and managed to escape the Khmer Rouge and you care about a dummy head?

I don't even what to think about this brain child voting in Nov....

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Monday, August 25, 2008

Some bling bling

I was thinking more about the dentist.

We are spending a decent chunk of change on getting Dash-1's cavities filled in teeth that will fall out.(Dental insurance wont cover any of the sedation and the dentist wont do it, cant do it, without him being sedated so that's 250 on top of the insurance co pays.)

Not that I wouldn't spend any amount of money on my little ones. But really,the dentist could stud his little teeth in diamonds and pearls, they will still fall out in a few years.

So why not just spend a little more and get the boy a grill

It could spell out DASH-1 in diamonds. Hmmm... wonder what a child's grill goes for? And I wonder if united concordia covers that? Probably not.

Imagine him walking into nursery school and flashing his bling bling at the lovely ladies. I'm guessing he'd be the only three year old there with his name on his teeth.

And as a mom, every time my son smiled at me and the sun twinkled off the bling, my heart would melt.

I'll have to mention this to flyboy when I speak to him tomorrow, surely this is worth tapping into the emergency fund for.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

dental woes

I hate the dentist. Nothing against them personally, I actually have a cousin who is one. But the profession... ick. Something about it just weirds me out. If I can avoid going I do. I realize that this is not exactly the most mature thing but hey its working for me.

I have found that the one thing more stressful then having to go to the dentist is having to take Dash-1.

I feel kinda like I'm leading a little fluffy lamb to slaughter. Perhaps a bit dramatic. I might be projecting just a smidge of my issues on him.

And I didn't tell him that we were going on an adventure. I used that one for his last round of allergy testing he just had. He's upset over that.

I told him we were going to the dentist tomorrow. I didn't tell him that they were going to sedate him and then drill into his teeth. I thought it best to leave that part out.

He informed me that he will not be going.

I told him he would get a new tooth brush.

He told me and I quote, "Try again." Obviously I use this phrase too much.

I told him he could get a new airplane.

He told me, "Is it going to be as big as daddy's?" Point taken little one.

He's not thrilled about going because he thinks they might do something. I feel bad because I know they are going to do something. If this was me I would have spent all day worrying about it, my little dash-1 oblivious to it spent the day rolling around in the dirt pile next to the barn. No worries at all.

On a semi-related note I'm also a little worried about dash-2. Thankfully a dear friend is going to watch the littlest one but she just moved back and while Dash-2 has met her a few times I am nervous about just dropping and running. Which I'm going to have to do because they have to do dash-1's sedation in the first am slot.

What kinda of damage might this have on his little psyche?

Again perhaps a bit dramatic. And worse comes to worse we can always divert some of the money in their college fund for therapy. That's always been our backup plan. We thought it best to have one.

Oh and flyboy called yesterday looking for some sympathy. They canceled their flying for the day/night so all he had nothing to do but sit around and read.

You know what I have to say to that... bite me dear.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

It came to me in my sleep.

You know my feelings on flying solo weekends from my previous post. In case you didn't catch that one let me sum it up.

They stink. Something about them is just kinda off.

Then this morning Dash-1 comes and crawls into my bed. "I had an idea during my sleep mommy."

Oh lord where is this one headed? He once had an idea in his sleep that I should let him eat Popsicles for breakfast. That one didn't pan out for him.

"I could wake up and then daddy could be at home." Ouch. Then he looks around me into the bed where, obviously, no one is sleeping.

His face falls. "Oh I guess he isn't coming." Ouch, ouch, ouch.

I am trying to explain that daddy wont be gone much longer, you can count the days on one hand. He is not impressed by this and he gets me again. "But when daddy gets home he's going to leave again."


"Well he'll be home for a week or two and then you get to have fun mommy time." Yeah he was even less impressed with that answer. I see where I fall in line.

What else is there to do? I really think its just that he's more aware now, I also think that there are times when he uses missing daddy to try to get stuff. This wasn't the case today.

