Saturday, December 8, 2007

Yet again....

I feel like I should out a disclaimer on this post. Blogger is pissy.

Hubby, who shall hence forth be known as flyboy, just called to say that there is no salvaging this weekend. It's looking like weds/thurs at the earliest before he's home. Again I know he could be deployed for months on end, but he was just away for months on end and this was supposed to be a slow month. From Feb. till now we are knocking on the door of eight months apart (he was kind enough to figure it out last night. a tad depressing) I was really hoping this trip would go smoothly and he would be home when he first told me he would. We had big plans for this weekend. The reinforcements (my parents) were coming up and we were going to spend some very much needed one on one time. We were going to go down to the city and be obnoxious tourist together, get some last minute xmas shopping done, eat dinner out without little ones. All while the kiddies were in the competent hands of their adoring grandparents. Not that we cant try to do these things later. Try being the optimum word!

So today I have some free time to myself. My mother came by to take the little ones swimming at the hotel pool. Dash-1 is so excited to get to go swimming when there is snow on the ground! Its the reason they stayed at a hotel, well that and they thought flyboy would be here and they wanted to give us our privacy. But anyways, the house is empty. The house is NEVER empty. At least not when I'm still here! I have to admit I don't know what to do with myself. I have wrapped some gifts, folded some laundry, watched some tv that isn't animated or doesn't have singing characters. I even ran to the post office sans kids. It was so odd. So strange to just get in and out of the car without my posse in tow. We live just outside a quaint little village and flyboy and I have yet to really explore it. It's mostly antique stores and little cafes, not really the thing do check out with little ones with little hands, every time my parents come up we say we want to go get some coffee and walk around. And every time, he's a no show, off flying somewhere. So I did it by myself. Checked out the shops and got a little lunch at the deli, I just sat in the quiet and read my book. In a little bit I'm off for a pedicure. I might pee myself with excitement.

So I started the post pissy, I wouldn't say I'm pissy anymore. A little disappointed but this is the life we lead. We always come first in his heart, I never question that, we just cant always be together.

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