Monday, February 25, 2008

EZ Pass, DOD decals and prostates

Yesterday I headed over to the other side of the river (yes that actually how people refer to the other side around here) and I went to zip thru the EZ Pass lane to pay my toll. What do I get behind but a moron who is stuck in the lane without an EZ Pass.

This wouldn't be such a sore spot with me if a. the lanes weren't so CLEARLY labeled b. if there weren't gates that block you from just speeding thru and getting a ticket in the mail and c. if there were someone in the booth to help you out.

EZ Pass lanes up here don't have an attendant in the booth so if you go thru the lane and don't have a pass you hold it up for everyone. Someone has to walk thru the other lanes to come over to explain the system with you. But what I don't get is that if I were driving up to the toll booth and saw the EZ Pass ONLY sign and didn't know what it was I most certainly wouldn't get in the line for it. I would assume if I don't know what it is that I shouldn't get in that lane.

This bugs me so much because the same thing happens when I journey onto the bigger post where our commissary is. Its a small but rather popular post that gets a lot of nonmilitary visitors (i.e think parents), when you pull up to one of the gates it has two clearly marked lanes, one for DOD decal with DOD ID and one for all others.

It seems that every time I go on post I get behind someone in the lane who doesn't have either and therefore is holding up everyone else. I like to think that a little perk of my husband risking life and limb for our country is that I could at least drive to the grocery store without having to wait for someone in the wrong lane get directions to the most obscure building on post. Sounds rather bitchy doesn't it? Well maybe it is but again where is the common sense.

"Hey Joe, what do you think a DOD Decal and ID are?"

"I don't know Jane but what do you say we get in that lane and find out?"

THAT MAKES NO SENSE! Get in the lane for ALL OTHERS!!! If you don't know what they are then you PROBABLY don't have them!

I don't know what a prostate does. Do you know why I don't know.... because I don't have one.


  1. Those things would irritate me too! Sadly, you don't have to have a brain to have a driver's license. ;)

  2. That would be terribly annoying. Your last comment made me chuckle. You are too funny!!

  3. leanne,

    your post title caught my attention.

    i work on base, so i hate it when i get stuck in line at the gate because of stupid unnecessary delays, too. i especially do not like it when i could have been on time or early to work, but no, the delay made me LATE!! feel for ya girl.

    hey, loving the emails you are writing me this week. you are deep. i love deep people. i can relate.

    and you made me giggle my first giggle today at your last comment about prostate. thank you for that because you know i need and want some smiles and giggles right now especially.

    hope the dash 1 loved his pancake time with you this morning.

    loving how you are emailing me, thanks, you rock, you kindhearted soul, kathleen

  4. ARGH! I feel your pain!! I hate people without EZ Pass who get in the lane with us!!! We got stuck behind some guy from Ontario in that EZ Pass ONLY lane on the way to cross the Del. Mem. Bridge the sunday after a holiday on the way back here. It took us two hours just to get NEAR the toll booths, and the whole time, I'm staring at the guy's Canadian plates thinking, "this guy can't possibly have a pass." Sure enough, we got stuck another half hour waiting for him to try and merge over to the cash lanes when it was his turn to go.... GRR.

  5. lol, you make me laugh!

    And you reminded me I need to get an EZ pass :)

  6. Oy...that is dreadful. I hate stupid people!

    I saw your comment on my blog, please feel free to add me to your blogroll! :)

  7. loved the prostate comment! he he


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