Gone are the peaceful days where flyoby could come and go and no one noticed much. Dash-2 is still in that blissful stage. He'll turn a corner in the house and ask for daddy but he's not heartbroken as dash-1 when he doesn't appear.

I did the standard daddy loves you but has to be away yadda yadda and then I did what any good mom would do.... sidetrack the kid with a pop tart and a cartoon.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Road trip for mamas!

And the price of gas doesn't matter!

Mommy Community is turning 5 so what better way to celebrate then a road trip. Road trip bloggy style that is. No worrying about spilled sippy cups in the car or having to stop for a little one to pee when you just zipped by the last rest stop for 40 miles. Just click and take the chance to hop around and visit a ton of funny mommy blogs.

How could they not be funny we're all walking around with cheerios on our butts!

How does it know?

All summer the AC units (yes yes I'm up here in the land of no central air) have worked fine.

Now on flyboy's most recent trip the one in the bedroom is on the fritz. It's not a major deal luckily the weather is a tad on the cool side, I hope it last.

But I'm frustrated because, hows this for coincidence, I noticed right as he flew over our house off to another time zone.

So I'm curious... what's recently gone wrong in your house while hubs has been away? And how perfect is the timing?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Got me thinking...

A daily read of mine, New Girl On Post had an interesting post up on whether or not you would want your son to join the military.

I've thought about this. A lot.

I know my boys are young little ones and while it seems like the time for that decision is light years away, one of the first lessons learned in parenting is that time flies.

First sleeping thru the night, then potty training, nursery school, riding the big boy bus, first job, first girlfriend.... all right so perhaps I am a bit ahead of myself. But seriously sometimes they do seem to grow up overnight.

When I was pregnant with Dash-1 flyboy was deployed so I was alone at the ultrasound when the tech told me that we were going to have a boy. The first thing that I thought about was, oh God my baby is going to go into the military.

Flyboys first reaction when he called the night after was and I remember this perfectly, crappy phone connection and all, "Oh my God a boy. I don't have to pay for a wedding!".

We will not push our sons into the military, neither of us is grooming them for that. Both have college savings account and higher education is very important to us.

We joke about the boys going to a service academy and flyboy buying a very nice car with their college money, but the military is not a predetermined path in our house.

But I am also not blind to the fact that its a very likely possibility. Both of flyboy's grandfathers were in the military, his father was a career Marine, and then there is my dear flyboy and well we all know what he's doing with his time.

It seems to me that there certainly is a chance, a darn good one at that, that one of my boys will join up. I'd even make a bet and put my money on the Corps.

How do I feel about that?

Let me put it this way. I sit in my comfy glider chair at night when I'm reading stories or just sitting with one or both of them and I find myself kissing the tops of their heads. Their short hair is just so soft after bath and it smells so fresh. I kiss their heads and its as if I am trying to capture those moments forever.

And I think.

I think that these simple moments must be the memories that so many moms of very grown, very capable, and very honorable men who paid the ultimate price must remember.

When I think about the fallen, I think about the wife and the kids left behind, but now that I am a mom, I also think about his mom.

The woman who watched him grow up from a boy to a man and then into a warrior. The one who is now left with the memory of nuzzling his soft little head in a rocking chair.

I had thought about our kids joining up briefly before we had kids. I thought about the statistics of it logically like I outlined, but once I held my baby boys I felt the emotion of it.

Irregardless of what path they take in life military or college, they will leave the house at some point. They will go forth and start their lives as productive, responsible, young men. As a mom I want nothing more. And nothing would make me prouder to see my sons in uniform like their father.

But there is something in me that knows that if they choose the military it will be a different sort of striking out. They maybe made into men a little earlier, a little rougher, and a lot further from my reaches.

Thank God I have time.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

To the douche at the park

To the idiot father at the park,

Your a douche.

Yeah that's right. Your a douche. There I said it. It's out there.

First off you moron, if you would have stopped drooling over skinny nanny in a tank top, who very clearly wasn't your wife ( since you answered a call from her on your cell and so rudely ran into my 20 mth old and didn't help him up) and had actually been paying attention to your child you would have realized that it was HIM who was pushing MY kid around.

