Thursday, January 31, 2008

we made it

We are back on our home turf. Well, back from our original home turf to the place that the Marine Corps told us would be our home turf. It was nice to have an adventure as a family. Poor flyboy hadnt a clue what he was in for. The last time we took a vacation together, Dash-2 was yet to be and Dash-1 was much quieter and not so active. All in all the driving went well. Dash-1 has a new nickname, "Itty bitty bladder boy". Its amazing he stops almost every 40 mins, to the second. And somewhere along the way flyboy taught him how to pee outside so now when he has to go to the bathroom he will beg to pee in the trees. Even in a store. This is a bit akward. Though I must say, a proud mom moment (all you moms out there will know what I mean) only 3 1/2 weeks since the day we started potty training and he went 14 hrs in the car without so much of a drop in his pull up!

It was nice and strange to spend that much time together. We had been debating over the past few months about maybe saying adios to Marine Corps life and as Flyboy puts it "punching out" but it looks like that isnt in the cards. Ah how things change. Rather over the past few days we have been talking about the very strong possibility of an upcoming deployment. Down to the whole will, life insurance, what to do in case of discussion. It was nice to actually get five minutes face to face to get to talk about these things. I wasnt really banking on getting out. He says it but he's a Marine thru and thru. I dont know if he'll ever be able to walk away. This trip has brought some clarity for the two of us. That and we got to see every rest stop between here and exit 36 in Georgia. And you know what.... there were not enough! Thank goodness for the little potty in the back of the car, poor little itty bitty bladder boy wouldnt have made it.

It's been a long, busy week. I'm more tired after the trip then before the trip. I need a vacation from my vacation.

Friday, January 25, 2008

makes it all worth it

16 hours in the car

43 potty stops

17 "are we in Georgia yet?"

LOTS of money in gas

walking with daddy.... worth it all

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Let the travels begin!

Our journey begins today. Flyboy signs out on leave at noon and then we are off and headed south. I'm excited to actually get to take a family trip as a family. Its not just the boys and I off on a little adventure, its all of us. We are heading down to Georgia for a little extended family get together and then probably spend a few days in Maryland relaxing. I for once will not be at a family function where everyone is asking where flyboy is and what is he off doing. We always have so much fun together, especially on long car rides, we are able to just enjoy each others company and talk for hours, I'm just giddy.

So if I'm not around in the next few days, that's why. We are off as a family heading down 95 south, exploring, having fun, stopping at EVERY chick-fil-a we see (we don't have them this far north, which in my mind is just not right). Oh and stopping every 20 minutes so our new potty trained big boy can use the little potty in the back of the car. So if your also headed down 95 and see a SUV on the shoulder of the road with a little boy in the trunk and two adults standing around waiting. Honk. Its probably us!

See y'all later!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Mommy musings

What is happening to my little ones? I've been noticing lately that something is happening around here.

Dash-1 climbed into the chair on his own. Scary and impressive at the same time. He found the book he wanted and dragged it over to his big brother to "read" it to him.Reading is such a big thing in our house. I've read to them since they were itty bitty. Some of the most prized baby gifts we have gotten have been books. Dash-2 seems to be especially smitten with books.

My two sweet boys. They are still little (waking up at 2 am keeps reminding me of that!) but it does seem like the time is flying. I saw a quote once about motherhood, "The days seem slow but the years fly by". Boy oh boy does that seem very true. Some days you just don't think your sanity will hold up, but it does. These days go by so quickly, they go from little newborn blobs, to rolling around, to crawling, to walking and running in no time. Dash-1 is now potty trained (more on that later) and I just reserved his spot for nursery school next year. Dash-2 is getting more stable on his own two feet.

I'm still at the beginning of it all.Something tells me I'm going to still be shaking my head in 18 years wondering what happened to my babies. My goal for motherhood, besides raising responsible, respectful young men, is to appreciate the fleeting moments. To not just hear the "I love you's" but to acknowledge them; to not just get a kiss, but to feel the kiss; to not just raise my children, but know my children.

Life has a way of testing. To take us right to that point, to make us wonder if its possible to maintain. But it also has a way of rewarding us. You just have to find the reward in everyday things.

Hmm... this post kinda start in a different direction and now I've ended up here. And how about that... right as nap time is over. Talk about timing.

