Friday, December 21, 2007

Sad but yet Feel Good News

I saw this story on Foxnews and I started to tear up. Now I'm a sap but you'd have to be cold hearted not to be touched by this. I can only imagine how much this must mean to the family of the fallen Marine.

Proof positive that the Marine Corps really does have a heart. And althought it may not always seem like, really does take care of their own, be it family or four legged friend.,2933,317830,00.html


  1. Wow, what a touching story. Made me tear up...

  2. You must read the book "House To House: An Epic Memoir of War" by SSG David Bellavia. This book about the war in Iraq is riveting. I couldn't put it down. It's better than Blackhawk Down. It's funny how I have not seen or heard a word about it on mainstream media. Bellavia really gives you a look at what our troops are sacrificing for us. If you haven't already...get it. and tell everyone you know about it. This kid is nominated for the medal of honor....and deserves to be heard! I bought my copy on amazon, but I've seen it at Barnes & Noble.


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