Not vice versa. Not hardly.

Your kid started the shoving issues by pushing mine and then running off and laughing.

My kid is only three, in his world, strange as it may be, he thinks this is playing.

I also saw your kid hand his little toys and then go running to you claiming that my kid took them. You must not have heard me when I tried explaining.

Oh and a little tip. Dont take your own toys to the park. What are you a newbie?

And I really appreciate your great parenting advice telling your kid not to be pushed around by my kid who, if you didn't notice was two heads shorter and about 15 pounds lighter. My husband has been known to tell our son to push back but only when the kid is bigger. I'm not happy about this always but at least my husband understands the size rules. And after witnessing your kid in action my husband might be on to something.

And I would like to say that I was there at the park with TWO small kids, you just had one. And you couldn't keep ONE under control. Yeah that's right.

My kid can be wild, I'll give you that. But today he was being sweet and surprisingly well behaved. He is just a little boy who wants to have everyone like him. And your son is just a big mean, manipulative bully. And you sir are a blind idiot.

And a douche. Did I mention that?

Monday, August 18, 2008

Anyone else do this?

Our camera crapped out on me a few weeks ago. I was trying to get by using the old one but the reason I had a new one was because the old one was on its last leg.

So I decided to get one with a little more fire power, something quicker and with few more bells and whistles then my little pocket one. I started looking around online... two weeks ago. I wanted to find the best deal. Seems simple.

I found myself going in circle after circle making myself crazy.

I do this with everything, big, little, doesn't matter. I waste hours and hours of time to save a couple bucks, if that. And I usually always end up ordering it from the first place I saw it.

I finally took the plunge last night and ordered it. I got it from one store, the battery from another, the bag from another.... all to save a buck.

Flyboy made a joke once about me having a boyfriend when he was gone. As if I'd have the time or energy after chasing the boys all day and going in bargain circles at night. If only he knew just what I did when he was away....

Friday, August 15, 2008

who me?

A funny thing happened to me yesterday.

The boys and I were at the library checking out the latest Skippyjon Jones book and while they were being good they were also being themselves. Dash-1 was rambling about something and dash-2 was struggling to break free. I was not born yesterday so I held tight to him.

The librarian, who herself was a grandmother to a little one dash-2's age said how cute they were. I agreed and said what great little boys they were, thought I did admit that some days they ran circles around me and could be far less then ideal.

She just looked at me and I thought, Oh shit, I don't think she has a sense of humor.

I was wrong.

She smiled and said and I will quote it for accuracy, "I wish my daughter could see you."

Me? Hmmm... library was empty, no one else that could have been directed too.

Let me recap, yesterday was wicked humid, so my hair was a giant frizz ball, turns out I had a cheerio (oh who are we kidding it was a Toastieo) stuck to my butt, and my struggling child in my arms who at one point pulled the v-neck on my shirt awwwwfuly low.

I asked if her daughter needed a laugh.

Apparently her daughter is uptight about parenting. And she wanted her to see that everyone struggles, no child is perfect, but you need to have the right attitude.

Ah well attitude. That flows freely around here!

I told her that I've been actively working to change my expectations about my kids and parenting altogether. Perhaps that's a crappy thing to have to do but I think its been so important and so far has made a change.

I need to remember the age of my kids, I need to remember the spunk of my kids, I need to remember that it is my job to raise them up fostering independence and strong will but also equally important to raise them to be respectful and mindful of others.

That's quite a task. This could take days and weeks, though I'm told most likely YEARS.

When dash-1 isn't listening, he's not the only three year old not to do so. He's not doing so as some great conspiracy against my sanity (however much it might feel like it at the time). When I ask him to stop playing in the pool he isn't always going to jump right out, come on over, and offer to take the bags to the car.

He's three. He's a boy. He's his fathers child (all right and mine). That sums it up.