Monday, January 21, 2008

A simple question

Do Raspberry newtons count as a fruit?

They should. But just to make sure I'm getting the most of the fruity goodness, I'll probably need to eat a fair amount. I think I'm up for the challenge tonight.

*Update* Sigh. Someone beat me to them. I was only left three newtons, which probably was a sign from above that I only needed that many. I dont know if I ate enough to get to count them as fruit. Damn.

Mystical Magical Good Luck Tike

Apparently Dash-1 is the Giants good luck charm. I'm not sure if they are aware of this or if this could get us some free tickets but Flyboy will swear up and down that he is. I had a small laundry mishap with his little jersey. It melted in the dryer and the N go all smeared up. It looked fine enough to me but when Flyboy saw it he FREAKED out and after that Dash-1 wouldn't wear it. I tried just putting a sticker over it, it was good enough for him but not for Flyboy. The Giants would know. They wouldn't play right. Are you kidding me?! So we ran around looking for a small enough jersey for him. I found one at the last store, isn't that always how it is, he approved and just had to put it on right away.

He watched a little of the game but alas even a good luck charm has to go to bed. Here's the kicker (pardon the pun) when the Giants went into overtime, Flyboy was so desperate, he went upstairs got Dash-1 out of bed and brought him down to watch the game. So my sweet little boy sat there, drifting in and out of sleep in my lap with his jersey draped over him. And sure enough, the Giants won.

Flyboy looked at me and said, "You know what this means? He has to stay up for the whole Super Bowl."

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Thank you

Thanks everyone for the kind words. I started blogging to get the thoughts out of my head and I have found a little community. Some are military spouses, some are moms, some are neither, and I'm sure there is a lurker or two out there! I appreciate people taking the time out of their busy day to drop a line. I am feeling like a less crappy mom, the mood has passed for now but something tells me I'll have my moments again before they are 18! Motherhood really should come with a handbook, so should being a military wife, actually life should just have an all encompassing one! If only....

Dash-1 is back to himself, Dash-2 actually slept thru the night last night for the first time in weeks, and I have a cough and a runny nose and then hopefully sickness will leave our house for at least a little bit... it is after all winter in the Northeast, I'm a realist.

Flyboy is back... for now. There really is no easy life when it comes to them being gone. They can go for a long time, or they can come and go like the changing wind. Hmpf. Just have to try to make either one work. As soon as we figure it out I'll share our secret. Any day now.... For now I am off to figure out how two little ones equal five loads of laundry. I think the fountain of youth maybe easier to solve then that equation!

Hope everyone enjoys the long weekend!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Crappy mom moment

Its one of those days. Well in all honesty its been one of those weeks. Everyone has been sick here (well except flyboy he's sick somewhere else!). Dash-1 has a cough left, Dash-2's congestion is getting better but he's probably a few days behind Dash-1, and I am days behind both of them. Mama is not happy.

My head hurts, my teeth hurt, everything is stuffed, I sound like I've been a life long smoker (I have never even had a cigarette just to clarify). No one is sleeping thru the night. For some reason Dash-1 is now afraid of the dark, he has a giant light up moon in his room as a nightlight but this doesn't seem to be stopping him from waking up two times a night freaking out because it's dark. Dash-2 just isn't sleeping, or rather he will sleep for a few hours and then be awake for an hour or so, and repeat this till its time to wake up. And really I cant fault either one of them, both of them have been pretty sick and their poor little bodies are just out of wack. But it doesn't make it any easier to handle when I'm also sick and tired.

And the days aren't much better then the nights. Dash-2 is just stuffy and clingy, rightly so and Dash-1 has a short fuse these days. It is very hard in situations like this to do it all. I feel guilty. Guilty for not being able to give Dash-1 more attention, since I'm suspecting that's why he's acting the way he is. Guilty for being short with the kids. Guilty for not cleaning the house up so that flyboy wont feel like he has to whenever he comes home. Guilty for feeling like I just want to go shove my head in a snow pile. Guilty for not being a better mom.

I will say, God must be smiling down on me, they are both up in their rooms for nap time right now. I'm debating whether I go tidy up or just suck down some Motrin and lay on the couch.

