Sunday, November 2, 2008

What is it?

I wish I had photos of my little ones in their costumes. But sadly as of yet I do not. Dash-1 was an astronaut with a snazzy orange flight suit and Dash-2 was a dinosaur. Both costumes made by grandma not me. I have never pretended to have any sewing skills. I come up with the ideas she makes it happen. And she loves it.

Any who flyboy was responsible for getting the pictures while I got everything else together to leave for trick or treating. I asked in passing if he got any cute pictures and he laughed and said I would find the one of Dash-1 standing with his trick or treat bag over his head hilarious. Don't worry it was a cloth bag and why he found it funny I don't know.

so that's it.

That's the shot my husband got. This is why he cant be in charge of the Christmas photo.

I'm going to dress them up sometime this week and make them stand on the porch with the pumpkins.... who will know the difference.

I do have a picture for you all. We got a new animal around here and I'm curious to see if y'all can figure out what it is. Its a tough one. I should send something to the winner.... but what?

Anyone want a toddler?


  1. As a corn-fed Iowa girl, I must recuse myself from this contest. Besides, as adorable as your Dashes sound, being the new owner of a toddler could very well destroy my last shred of sanity. :-)

  2. I don't want a toddler. I shan't enter your "contest."

    Nice cow though. It's a cow, right?


  3. In the words of my little brother:


  4. If you ever meet me, remind me to do my cow impression for you. It's pretty damn good. I think it might amuse a toddler for, oh, about 20 seconds.

  5. My toddler is keeping me busy, so I don't need another... and is it a steer?

  6. Yeah, you can keep the toddler; I have enough of those hanging around my house! I'm gonna go with some kind of cattle. Yep, I'm all about originality.

  7. As a rancher's daughter...I'll have to remain silent on this one.

    Send your boys on over! Yes, I did say boys, as in plural, not boy, as in one.

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  9. It looks an awful lot like me this morning.

    Re toddlers--what's one more, but I get to send you one pre-pubescent girl who thinks that she is 21. God help me.


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