Same goes for dash-2. He's at that very tough stage. 20 mths, searching for freedom and independence but not really able to handle any. He just wants to strike out on his own and take on the world. He's very clearly not ready. He wants to walk in the store and doesn't want to hold hands, doesn't want to stay with the pack, just wants to run and laugh. I shouldn't take this personally. When he has to sit in the cart and cries and screams and people look at me like I am a horrible mother, this too shall pass. Surely there is another mother going thru this. Somewhere.

When I see the other mom's put together and their kids oh so well behaved I've been trying to remember that sometimes, to someone else that's me. Just like there are not so great days, there are days when everything flows and motherhood is a breeze. Ok motherhood isn't really ever a breeze per say but you get the point.

Motherhood is no doubt a wild ride, full of bumps, ups and downs, but if I can relax and learn to just go with the flow a little more I think I'll get more from it.

That and maybe I'll sweat less and my hair wont frizz so much.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Frat boys!

Usually when flyboy is away I keep the house spotless. Cleaner then when he's here. I don't know why... maybe its pent up energy or something. Who knows.

This trip... very much not the case.

I don't know if its because Dash-2 is getting some molars and is in a nasty mood at least 90% of his waking hours, I don't know if its because the boys have been tag teaming waking up at night and needing something, I don't know if I'm just lazy.

My money is on a combo of all three. And just a disclaimer that I wrote this last night and its set on auto post, just in case you guys were thinking "Wow she should be cleaning RIGHT NOW instead of posting." Which I should but cut me some slack, once the kids are in bed sometimes I just wanna be off the clock as a maid so to say.

Last night I got out of the shower and noticed a juice box on the bathroom counter, a lone shoe on the back of the toilet, a (clean) pair of Elmo under pants on the banister, and flyboy's new Men's Health tossed at the bottom of the stairs.

Holy crap I'm living in a frat house. That is if frat houses had a tickle me Elmo. And sippy cups instead of kegs.

library find

The boys and I have recently discovered the nice little, I mean really little, library over in our village. It doesn't have much in the way of books for me (however you can order them from other libraries in the system) but it has an amazing children's section.

We love books in our house. I want them to have books that they have grown up reading but seriously, this pace must slow down. The bookshelves are full and well I can either save for college or keep buying my kids book. So we investigated the library.

We took this book out yesterday and it's fast become a favorite. Its a great little book about the relationship between a cub and his daddy (in case you couldnt tell from the cover).

Kinda strange having mom read it I suppose, but I thought it would be nice for the boys to read while daddy is away. To see all the fun stuff they can do with daddy when he gets home.... before he leaves again in a few days.

This is a good book for all of you with husbands here and there or for those of you with husbands home everynight to tuck in the little ones.This would make a great fathers day or coming home present. Especially with some little hand prints in the cover to dedicated it to the big guy.

Dash-2 roared the whole time and kept saying "dada dada" but Dash-1 got really into it. Every page he would talk about the stuff that him and flyboy do, how strong his daddy is, and how one day he's going to be just like him. Be still my heart on that one.

This maybe one library find that I buy for our shelves. Damn it the library is supposed to be saving me money!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Words from my mouth...

Sometimes my life is a bit like an out of body experience. Not in a bad way, not at all, its just that sometimes I find myself saying things that ten years ago I couldnt have imagined coming out of my mouth.

Since becoming a wife and mother the following strange things have come out of my mouth.

"Have a great day. Oh wait you forgot your gas mask."

"Please find another place for this crappy piece of tank, I just chipped my pedicure on it." Flyboy brought home a piece of an Iraqi tank his first deployment over there. Its not too big, the size of a large laptop. But really does it belong in our living room?

"Do not brush your hair with the fork your eating with." Around here we use clean forks for that.

"Daddy just flew over the house lets go inside and get cleaned up."

"Get away from there, the cow is about to poop on you!"

"Please don't put your finger in the dog's butt." To his defense, it was the first time that Dash-1 had really been around dogs at my in laws and at the time the dogs were bigger then him and well... their butt was eye level. Never underestimate the curiosity of a 18 mth old!

"Thank you for offering but we don't share boogers."

