Sunday, December 16, 2007

A first in our house...

Our first ear infection.

Dash-1 (knock on wood) has NEVER EVER had an ear infection, now he's had a lot of other things but never this. Dash-2 went to his well baby check up the other day at the army hospital where we get our services and was given the "atta boy" until... they looked into his right ear. Apparently it was a good thing he had an appointment because his ear was bulging. Sigh. I felt like a horrible mother. Thankfully we have a great pediatrician and he was very kind about it. These things happen he said, with some kids you cant really tell. I still felt like (and continue) to feel like a moron.

Dash-1 always pulled at his ears and fussed, I must have dragged him down once a month and they always checked out ok. Dash-2 had been getting over and then getting again a very nasty cold which turned into croup, so while he was up at night he hadn't been pulling or tugging at his ears so I never put two and two together. And for those who arent familiar with army medicine the same day appointments..... MYTH. Oh sure they apparently have them but they are as elusive as big foot. So I knew we were going down for an appointment I figured I would let the cold run its course.

My poor little one. He's on antibiotics and some numbing ear drops hopefully the ear infection is already cleared up. He isn't sleeping well but I'm hoping its the excitement of having flyboy around. But other then that he did look great at his appointment, 19 lbs 4 oz 28 inches long. Now all he needs is some hair.....


  1. yikes. hope dash-2 is feeling better soon.

    our clinic is army, too, and to get a same day appointment, you have to call as soon as the appointment desk opens (here it is 6 AM) and then wait in a ridiculously long queue until you get somebody on the phone, who may or may not tell you that there's nothing left for the day and you'll have to do it again tomorrow. Or, they'll just hang up on you, forcing you to go through the whole process again (which has happened to me).

    Rather than deal with all that, I'd have done what you did, too....

  2. good to know that its not just ours that randomly hangs up on you. They must screen very extensively to find such a high caliber of customer service reps!


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