I'm at a point of frustration. Sigh. I wish I knew what I was doing sometimes.

postitive after thought: Dash-1 and I did get a box to send over to the sandbox for our Soldier's Angels Angels Baker. I think Dash-1 might be the littlest angel baker : )

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Another funny memory

I was reading a great blog tonight, Under the Sea, which is one of my daily reads and chuckled when I saw her post on allergy labels. Last May after several nasty reactions Dash-1 was diagnosed with a severe peanut and egg allergy. Thankfully Flyboy was home for all the allergy testing. Mind you this taking place at the Army Hospital that we are forced, I mean that we are lucky enough to go to. I have say the allergist was a visiting one who comes up every three months from Walter Reed and was wonderful, but doctors, especially military ones don't always have the best sense of humor.

So anyways, she tells us that Dash-1 is severely allergic to peanuts. Right after she says this Flyboy looks at her with a dead serious face and tone and says "So that rules out the visit to the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Peanut Farm this summer?"

That was the last visit for allergies he has attended.

You never know where that toothbrush has been

I heard the tell tale splish splash today. I ran into the bathroom but I was too late, Dash-2 was elbow deep splashing both arms around in the toilet bowl. Although a side note just for this reason we probably have the cleanest toilet bowls around but still it freaks me out. I immediately disinfected him, while doing so I couldn't but be thankful he didn't have my toothbrush in his hands.

Flashback a little less then 2 years ago, I hear the splish splashing and walk into the bathroom to see Dash-1 playing in the toilet bowl. What makes this my favorite story is that he slowly turns around and I see that he has Flyboy's toothbrush in his hand, still in the toilet bowl. I was so shocked by this that I didn't move and didn't say anything, he just slowly reaches up and places the toothbrush back on the counter top (where up to that point we had been keeping them, we were still newbies). After I got Dash-1 cleaned up we promptly went to Target to get new toothbrushes and started storing them in the top shelf of the cabinet where they all reside today.

The scariest (or funniest depending on how you look at it) part was how he put it back right in its exact location, I just like to tell myself that that was the first time that he had done that.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A valentine for daddy....

Yesterday we crafted some valentines day hearts while Dash-2 was napping (best to do these things during nap time after the great "Christmas paint eating fiasco of 2007"). Dash-1 and I cut out hearts and then ripped tissue paper and glued it on. Quite a scene. What was I thinking? They turned out very nice and he seemed to have fun, good thing, we have half a dozen more to do! He put on so much glue it took a solid 24 hours to dry. Well once I gave him the go ahead to touch them he started carrying it around the house. Its been everywhere with him today. He's shown everyone at Target, Old Navy, the gas station, its a well traveled heart and its holding up well. Then he got another idea in his head, he wanted to give it to daddy. Its a "valentines for my daddy" as he said. I explained that daddy was flying and would be home in a few more days. This set him off. He wants to give it to him now.

I don't know if its his age or if he's realizing more and more that daddy is home and then not home, or if I'm just really not interesting enough, but he seems very frustrated lately when Flyboy isn't around. He would not let go of giving Flyboy a valentine's heart. He said he could put it on an airplane, perspective kid, but not so much an option. Just a few days and he can give Flyboy his heart.

And like a good daddy, Flyboy knows how to give the appropriate reaction!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Did you have an ATM at your wedding?

All right I was switching channels after the Giants game ended. By the way, Giants won!! Flyboy missed the game, off somewhere doing something. He made me swear that I would have Dash-1 wear his jersey all day, since the last three times he has worn it they have won. Mystical powers that little tyke has. And whats even funnier is that Flyboy was dead serious that he thought Dash-1 should wear his jersey all day. I obliged, really what difference does it make to me and if it matters that much so be it. But I did draw the line at putting it over his pj's. On with my original point...

When the game was over I was switching around and stopped on some show that follows people as they plan their wedding. They give a budget to the planner, that's kept secret and then at the end reveal how much everything cost. There are a ton of wedding shows out there and I do watch a good many of them (a perk of having a husband who's never in town!) but sometimes it just seems like its too much.