"Please take your underwear off your head and hand Mommy her wallet." Yes I keep spare underoos in my purse, elmo ones to be exact, Dash-1 was sitting in the cart and all of a sudden the cashier starts laughing. I turn to look and what do you know Dash-1 is wearing his spare underwear on his head and shaking his money maker.

"Why are there shoes in the dishwasher?" Still no answer to this one.

"Please, those are tampons, not torpedoes."

You know whats even stranger.... as I type these things out they don't seem all that weird to me. I'm becoming used to it all and at least I'm polite I do say please a lot.

I'm curious what strange things all you out there have said. Think of this as an opportunity to delurk and show how strange your life sometimes is!

What does this do?

At a play date today Dash-1 saw a VHS video tape laying out. He looked at it funny, picked it up, turned it around a few times then looked at my friend and I and said, "What is this and what does this do?".

Holy crap. I felt so... so... old.

I explained that it was like a DVD and that you put it into a machine and could watch a movie. To which he replied, "Why wouldn't you just watch a DVD?".

I countered with the classic mother reply, go play.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Rain... rain... and more rain

That sums up the past few days.

Driving home yesterday we got caught in a horrible storm just as we were crossing the Delaware Bridge. Golf ball size hail for almost an hour. It was delightful. But I will say, Saturn, that whole plastic car idea. Fantastic! Not a ding in sight.

Both flyboy and I aren't huge fans of driving in weather like that, he kept mentioning several times that he would rather be flying around the sandbox then driving in that. (Of course come to think of it he said that while we were visiting my extended family too.....)

We pulled over at one of the rest stops to try to figure out what the weather was doing and wait out the worst of it. Another shout out, Verizon, Internet anywhere, Brilliant! No more will I mumble when I pay the bill every month, well I'll grumble less.

For those of you not familiar with the Jersey Turnpike its three lanes both directions, pretty typical major road. Well cars were stopping IN THE ROAD under the over passes to avoid the rain. Again, I don't enjoy driving in that kinda weather but isn't just randomly stopping in the middle of a major road kinda dangerous? Just a bit?

And let me tell you there were some pissed off people who were laying on their horns (my husband included) one guy even stuck his head out the window to yell, all while being pelted by hail. It was actually kinda amusing. Note to self, do not slow down New Jersians on the roadway. But seriously in the name of safety, pull over on the shoulder, not every other over pass between there and Exit 3.

Other then a lot of extra time spent in the car it was a nice weekend. It was nice to see everyone and the boys got to see a lot of extended for the first time and after all that driving, what will probably be the last time for a while! At least if flyboy has a vote....

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Handy Tip #3

My husband cringes when he sees stickers. In fact he would prefer me not to bring them in the house. For many things I respect his wishes but honestly, this one is just silly. That and the kids use stickers supervised.

For the most part.

Cut to last week, we had a little itty bitty sticker incident. Again with dash-2. He's at that age and he's just the sneaky one in the bunch. I feel I should add that I do indeed watch my children but their quick little boys.

The offense? He got a sticker stuck on a cabinet in the kitchen. Holy crap my heart skipped a beat, flyboy would DIE. This would make the monitor incident look like nothing.

So what removes stickers with no problem you ask? Well you could just scrap it but then you have that white sticky residue. So rub some mayonnaise on the sticker, liberally, very liberally. Let it sit for about 20 minutes and then just easily scrap it and all the residue right off.

Oh and keep your kids who are allergic to eggs out of the room while you use the mayonnaise.

The sticker is gone and flyboy is none the wiser.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Opinions needed...

I should preface by saying, I suck at making decisions. Cant do it. I'm a waffler.

Hello my name is The Mrs. and I'm a big waffle.

This weekend my grandfathers brother is in town (their town not mine) from Hong Kong. He's a missionary priest over there and is here to see his brothers one last time before they all go to meet the maker (that is straight from my mothers mouth). It also happens to be his 50th jubille which is like your anniversary of being a priest. So its a big deal.

They are having a get together of the Maryland family, my mother is from CA so most her brothers are out there so they already had one on that coast. But my grandparents are in MD and well to put it polietly are not doing so well in the health department.

