Friday, December 28, 2007

Bargain Basement Cammies

Flyboy left for work early this morning looking smashingly sexy in his new cammies. I felt like a mommy sending her kid off to school looking all fresh at the beginning of the year, I wanted to take a picture but he told me to stick the camera somewhere if you catch my drift. Its not like I haven't seen him in cammies before. I've seen him in the old ones, the new ones, the desert ones, you pick the style we have them. But while he was away over the summer and fall he lost so much weight that his digitals were HUGE on him. I mean they looked ridiculous on him. They just hung all boxy making his high and tight head look itty bitty. So he asked me to get him some new ones. I looked at the price and thought I was going to have a heart attack. Seriously those things are not exactly chump change, but then again I redefine cheap.

Well I couldn't find them up here, our seven day store on "base" is tiny and has nothing. Really I have seen 7 Eleven's bigger then this place. And our commissary and exchange are on an Army base so no luck there with uniforms. Now I realize that you can order then online, I had tried this over and over but he needed a really common size so they were perpetually back ordered. My other solution turned out to be brilliant. My aunt and uncle (a retired Marine) live in SC right outside Parris Island Recruit Depot. While flyboy was away I had already planned to go visit my aunt so I figured I would make a whole laundry list of uniform things I needed, cammies being at the top of the list.

I still couldn't find his size. Too common. But the lady in the store told me about re-sales. This is where they resell cammies from guys who, for whatever reason, left boot camp. Most had never even worn their uniforms, they still had the creases in them. Let me tell you the price. EIGHT DOLLARS! Eight dollar blouse and Eight dollar pants. CAN YOU BEAT THAT?! Now I am kicking myself because I only bought one pair because I wasn't sure what flyboy would say about resale uniforms. To my relief he thinks its a great thing and we are probably going to make a pit stop at PI in Jan to pick up some more.

If there are any Marine wives who read this post and you are down near Parris Island (or I'm sure they have a similar thing at the Recruit Depot in SD) you should definitely ask about this. Its in the regular uniform shop next to the "new" uniforms. Very much worth the extra time to sift thru them. But then again like I said, I redefine cheap.

I'm sure this seems like an odd post. I just had to share my cammie joy with others. These cammies have become my baby. I left them at the cleaners to get name tapes put on and when they messed up I found myself getting very protective of them. Flyboy tells me I need to let go. He also keeps telling me that under no circumstance is he going to pose with a sign saying "All these cost me were 19 bucks" so I could scrap book it.


  1. Thanks for commenting on my journal. :) I heard good reviews so I picked it up at the library and it was a great read!

  2. I say take the picture and photoshop the sign into it:) But I'm just naughty that way!

  3. Nice find! I am not a military wife, so I'm not up with the "lingo", so when I first read this post, I though, "Wow, her husband wears cammies?" (Like the lacy undershirts). Then I got a good chuckle out of my mistake! :)

    Thanks for your sweet comment. Do you mind if I add you to my sidebar?

  4. that's awesome!!! We have to order everything online because DH is too tall and we're at an Army base. It sooo isn't worth the gas to drive all the way to one of the Navy places....

  5. That's a great story... I'd be totally protective too. I've become super cheap ever since I became a mili wife. If I was still married to the ex , who was Marine, I'd totally take advantage. Thanx for the comment and introducing me to your blog.

  6. like ann m., we need super tall ones for Stretch. Did you happen to notice any while bargain shopping? I'm sure I could fit in a side trip to P.I. during our move to FL this summer!

  7. Brilliant! Brilliant I say!

    We had to buy the new AF digital camos just before Christmas. Apparently the 6 pairs of Army ones just wouldn't cut it. I did NOT realize how stinkin' expensive those things were. ouch! Wish I could have found some resales...

  8. MW- if I do make it to PI on our journey to GA I'll look for super talls for you. Its the thrill of the chase ; )


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