I get that its their money and hey, spend it like you want, but all that money on one day? Some of these folks were spending more money then we make in a year.... and they weren't exactly high rollers. (Gotta love these shows where they tell you where the money is coming from, makes it easier to be catty about it!) I mean if you have to take a second mortgage on your house to finance your wedding is it really a wise decision to have a 3k cake, or a giant ice sculpture of the bride and groom?

Maybe I'm biased, Flyboy and I had a very simple (i.e. cheap) wedding. We were married around Christmas in the small church that I had grown up in, we had a simple (again read cheap) lunch reception in the church hall. We saved on certain things, doing the invites from the print at home packs (you couldn't even tell), we kept the guest list down, I made all the favors. Sure maybe I would have spent a little more here or there but I don't know if I could even spend 40 or 50 k on a single day. And lord knows nothing against anyone out there who did.

For us the focus was less on the day and what we were really there for. The two of us were coming together, standing before God, our family, and our friends and pledging our lives to each other. Not having an ATM machine in the reception area so that guest could add money to their cards in case they didn't post enough. That's what the couple in the show I was just watching wanted. They actually wanted and RENTED an ATM so that their guest could add money. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Not that I know what is going through their mind but it would seem that if you are renting an ATM for your reception, the focus may have slipped along the way.

But that's just my humble opinion.

Whites, darks, and marine green

I was sorting laundry today with the help of Dash-1 and 2. Of course by help I mean that they would fling dirty clothes at each other and then run or crawl away laughing. I suppose there are worse things besides Flyboys stinky boot socks that they could be playing with. We had three baskets in front of us, one for whites, one for dark stuff and then a growing pile of green shirts, socks, flight suits, you name it. Dash-1 looks at the green pile, then at me and says, "Wow that's a lot of green."

Yes dear, it is a lot of green.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Germs be gone!

I'm contemplating getting the boys fitted for individual bubbles. Last month we finally got rid of a nasty nasty cold and Dash-2 got over his ear infection. Well now an even nastier cold has taken up residence in our home and now Dash-1 has a nasty ear infection. I do have to say that this is the first time he's ever warranted being on antibiotics so he's had a great run. We have been at the Army hospital so much lately everyone there knows us. So far we have been in once a week for the past three weeks. Flyboy is starting to think I have a thing for the pediatrician. I'm really holding out that we can go a whole four weeks until Dash-1's well kid three year apt next month. That's probably wishful thinking! But I'm going to hold on to that dream.

My mother told me this is how it is with two kids, they just keep passing back the germs, back and forth. This would be the one thing Dash-1 would share wouldn't it!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

the time has come...

for the talk. Not the sex talk, my oldest is only turning three next month. But it was time for the talk about flyboy. He was flying yesterday and Dash-1 was pouting around the house, hanging on the door, pressing his face up against the window. I tried my darnedest to find something fun to do. We did a little finger painting, played with some water in the sink, helped me unload the dishwasher (at three that is VERY exciting). I told him that the big guy was working, he knows that that for his daddy that means flying, and he would be home tomorrow. Then it happened. Those words I knew where coming I was just hoping they would wait a while.

"Why daddy always be gone?"

Like a knife in my heart. Ok maybe I'm overreacting, flyboy would be home the next day. It wasn't any big trip, but at three I suppose its a lot to understand sometimes.

So while I was getting their dinner ready I put him up on the counter with me and we had a talk about flyboy being gone so much. I tried to explain that some daddies go to offices, some work at home (like Grandpa always helpful when you have a reference point), and some daddies fly and drive tanks. I told him that lots of daddies and mommies are Marines and they don't always get to be home with their kids but they still love them and want nothing more to be home but they have to go help others. He kinda just gave me the eye at this point. Then he asked if he could have a juice box. I suppose I either answered his question or he was bored with me.

I'm looking at this as a military wife rite of passage. Lord by the time the sex talk rolls around maybe I'll be ready for it. Or hopefully flyboy will be home for it!

Not always what they appear....

I saw this pic on another great blog, Cool, Calm and Collected and loved it! I goggled it to see if I could find more about it... i.e. if it really was as funny as it was or if the guy just had a twitch or something. Well it is indeed true. Turns out the soldier is giving the coercion sign. Gotta love that. You can read the whole explanation of it here.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

go big blue!

