Thursday, December 13, 2007

being grateful for a friend

Talk about a peaceful day. Dash-1 has been a great big brother, sharing and playing so nicely with Dash-2, who seems to be feeling better and has taken TWO nice long naps today. We played in the snow, made a rocket ship out of a big cardboard box, watched cartoons, made cookies, all in all a delightful day.

I was looking at my friends blog during Dash-2 nap while Dash-1 cuddled with me watching some cartoon involving singing animals. When I started my blog I talked her into starting one as well. (Winter of discontent, linked on the side, its a funny, slightly snippy take on her life), safety in numbers perhaps! Anywho, she wrote a little bit about Soldier's Angels and her adopted soldier. She wrote about how grateful she was for the service they do for all of us. It made me start to think about being grateful for people and wondering if they realize how much we appreciate all they do.

This friend is my rock. She truly is my sanity saver, the person I run to to lean on, to cry with, to vent too, to laugh with (and yes... at), to look for guidance; she is my dry spot during a storm. And given the military lifestyle, there are many storms. I know that I can say whatever I need to get off my chest and nothing will be judged or held against me. She's hardly a yes ma'am, but thats the beauty of our friendship, she tells me what I need to hear not want to hear.

Of course my flyboy is many of these things too but thats what makes my sweet friend so special, she fills the void that flyboy cant much of the time.

I remember when we were first married flyboy was deployed within a month. I was in a new state, we didn't live in housing so I knew not a soul around me, she called every night to check on me. The first time I was in the shower she called until I finally answered. She wanted to make sure I was ok given my rather irrational fear at the time that something would happen to me and no one would know until flyboy finally returned home (stupid I know, I have moved on from this).

But thats the kind of friend she is. She doesn't understand our families lifestyles and hardships 100%, but she is always there for me. She understands when we hibernate for a day or two when flyboy first comes home after long trips, she knows that its not as easy to make plans given the fluidity of the military, she just gets it.

We share our birthday, I'm not sure if that has anything to do with us being such like souls. We've known each other for ten years this September, we've been through breakups, crappy jobs (we both shared a job in college in which they took our scissors away from us. oh the shame), we were in each others weddings, shes the first I called to tell I was pregnant (and then pregnant again).

She's my second half, my non-flyboy soul mate. And I hope she knows just a fraction of how much she means to me. The world would certainly be a much scarier, lonelier place without her friendship.

Thank you my dear.


  1. made me cry when I read this.
    You know I am, have always been, and always will be your soul mate! You and I are cut from the same cloth and are so alike at times it's scary (for others too being as we are both bitter)!
    I feel bad at times b/c my rants and venting sound quite trivial compared to babies and travel and flyboys job. With this said you still let me vent without judgment. You are the only one I am fully, 100% comfortable saying whats really on my mind and I know that you won't raise an eyebrow. You are also the only person I can go to for comfort, sanity, advice or just support.
    You are definatly my straight-jacket in this insanity and apart of my life I honestly don't know what the hell I would do without! I think I would be lost!
    I love you with all my heart my dear. Thank you for making my day and always being there when I need you, or when I just want to bitch about the cashier in walmart.

  2. a best friend! how lucky you are!

    I love the line "she understands when we hibernate a couple days" I have been trying to describe that little couple time when he first gets home, and your words are just perfect!


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