Despite being home a few times in the past year I haven't gotten to see them much because the kids were ALWAYS sick and I really dont want to be the ones to give two 80-something year olds the flu that kills them.

Everyone is healthy right now, flyboy is home and has sorta agree to go down with me (that kinda agreeing where he keeps saying he'll do whatever I ask of him but something tells me he would rather spend his weekend NOT in the car or around my extended family). Hell my mother even said she'd pay for the gas. Just to let you all know I can pay for my own gas, I think she's trying to make it even easier to come down.

We're only about 6 hours away, we could very easily (well kinda easily) leave here tonight, get down there around 11 or so, spend Saturday with the family and then come home Sunday.

It wouldnt be too painful. Althought there is beach traffic to contend with....

I just dont know what to do. Part of me really wants to go, part of me realizes that it would just be easier to spend the weekend here and go about our buisness.

We are close enough we could make it work, but far enough away to think about it a couple times over....

What would YOU do?

UPDATE: We will be heading down. Thanks for the input folks, much appreciated. Crap, lots to get done. My great plan is to be on the road in an hour. HA!

ps another handy tip will be posted tomorrow. you folks with little ones be sure to check it out/

Thursday, August 7, 2008

I'm getting one!

Christmas '08 at my house.
I'm getting one of these for the boys.
The toy that is not the little girl. I'm pretty sure that's really illegal not to mention inappropriate.
My friend Amanda over at Lifelong Playdate has an obsession with big construction vehicles. Kinda odd I suppose but then again I like the smell of play doh so really who am I to judge? But I saw these last night in a catalog and had to post this for her.
Oh she's gonna be all over this.....

Yet another HANDY tip

This tip is amazing. Again I had to share. You guys out there are probably thinking, "Wow, she's really nifty over there."

No. Hardly. I am forced to be by a little 20 mth old who while adorable as adorable can be is shifty and sneaky.

Twice now I while I have been occupied he has climbed in the desk chair, pulled himself over to the desk, climbed onto said desk to help himself to the pens. He has clicked it to get the pen out and then drawn ALL over my screen.

TWICE this has happened in the past week.

I know I know. I'm a idiot for not figuring out some way to prevent it but I thought our talk would have done something.

Stop laughing out there.

Any who.... the tip. To get ballpoint pen off an LCD monitor before your husband has a heart attack and waste a couple hundred getting another one because he claims the pen marks are giving him a headache here's what you do.

Take a slightly damp rag and place some hand soap (I used Bath and Body Work Foaming Antibacterial in Fresh Rain scent in case you were wondering) right on the marks and rub. Some come out right quick and some take a little more elbow grease. But I can report NO DAMAGE to my screen. Or my husbands heart.

We are now in talks of getting a gate for the office.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Lost camera. Found self portrait.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Did I get mail?

I've been trying to come up with something to do for the boys. So often daddy is here when they go to bed and then when they wake up he's gone, sometimes for a day or two, sometimes for weeks and weeks. It's getting to the point that Dash-1 asks every night, usually several times a night, if flyboy will be here tomorrow.

So I've been thinking.... what to do.....what to do....

And when I was getting the last can of green beans out of the little box for dinner it hit me.


Dash-1 and I (all right so it was mainly me) took the box and wrapped it with brown paper. Careful to leave the little flap because every good mailbox has a door. When it was finished it looked great. Much better then the ones I used to make in grade schools for my valentines. Good to see my crafting has come a long way since then.

The mailbox right now has a place at the corner of the dinning room table. Flyboy puts a little note in it at night and when he's away I'll put notes and treats in there from him.

Dash-1 got so excited when he got his first note from flyboy that he was jumping up and down, hugging the letter, and wanted to call flyboy to thank him right away. Apparently dash-1 was so loud on the phone the eight guys that were briefing at that moment could hear him. Dash-2's excited was a bit more underwhelming but that goes with the age.

Who knows how long they'll find this exciting. I hope for a while. I'm enjoying it as much as they are.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Extremely handy hint

I've been meaning to post this hint for a couple days now. Don't you hate it when you get some butter (or Smart Balance in this house) or some other type of grease stain on a shirt and its there for life?