That's what Flyboy has taught Dash-1 to run around the house screaming. Seeing as though Dash-2 isn't speaking Flyboy taught him just to stick his arms up like a field goal. I even got Dash-1 a little jersey for this season, I couldn't find one small enough for Dash-2 so he's going to have to wait until next fall. This house is officially Giants territory.

I never really had much interest in football, but a strange thing is starting to happen around here.... I'm starting to care. Yikes. Whats going on around here? I find myself actually paying attention to the game and *gasp* checking out the commentary on to see whats in store for the upcoming game. Really folks. This isn't like me. If the words special team and point spread come out of my mouth in the next few weeks I think Flyboy might have a heart attack.

Sorry to all you cowboy fans out there, my team is going to kick your teams ass next week. See thats something I would never say before... really whats gotten into me?


Sunday, January 6, 2008

Life without kids...

is boring. Very boring.

The weekend has been nice and its been peaceful. But honestly without potty talk, finger painting on the kitchen floor, food being flung at dinner time, life is pretty mundane.

Maybe we have just forgotten how to "be" without kids. Man oh man, what was life like back then?

Friday, January 4, 2008

All quiet on the homefront....TOO quiet!

Its too quiet around here. The boys are at Grandma and Grandpa's house down in MD getting spoiled and showed off. They are on a toddler version of spring break! Flyboy is in town so we are actually getting some quiet time together, for the first time in months and months.

But I don't know what to do with myself. I realized when I was out running a few errands alone yesterday that when I have Dash-1 and 2 with me there is always a running commentary going on. And now without them I am just silently going about my day. Don't get me wrong, its not all bad. I can actually hear myself think. Of course I dont so much think anymore as I do hum theme songs from Diego or Sesame Street, but if I wanted to have an inner debate on foreign policy or domestic issues now is the time.

I find myself calling my mother several times a day to get an update report. Checking in on potty training (which is going AWESOME! Dash-1 has had NOT ONE accident today!), making sure Dash-1 is getting all his medicines, checking the status of Dash-2 and walking, talking to them on the phone, getting phone kisses and imaginary hugs. They have been gone just over 24 hours and I think I'm driving my mother crazy.

I'll have my babies back in a few days and I'll be well rested. sigh. I miss my babies. But then again I do have a very exciting weekend planned, we are going to deep clean the area rugs, organize the pantry, clean out the car, and perhaps find some time for a few other things. (wink wink)

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Years

I've been thinking about this past year and the year to come over the next few days. This past year was all in all a good one for us. Flyboy was gone for most of it, missed a lot of Dash-2's first, missed some family fun, but he was home for some of it and thats more then some can say. While we had some medical bumps with Dash-1, as we end the year everyone is healthy and happy, again more then some can say and something for which I am so very thankful.

Of course another part of the new years is the pesky resolutions. What needs to change.

I'm relatively happy with my body. Sure I'd like to tone up a little and lose those last *cough* five pounds but after having given life twice from these hips, I'm no longer obsessed about it, rather I'm proud of it. I'd like to eat a little healthier this year more for my own well being so that I can set a good example but other then that that sums up the body type resolutions.

I really feel like I need to find some way to deal with stress. I need to learn to ask for help. I need to stop thinking that when flyboy is away I can do it all, on my own. I cant always be mom and dad, plumber, electrician, accountant, automotive tech, etc. Well I can try to be all these, but sometimes I need to keep some sanity and learn what can wait. I am also thinking about ways to take out the stresses that I can. I have to pay bills, take care of the kids every day (those with kids know that while you love them every minute it can be stressful!), there are simply things that HAVE to get done. But I dont have to go to the commissary or walmart on pay day. I don't need to hang out with negative people, we all have those people who are negative about everything, all the time.

I also need to learn to let things go. I suppose that works in with the whole stress thing. I have the keen ability to hold a grudge longer then many think possible. I must change this. No if ands or buts about it. I'm not sure how. I've tried yoga that drove me nuts. I think I just need to will myself to do it. If anyone has any tips on this I'm open to them. I'm hoping that if I learn to let things go then I can reduce my stress.

I am going into 2008 with wonder and hope as to what is in store for us all. I hope that we are continued to be blessed with health and happiness; that flyboy is safe and that the time he is away from us never seems as long as it may be. My hope for all of you and your families is much the same.

Have a blessed 2008 everyone!