Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Santa shops at Target

With Dash-1 fast approaching three Flyboy was so excited for him to "get" the Santa concept. I've learned to temper my expectations a little but that comes with having logged 75% more time with them, but getting on with the story. Flyboy kept going over and over the whole Santa thing with Dash-1 (dont worry we have lots of books and talk about the REAL meaning of Christmas). When he woke up Christmas morning and came into our room, flyboy FLEW (pun intended) out of bed to take Dash-1 downstairs to see what Santa had left him.

When we got downstairs Dash-1's eyes got huge, there sitting under the tree was the rocket ship he had wanted. Flyboy excitedly tells him that Santa brought that for him. Dash-1 without missing a beat looks at him and says, "I saw that at Target." Flyboy explained that Santa sometimes picks toys out of the store, something about contracting out, he just goes on and on.

I snorted my OJ out of my nose when I heard Dash-1's reply..... "Well, everyone shops at Target you know!"


  1. That's adorable. I usually have to fly to Guam to do Christmas shopping, so the secret is safe for now. I wish we had a Target:(

  2. that's a good one! Now I have visions of Santa with a full red shopping cart standing in line with the rest of us...


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