Friday, October 17, 2008

A real Maverick

Flyboy came home with something yesterday quite excited. I wondered what his problem was.

And then I saw it.
The jacket. A leather bomber with the big fur collar.

I used to think bomber jackets were just a hollywood thing. Oh no folks. They are real. Very real. And my husband loves his.

He got his standard issue at Pensacola, do you have any idea what those suckers run if you just order one? Yikes. No Tom Cruise complex is worth that. Especially since he's gone a little nuts.

His first jacket had finally seen better days. It looked like it had been dragged behind his airplane so with much angst he turned it in to get a new one. I guess sometimes it can be touch and go whether they give you another leather one or just tell you to make do with the gortex one.

Which by the way I think is far sexier but alas my opinion doesn't count for much on these matters apparently.

It was hilarious last night though, he swaggered in the room with the jacket on, with his flight suit collar standing up and the zipper a bit further down. And then it hit me. The perfect Halloween costume.

My husband could be Maverick for Halloween.

And by Maverick I am referring to Tom Cruise's character in Top Gun not John McCain.

Really it would be fantastic and so easy to do. He already has the jacket, tons of white undershirts, the big aviator sunglasses (which again he thinks are great... me not so much), and I do believe that somewhere in the deep abyss of his wardrobe are faded jeans.

And I offered blasting Danger Zone on the Ipod with speakers as we go trick or treating.

He doesn't seem to be taking the bait on this. Such a great plan and it looks like its not going to happen. Sigh.

There is always next year to try. And the year after... and the year after that.


  1. What a cool jacket! And, absolutely the perfect Halloween costume. Get the kids in on asking him - how can he possibly resist them?? :)

  2. My bro is still obsessed with his bomber jacket from when he was in the Navy like 20 years ago.

    I am under the distinct impression he enlisted specifically because he had a man-crush on Tom Cruise after watching Top Gun too many times. It is our dark family secret. :-p

    I for one am totally in favor of the Halloween idea, but only if the iPod with portable speakers is included.

    PS - Another random item. When LT was on the MEU, after months of floating around he and the other LT's started planning elaborate re-enactments of scenes from Top Gun. He's a dork. :-D

  3. pretty sure i am now going to be singing danger zone all day long.

    and picturing you and the hubby on a motorcycle :)

  4. Wow! if I lived closer I'd offer up baby sitting services so you could dress up too, you could be the girl in the Top Gun movie. lol

    Tell him wear this one and not to drag it behind the plane. lol

  5. You could tell him his only other option is Tom Cruise in Risky Business... At least as Maverick he'd get to wear pants!

  6. Your costume idea is probably more ego-boosting than the one I've tried to sell Stretch for the past 10 years. With our height difference, I think we'd be hilarious as Sonny & Cher (with Stretch as Cher). But he's having none of it. Party pooper.

  7. what a great idea! my hubby has a jacket just like it- maybe i can get him to dress up as maverick!

  8. Oh...I just love Top Gun...

    I can't write anything else. I'm lost in the 80s...


  9. Oooooh...I love that idea :) Too bad he won't go for it.

    Now I'm gonna have to watch Top Gun tonight..."It's just a walk in the park, Kazanski." I have no idea where that came from.

    "Hey, Goose, you big stud!!!"

    Okay...I'll stop now, I promise.

  10. Holy crap! Pensacola is my neck of the woods. What was he doing down here?

    (Bet I know where he got it, too!)


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