Well no more.

Rub a little bit of plain old shampoo on the stain and then run them thru the wash like normal. Simple as that. And let me tell you my very cute, very comfy, brand new under armour shorts are good as new.

I always have some plain old el cheapo clarifying shampoo (1.97 for the Suave stuff) aruond and that's what I used. I'd be a little nervous about using some of the fancier stuff with more things added. And I'm not sure how great this hint would be on expensive fabrics. Please dont try on silk then come looking for me!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

How do you frost THAT cake?

I'm having a hard time making up my mind when it comes to election '08. Let me clarify, I have no doubts who I'll be voting for but I'm having a hell of a time picking out what sticker to get for my car. Not to get all political here but I'm a solid red stater who will stand behind who my party is nominating because I happen to think he is hands down the better man for the job.

So anyways that aside I'm on the McCain site and he's got some great stickers (this is not why I'm voting for him its just a bonus). Trying to find a sticker that flyboy wont poo poo me for, apparently the pink Moms for McCain sticker would not be appreciated, while I'm surfing around online I hear something on the tv that makes me almost drop the laptop.

I had Bridezilla's on in the background. I know I know good wholesome, educational tv right? Well the kids were in bed and it was mommy time. Meanwhile they had a very classy (insert sarcasm here) bride who wanted to have a grooms cake made into a... umm... lets see how to put this delicately, a lower part of the female anatomy. A vajay-jay as The Soup would call it.

WHAT?! Are. You. Serious.

The baker looked like she wanted to die, the brides sister looked like she wanted to crawl into a hole. And the bride didn't give up easily. She actually kept digging the hole further and asked for, ahem, lets just say tactile effects for accuracy. Thankfully at that point the sister really put her foot down and the baker held firm that she wouldn't do such a cake.

Really though, who thinks that a cake like that would be funny in the same room as your in laws, your grandparents, and CHILDREN? Perhaps I'm just really fuddy duddy. We didn't do a grooms cake, our wedding was pretty small, but had we I would have thought about getting something simple with maybe the Marine emblem on it. Not part of my anatomy that should be, and is, covered at ALL times.

Hey I suppose variety is the spice of life and it takes all sorts to make the world go round. I just kept picturing my minister or flyboy's grandmother sitting right next to a cake like that. Oh could you imagine?

I wonder if she'll ever get her vajay-jay cake... maybe there going to do that instead of the traditional top of the cake for their first anniversary.

where's the third?

Not here that much I can tell you.

It seems that everyone I know is expecting their third child. I just got an email this morning that my cousin is expecting her third in March. Really I couldn't be happier for them all. Really. Its just that my two run circles around me.

I feel like a bit of a crappola mom because while I would LOVE more, I'm just not sure how I would manage right now... money, sanity, space in the car, my developing svelte figure, ok so the last was a bit of a stretch, but the rest are legit concerns.

Ultimately right now just isn't the time for us. But I am tired of my friends who's husbands are always around and who live near family making it seem like adding to our family is just as simple as simple can be and why don't we just start popping more out.

Note to self I should probably stop bugging bitter betty about when she's going to be having kids. Hmmm... I'll have to think about that one!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Who not to share your bed with

Hmmm. Not much to say tonight. Rough night last night. I rolled over at 2:30 to find little dash-2 standing there whispering, "Mama mama mama". It was adorable and mildly heart stopping at the same time!

Every time I would take him back to bed he would shuffle back out and find his way back to my bed. He's never been clingy until the past few days, now I literally find myself tripping over him. Around the third time I just gave up and let him crawl into bed with us. How is it that such a small little thing can take up SO much of the bed? There I was clinging to the side of the bed while he laid diagonally across the sheets. And he apparently does this arm flailing thing while he sleeps so he kept hitting me in the head.

So cute but tough to sleep with. I am hoping, really really hoping that he sleeps soundly in his OWN bed tonight.

And I'm remembering what the woman the other day told me.... these will be the best years of my life.